YSR Congress list: Homework well done

The list of candidates released by YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy (YSJ) can be described as a result of a very careful scrutiny and clever strategy. Caste has become the core consideration for selection of the candidates.

Reddys got the major chunk of the cake with 52 of the 170 Assembly candidates followed by 30 Kapus -Kapu-OC (24), Balija (2), Turpu Kapu( 3) and BC Balija (1). The third position is occupied by Kammas (13) followed by Koppula Velamas (8), Yadavas(6), Kalingas (4), Gowdas(4), Muslims (4) fishermen community (3), OC Velamas (2), Kshatriyas (2), Kurumas (2), Padmashali (1) and Vysya (1). The SCs and STs got ticket according to their reservations of 27 and 7 Assembly seats. When it comes to LS seats, Reddys are dominating with 9 seats followed by Kapus (5), SCs (3), Kammas (2), ST (1), Padmashali (1), Turpu Kapu-BC (1), Yadava (1) and OC Velama (1).

Almost 50 per cent of the seats in Godavari districts were allocated to Kapus. The overall division is: There are 94 OCs, 38 BCs, 27 SCs, 7 STs and 4 Muslims among the candidates contesting for Assembly.


East Godavari Kapus shift loyalty; to support YSRC

Kakinada: The Kapu community, dominant in the two Godavari districts, is reconsidering its decision to support the Telugu Desam in view of the latest political developments.
According to sources, the YSR Congress has endeared itself to the Kapu community by selecting to field more than 10 Kapus in the East Godavari district alone. Sources said that in other districts also the party has given importance to the community.

The TD, on the other hand, has announced only three seats for the Kapu community in the district till now.



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చంద్రబాబూ..ఇదే నా చాలెంజ్!



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Jagan confident of being chief minister, plans a new capital

Not for a moment does YSR Congress president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy doubt that he will become the first chief minister of the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh. So confident is Jagan that he is already working on a blueprint for the “new” state with a leading multinational consultant.

On supporting the new government at the Centre:
“I will support anybody at the Centre except the Congress. The Seemandhra state will need all the support it can get from the Centre in terms of funds, assistance and support. So there is no need for any confrontation with the Centre. I will support a government that is friendly towards Seeman-dhra’s development and its needs.”



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TDP ‘inflates’ Facebook base, buys Likes in Turkey



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తెలుగునేతతో అంతరాత్మ ఇంటర్వ్యూ!



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National leaders don’t speak our language-Jagan

What will be the impact of TDP-BJP alliance?
Nothing. TDP might increase its percentage to some extent. But our vote share will be between 48 and 50 per cent, clearly 8 to 10 per cent ahead of others. People want sincerity and credibility. People have no confidence in Chandrababu and Kiran Reddy. Chandrababu supported Congress on many issues, be it the no-confidence motion in the Assembly or FDI debate in Parliament.



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Telengana BJP against tie-up with TDP, wants to fight alone



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