Farmers lay siege to mantri’s house


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Stupid Answers by Chandra Babu & a perfect propaganda

Mana Jagan:

Well written and I think its time to put a full stop to baseless propaganda by naidu and co.

Originally posted on An unbiased analysis of AP & Telangana Politics:

It is quite amusing to see how easily people on social media get duped about achievements of politicians. They get carried away by media reports despite knowing the fact the main stream media unsuccessfully tried to stop India’s most credible and real leader from becoming PM. Well, Narendra Modi is not the topic. This is about another person who piggybacked on the image of Narendra Modi and Pavan Kalyan. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu would not have become CM but for Pavan Kalyan and Modi.
I saw a post by TDP fan page (VoteforTDP) about assembly conversation between Naidu and Jagan. The title of the post “Stupid Question’s by JAGAN & Perfect Answers by CHANDRABABU NAIDU”
Here is the link for that video:
Many ‘intellectuals’ and ‘educated youth’ believed what he said in this video and praised Naidu.
If you understand Telugu, Skip the below part:
For those of you…

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Chandrababu Naidu’s capital woes: Vijayawada beats Hyderabad in realty prices


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Chittoor: The TDP’s unbriddled lust for power and domination has invaded even temples and religious rituals.

TDP goons tried to take over the traditional Gangamma Jatara in Nagari of Chittoor district. They forcibly snatched the harathi plate from the hands of YSRCP MLA Roja. In the melee, Roja suffered injuries on her wrist. The temple protocol demands that the sitting MLA perform the last harathi to the diety during the hugely-attended Jatara.
However, TDP leaders and chief priest Kumaresan Mudaliar stopped her and snatched away the harathi plate from her. She suffered deep cuts on her wrist in the melee.

Roja blamed former minister and TDP strongman Gali Muddu Krishnamanaidu for the attack and staged a dharna in front of the temple and later at the police station.

Meanwhile, YSRCP party workers across the state condemned the incident. “The TDP even failed to protect MLAs,” said Chandragiri MLA C.Bhaskar Reddy. He also alleged that TDP is strategically attacking YSRCP patymen across the state


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Centre dashes Naidu’s hopes

Pouring cold water on the grand capital plans of Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu, the Centre has said it would provide financial assistance for the construction of only certain government buildings as it does not have money to spare for all the new buildings.

Dejected government officials now say the funds from the Centre may not exceed Rs 5,000 crore, most of which would be used up for the construction of a new Raj Bhavan, assembly, secretariat and high court. “The Centre has provisionally agreed to give money only for a few important buildings. We have estimated that it would be around Rs 5,000 crore,” said a senior official. This projection falls way short of the massive indent of Rs 1.35 crore that was submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier.

Citing section 94 (3) of the AP Reorganisation Act – 2014, the Centre has also made it clear that it has no obligation towards land acquisition. In the backdrop of skyrocketing land prices in and around Vijayawada, acquiring land to set up government buildings would be a costly affair and the Centre has absolved itself from this burden, sources said.


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Naidu needs a magic wand

Acute paucity of funds may pose a big challenge to Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s grand plans of developing three mega cities and 14 smart cities in the state.

After bifurcation, AP began its journey with a deficit of Rs 16,500 crore. And to convert his mega plans into reality, the government needs to pump in more than Rs 10 lakh crore. Ironically two days ago, Naidu wrote to Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, expressing his government’s inability to repay Rs 10,500 crore loans taken from the Centre and requested him to consider waiving the debt.

Where’s the money?

* Building a new capital alone requires an estimated Rs 1.35 lakh crore

* Each smart city would need over Rs 40,000 crore just to have the required infrastructure

* The 128 projects announced by the CM would require over Rs 7 lakh crore

* Two days ago, Naidu wrote to the Centre expressing his government’s inability to repay Rs 10,500 crore loans and requested a waiver

Land pooling to prove tough

According to an initial proposal, the government is ready to give about 24% of the acquired land to the actual owner. For instance, if the government acquired one acre (100 cents) from a farmer, 40 cents would be spared for roads, drains and community spaces. Of the remaining 60 cents, the farmer and the government would take a share of 40:60, which accounts for 24 cents for the farmer. The government would get 36 cents from each acre acquired from the farmers.

This means that the government would be required to acquire three times the actual land required for the capital. Suppose the government plans to have the capital in about 20,000 acres, it would have to acquire about 60,000 acres. In fact, Naidu has been dreaming about having a capital city of 50,000 acres and land pooling for such a massive capital may face hurdles.


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Mangalagiri, a small municipal town close to Vijayawada, has become the epicentre of Andhra Pradesh politics with the state capital is likely to come up at this location.

With Mangalagiri being the first preference of chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu for building state capital, speculation is rife in the political circles as to why he is so fixated on it, particularly when huge tracts of government land is readily available in Nuzvid.

Contrary to general perception, Mangalagiri is not a Kamma dominant area. Their population is very thin in almost all the villages along the national highway right from Guntur to Vijayawada. Not even a single village panchayat is being administered by leaders of the community

Kammas neither control politics nor hold any land property in any of villages close to Mangalagiri. The experts panel headed by Sivaramakrishnan too is against building capital between Vijayawada and Guntur. Then, why is Naidu so firm on Mangalagiri? Although, leaders close to Naidu, including his cabinet colleagues, are mincing no words about Mangalagiri being shortlisted for building a word-class capital as it is close to the river Krishna, but very few insiders know the exact reasons.

According to sources, the villages dominated by Kammas are outside Mangalagiri, and hence they would be the ultimate beneficiaries if the new capital comes up here. Analysts suspect that the Kammas own huge tracts of land in Nuzvid, Agiripalle, Gannavaram, Bapulapadu, Chatrai and Musunuru mandals and if the capital is built in this town, ultimately they might end up as losers due to land acquisition.

On the other hand, most of the villages in and around Mangalagiri are dominated by Reddys and Kapus. Almost all the unreserved village panchayats are being held by Reddys and Kapus.

“Many villages in Amaravathi, Tulluru and Tenali mandals have significant Kamma population. Perhaps, locating the capital in Mangalagiri might help the landlords of these areas,“ said professor N Prasad of ANU


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