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Food Security







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17 responses to “YSR Calendar

  1. Jyothi

    Thanx to MR garu and his mother for the superb calender and Rk garu for showing us the calender…

  2. nag

    Very Nice Calender, RK bro, good step by getting into wordpress, we can now kick butts of all haters by banning the ip’s

  3. RK

    cartoon in very poor taste i feel ..

  4. revanth

    Rk Brother,

    Please do not allow anonymous people to post their comments in this blog, if u want take all our mail id’s and do the moderation Enabled or what ever u want.

    Prathi oka Chetta na kodukulu vachi malli comments start cheyadam modalu pettaru ikkada.

  5. beeram

    nice calender,
    Good job RK, appreciate your commitment


    excellent Calendar

    good taste brother..

  7. solomon

    Calendar Chala Bavundi..
    where can I get the hard copy ??

  8. Basivi Reddy

    Calendar Chala Bavundi..Thanks to MR garu.

    Nice to see the new portal for our beloved Leader.

    Check the today’s SAKSHI edition for OYC comments on YSR..genuine comments..the great followers of YSRism.

  9. RK

    Oka Mass Leader Leni Lotu Kottochinattu Kanapadathandhi State lo ..


  10. MR

    thanks RK for posting it. we thought it would provide some sort of solace to all the die hard YSR fans. The theme of this calendar was to highlight all the achievements of YSR. We didn’t want to sound it like a govt program. These were genuinely YSR ideas. Thats why we didn’t mention Congress anywhere. I am happy that you all like it.. I presently don’t have any hard copies.

  11. Raja

    Good move RK!!

    We are always with you ..

  12. Raja

    calender is so nice…

    thanks to MR family

  13. revanth

    calendar Chala Bagundhi:)

    TNX to MR and his mother:)

  14. nKr

    This is great. I am truly impressed with the sayings. Thanks to MR and his mother.

    RK garu, where can I get the hard copy ?

    By the way, it’s good that we finally have a website. Good work, man !!!

  15. RK

    The words in each of the calendar page are written by MR’s mother.

    Thanks MR Garu for sendin it over.

    I went to a fellow YSR fan’s house over last weekend and found the hard copy of this calendar in his house.

    I was pleasantly surpised.

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