Ram Manohar Naidu Dharmana ..

An emotional pic, to see Dharmana’s son kissing Jagan Anna.



For people who think that jagan is not experienced enough.
Since 1999 Jagan has been actively involved in politics especially Kadapa district. Initially he started as incharge for Badvel then later incharge for entire district.YSR used to attend major meetings, Jagan used to manage local cadre and mid level leaders (valla yoga kshemalu telusukodam) again he has a very good quality of engaging people at a personal level, and he has one of the great qualities that any leader should have –> MEMORY, he remembers most of the people he meets, because of which leaders at any level and even ordinary citizens are able to meet him directly.
We have seen many children of political leaders whose passion and interests are different (I mean they are not that interested in politics but still continue in politics to carry their forefathers Legacy etc etc ), but Jagan’s case is different he lives, eats and breathes politics.
Whatever he is doing today ( he and his group might have thought about Pros and Cons and analyzed all possible situations) and also he has guts man and that comes from genes (but I believe that comes from basic thought of any human being “he has people on his side and so not scared of anyone”), One of the reasons he might be doing this is becuase he migh of felt that -ve forces are trying to cut his clout. Even if he forms his own party we cannot say that he will face the same scenario as Reddy Congres, Pawar, Arjun Singh etc etc, because again we are missing reality He is the sole representative of one of the major communities of AP and he is smart.
Also please remember winning or loosing an election is just not charisma there is some knid of science involved, especially poll management and they have never lost an election (it is not because the opposition is weak in Kadapa), I would like to cite one example it was during 1996 MP election everybody thought YSR would loose Kadapa (Umesh Chandra was Kadapa’s SP and he was very strict and ANTI-YSR and there was also a strong anti congress wave and some of it was created by YS Raja Reddy (YSR’s father) because they have defeated four sitting congress MLA’s), but some how YSR managed to win that election by a margin of approx 3000 votes, Umesh Chandra said this to the TDP candidate Kandula Rajamohan Reddy “nuvvu ippude gelavaledhu ante inka eppudu geluvalevu please quit politics ani”.
So forget whether Jagan will be successful or whether he will be able to reach his Father’s level (becoming CM of UNITED AP), first of all congratulate him as he is a liberated man got out of the shackles of HC or whatever.

Again Jagan has tremendous amount of fire in him.
So Good Luck Jagan. Hope you achieve what you want.



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89 responses to “Ram Manohar Naidu Dharmana ..

  1. Sudhakar Dharmana

    How About Ram Manohars Father Mr. Prasad Rao & His Elder Brother Mr. Krishna Das Jumping in to Jagan’s Party?

  2. bpr

    jagan is seasoning ” great future ” = nor the cbn or any body else could ruin his image, the more propoganda on him the more strength he is gaining.all the best jagan keep going.

  3. bpr

    Jagan needs to improve modulation in speech , it should be mesmerising like the great ysr.

  4. Ranga Raju

    Dwindling popularity and basic inability and relying on delhi for eveything Rosiah is proving to be another puppet thus raising the issue of self respect. most of Jagan supports are feeling that it was YSR who had helped create this golrifying days for congress and his name slowly and delibarelty forced to back seat .. It is ironic that Congress means only sonia and nobody else? assuming that congress had a base what is hc’s contribution to congress party? how much of vote percentage they had helped increase? powerfull local leaders like YSR had helped catapult congress to the power even second time. Gone those days where people would just vote for waving hands by people from family.. People are asking for performance and YSR had delivered it .. that is why he enjoys the support to this extent.. it would be stupid decision to ignore ysr’s contribution and hights of stupidity is to set up assembly during his birth anniversery.. people of Andhra are smart and can understand the clandestine operation being performed by the High command of congress to erase YSR’s name from people’ mind.. it would be suicidal for congress and it is facing the existance problem without the powerfull YSR family and name. hc was never part of AP’s development and her contribution to AP is next to none. Hopefully she realises it and pacify and reduce her ego that she is the only lady can save congress .. remember YSR gave 33 MPs to center and look what they are doing .. people are not ignorant .. it is high time for self respect of andhra people and we will be better off like Tamil nadu to have two regional parties and can have development. High command consists a bunch of loosers .. they should realise the aspirations of gross root leaders and realise they are enjoying the power because of hard work of people like YSR .. nobody would dare to erase the name of YSR ….


    somebody comment in andhrajyothy.com

    Name: kalyan City: karimnagar
    chala mandhi chala maatalu chepparu, andhari ki samadhaanam cheppalani undhi kaani akkada reply cheeyataani ki na hand looo avakaasham leedhu so nenu chadivina anni abhipraayalaku na javabu na abhi prayam
    dear friends : kondharu soodharulu chepparu chiranjeevi sontha ga vacchinappudu kooda janam vaccharu ani chiranjeevi gaaru raajakeeya praavesham cheesinappudu appati prabuthavm anaga congress government pathaakalu baagunnayi prabuthvam meedha antha gaa vyathireekatha kooda leedu. dont’ compare with jagan to chiru, endhuku anaga chirnjeevi alone ga raajakeeya back ground leekundaa vachhina vaadu, jagan ala kaadhu antheekakunda congress party lo ysr antee congress , congress ante ysr gaa nadichina roojulu andhuloo unna vaallu antha ysr valla labhi pondhinaa vaallee edhoo ei musali nakkalu thappa, ei musali nakkala valla abivrudhi jarugadhu adhe kaakunda paniki maalina comments chesi raajakeeyalanu kotta baata pattisthaaru, kondaru antunnaru jagan dhaggara intha money ekkadi ani, veeti ki saamadhanam cheppalatee chala mandi bavishyatthu cheppalsi untudhi, meeku oka visyam telusaa cm cheesee prathi pani looo 5 % 10 % comisshion vuntundhi adhi raajeshekar reddy ayina chandra babu naidu ayina eppati roshaiah ayina inka evaru ayina anduloo teda emi undadu maro vishaym emiti antee prathi manishi edhoo oka koonam nundi matrame manchi ga kanipisthadu anni koonalloo a vyakti manchi ga kanapadadu ekkada entho mandhi raasaru andhuloo edhi ela unna jagan ki maddatu kacchitam ga untudhi okaveela leekapoothe next election congress otami paalu avuthundhi adhe kanuka nijam ayithe malli congress paalana 20 years varaki andrapradesh undadhu indhuloo elaanti sandheeham leedu… eppudu jagan ki vyathi rekam ga maatladuthunna vyakutulu okkappdu ysr ki kooda matladina valle anduloo teda emi leedu VH Garu PJR Gari ki maddatu ga ysr ki vyatireekam ga enno times maatladaru ayina vaala maatalani evaru nammutaaru cheppandi edhoo valla moohalu chusi jangam votes veeyaru edho party adhistaanam ecche paduvula thoo hands dulupu kunee vallu elaa evarikayina peeru pratistalu vasthee vallaki kadupuloo mata ayina okka rupayi kooda mushti vaallaki kooda dhaanam chesee manasu leeni vallu vaalla batuku antee bratiki unna anni days ela vengili metukulu veeru kuntu thinaale thappa veellla praja seeva cheeesi veella YSR family ni vimarshincheedi valla emi hakku undhayya valla 20 years loo vallu prajalaki cheesina okka manchi pani ni chupinchandi jagan ki manchi bavishatthu undhi indhulo yeelanti sandheeham leedu prajalaki kaavalisindhi kooda e laanti naayakulee kacchitam ga thanu annukundhi chesthaadu malli YSR Pari paalana JAGAN gaarithoone saadhyam JAI CONGRESS yai YSR


    I see in some news paper that Dharmana follower Srikanth in this OY emerged as a leader….

    Likewise in every constituency who not attended the OY, the second leadership should be encouraged.

    MLAs should decide whether they attend OY or face competition with their own followers…up to them

  7. Raghav Reddy

    Is JC Diwakar reddy powerful in Seema ?

    • rainmaker

      only to his constituency. that too he barely passed last year… so that way in the present situation i can safely say his vote base has eroded.

    • SREDDY

      paper tiger correctly fits to him

    • arv

      Out of 8 Cong MLAs in anantapur dist, not a single MLA supports him. He is winning just because the opponent (Peram Nagireddy)is weak.In fact, JC tried to defeat the same party MLAs during 09 elections and that’s the major reason for him not getting the ministry.


    Rosi now openly asking mlas to not participate in OY


  9. Jai YSR

    2 much crowd in Rajam.

  10. YSR_MSR

    PLS WATCH don’t minss////surprised to see from TV9


  11. Jai YSR

    Is Kondru Murali is Rajam MLA?

  12. YSR_MSR

    Chilaka jyothisham on Jagan’s new Party….Njoy guys

  13. Harsha Reddy


    see the link 19:21..one common man call sakshi studio..and white-wash sonia gandhi

  14. srikanth


    what you mean by participated? did they go with jagan in OY?

    where is the news?? i didn’t see it…

    i hope all mla’s in support of jagan be united and come out openly… what can anyone do if they stand united… nothing…. if they raise their voice unitedly HC kadu dani amma kooda digi vastundi… who wants to lose the mla’s…

  15. rohit

    Jagan is attacking more and more


    Internally he is getting more and more support from MLAs

    DL, also have given support. and other names I should not mention here.

  16. ROHIT

    6 MLAs participated today

  17. Harsha Reddy

    the best point in jagan speech..

    ys kosam chanipoyina varu congress karyakarthulu kadha..valanu evaru patinchi kora..

    i am waiting for this point..

    congress cm kosam prajalu chanipothe…congress ki responsibility ledha??

    ys kosom chanipoyina valaku kanisam santhapam evarina prakatinchara..

    rosiah santhapam prakatinchala..

    congress party santhapam prakatinchala..

    clp meeting lo santhapam prakatinchala..

    assembly lo santhapam prakatinchala..

    sonia gandhi santhapam prakatinchala..

  18. Thammudu

    heights of comedy in TV9..

    oka chilaka tho josyam cheppincharu…

    chilaka said, jagan will start a new party ani…

    they tried 3 times, and chilaka picked same card all 3 times..


  19. ROHIT

    watch ntv live with MLA’s

  20. RAJESH.K










  21. Giri

    Good to see jagan direct attack… not sure whats happening

    Tulasi Reddy in NTV seems not talking in favor of Jagan…

  22. YSR_MSR

    Something strange guys….not expected this from Botsa’s family….


  23. Sakshi TV scrolling…

    East Godavari MLA’s ni odarpu yatra ku rakunda kattadi chesthunnaru. Vallu naraka yathana anubhavisthunnaru. YS Jayanthi roju assembly petti MLA’s ni jayanthi karyakramalaki duramga vuncharu.

    Ja’Gun’ rocks..

  24. Harsha Reddy

    blog owner can remove these links..

  25. nsreddy

    Remove this links…

  26. srin

    Pls pls remove these Studio-N videos.it carries negative thinking on JAGAN and great Leader YSR

  27. ROHIT

    MLA Jogi ramesh says
    “CBN is suffering with jagan phobia”

  28. ROHIT

    The yellow media tried in 2004 they failed
    They tried in 2009 they failed
    Now they are trying for TDP existance, with god ‘s blessings they will fail again.

    After all jagan is a stronger personality than ysr

  29. Adnan

    Who is the owner of Narne Estates?


  30. Jai YSR

    TDP heavily targeting Jagna. Thant shows Jagan’s strength.

  31. Adnan

    YSRs one good trait, which won so many hearts was that — to stand by his supporters/followers in their difficult times…what may come.

    Ambati needs good support now!

  32. rainmaker

    is anyone watching rosi statements he is going way too far in jagan’s issue.

  33. rainmaker

    rosi statement on ndtv…
    jagan is a young boy with a future, needs proper advice…

  34. YSR_MSR

    One of the commentor in NDTV had put the comments below for T.S.Sudhir’s comments “Rebel is Born”…..

    My Sudhir…You do not need to know how good Jagan is in Cricket as you are not a sports commentator..(DOnt act Smart)….It looks like you are neither an Poltical analyst as well…Cheap Tricks by NDTV to Lower Jagans Image… I always believed YSR was a Right Man in Wrong Party…Jagan correct that Image by being a Right man In hiw Own Right Party…. Jo Jagan..Majority of AP is with you…

  35. RK

    mahadev says

    seethampet lo

    once NTR was GOD

    then YSR was GOD

    now Jagan is their HERO ..

  36. RK

    mahadev says

    people are looking at HC,TDP,Seniors,Yellow Media are villians
    Jagan as HERO ..

    Uttarandhra people are feeling very bad about hapennings in Andhra ..

    jagan ki craze raavataaaniki kaaranam above villians ..

  37. RK

    mahadev says

    jagan > ysr and ntr , in srikakulam rite now ..

    vyakthi aaraadhana in srikakulam at its peak ..

  38. RK

    mahadev anta ..

    UA medhavula forum person talking in sakshi studio . doesnt belong to any party ..

    he says
    seems UA people looks for heroes ..

    if they believe in one leader , they will vote for him irrespective of parties ..

    they first trusted NTR
    srikakulam won 7 / 12 for NTR in biggest congress wave ..

    then it was followed by YSR
    now it is jagan it seems

    mahadev is saying eeee response choosthe pitchekki pothandhi …

  39. vj

    you people may watch all channels on internet and know the reality or facts..

    but sundirect viewers(largest DTH service in india) who had watched sakshi tv are only watching that bloody ABN news which is focussing jagan and ysr in negative way..
    atleast tv9 kooda raavatledu 3days nundi..tv9 lo ayina appudappudu jagan supporters vachi cheptaaru but ee channel tho chastunnam

  40. RK

    watch sakshi tv rite now ..

  41. CVReddy

    Eenadu,AJ,Yello Media are helping us by criticizing in two ways.
    People who hate TDP are supporting Jagan blindly.
    It also helps us to be cautious in our approach.

  42. VBR

    majee minister MAREPPA interview aripinchestunnadu.
    mamulugaa kadu.
    andarini perlu petti marii titti vadili pedutunnadu


  43. RK

    watch mareppa in sakshi tv

    kummi kummi vodhilings on seniors .

    • VBR

      avnu RK.

      Chukkalu chupinchadu andariki.

      IMP points.
      1.Ikkada cm YSJ aitene akkkda Rahul PM avutadu ani keka kada!!!!
      2.Congress ni matti karipistanu ani anna NTR kuturiki matram Central Minister padavi icharu. Mari aa nasanam ai unna party lo uduku raktham ekkkinchi chanipoina valla koduku meeda matram VIVAKSHA
      3.Rahul ki nanna ledu , Jagan ki nanna ledu andariki nuvve amma vi chetuletti adugutunna Jagan meeda kanikaram chupinchu
      Un Imp point

      Jagan ni kanisam PCC president ni anna cheyamma

  44. vj

    Really brother that program hurted a lot……….
    No other channel is available on sundirect except that bloody ABN andhajyothi channel…

    that channel is creating more damage and showing jagan in very bad way and that channel is trying to create sympathy towards rosayya

    • revanth

      Please Stop watching below channels and reading news Papers.

      ABN AJ, ETV News, ETV2 & Studio N(Evadu chudadu anukondi daanini)

      Optional : TV9 (we can watch some times)

      As usual all knows…Dappunaadu and Jyothi lakshmi papers.

      i stopped watching above channels and papers long back….

  45. rohit

    History has peoved that the more you criticise a person the more popularity he gets.
    After all barking dogs seldom bite

  46. VBR

    an***jyothi lo “ma nanna gandhi” ani special show vestunnadu.

    YSR ni darunanga kinhcaparustunnadu.(mussolini, dayyar, hitler….tho polustunnadu *****koduku

  47. Jai YSR

    What will be the logical end?

  48. donny

    it coming only in tvu player

  49. donny

    pichekichesthuna crowd!

  50. donny

    Finally SAKSHI got it right..:):)

    chaala baaga editing chesthunaru, ekadaa OA lekundaa, unadhi unatugaaa!

  51. Raghav Reddy

    eenadu vaadu aa pics rendu side by side VETAKARAM cheyyadaniki vesadu ani naa strong feeling.

    Vaadu vaadi kullu budhu…useless fellow

  52. rohit

    Of all the misters in YSR cabinet
    first rank to surekha
    second rank to p s bose
    third to balineni

  53. donny

    bhalle matladuthunaaru amayakanga janalu

  54. RK

    UA people are very nice


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