Jagan Jagan Jagan ..

—– Gurava Reddy, Atlanta

Jagan Jagan Jagan

This is the name on everyone’s lips in Andhra Pradesh now. Two most popular leaders of Andhra Pradesh – NTR and YSR have certain someone today that equals them already and certainly can grow bigger than both of them. YS Jagan IS the most popular leader of Andhra Pradesh and none of the present day politicians in any party can match him. I am not even going to worry about comparing him to others in state and country. The time has come for them to acknowledge the truth everyone in Andhra Pradesh knows – YSR was the sole reason for Congress resurrection in the state and they cannot erase his memory from peoples’ souls however hard they may try.

Most of the Congress cadre and people are behind Jagan and some independent thinking people are supporting him too for his unbending and don’t care attitude towards Congress High Command and the rule of Delhi. While Congress party under YSR got 36.5% in a three way battle in the last elections, Jagan has the capacity to cross 40% of votes if he forms a separate party. Congress party under these seniors, Rosayya and others may not cross 10% of votes in most constituencies, losing deposits.

Congress High Command and Rosayya do not seem to have learned anything from the popular support Jagan has been getting in his Odarpu Yatra in Srikakulam and East Godavari. Most Congress supporters, Village/Mandal/District level leaders are with him. The whole cadre is behind him. Even if MLAs do not support Jagan to keep their power for some more time, they are well aware of the fact that they will never be able to come back to power with the help of the Congress High Command. They have to completely depend on Jagan to get through. The reasonable estimate is that at least 70 MLAs are behind him. That should be enough to overthrow the state government that was in fact brought in to power by Jagan’s father, the great YSR.

To suspend Ambati Rambabu, a staunch YSR follower is to threaten Congress MLAs and Ministers not to go close to Jagan or else kind of statement. This will not slow Jagan a single iota. He will have his own say against Congress High Command and Rosayya government. He won’t budge. He never budged in front of Congress High Command. He chose his own destiny by going to Odarpu Yatra, despite clear directive from Sonia Gandhi. Now the MLAs and ministers have to decide if they want to be on Congress High Command side or people’s side.

Congress High Command proved that there is no democracy in their setup. They did not suspend anyone when some so called senior leaders criticized YSR when he was the Chief Minister and after his death too. They did not suspend anyone when the same so called leader keep saying Congress party should not contest in the Telangana bi-elections and the party candidates will lose their deposits. They did not suspend Rayapati Sambasiva Rao for attacking Kanna Lakshminarayana, a cabinet minister in the same Rosayya government or the so called seniors when they attacked another cabinet minister Ponnala Laksmaih. This argument proves that Congress High Command wants things their way or else!

The first leg of Odarpu Yatra went on fine in West Godavari and Khammam, the second leg was foiled by spineless Congress leaders, Congress High Command and Rosayya colluding with TRS. Congress High Command and Rosayya tried very hard to stop Jagan’s latest tour of Srikakulam and East Godavari. But he never got frightened and went on by showing his courage and logical thinking. Majority of Congress people and independents supports his open defiance and it shows in the reception he got in both the districts and internal polling of the Jagan’s camp.

YS Rajasekhara Reddy ended his historic Padayatra in Ichapuram and logically speaking YS Jagan’s historic path breaking yatra (journey) started in the same Ichapuram and will go farther than that of the two most popular leaders of Andhra Pradesh, NTR and YSR. In a sense, Jagan is starting where both those great leaders left off.

Go Jagan Go. Roar like a tiger. Make us all proud.


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55 responses to “Jagan Jagan Jagan ..

  1. anaparthi..all peoples well saported by y.s Jaganmohanreddy

  2. Naga Janama

    manchi article andi gurava garu.

  3. sekhar reddy

    Anparthi MLA Nallamilli sesha reddy

  4. NLR

    Congress HC trying to play all dirty politics with Gali in karnataka…
    BJP has given a fitting reply to the governor …
    Dirty tricks wont work all the time ….
    Sorry HC….

  5. YSR_MSR



    • YSR_MSR

      Emundhi…..vaallanu Jagan anna daggariki velloddu ani cheppadaaniki….meeku party lo manchi Bavishyathu untundhi ani cheppadaaniki….Rahul edo Tour chestaadu anta Andhra lo Jagan ki poti gaaa….anduku ippati nunche ee Ground work anthe….

  6. Victor

    hey magunta sreenivasulu reddy is also there with jagan na .
    i think u people are forgetti g

  7. anand

    Sabbam hari on tv9.news scan

    Rahul gandhi has given work to 3 national media to know the response to yatra especially after Srikakulam yatra to know the reality. That is why now they have changed the views on yatra to negative to neutral.

  8. Elections

    Present cabinet lo loyal ministers:
    Pilli Subash Chandra Bose
    Silpa Mohan Reddy
    Raghuveera Reddy
    Sabita Indra Reddy
    Komatireddy Venkat Reddy
    Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy
    Bollineni Srinivas Reddy
    Loyal MPs:
    Sabbam Hari
    Ponnam Prabhakar – (Stuck with Telangana issue, can’t support Samaikyandhra)
    Ananta Venkatrami Reddy
    KVP Ramachandra Rao
    Undavalli Aruna Kumar
    Killi Kruparani

  9. Elections

    Konda couple are indirectly supporting TDP in Warangal West Bye election ani talk. If that is true, then these seniors might carry the news to Delhi, add masala and create more problems for Jagan anna.
    I think all Jagan annas followers should work for Congress as long as Jagan anna is here. They should not create problems for him.
    Undavalli lanti vaallani advisors ga petukovali Jagan anna. He should not depend on emotional people. Rational and wise people like Undavalli and KVP are the best people in such a situation.
    Konda couple are also very emotional. They made the mistake of resigning to ministry. Ivvala cabinet lo Surekamma unte, she could have been a big asset. Time vachinappudu she could have resgined and triggered more exits from Rosi cabinet.

  10. rohit

    Yesterday one my relative visited jagan along with kamalapuram mla, they say he is suffering from fever during night, but he wants to conclude EG yatra before taking rest.

  11. RK

    anaparthi statue is sensational ..

  12. Adnan

    what’s cooking up with Rahul’s meting with first time MLAs

    Is he trying to understand the ground level situation or trying to pacify them for keeping away from YSJ?

  13. arvind eddy

    Jagan looks very tired…cannot even speak properly….should take some rest…why can’t he do that.

  14. CVReddy

    Some key leaders are going to mediate once the Parliament
    sessionn starts on 26th. Things will settle.

    Near and Dear advised Jagan to stay calm for 10 days.
    They will talk to HC and settle things.

    Courtesy: Sabbam Hari

  15. sekhar reddy

    We r fully support to ambati garu. Johar YSR Jai jagan and Ambati.
    Can some one give Ambati phone number so that we talk to him directly for moral support to him.

  16. sekhar reddy

    Ambati meeda action ante adi mana Jagan anna meeda ane ardham. MLA’s ippatikina kallu terichi high command tho matladali. ikkada media lo mataladithe vupayogam ledu. 30 MLA’s delhi velli high command tho matldithe e suspenction automatic ga promotion avuthundi. High command daggara ila chestene mana power telustundi. Already ODARPU valana telisindhi ina kontha mandi waste fellows (VH,KK,Yashki, Botsa, Jaipal) valana inka high command kallu teravaledu. Maname teripinchali.

  17. sekhar reddy

    There is no reaction from mla’a about ambati rambabu suspend issue expext one or two like dyrampudi chndra sekhar reddy etc. This is not good for jagan anna supporters. MLA’s should react and talk to high command about this issue. 30 to 40 MLA’s high command meeda pressure cheste ambati suspention back teesukuntaru. it’s better to do this.

  18. raju

    Plz write “YSR & NTR” not “NTR and YSR” guys…

  19. avvreddy11

    1.endukani Hc seniors meeda action tesukoledu…vallu ysr cm ga unnapudu ..chanipoyina tarvatha kuda vimarsiste
    2. enduku Hc action teesukodu palvay..damodar reddy meeda teesukodu

  20. avvreddy11

    hi to all

    ….well wri tten by gurava reddy garu……………

  21. RK

    jakkampudi vijaya lakshmi garu on fire ..

    thanks ammaa ..

  22. SREDDY

    we all with you Ambati garu

  23. RK

    nice reply by jagan anna ..
    we are solidly behind ambati rambabu garu ..

  24. Harsha Reddy

    Seniors ni addam petikoni hc aduthuna dramalu…

    officially congress party did not recognize the people who are died for ysr..

  25. RK

    Thanks Gurava Reddy Garu for allowing us to print your articles of great observation and analysis ..

    Friends ..

    Had to go out of city to write an exam .. So could not update the blog for some time ,,

    Ambati Rambabu Suspension shows their arrogance .. Lets see how far they go


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