Any doubts ?

Gurava Reddy, Atlanta


When YSR set on that historic padayatra in the hot summer of 2002, the temperatures crossed 50̊ Celsius everywhere from Chevella to Ichapuram. I was in Andhra Pradesh at the same time and could not walk a mile in that heat. I had to be administered saline after spending half a day on his yatra in West Godavari. But he walked all of 1500 km, even though he was severely sick for a week in the middle. This quality of enduring boundless physical and mental pain, along with wanting to better the common man’s life and keeping his promises at any cost made him the most lovable leader of the masses in the history of the state. You won’t find any other leader with such passionate followers and well-wishers.

With YSR’s departure comes his son YS Jagan in to the limelight and what we are seeing is historical. His resolve beyond comprehension, his determination boundless, his endurance beyond belief and the reception of the masses in the extreme weather a sight to behold. His defiance to Congress High Command to take up this yatra and people responding to make it a grand success makes everyone shiver – masses that like YSR and Jagan with ecstasy and his opponents within and outside Congress with fear.

There were several comments from different quarters that YS Jagan was too eager for power and he does not have the maturity, etc. If you look at what has happened after YSR’s sudden demise and the days leading to his defiance, he never acted illogically. He never hurried himself in to any dubious decisions. He is always looking at all the scenarios and taking stock of what is going on and making the right decisions. Some people may say he should not have gone head to head against the High Command. He seems to have his own thoughts. He interacted with Sonia Gandhi, Ahmad Patel and Veerappa Moily. Only he knew what happened in those discussions and we were not privy to them. With all these senior leaders acting up with the High Command behind them, YS Jagan may have figured their game plans and he acted to check those. His master plan of going to the people has worked out great and he has shown everyone from gully to Delhi who he is and what kind of support he enjoys among the people.

With this Odarpu yatra, he proved his maturity beyond doubt. He did not show any eagerness for anything other than building his mass base. The yatra has been a very tiring, exhaustive, mind numbing even for us watching from a distance. From morning to early morning and among huge gatherings everywhere. He did not utter one embarrassing statement. He was all good and well. In the mean time, the so called mature people have been making irresponsible and immature statements.

Friends, any doubts YS Jagan is beyond all these petty politicians and his resolve beyond belief?

Go Jagan Go. Roar like a tiger. We, Congress supporters are behind you.


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29 responses to “Any doubts ?

  1. revanth

    dnt knw whether jagan is going to attend parliament or not??

    any info till how long OY continues in EG district??


    surprise suryaa…

    till now this guy keep insisting on Sept 2 is the deadline..but now takes U turn says different story

  3. Kiran

    Observe this closely… rosi sitting in PH reserved seat..

    Kanakapu simhasanamuna…sunakamu kurchundabettina venukati gunamela maanu….

  4. Harsha Reddy

    ds vodey pothadu anu kunta…lagadapati ds vishayam skip chesthanadu..

  5. September 2

    no no alert !!! Let all of us pray “DS should lose”.
    why bcoz if he wins, then both jagan and rosi should surely face his music(what rosi is doing to hold the seat).
    He will surely make another group of MLAs and campaign for CM chair.

    let us see what happens
    If he wins rosi will face much music than jagan anna.

    Mana kosam Jagan.
    Jagan kosam Manam.

  6. Ex. Congress fan

    I have always one concern what if Congress wins 2 seats ?? are they ( congress oldies) not going to say see without any YSR photo we won 2 seats and it not YS we brought us back in power in AP, .. we won because of Italy Sonia and Rahul ?

  7. ROHIT

    Lagadapati says TRS will win 11 seats out of 12

    • revanth

      if TRS wins 10 out of 12 then situation will be different….again kcr gaadu Nirahara Deesha antadhu….

      Any information about DS??

      • YSR_MSR

        If congress wins then all these telangan Oldies says that it’s bcz of Sonia they won and they can win without YS. let them struggle n they will get to know the importance of YS oneday.

        • ROHIT

          If TRS wins 12 seats it will be better.
          these old guys and ministers also campaigned and sonia will know his strength

          • revanth

            DS Win avakunda vunte chalu ee elections lo….appudayina HC ki telsi vasthadhi PCC President enni MLA seats gelipivvagalguthado in 2014 anesi!!

      • narayana

        DS sure win anta, ee oka roju 8crores karchu petadu, total ga 30c dhaka petadu anta.

    • ANAND

      If lagadapati survey comes true, CBN with all drama cannot win deposits is a very good sign because of his credibilty among the people. Lagadapati says he doesnt have credibility in Andhra area also

    • Amar

      we all woe to Gurava Reddy. I know there are lot of us who can able to spread word about our family(YSR) but they are in this business. please spread a word we love Jagan we are and will be on his side forever

  8. Ex. Congress fan

    I always want to hear how Jagan is doing from a close aide. Recently he crossed one of my friends constituencies in EG for OY. My friend provided all the needed things for Jagan. According to him “He is very committed, matured, devoted, sincere, honest in what he is doing” ( I am trying to put them in a simpler way.. don’t want to exaggerate more ). he got high fever, vomiting, he had infection in his hands .. everyone requested to take rest but he didn’t yield ( He didn’t yield for HC why will he yield for any local politician ) and continuing his yatra. He made two rival groups walk with him with his magic words. He got charisma and people love it.
    People who are coming to OY are strong supporters of YS Congress if formed. My friend many times didn’t got out of car scared of being crushed by the public. ( Joke: if its chiru or NBK they might had slapped minimum 100 people by now ) But Jagan was very patient and also let people touch him and also warned security team if they don’t let.
    PS: My friend got fever and taking rest in Hyderabad. He was with Jagan for just 2 days only.

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