Is YSR’s son safe bet for Congress? – Hindustan Times

Is YSR’s son safe bet for Congress? – Hindustan Times.


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19 responses to “Is YSR’s son safe bet for Congress? – Hindustan Times

  1. Indrasena

    Ivaala jagana anna chesina comments chaala keelakam..Tana shatruvulandarini oka daggariki cherchi toda kottadu..dammunnodu edurkondi..I believe he is taking a key step from now onwards..

  2. NLR

    This is the love for YSR ….
    Courtesey : HINDU news
    In Neredupalli, over 70 old people donated their two months pension of Rs. 500 each as their contribution to erect a bronze statue in their village.

  3. pavankuamr

    congress without ysjagan anna is earth without oxygen

  4. pavankuamr

    jagan is only bet for congress

  5. revanth

    Will YS Jagan succeed in elections if he forms a new party?

    Yes 55.24%
    No 43.36%
    Cannot say 1.4%

  6. NLR

    Jagan – I am not alone…..
    Yes annna … There are millions of people behind u….
    Keep the fighting spirit going…
    There is light at the end of the tunnel….

  7. sesh

    2014 elections:
    Cong – Jagan + PRP = 1/4 (Cong + PRP)
    Cong – Jagan + TRS = 2 * TRS
    TDP + Communists = 1/2 (TDP)

    Bottomline: Congress will not get even double digit without Jagan.

  8. NLR

    Drama Krishna…..
    Antho kastam tho …. Yatra ku janam akkuvamandhe hajarayyaru ani rathunnadu…
    Vadi nikrustha buddhi malli malli rujuvuchesukuntunnadu…
    AJ interview lo… Jayasudha garu …Nenu appatiki Jgan vente ani anagane…
    Dramakrishna gadi face lo tension chudali… Ventane watch sardhukuntunnadu…
    Andharu veedi lage kula gajji gallu anukunnademo…

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