The Son Rises: India Today

The Son Rises: States : India Today.

“The party is slowly yielding ground sensing that, at this point of time, the Congress needs Jagan more than the latter needs the party. It is an opportunity for Jagan to negotiate his way to become the first among equals in the Congress hierarchy in the state”.

Amarnath K Menon


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19 responses to “The Son Rises: India Today

  1. Olive Branch:

    There are some genuine concerns expressed by some whether Jagan should make peace with HC or not.

    My view is that he will stay on course without any second thoughts.
    Because Jagan believed in a cause and started this ‘Odarpu Yatra’ with purpose to console the grieving families as promised at Nalla Kalva.

    It is not Jagan but HC that picked fight with him. They created so many hurdles, played all the tricks to demoralise him. They engaged people like VHR, KK, JC, Daggubati, Panabaka and institutions like IT, ED and police, encouraged external forces like CBN, KCR, Chiru, Yellow media etc.

    Some argue that HC is offering olive branch and make peace.

    We all know the strengths of Jagan.
    1) Lion Heart
    2) Legacy of YSR
    3) Love of people.

    When nothing seem to make dent to the first two now they are trying to target the third. They know they very well no matter what they do people love YSR and Jagan. So they are playing tricks in the hope that Jagan will break his promise.

    So friends do not fall for these tactics to seed doubts in his followers and continue showering your love and affection to Jagan.

  2. Ram

    Hi All,
    This is is good Sign As natonal media started positive news brodcasting on Jagan,scene was in reverse if they could have done in the past when whole state demanded for Young Hero.
    Keep it Up Tiger Jagan…

    Let the Yellow Dogs Bark..We are all with you blessings of Great Soul(YSR) are with you…

  3. Jagan Anna

    Hurt Fan garu,

    please remember we only started thsi fight in retaliation with wht HC was trying to do with YSR image….so now if they change their stand and realize that Jagan is asset to congress then we shld be more than happy to accept the proposal…one thing is a real fact both Congress & Jagan need each other to be successful…Jagan without congress is a tough road but we have all the attributes to become successful…but congress without Jagan will be nulfied in state….

  4. UPA II is a victim of its own crimes. though they knew kalmadi was outrightly involved in CWG scam and they have all the proof with them, they don’t want to take any action even at the cost of india’s pride. but when it comes jagan media manipulates all the data and figures to suite their needs. and coming to splitting the state in spite of knowing that its a landmine they stepped on it. now will have to see whether they will take their weight out of it or just sleep on it for some time.coming to maoists chiddu completely went wrong in his strategy. and when diggy tried to correct him they shut his mouth. and last but the not the least Kashmir issue. they have totally mis handled the situation and escalated the situation and it is right now out of control.

  5. CVReddy

    Dear Hurt Fan garu,

    Congress did a big mistake by listening to Anti YS camp.
    Congress should have made Jagan at least as PCC Chief when Rosayya was appointed as CM.
    Congress should have instructed Rosayya to leave party affairs to Jagan and work like ManMohan Singh.
    Like Sonia, Jagan would have strengthened the party and things would have been different.Now situation has become worst.
    If HC realizes mistake, Jagan can continue in Congress.
    National party like Congress won twice against regional party back to back and It has not happened in any state except AP as per my knowledge.
    It was just because of YS, Congress came to power in AP twice.
    Now Congress needs a fighter like Jagan to face TDP in next elections.
    Recently one Journo said” Congress is like Katti and Dalu but it should have fighter like Jagan to use them properly and defeat opponents”
    KE Krishna Murthy of TDP Said recently” CM candidate should be very strong and also must have popular public support”.

    See why TDP and Yellow Media is after Jagan.
    TDP has recognized Jagan as potential threat.
    No one likes to fight with strong enemy.

  6. NLR

    @ Hurt fan garu …

    We do not want to hurt you further by giving wrong answers to your questions …..
    Time …. will only give the right answers to ur questions …..
    So lets wait for it !!!

  7. Hurt fan

    What is the general opinion of Jagan fans, that Jagan should continue in Congress or go out? Till last month I could see on this blog that 90% fans were against Jagan remaining in Congress. Now, it looks like most fans want him to continue in Congress.
    Another thing I noticed is that several Jagan fans created rumors that he was going to join other parties or start his own parties. Now, the same fans are blaming yellow media for the rumors!
    HC has been abused in the worst possible way on this blog and now that has suddenly stopped. Is HC good or bad? Should they(Sonia & Co.) be respected or not?

    • Sesh

      Dude! Politics is not about sticking to one line of thought (where people’s problems are not in question). Ride the tide! If Cong Hc shakes a friendly hand, then why not we reciprocate? If Cong HC resorts to whiplashing the we retaliate! In my opinion, if Jagan is not made CM then no question of staying in Congress!

  8. sne

    hey why dont you people post some positive comments in that site
    (india today)

  9. rakesh

    Well said CV reddy garu
    yellow batch is jealous of growing popularity of Jagan
    Jagan is not any ordinary to play dirty politics, he wants to get to the Top by People mandate

  10. ROHIT

    90% of the news from Delhi were manipulated by yellow media and seniors to create more differences and send jagan out of the party.
    They did not succeed.
    Jagan should complete yatra without controversies in 2 years.

  11. NLR

    Avvaru…. anni rasina…
    Antha kullukunna ….
    Jana samudram…..
    Maa Yuva keratam…..

  12. NLR

    Excellent article….
    Avvaru anni anna ……

  13. CVReddy

    Excellent article
    It clerly says why Chandra Babu and his yellow media is behind Jagan.
    HC will honor Jagan sooner or later .

    • mian

      For wot reason HC will honor ‘cry baby’ jagan …. for ignoring HC over O.yatra ,,, for trying to dethorne HC nominee Rosiah ??? U guys have little or no sence …. Y u guys still beg with HC …if u have guts go out of the party and show u are a MAN . i cant even call u gr jagan as HIJRA and insult them.

      • CVReddy

        Mian garu,
        India Today article was not written by Jagan or his supporters.
        Article says HC is yielding, Not Jagan.

        Did Babu go out and started his own party?
        Babu had back stabbed his Mama NTR and praising him now.
        I am leaving it to your wisdom to decide who is real Hijra.

        TDP wants to fight with Congress without Jagan.
        Who is afraid of whom?

        I suggest you not to use abusive language even against your arch rivals.
        It won’t serve any purpose and will show you in poor light.
        It applies to YS Fans also.
        You have every right to argue politically but not with foul language.
        God bless you.

      • Sesh

        Tokka le Mian.. If u or people like u walk on roads, only dogs will follow. But if YSR or Jagan walk then there would be thousands of people to support and walk in their footsteps. Thats the reason TDP or yellow media is suffering from ‘Jagan’ fever!

  14. Thanks rohit garu for posting this article

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