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In the 1970s Afghanistan was a nation like any other, peaceful, safe , a place filled with people who had dreams for themselves and their kids. Slowly one after the other the soviets, the Taliban, the mujahideen etc crept upon them and  snatched away their pece, their dreams, their very life has been taken away from them. I see our country now in the wake of the common wealth blunders, the fact that even ministers cannot travel freely ( let alone ordinary people like u n me), I see divisions, ineffeciency, lack of strong leadership and I wonder if we are in the 1970s Afghanistan, letting our state and nation drift into anarchy. How do we protect ourselves from inefficient leaders, selfish seperatists? Are we going to simply stand and watch our state crumble? Are we going to do nothing as resources are wasted and scattered because of lack of focus by those in authority? Let’s do something…..


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7 responses to “Anonymous sms

  1. Shiva reddy

    China should attack us from north. Let us see if that helps to forget regional differences.

  2. Jagan anna

    Hurt fan

    Im not saying hc attitude has changed. But it looks like they r rethinking their strategy. If they comeback with good options we shld consider them

  3. mian

    Its Gud , that this blog by posting above post has take anti-Telangana stand on par with jagan

    • this is not anti telangana stand but to show how volatile state has become in the absence of a strong leader. there were several states that were formed before but none so violent. its sad that talking against the present situation is taken immediately as anti telangana statment. will you security to outsiders and settlers after telangana is formed.

    • Sesh

      not anti-telangana stand but stand on anti-telangana state!

  4. Hurt fan

    What change did “Jagan anna” and other fans notice in the attitude or actions of high command? What wrong did they do in the past and what right did they do now?
    In the past they refused to make Jagan as CM and did not even offer PCC Chief post. Even now they are sticking to the same stand.
    In the past they refused to take back Konda Surekha although she and her husband openly expressed their interest in rejoining Rosaiah cabinet by announcing in front of the media that a cabinet expansion is in the offing and Sureka is soon going to be taken back.
    Even now they are sticking to their stand of not taking back Konda Sureka, in fact they might ask Balineni Srinivas Reddy to resign, if he refuses, they might even sack him (he may not refuse because he announced publicly that he is willing to lose minister post for YS family).

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