Sesh Analysis…Hats off

Jagan vs Rahul

As the political arena in AP is boiling with Jagan defying Cong HC’s dictat, there are quite a few old leaders in Congress who are advising Jagan to follow Rahul’s footsteps. Is there a merit in their advice? Lets examine.

Rahul Gandhi stayed away from India since his father’s assassination for 10 long years. He learnt management and business techniques while working with Monitor group. In fact, he wanted to start a management consulting firm in Mumbai in 2002. However due to the responsibility of carrying forward the Nehru/Gandhi legacy thrusted upon him, he had to leap into the Indian politics.

Jagan did his early education in  HPS hyderabad and earned B.Com from Nijam College, Hyderabad and MBA from Edinburgh. He ventured into business in 2000 by setting up power plant in Sandoor, Karnataka. He was successful in his endeavour. He established Sakshi media to support Congress in the state. He established Bharti cements on the lines of private equity method and earned tremendous success. All this while he stayed close with common people and political leaders especially in Rayalaseema region. Apart from these businesses, he has lot of charitable trusts to support poor. Runs a full fledged International style school for economically backward students in YSR district.

Rahul is on a mission to understand common man’s problems and to establish himself as a youth icon (considering 50% of Indian population is under 25). Having stayed away from India for quite long, it is necessary for him to do so. On the other hand, Jagan was always with common people. He established Bharti cement factory in Kadapa to create employment. He paid additional 2 lakh rupees per acre to the farmers (from whom land was acquired to set up Bharti cements) once his business made profits. This was done even when no one demanded for it. He successfully lobbied and got Brahmani steels to Kadapa. When Sakshi media was launched, he paid double commission to paper boys and dealers compared to peers in the industry. He understands grassroot politics and hence launched Sakshi media to support Congress in AP. Without Sakshi, it would have been difficult for Congress men to find their voice in the Telugu media. Rahul is a novice when compared to Jagan in understanding politics and common man’s problems. If we observe Jagan’s lingo, it matches with that of common man but Rahul has an accented Hindi. Jagan is easily embraced by commoners while Rahul has to work towards it. While Rahul is struggling to establish himself as a youth icon, Jagan has already established himself as one.

Jagan is an extremely confident person while maintaining a level head. He does not fear to speak his mind or take responsibilities at any level. It is evident from his successful ventures in different businesses at a very young age (even though he is not from a business family). He did not fear to take head on with TDP and Eenadu. He emerged as a youth icon with his dare-devil attitude and Congress’s future leader even before 2009 elections (it is another thing that Cong HC is noticing it today after defying its order). He has tremendous appeal as a mass leader. On the other hand, Rahul looks like a self-confident man but lacks leadership abilities. He did not achieve anything significant till date to showcase his leadership qualities. Therefore onus lies on him to prove his mettle.

Jagan has carefully built his political career. He managed his business establishments while staying with public. He launched the Sakshi media just before taking a leap into politics. He was able to build an image for himself outside YSR’s clout. He would have been a political force in AP even without his father’s legacy. (Even YSR was able to build a political career at a very young age without anyone’s legacy. Jagan would have matched his father.) Rahul, on the other hand, appears to have lacked interest in making a political career. His career skills are built to match corporate requirements. At best he would have become a corporate honcho. Much like his father, he was dragged into politics by old Congress leaders who think without Gandhi tag, it would be impossible for Congress to survive in India. Rahul had to prove that he really wants to work for people’s cause and make a political career. And hence he is taking time to take up a ministry for himself. Jagan does need time to prove his intent for work for people’s cause nor does he have to prove of his interest in politics as a career.

Congress HC has safely locked the country’s top job, the PM chair, and has given its key to Rahul. Whenever he wants he can choose to become PM (assuming Congress comes to power). On the other hand, Jagan has to fight for it. Now or never, if he stays in the Congress. Obviously, there is no merit in Congress oldies advice . These leaders are eyeing power and hence asking Jagan to follow Rahuls’ footsteps which will lead him to a dead-end.

One last observation. In Mahabharatha, we do not know if Pandavas fought for people’s cause or if Kauravas did not really care for people. It was a war for power, all the way. Today, political leaders have to fight for power while keeping an eye for people. Jagan is not a power-hungry leader but a man hungry to carry his father’s legacy forward!!!


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59 responses to “Sesh Analysis…Hats off

  1. NLR

    Thank you CVR garu…..

    It is an excellent article in Times of india ….
    Reflecting the reality….

    • CVR

      NLR garu,

      Infact Times gave excel sheet on paper to show the facts about Odarpu.
      Really good. Unfortunately Link is not supporting that feature.

      Times Of India Report-Complete opposit to TV9 Report
      We all know TV9 intensions in chasing Jagan.

      One Maha Media Kutami formed with TV9,Enadu,AJ,ABN,Studio N etc
      to bring back Babu to power.

  2. CVR

    Babu has faced the wrath of Girijans in East Godavari.

  3. CVR

    Jagan’s Odarpu behind scheule as yatra trudges through masses
    Courtesy: Times of India

    Untiring Odyssey
    Average hours of journey per day:18-19 Hours

    Jagan is really working hard.

  4. CVR

    Jagan’s Odarpu behind schedule as yatra trudges throgh masses-Times Of India

    Untiring Odyssey
    Average hours of journey per day: 18-19 hours

    Nice article from TOI

    Jagan Fans and Foes should read this article.

    I have read in in news paper and will post once I get the link on Internet

  5. Ram

    HI All,

    Forgot about this fake sharma..

    But we are really missing Chakram and RK..
    Veellu iddaru unte Aa mazaa different untadi..

    Evaranna valla ki touch lo unti ask them to resume their postings…

  6. Sesh

    Jagan will create history with OY:
    Jagan is doing what a leader should do. A leader should have firm belief in himself and should strive for people’s cause. He is on a mission to establish himself as a pro-poor leader with a vision (YSR’s image). Let’s see the things in right perspective. “OY” is undertaken primarily to console bereaved families who lost one of their family members. While touring those districts, naturally people will throng to see Jagan. Two major reasons being people seeing YSR in Jagan and extensive media publicity (positive and negative) which evoked common man’s interest to see Jagan. Everyone should understand that apart from 700-odd families who lost someone dear, there are lakhs of families in AP who are shocked and saddened with the sudden demise of their leader, YSR. Even those families will naturally expect to see Jagan and hear soothing words from him. This will impart strength and hope in all those families who feel insecure about their future after YSR’s death. Isn’t it Jagan’s responsibility to address those people’s worry and say few words to console them? It may be boring, routine and monotonous…Agreed! But what should Jagan do. Indulge in some gimmeckery and start entertaining people???? Comeon folks! If someone is watching it on TV or reading news, it looks like a routine..but he is talking to different crowds each time and it would be first time for those crowds to hear Jagan. Thats the point! Media looks for something new and entertaining each time. Some sources started projecting it as a daily serial and a routine stuff with obvious intention to spread negativity and kill the interest of people. Beware fans!
    If only YSR thought that historical ‘PadaYatra’ has become routine and stopped it, then he would have never become a people’s leader and CM! Appeal to all fans: Have patience and faith in your leader. Jagan is a media baron himself and knows exactly what to do next to gain attention. Just have a little patience!!!

  7. rajnjj

    too all haters even most off jagan fans like me know he needs more time too get matured poltically but hes doing what ever he can with in his limitaions and he needs good adviosors senior journolists good pr team not sakshi please ee sakshi lo anta aaa priyadarshini ram or a cinema actor raja lanti edhavalu le unnaru anukunta bhajana gang or religious gang he needs good team good pr ppl who can tell truth 2 him and tell him what do when too do i hope he gets his team soon

  8. rajnjj

    reddy ledu sharma ledu chowdary ledu edhi ela unte alllllla jargutundi evadoo hater gadu edo annadu ani discuss cheyadam waste just delete haters ids and comments so tht they wont come bacck here positive critcisim is welcome but no criticism which is based on caste or or some hatredness is not welcome

  9. Dr.Krishna

    Don’t worry…..This ‘Sharma’ is fake participant and definitely an impersonator…..

    Coz I definitely can say that the screen name should be ‘sarma’….which is his true surname as I knew him…..

    Have a look on coverts….!!!!

    • Dr.Krishna

      Perhaps this is the same guy who some days back posted a comment saying that “RK, “SHARMA” and Chakram ” all have stopped blogging coz of Jagan’s helplessness…..

      He remembered the name very well….but forgot the “correct spelling” as how to Sarma garu spelt it….

      Alas poor guy….caught red handed…..!!!!

  10. RAJESH.K

    we all know there r 7 wonders in the world,it will be 8 wonder if ETV,TV9 gives good responce on OY

  11. Jagan Anna

    Forget Shrama & ppl like them…who will support only when things r goinng on well….if someone thinks tht Jagan is going in the wrong side, only god shld help them….in 30 years of YSR political life, lot of ppl have sidelined him as much as they can but YSR only became stronger….
    One thing I can tell u…TV9 is more dengerous than ETV & ABN put together..because ppl think tht TV9 is neutral…..
    I strongly suggest to the admin to delete post of ppl who are building negative news in this blog….if any fan feels Jagan anna shld improve some where..lets give constructive critisism…lets make a list and discuss the issues nd communicate with Jagan anna…….

    My personal feeling, Jagan anna is doin wht he can do given the situations,, powerful HC, Cheap Yellow media, Bunch of Congress morans… additional point, this is never been done in AP political history so we have nothing to learn from other than our own mistakes….so we need to learn fromm our mistakes if any & move forward…..

  12. CVR

    Why not TV9 is not conducting debate on Babu popularity?

  13. Chandu

    I am from kadapa, I know so many Jagan PAs, friends and even I am closely observing Jagan, he don’t have advicer (every business man/politician should have advicer), Rambabu, konda, amaranathreddy, adinarayan reddy are not his advicers they are followers. Noone knows his strategy till now, But I am believing him what ever he wants, he can do.

    I am wondering how you are saying “I am totally disappointed with what Jagan has been doing to himself. That is why I am not participating on this blog anymore.”
    I know you since long time in this blog. Please let us know the atleast 5 reasons. “Kastaallo thodu vunna vaade atmeeyudu, every leader has their own strategy, some time it fails, but Jagan will success 100% what ever his strategy”

    • Nawaz

      “Kastaallo thodu vunna vaade atmeeyudu, every leader has their own strategy, some time it fails, but Jagan will success 100% what ever his strategy”

      Anna rethink may be okkey abbadani chaal saralu repeat chesthey yantati vadina naamavachu

      I think you are one example…. Sorry to say this….

  14. If you think jagan is committing some grave mistake pls do vet it out. Someone who is close to him inform him surely. There were lot of suggestions that were posted in the blog and were conveyed to jagan. We could all see the difference. Jagan is going through a rough phase in his life but do you see that in his face any time. If he was corrupt and selfish like what the yellow media says why would he set out on this yatra and take such a big risk of defying HC. This open fact itself is enough that jagan is on the right side

  15. YSR Legacy

    Dude use ur self-consciousness before jumping to conclusions. I just watched 3 mins and decide that TV9 wants to tranish the image of YSR and YSJ, so I closed abruptly.
    These guys are saying OY in Godavari districts is super success where as coming to Prakasham its a flop show. But is that true? No. of all the OY’s, Prakasham OY is Mega Success…… Hope this fact itself will open your eyes.

    You are saying about the opinions of senior Journalists, who the fuck is Somi Reddy Chandra Mohan Reddy? Is he Journalist? He is staunch loyalist and die-hard fan of TDP. Most of them are TDP side-kicks.

    dude we don’t care about those who are not participating in this blog. We do only care about the active participants and analysts like CVR, Sesh, BSR, Mana Jagan, Rohit, Ex. cong. fan, etc etc.

    Last but not the least, we are not begging you to participate in this blog… we will be very happy if guys like you (who just believes on what others are saying rather than believing on what his/her heart is saying) stay away from this blog.

    True YSR fan will follow his/her own heart and they will never get carried away by what others are saying.

    So we appreciate your decision and keep away from our blog. Thanks a ton.

    YSR Amar Rahe.

    • Pls don’t discourage anyone just because they think jagan is going on the wrong side. Sharma garu was an old time blogger and a great coontributor. He is an excellent writer and has written many articles on ysr. But I still can’t believe that he is disappointed with jagan

  16. Sarma garu,
    First of all I would like thank you for coming out in this blog. Secondly I don’t know what tv9 wants to achieve by showing jagan in bad light but atleast they were successfull in convincing a hardcore ysr fan like you that jagan is bad. Jagan garu more than ever needs our support. Do you have any idea what his family is going through right now. If you are right now in India you will surely miss ysr. Tv9 instead of the apathy of state govt towards administration it is only interested in showing jagan in bad light. Ravi Prakash is nothing but a suit clad extortionist. Meeru jagan popularity taggindi anujunte you are deeply mistaken. I get ground on a day to day basis. I don’t care what tv9 thinks but I want jagan to continue what he is doing. Sarma garu our state going to dogs. People want to see jagan as cm at any cost.
    Nenu cheppagalgindi cheppanu rest is your wish.
    All the best.

  17. CVR

    Sharma garu,

    Like Media, Journalists are divided and biased.

    Telakapalli Ravi,Editor Vishalandra,Communist party is a staunch loyalist of Babu and others too.

    Can you show me Telakapalli criticizing Babu even once ?

    TV9 is bringing TDP sympathizers for discussion.

    Can you tell me when TV9 criticized Babu last time?
    No, TV Did not

    TV9 aim is to bring Babu back to power.

  18. vinay

    How many statues of ysr have been unveiled till now??

  19. CVR

    PRP likely to join Govt


    Rahul is spoon feeded , this is true whoever , whatever they may say , It’s true.

  21. YSR_MSR

    Guys, Got some inputs that Neduramalli Janardhan Reddy group is helping and making all arrangements to make OYsuccess bcz Anam brothers are not supporting it.

  22. CVR

    TV9 missiosn-Target Jagan, KCR and Chiru ( Not too harsh)
    Bring back Babu to power

    So TV9 likes to tarnish YS family image so that TDP can come back to power. When Babu was arrested, TV9 gave live coverage for 4-5 days showing Babu behind bars. Later TDP lost deposits in all 12 segments in Telangana.

    TV9 sees Jagan as main threat and KCR as second threat and Chiru as third threat for Babu to become CM

  23. CVR

    Friends and Foes,
    Please don’t use harsh words even at enemies.
    We can discuss in healthy environment.
    Nothing wrong.

    There are people who support TDP,PRP and Congress.
    In democracy, we need to respect others even we disagree with them.

  24. vinay

    Surely this bloody tv9 will come up with another program showing that after the death of ysr the POPULARITY , CRAZE , IMAGE of chandrababu is increasing day by day..
    And his political GRAPH had raised like 90 degrees..

  25. Raja babu

    evaro biksha pedithe mantri ani ayya – balineni —-> veediki siggu unda asalu, veedu mantri ayyindi society kosamaa leka YS kosamaa…
    maarandi raa babu…prati daaniki YS valle veelu antha paiki vacharu ani cheppukovatame kaani, vallu paiki vachi peekindi emanna undaa??? edanna paniki vache panulu chesaara asalu vallu???

    • Ram

      Dear Raja babu,

      NTR valle piki vacham ani cheppukuntaru vaadi valla emanna bagu paddada Lanja la ni (renuka chow dary,Jaya Prada,Nannapaneni,Lakshmi Parvathy etc) mepinononiki Bhartha ratna kavalanta Siggu lekunda..

      Mukham ni rangu vesuko ne bhogam koduka liki raja bhogam enduko..

    • Ex. Congress Fan

      YS Antee Prajalu .. Chandrababu antee Reliance ..

      endukantha kullu thammi .. Velli mee babu ni adugu 5,00,000 Lakh Crores appananga Gas ni Reliance ki rasichinna babu nu vadili .. edo Odarpu yatralo palgontunna Balineni meeda padathavenduku tammi…

  26. Go Rahul

    Every one is amazed with jagan’s brains and business acumen

    He used his great brains to pump in 1000 s of crores of public money into sakshi paper and increased the circulation to lakhs in one day by distrbuting the paper like free pamplets to his cadre and shamelessly claimed it as the greatest achievement in the history of indian news media

    Bharathi cements – Same story but characters different.

    If you have alibaba as a father, any T D & H can do these companies many times over.

    Don’t you think rahul is not capable of doing all these and 100 times over

    J is nothing but another power broker.

    you are proudly publicizing his qualification

    LKG from balapanuru

    10th class from pulivendala

    MBA(Vanakalapu) from osmania

    Comon.. Rahul has Harvard education. Don’t cry.. i know it is paid for. But even then it is great

    • rakesh

      rahul is jealous of Jagan
      thx for giving such importance to him
      no wonder many political oldies consider him as a threat to their political career,,,,
      keep it up jagan

    • Mr.Go Rahul Please get your facts right. And don’t belittle people with village background. Lot of great entrepreneurs in this world are college dropouts. Some of the facts might be tweaked but for real jagan is city educated with a right mix of rural and urban mindset and has always been in touch with grass roots unlike your great runaway groom. He has successfully started ventures at the peak of babu’s rein and fought against all odds. Unlike runaway groom, jagan has well balanced public and family life.

      • again fyi rahul joined Harvard and couldn’t compete there and finished his college in god forsaken college in Florida. please get your facts right…
        Mana nana rajeev gandhi ayente i would had havard at my feet. so Harvard and Stanford lo chadivina vallu andharu pedda chinche candidates anukunte you are mistaken. get the list of fraudsters from Harvard and Stanford. and soon rahul is going to join the list.

    • CVR

      We are also wondered howRamoji who sold pickles earn 15,000 crores and
      Babu with Two acres earned 2 Lakh Crores.

      When all theses are possible, everything is possible.

    • Ex. Congress Fan

      endiroo Rahul ni poguduthunnav… velli ..Satyam dabuu kadithe ( of course CBN ni dabbu lekha kadanuko …. ) Carnegie mellon chaduvu velagapettina CBN suputrudikantee … Rahul and Jagan Nayam…

      maa Rahul ni memu tittukuntam .pogudukuntam … madyalo mee baada endi tammi….

  27. rohit

    నన్ను విమర్శించినా పట్టదా? మంత్రులపై సిఎం ఆగ్రహం

    “Why this man is not getting confidence of ministers”

    • rohit

      వర్షాన్ని సైతం లెక్కచేయకుండా జనం జగన్ ఓదార్పుయాత్రకు భారీగానే తరలివచ్చారు. వైఎస్ రాజశేఖర్‌రెడ్డి తనయుడు, కడప పార్లమెంటు సభ్యుడు వైఎస్ జగన్‌మోహన్‌రెడ్డి చేపట్టిన ఓదార్పుయాత్ర 30వ రోజుకు చేరింది. జిల్లాలో ఓదార్పుయాత్ర చేపట్టి నెల రోజులైనా జనాదరణ ఏమాత్రం తగ్గడంలేదు

  28. Prabhakar


    Wow it is a great thought and analysis,wonderful job.

  29. pr

    Reacting to the suspension of PCC secretary K Sridhar Reddy, a Jagan loyalist, for violating party discipline, Ramababu said that the Congress, like a poisonous snake, was devouring its own babies.

    Amabati slams ‘selective punishment’ of Jagan loyalists – The Times of India

  30. rohit

    అడుగడుగునా జగన్‌కు నీరాజనం వైఎస్ భిక్షవల్లే మంత్రినయ్యా:బాలినేని

  31. NLR

    Never in the history of Prakasam…..


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