When going gets tough The tough gets going

“When going gets tough, the tough get going”

Recently I wrote about the possibilities and tactics that can be employed by HC and other opponents. As mentioned all of them are united for a cause to weaken Jagan. It is evident that they could not break the will of Jagan, they cannot reduce the impact of YSR’s legacy and it is impossible for them to reduce his popularity and unlimited affection of people for him.

The only area where they can score is by creating doubt and confusion in his followers who are with him for short term gains. Don’t think that only those politicians with him today are his only supporters and all of those politicians with him will stay forever. The matter of fact is they are basically politicians and they care more for positions. Like you and me, many people with a lot of affection and love for him may not come out openly by leaving their jobs and positions. Please try to understand that.

We all wanted Jagan to carry forward Jananeta YSR’s legacy and you know what he is right on his track. Just check who all accepted this so far;
a) People who liked YSR now like Jagan
b) Congressmen who flet YSR a threat now feel Jagan a threat
c) Opposition parties who targeted YSR now target Jagan
d) Yellow media who want YSR to fail now want Jagan to fail
So who is left out, none but for the poisoned ego of Sonia.

Knowing this early, Jagan made it clear to himself that instead of following Sonia’s footsteps and be her nominee he choose to become peoples choice. That is what public like in him and that is what they expect him to be.
He knew very well that there will be collateral damage in the process. You cannot climb a mountain if you will not risk a fall. Achievement requires more than a vision – it takes courage, resolve and tenacity.

So friends when going gets tough, the tough get going.



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9 responses to “When going gets tough The tough gets going

  1. Vinay

    Tonight this bloody tv9 is comming up with another program……

    Topic is

  2. Nawaz

    Jananeta garu what you told is exactly correct.

    As you told leaders who are now with Jagan may not be with him forever so he should be verymuch carefull with those people….

    Beacuse we have seen alot of leaders are with YSR garu when he was alive and now critisizing him It hurts me no no not only me to all the fans of YSR when we see ministers, MP and MLA’s critisizing YSR and YSJ.

    I think Jagan has to create a image that he will be with the people that he will change there lifes and he will impliment all the welfare schemes introduced by OUR GREAT LEADER YSR Garu……

    Mana Jagan garu as Dr. Krishna garu suggested please continue the thread for Do’s and Do Not’s.

    It will be very much helpfull.

    I always belive that

    “Ham lakha chaye kay hoga wahi hoga joo manjure Kudaa hoga”

  3. Dr.Krishna

    Its better if the thread for Do’s and Do Not’s continues….coz really the need of the hour is to give a good feedback to Jagan regarding his future steps….

  4. thanks jananeta garu.. excellent

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