Execllent Analysis….

Jagan realized cash to the tune of 2,300 crore rupees through sale of his stake in Bharti cements..ofcourse he paid tax on the cash left after subtracting his investments in longterm projects. (remember, long term capital gain tax is paid only when u do not invest that in the same year when u realize cash from sale)..if ambani, tata or birla sell their stake then they will pay 100 times more tax than what jagan paid..send this message in your company guy!!! If we consider his investments in other businesses then it would not be difficult to understand that his wealth would have gone up by leaps and bounds! Reason: All his companies are making profits! If you know private equity method, then you would understand this is not something new in the world. Ofcourse Jagan uses his political and business connections to bring in new investors..but businesses are perfectly legal and the money flowing is accounted money (not black)! If TV9 questions on the legitimacy of Jagan’s businesses then it would look silly and hypocratic! TV9′s majority stake is held by Peepul Capital owned by Srini Raju! Peepul Capital is a private equity company in itself. If Srini Raju can earn crores within a span of 15 years from nothing then I guess he cannot question others (through TV9)! No comments on TDP and Yellow media..they are too silly even to deserve our comments..lol!!


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71 responses to “Execllent Analysis….

  1. NLR

    Anni kukkalu ….antha morigina…..


    Stop the people if you can ……

  2. NLR

    @ YSR_MSR

    I think they have put his name in the comitee in June itself.
    But they dont have the guts to remove his name now ……

  3. NLR

    A blow to HC’s crook tactics using the karnataka governor …..
    This has also never happened in the history ….Governor asking to prove majority again within 4 days …..

    God and Justice have done their job …….
    Hats of Yedyurappa and GJR ……


  4. NLR

    A rousing reception in Kavali……..

    At 1’o clock at midnight …….
    This has never happened before in Nellore ….



  5. NLR

    We do not have to respond to yellow iditos talking about paying tax …
    Because they never pay it in the first place !!!!
    We shall leave it to the people of AP to decide whether it is right or not ….

    Jagannadha radhachakaralu in Nellore …….

    Day 1 OY …..


  6. himanshu nalla kumar

    excellent forum sir idi. karnataka lo gaali brothers…AP lo jagan anna. only honest people who pay tax. good job.

  7. Hurt fan

    How many YSR fans/supporters are now Jagan’s fan/supports? I think among the masses, there is a high percentage but among NRIs and working professionals, it is very low.
    Among the cadre of congress party it is moderate and among big leaders (MLAs, MPs, MLCs, Ex-MPs etc.) it is very low again.
    I am in the US and I know a lot of people who were YSRs fans but do not show the same support to Jagan. Coming to leaders, people like Ministers like Botsa, Danam, Anam were strong supporters of YSR but are not supporting Jagan. Forget KK, VH etc. as they never really supported YSR either.
    The common masses seem to be strongly rallying behind Jagan though, as seen in Odarpu. However, the danger is that, leaders, cadre, working professionals, graduates, students etc. have a big influence on uneducated villagers (it is a sad fact) so Jagan has to gain support of all these segments to ensure that the masses remain with him.

    Can everyone here share their opinions on what Jagan can do to convert more YSR fans as Jagan’s?

    • YSR Legacy

      Dude, do you have any idea of what you are talking? YSR unnappudu, we (90% of NRI’s) never used to think about fate of AP because, YSR was taking care of it. Since YSR left, every one from AP, NRI’s prapancham lo unna 95% telugu vallaku YSR leni lotu telsochindi.
      couple of month back, CBN gaadu public ga cheppinadu YSR unninte TRS naama rupaalu lekunda poyedi, state lo Law and Order undedhi ani. CBN noti nunchi aa maata vasthe inka common man yemi anukuntunnado oka sari alochinchu.

      Manaku (i mean telugu prajalaku, it includes even TDP Cadre) oka oka aadharam, Dhiksuchi YSJ. ippudunna Political vacuum ni pudchagaligindhi okka YSJ matrame.

      Jagan need not do anything. Just finish OY and work hard to carry forward YSR Legacy.

      I am 100% sure that above person is an Yellow Blogger.

      TRUE YSR fans/supporters will always be with YSJ. No doubt about that. Daanam, Aanam vellu true YSR supporters kaadu. vellaku manaku comparision kalalo kuda undadhu. Aanam YSR supporter aithe YSR statues pettenduku addankulu yenduku srustincharu?.

      as a matter of fact, YSJ has more followers then YSR used to have. Because, since YSR left, every one is feeling the pain. YSR unnappudu aayana value telsukoleka poyamu ani chala mandi YSJ lo YSR ni chusukuntunnaru. AP state united ga undali anna, YSR legacy ni carry forward cheyyali anna adi okka YSJ ki matrame saadhyam avuthundi.

      YSJ ni support cheyyaka pothe, CBN ni support chestunnaru antava NRI’s? (u r day dreaming brother). this will never happen.

      so conclusion enti ante, andaru YSJ ne support chestunnaru. meeru ee mathi leni, paniki maalina discussion aapandi ani.

    • Sesh

      people like Aanam, Daanam, Botsa etc r not true followers of YSR..but true of followers of who ever sits in the CM chair! Common people are true followers of YSR, so they r following YSJ!
      Who in the world said working professionals, graduates, studenst etc have a big influence on uneducated villagers?? Which part of the world are u from??Tell me how many of the uneducated people have you influenced?? I will tell you something abt their strength…You and I can be influenced by Media (which is stronger than the group u have addresse). But villagers are not influenced by media..they go by their heart!!

    • CVR

      I have friends in Vijayawada as I did my B.Tech there only.
      Few of my TDP friends told me they realized the importance of YS after
      he passed away.
      Though they are traditional TDP voters,they did admit personally how great YS was.

      I am leaving it to you whether to believe or not.

    • NS

      I agree with you to some extent. I am hardcore fan of YSR. He is my god.
      I support jagan, but i do not have that strong affection towards YSJ.
      due to High command ignorance of ysr and Yello syndicate kutralu, I am moving towards Jagan with more affection. If High command still shows respect for YSR, i would not be following YSJ.
      I believe Botsa and Anam brothers 100% traitors. they will have no future in AP politics. people will teach them a lesson or two.

      Jai YSR.

  8. sekhar

    Hi Yellow bloger reddy garu ,
    first use complete name not surnames anymore any surname not interested here in this blog ,

    give constructive comments … ask your ramoji ,cbn pay the tax if you have guts ..

  9. Sesh

    To understand what happens in private equity method, lets take a simple example.. Lets say Jagan has 1 crore ready to invest and he knows 2 investors, X&Y, who can invest 50 lakhs each..Now they want to start a real estate venture. They approach a bank which can fund upto 80% of the total value. Now if Jagan and the investors purchase a prime property in Hyderabad worth 10 crores (2 crores from them and 8 crores from bank). Then they begin to construct a gated community of 200 apartments which will be ready to occupy in a span of 2 years. Each flat will be sold at 50 lakhs at 40% profit margin (leaving construction costs). They begin to aggressively market their venture and start getting their advance bookings. Lets say they have to shell out 8 lakh per month as interest to the bank (assuming 1% per month interest on 8 crores). As they begin to sell flats, it is not tough to pay the interest amount (8 laks pm) while carrying out construction. Once they sell all flats, they realize 40 % * 200 * 50 lakhs which equals to 40 crores. They repay bank its loan of 8 crores which will leave them with a profit of 32 crores..Now if one asks how did Jagan earn 16 crores (his share of profits) with 1 crore in a span of 2 years and comments that it should be illegal, then we cannot help but laugh at their ignorance…Remember in the first year Jagan and investors need not pay any taxes since they did not realize any gain and moreover they are paying interest. But only when they sell all flats, tax will be paid.
    This is a very simple example which every builder and real estate agent knows..but if we incorporate this principle in carrying out bigger businesses and emerge successful, then profits will be huge..

    • Sesh garu fantastic explanation. Making this yellow batch understand logical way is like taking a horse to a pond. But ee roju sakshi lo vachindi meeru ninna cheppina analysis same to same. Kani ee yellow syndicate timmi ni mammini mammini timmini chese type.

    • YSR Legacy

      Dude u simply Rock with your analysis. I guess its time for some one to recommend you to participate in “Daily Headline Show at 8:00 AM with Murali Krishna” in sakshi TV. Yagan needs guys like you. recently YSR Trust Chairman was participating in LIVE TV Debate. He (chairman don’t know what is his talking.). Guys like this chairman are doing more harm than good by participating in public debate.
      After OY, Jagan should concentrate on replacing these guys. Sesh you are my best bet for those debates.

  10. Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

    watching live … jagan anna rudra kota reach ayyaru, superb response and nallapu reddy garu direct gaa join ayyaru jagan annatoti… good sign …

  11. Vinay

    madhu yashki gone to London for higher studies 😀

  12. Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

    Nellore lo YSR statue install cheyyalasina pillar ni muncipal vallu pagulakottaranta ? Eee anam brother’s emi achieve cheyyalanukuntunnaro naakartham kavadam ledu YSR ni oppose chesi ?



  14. Indrasena

    These Yellow shit media is giving free publicity for us..This so called HC and Yellow media is indirectly helping us by making us tough..
    Either in good or bad,be in news is the important thing in politics..
    They all are making us popular..If we have lot of enemies and if we are single,we will know how to fight and we will also get sympothy..don’t worry..My thx to Yelllow media..Good job..keep it up..

  15. agr

    Man .. if every every politian/business person pays taxes honestly like YS Jagan .. our country would have been soooooooo better.

    Well done Jagan !! Hats off to you … You have earned my respect even more.

    What a PIG dramoji and CBolluN are ? Have they ever paid taxes like these ?

  16. Vinay

    This tv9 always brings that woman(sandhya) only to throw mud on ys family…
    it will not telecast any news on kambampaati rammohan who is the culprit in the murder of tdp leader chalasaani pandu..

    worst channel spoiling our state

  17. anand

    మంత్రివర్గ మార్పులను.. అడ్డుకున్నది ఆ ఇద్దరే మొయలీ, నరసింహన్ నివేదికలతో మారిన సీను

    These two men know actual scene of AP

  18. PR

    Yellow media doesnt show such news.

    కడప ఎంపి వైఎస్ జగన్‌మోహన్‌రెడ్డి జిల్లాలో చేపట్టిన ఓదార్పుయాత్రకు అడుగడుగునా ప్రజలు ఎదురేగి స్వాగతం పలుకుతున్నారు. గ్రామగ్రామాన వైస్‌ఆర్ విగ్రహాలు ఏర్పాటుచేసి, జగన్ తమ గ్రామాలకు కూడా రావాలని అభిమానులు రాస్తారోకో, ధర్నాలు చేపట్టి పంతం నెగ్గించుకున్నారు

  19. PR

    As long as jagan is getting crowds yellow media tries to demoralise him .

    So dont worry about them they tried the same policywith YSR and failed now they are doing with jagan.

    Why they are not targetting Chiru is because they know that he is a spent force.

    Nobody will kick a dead dog.

  20. Rohit

    డిసెంబర్ 31 వరకు రాష్ట్ర రాజకీయాల్లో మార్పులు ఉండవు
    మాజీ ఎమ్మెల్యే అంబటి స్పష్టం

  21. Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore


    Eeee TAX news (opponents comments) valla emi bhayapadavalasina avasaram ledanukuntaa andi. Jagan anna guddi gaa aitee pay chesi and deeni valla highlight avadu kada, edo master plan vundi vuntundi, lets wait and see Jagan Anna counter attack in near future. Okka debbato andari nollaki muta paduddi…

  22. NLR

    36 th day ….OY….
    Farewell to Prakasam……
    But I shall come back…… Jagan…..



  23. Sesh

    A little discussion on Srini raju, majority stake holder of TV9 and brother-in-law of scandalous ‘Satyam’ Raju:
    Srini raju worked as COO of Satyam Computers from 1992 to 2000. With the dotcom boom, a new company ‘Satyam Enterprise Solutions’ (SES), which was headed by Srini Raju, was floated along with Sataym Comp. In 2000, SES was merged with Satyam and shares were swapped at 1:1. Srini raju had 8 lakh shares in SES held at 10 rupees/share. He got Satyam shares which were trading at 1,500 rupees in exchange of shares worth 10 rupees. This resulted in a profit of 120 crores for Srini Raju. So in effect, he earned 120 crores in a matter of just 6 months (considering time taken for merger). Why doesnt TV9 telecast a show on this???

    • CVR

      Well said Sesh Garu.
      TV9 is behaving like ETV,Studio N and ABN

      A pot calling kettle black is applicable to TV9 -Yellow Media.

    • CVR

      TV9 doesn’t say single word about Satyam Raju and CBN.
      TV9 is loyal to Satyam Raju ,CBN and Rosayya.

    • Ex. Congress Fan

      In my opinion TV9 is daily payment channel or payment by episode channel.

      If CBN pays say 30 lakhs he will put an episode against Jagan. or if Jagan pays money he will put news in favor of Jagan ( but not opposite CBN ) .. may that’s TV9 condition.

      Finally I guess Jagan is tired of this and asked TV9 guys goto hell ….. do whatever you want… that’s why we are seeing so much negative news on Jagan….

      Totally my guess… could be wrong…

  24. NLR

    Never tiring journey …….
    Never ending affection ……
    May GOD’s grace always be with you …..

    Gudluru …… OY…



  25. Sesh

    If you look at highest advance tax payers of 2009-10, there are no Ambanis, Tatas or Birlas. All of them are virtually unknown to public and top 2 amasses money through sale of their stake..
    Check below link..

  26. rajnjj

    1 more important thing enti ante jagan anna okka 5 or 10 member team ni grrom cheyali too counter attack or too talk on his behalf manchi good orators ni and they should only talk 2 media on his behalf ani chepte manchidi ippude chusa evado satya anta ysr foundation president anta vadi ki hes not able 2 talk or defend or have any subject knowledge illanti vallani koncham media mundu raapote ne mancdhi and send his team with in 10 people he grooms and not people like satya or some 1 without any subject knowlwdge

  27. rajnjj

    anyway i saw jagan speeches today he has improved a lot and seems ttoo know wht hes talking about iam happy tht he seems too be a good learner keep rocking inka okka 1 year lo he ill be ready like any 30 year expreicned guy thx too yellow media cbn congress hc and all for making him stronger mentally by attacking him everyday

  28. CVR

    Jagan has guts to pay tax.
    Jagan is selling his Companies to focus on politics and he has paid tax for what he has got.

    If Babu sells his heritage, how much tax does he has to pay?

    Ramoji has to pay 5000 crores as tax.

  29. CVR

    Studio N (Nara Lokesh Channel) said few day back Jagan had worth 3,500 crores.

    CPM Ragavulu had written book in year 2000 that CBN had amassed 12,000 Crores.
    We know what CPM Ragavulu and how close he was though he was not having tieup with TDP then.

    Just Imagine how much that 12,000 crores worth would be now?

    • Baga chepparu cvr garu. Ee yellow media channel owner perllu cheppatam kuda naamoshi. Our jagan atleast does things right royal. Chepindi chestadu chesindi cheptadu. Vellaki tax pay cheyatam kuda oka anti social activity if jagan does it. Adi valla ignorance annalo leka arrogance annalo.

  30. rajnjj

    every one knows tht he paid taxes due from the sale off his stake in bharathi cement ee media munda kodukulaku they dont have any issue now too feed so oka 2 hours time kill cheyatanki eee rakus aa naa kodulaku kuda telsu but ee 24 hours news channels ki they need something too programme kotti ki kobari chippa dhorkinattu ante so relax and have fun these ppl are using all ammunition agaisnt jagan at 1 go they ill be let with nothing when elections come

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