Anam kota ki beetalu


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47 responses to “Anam kota ki beetalu

  1. NLR

    Some memories of our beloved leader ……the one and only….YSR..

  2. YSR_MSR

    Look at what Vangaveeti Radha says abt YSR n his regrets joining PRP

  3. NLR

    This is the affection of muslim brothers for YSR ….

    Pls watch this …..

  4. NLR

    VH gadiki poya kalam daggara padindhi…

    YSR ni vimarsisthe AP lo jarigedhi idhi ….

  5. rohit

    వైఎస్సార్ అభిమానుల ఆందోళన

  6. bvvnh

    jagan looks cute…………

  7. NLR

    Hats off surekha garu…..

    Mimmalini choosi ….. uppu thinna visawasam …ane padhanki ardham nerchukovali …..anam brothers …..

    Oka vela nerchukopoyina ….prajalu nerpinchutharu ……


  8. NLR

    @the so called reddy …(yellow blogger )

    Kotalu mavi …… samadhulu meeevi ……
    Just a matter of time ……

  9. ROHIT

    Almost from one week sakshi paper is publishing banner items against government.

    This indicates jagan may not be staying in congress.
    perhaps after OY he may take decision

  10. Vinay

    RGV may surely show YSR in rakthacharitra–2

  11. pr
    గురువారం యాత్రలో పాల్గొన్న మాజీ మంత్రి కొండా సురేఖ తన ప్రసంగాల్లో జిల్లాలో ఓదార్పుయాత్రకు దూరంగా ఉన్న మంత్రి ఆనం రామనారాయణరెడ్డి, ఆయన సోదరుడు, ఎమ్మెల్యే ఆనం వివేకానందరెడ్డిపై విమర్శలు గుప్పించారు. వైఎస్ రాజశేఖరరెడ్డి పుణ్యమాని పదవులను పొంది, కేవలం వాటిని కాపాడు కోవడం కోసం ఆయన తనయుడిని పలుకరించడానికి సైతం ప్రయత్నించక పోవడం విచారకరమన్నారు. పదవుల కోసం కృతజ్ఞత లేకుండా వ్యవహరించే స్వార్థపూరిత ప్రజాప్రతినిథులందరూ చరిత్ర హీనులుగా నిలిచిపోతారన్నారు.

  12. NLR

    Roaring reception at 12’o clock ….midnight …..

    Ananthasagaram ….Nellore ….

  13. NLR

    Day 9 …. OY….Sangam….Nellore….

    Evergreen response from the people …..
    Never ending love and affection …..
    For the one and only ……. Puli bidda …..


  14. rohit

    Actually there were no Anam kota …. Daggubati kota etc .
    ysr built all these kotalu

    • Nawaz

      Karnataka loo Reddy bros congress party ki machi lesson tech chesayaru in near coming future congress party Karnataka lo kolukovatam chala kastam so in south India Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala lo congress paristiti goranga undi.

      Andhra loo kuda Jagan has to leave the congress party and form a New party if not noe atleast after 2 or 3 years…

      I have heard from lot of my friends, relatives and common people saying that this time they are not going to vote for congress even it is my personal opinion I will also not vote for congress even if Jagan anna stay back in Congress….

      • Dr.Krishna

        Sorry to interrupt you here…..Good! The idea of not voting for Congress even if Jagan stays in it, is well and good….

        Now a days the no. of people ,expressing this kind of thought is increasing day by day.

        But according to me,its not at all appreciable!

        Suppose if Jagan stays in congress only becoz of some compulsions or conditions,if they not vote for congress party, then for whom will they vote????
        For which party will they vote???

        In democracy,restraining from voting process is not advisable and at the same time, we cannot vote for some XY or Z ….

        Let’s put it in these words…..suppose if Jagan continues in congress and they don’t vote for congress , will it not be indicative that they have not voted for Jagan?
        If not congress ,in which Jagan staying, what will be the alternative???whom should we vote for???
        If this decision benefits for TDP or others,can we tolerate?

        Have to think a lot and then come to a conclusion….Just shouldn’t be carried away with emotional outbursts.

        Hoping very strongly for a new party to be launched by Jagan is understandable but at the same time,voting against Jagan if stays in congress is condemnable.
        Both are very different and very much diversified.
        Must wait and watch what decision Jagan takes in long run…Till then its better to develop negative thoughts!!!!

        • Nawaz

          Thanks Dr. Krishna garu kani ippuduna paristitulu chustunte ikka intakana yemijarugutundi chapandi….

          Nenu eekada yedo rayalani kani aaveshamtho kano rayaledu Andhra Pradesh loo YSR garu divangathulu aayenataruvatha congress party President garu, Andhra loo Center loo YSR dayathu ee roju adikaram loo vuna governments chesina chestunavi, jarugutunavi gamanisthuunte… OKka common manga Okka YSR fanga intha kante verey nirnayam tisukovataniki masakarinchatam ledu…

          I am following this site from last 1.5 to 2 year I have seen lot of peoples comments, suggestion, ideas etc comments on loyalty of MLAs MP minsters and other where are those people now…. Sorry Krishna garu once again I want to tell that what ever happen after seeing all this I am not in mode of voting to congress…….

          See Anam brothers when YSR was alive they told that he is there god today they collapsing the pillier and status of YSR these are the people we have to vote in next election not only Anam, whether it will be DLR, JC, Sankar Rao, Slipa, Sabitha, Geetha, DK Aurna, Galla, Boostha, Darmana, Dhanam, which ever dist you take.

          We know that in next election HC is not going to give importance to Jagan so thae leaders who critisised YSR will going to get seat in next election so we have to vote those leaders.

          Which even district you take which even region you take.

          From Adilabad to Mahaboob Nagar

          we have great leaders like – Kaka, VH, Sankar Rao, Sarvey Sathyanarayana, Madhu Yaskhi, Ponnam, Jaipal reddy, Manda, Gutha, Marri, Ponnala, komat reddy

          From Srikakulam to Nellor

          We have great leaders Rosayya, Dharmana, Botcha, Daggubatis, Harsha Kumar, Rayapati, Panabaka, vatti, dokka, Magunta, Anam….

          From Kadapa To Chittor

          We have great leaders like Ahamadullah, DLR, Veera Siva Reddy, TGV, Katasani, Silpa, JC, Raghuveera, Kiran Kumar reddy, Galla…

          Just tell me krishna garu even if We are going to vote for these leaders what we are going to get to whom theses people are going to support………………… Just I want to know..

          YSR gariki cabinet loo 6 guru chelelu mari Jagan gariki yantamandi Attalu …….. Mari varantha jagan nu yanduku support cheyatledu….

          I am not writing this with emotion or frustration sir…. Kadupu manta ….

          If this hurt anybody sorry for this once again I want to tell that even if Jagan stay back in Congress We are not goin to vote that party…

          • Dr.Krishna


            Yes . I think this anger and frustration are 100% justifiable. I’m also in no mood to support congress. Hating for its sins to the core.
            At the same time , now I wish jagan will leave this congress at right time,and revive the hopes of all of YSR’s fans and that of poor people.

            Hoping 4 tht soon!!!!

            • Dr.Krishna

              And now i don’t want to have a situation wherein Jagan continues in congress party which is hated by most of the members and well wishers and to create a dilemma in them whether to vote or not for congress….

              Hope Jagan will soon free himself from these restraints and becomes independent …..

          • YSR Legacy

            @Nawaz…. Dude you echoed my feelings. Not only mine, but also each and every YSR’s fans feelings.
            There is no reason for YSJ to stay in Congress. But how long to stay in Congress is the question. First YSJ should complete OY (this will help YSJ to build his own cadre and also to know how many of these current leaders are true YS followers and Who are Wiley FOXes.

            We can compare CBN like “oka thandri thana kuthurni Vyabhicharam loki laagevaadu” by his vennupotu to NTR. and on the same lines we compare HC like “oka thandri thana sontha kuthuritho/thallitho Vyabhicharam cheyyatam (having sex with his own daughter/mother” by encouraging old foxes to tarnish the image of YSR, creating hurdles to YSJ, giving appointment to YS family on June 29th thought letter for appointment was written on June 2nd (during this period from June-2nd to June 29th they(HC) had time to meeting old foxes like VHR, NJR etc along with their family members) ….. like this there is no end to what HC has done to YSR and his family.
            @Dr. Krishna garu now you say whom should we vote? should it be CBN (an opposite leader who comments YSR) or YSJ if he still stays in Congress? (if YSJ wins with Congress symbol, then it will be HC and the Old Foxes who will be enjoying that power (so they will never stop maligning YSR which will be like fucking their own daughter/mother).

            I am sure YSJ will take appropriate decision in appropriate time. Till then he should focus on completing the OY.

            YSR Amar Rahe. Johar YSR.
            Jai Jagan.

  15. NLR

    This is the reality …..

    This is Anam ‘s constituency ….or was the so called Kota ….
    But all the soldiers are with the young King !!!!
    Dharmameya jayathe ……

  16. NLR

    2014 …. lo…..

    Anam kota …. Daggubati kota…..Rossaih kota ….etc
    Emi migalavu ……
    AP antha Jagan kanchu kota …..
    Idhi prajalu ivva poye thirupu …..
    Just a matter of time …..

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