Silent Revolution

VH Getting booted




What I was waiting for has finally happened. This is a true emotional outburst. This should send chill down the spin of YS detractors and ones who benefited from him and watching this silently.

Jagan anna Yaatra Updates




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19 responses to “Silent Revolution

  1. av

    కండలేరు అతిథిగృహం వద్ద జగన్ కోసం జనం

  2. rohit

    చిరుతో ఇక తాడోపేడో?
    * పార్టీ కంటే మా నాన్న రంగానే గొప్ప * జగనే ఆదర్శం * నోరువిప్పిన వంగవీటి రాధాకృష్ణ

  3. Obul Reddy

    @all jagan fans,
    Ee roju factionism/fascism/rowdyism etc are all put to rest since democracy has taken a firm root in India. Politics/Business/Media control India today. YS Jagan has a foothold on all these elements which influence common people and elite alike. Support Jagan who will build a new empire for AP (divided/undivided)..HE IS THE LEADER OF FUTURE INDIA, NOT JUST AP!

    • SREDDY


      Exactly what I am thinking, Jagan is so capable and better than baby Rahul to lead India. The only thing lacks with Jagan is own party system. Wish Jagan forms new party or join BJP soon.

  4. rohit

    ఇచ్చిన మాట కోసమే జగన్ ‘ఓదార్పు’
    కాంగ్రెస్ నేత అంబటి
    ఎమ్మెల్యేలు, మంత్రులకు ఓదార్పు యాత్రలో పాల్గొనాలని ఉన్నా కొన్ని బాధ్యతల వల్ల రాలేకపోతున్నారన్నారు. వారి హృదయంలో జగన్‌పై ఆదరణ ఉందని, సరైన సమయంలో ఆయన్ని అనుసరిస్తారని చెప్పారు.

  5. NLR

    Konni… kukkalu antha morigina …..

    There is one and only YSR …..that is loved by millions.. for ever and ever…
    As long as human race exists ….
    There is only one ray of hope for the future of AP…….JAGAN….
    Dead body paina cheppulu visirinche yellow neecha rajakiyalu maku teliyavu …..
    Mama ki vennupotu podiche …chillaragallaku …prajalu malli malli buddhi cheppina….
    Vadiki ….vadi bhajana brundhaniki ….. sigguledhu ……

  6. hari

    CVR garu- madyalo NTR enduku. no one throwed anything at NTR. They throwed at each other and few fell besides NTR. Don’t add your masala.

    • anwar

      mr hari
      When revanth reddy said same thing that no one throwed chappals at NTR in ntv discussion.
      Komminneni said that he was present at the hotel and he witnessed everything and people like revanth were small boys at that time.

    • CVR

      Hari Garu,
      I am 46 years old and I knew what happend that day.
      Cheppals were thrown at NTR by TDP MLAs at the behest of Babu and Others. Harikrishan was in Vicroy Hotel then.
      If you have any doubts go to library and read papers89-90 papers.
      I do not to add masala.

  7. sameer

    Yes VH &KK were booted following age old tradition of Factionist YSR laid down tradition . It was YSR who shamed every Telugu by making his rowdy followers to throw chappals at Prime Minister meeting . What can one xpect from YSR lumpen elements ??? Down with this Rowdy elements – Down with YSR fascist/ factionist legacy.

    • sekhar

      Hi Sameer,
      Great propaganda … your leader CBN , yellow batch is saints …
      vedio footage is there please see that they just ask why YSR image is not there .. not show their angry .. its just natural not like you people sit with few people .

    • Obul Reddy

      YSR fascist/factionist kaadu ra baadkov..oka vela ayyunte TDP chittadi ayyedi. YSR did not kill those who killed his father becoz he wanted to put a fullstop to this factionism. Mee NTR/CBN etc gave tickets to factionists and encouraged them, YSR vaallaku ivvaledu..YSR taluchukoninte mee lanti vaallaku narakam chupichi unde vaadu…hatya rajakeeyam cheyalanukunte, headline news lo daily oka TDP neta kukka chavu chachaadu ani vachhedi…kani YSR sankshema padakala gurichi, rajakeeya vijayala gurichi headline news lo vachayi..ippatikaina kallu terachi lokam chudandi be yellow sannasullara..


    FOR JAGAN……..

  9. CVR

    VH,Kaka will be shown their place soon.

  10. CVR

    Sammer Garu,
    What do you say Throwing Cheppals at NTR by his own TDP MLAs at Viceroy Hotel ?
    Babu and NTR sons are great people.
    If Babu and co are saints we do not want YS to be a saint.

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