Back to form


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  1. NLR

    Konni kukkalu antha morigina…..

    They can never erase the love and affection shown by millions for JAGAN….
    Whether it is at midnight or early morning….
    There have been ministers and cheif ministers (bezawada gopal reddy) from Butchireddipalem….
    But it has never witnessed something like this before ….


  2. CVR

    AP is missing War Hero YS.
    Had YS been alive, things would have been different in AP.
    Babu is not in a position to win even against Rosayya Garu.
    I have very reliable ground report that Congress is still strong in AP.
    TDP can give good fight only because of internal fighting in Congress.
    If Congress sets its house inorder, It can win 55% of seats in Muicipal elections.

  3. CVR

    KTR Garu and Reddy Garu
    We had elections in Telangana few months back.
    We have seen TDP not getting deposits in all segments.
    Courtesy: BABU AND BABLI
    Ofcourse, Congres too lost deposits in 3,4 segments.
    Courtesy: Peddayana Rosayya, CONGRESS Seniors

    We will see municipal elections in next 3 months.

    I know public mood and can wait 3-4 months to see results.

  4. TeluguBidda

    Hello Blog owner,
    Blog lo ki rendu kukkalu vachi moruguthunnaayi vaatini chepputho kotti tharimey please

  5. I hate YSR

    I hate YSR (though he was not directly connected to me ),for being what i dream to become but i can not.

    YSR (1949-2009) may have died suddenly, and at arguably the peak of his political career, but leaves behind strong political legacy. Not many people would have agreed with his supporters’ assertion that YSR has been as influential as the late N.T.Rama Rao (NTR) in shaping the AP political discourse. But when one looks at the events leading to his tragic death, and the emotional response to it by his fans, YSR has once again surprised his own expectations.

    I don’t want to talk about his horrifying death by describing the mangled body battered with rain for 22 hours, But i believe in karma, If god offered this kind of death to YSR it may be only bcoz god is egoistic, Even in his death he took 660 followers he is symbol of true leadership.

    He is the best leader i ever saw in my life with larger than life image …If tears could build a stairway, And memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven, And bring you home again to rule us

    We miss U YSR That’s Y I hate U.

  6. CVR

    People stopped believng BABU.
    No takers, No matter what he does.

  7. rohi

    హస్తినలో తెలంగాణ తెలుగుదేశం ఫోరం నిర్వహించిన ఆందోళన, ధర్నా ఢమాల్ అంది

    Why CBN with good organisational skills is failing to attract public attention.
    I think TDP cadre has lost confindence in him

  8. himanshu nalla kumar

    jagan anna,

    good to see him back to odaarpu. not sure why all tv channels except sakshi have stopped covering odaarpu. may be there is not much viewershipt to this event.

  9. Sesh

    There are just too many issues in AP nowadays! Issues like Telangana, High court bench, Babli, Polavaram, DSC posts etc are all real problems for people which need to be addressed. On the other side, political issues like Jagan, cabinet expansion, groupisms (pro and anti YSR) etc are also rocking. Goddamn govt is sleeping and not taking any measures to solve the problems. If only state had strong leadership then all these could have been solved. No wonder we all miss YSR so much!!!

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