Updates on TNRI’s for YSR Forum


We have started activities under Telanagana NRI’s for YSR forum. We had 4 conference  calls  so far. The response has been amazing. In a short time we have already expanded our organization to all cities in USA and aslo countries like Australia, Singapor. Our last call was covered in today’s sakshi news paper.


Our special thanks to Hari Lingala, Sridhar & Praveen for working with sakshi in getting the article printed.

Thanks all for the support,

Raj Shekhar Kessireddy



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3 responses to “Updates on TNRI’s for YSR Forum

  1. SNR

    Hi members@TYSR—

    I sincerely thank you all for doing such job.
    Crook like VH, KK, Rosi, CBN wants to show that YSR is the guy who is behind formation of Telangana. This will keep Jagan chances in T-area badly low.
    So atleast by coordinating such forums and getting it printed in Media will definitely matters significantly in favor to Jagan Anna.
    Thank you all guys..Although u people r busy in abroad…u r contributing ur valuable time for YSR and YSJ….
    Memu meeku runapadi untam…………
    Thankyou rajashekhar garu….

  2. jagan Anna

    Hi Raghav,

    Please send me an email, I will get you in touch with Chicago area in charge.

    Raj Shekhar Kessireddy

  3. Raghav Reddy


    How can I join the conference ? Whom should I contact in the Chicago area ?

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