Enni Ethulu paiethulu vesina Congress janam mata vinaka tappadu



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18 responses to “Enni Ethulu paiethulu vesina Congress janam mata vinaka tappadu

  1. RK

    blog owner .. kindly keep in main post

  2. NLR

    Hats off to the people of Nellore district ….
    Once again you have proved that you are all with Jagan …no matter what few leaders think of themselves….


    Palle ….Pallelo …..Prabhanjanam….


  3. pr

    లీక్ చేస్తోంది ముఖ్యమంత్రి పేషీయే
    అంబటి రాంబాబు వ్యాఖ్య
    మంత్రులను ఆడి పోసుకోవడం తగదు
    ఎమ్మార్‌పై డీఎల్‌తో మాట్లాడించింది రోశయ్య కాదా?

    • rohit

      Some anaysts in news discusion were of the view that rosayya is frustrated as delhi is not giving him importance (AICC session)so he is showing anger somewhere else.

      In delhi nobody will give you importance you have to take it with courage.

  4. rohit

    హుషారుగా వెళ్ళారు.. నీరసంగా వచ్చారు!

    This is the news we are seeing from last one year. The so called HC is treating them like beggars

  5. NLR

    Day 20 ….OY….Nellore…

    Never ending affection ….


  6. Dear Congressman,

    Thanks for your comments. You may be right to think that people voted for Congress and YSR.

    We believe that people voted for YSR, against CBN + CPM + CPI + TRS and Chiru.

    Do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and Rosiah?
    Do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and DS?
    Do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and KK?
    Do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and VH?
    Do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and Rosiah + DS + KK + VH ?

    Last but not the least, do you still believe that people will vote for Congress and elect any one among Rosiah, DS, KK ,VH as an MLA or MP from any constituency in the entire state?

    If your answer for any one of these questions is ‘YES’, then there is a great future for congress and it does not need YSR or YS Jagan. Period.

    We donot believe that Jagan acted in haste and tried to grab power. It is quiet natural for strong and popular leaders to seek bigger role. It is just like India seeking to play a bigger role in the world politics and want a seat in the UN security council. Do you suggest us to wait till India become a developed country first and then seek UNSC seat and not now?

  7. NLR

    Day 19….OY….Naidupeta ……Nellore…

    A roaring reception…..
    Even cyclones cannot stop people ……



  8. subbu

    Jagan anna obama ni yenduku kalusthunnadu ??

  9. CVR

    Jagan did not do anything intentionally immediately after YS tragic death.
    Some people tried with ot without good intension to see Jagan as CM.
    Yellow Media and anti YS camp tried to project it in a different way.

    I am not saying Jagan has no power interest etc.
    Every politician will have and Jagan is no exception.

    Let us assume Jagan aides did few mistakes.
    HC should have guided them in a proper way.

    But they allowed seniors to target YS family.
    It is like cutting branch where they are sitting.

    We can excuse Jagan and Chiru even if they have done few mistakes
    in view of their political inexperience.
    But we cannot pardon HC and Babu for their mistakes.


    yentha kalam ee sahanam Jagan anna should burst out on congress.

  11. RK

    challa seshi reddy wedding invitation first page

  12. Congressman

    I have nothing against Jagan, in fact YSR was a great leader who unified the congress party in AP.
    But, you have to understand that there is no YSR without the party! People voted for both YSR and congress, not YSR alone , not congress alone.
    Jagan acted in haste and tried to grab power! you cannot do that with the congress.. he could have been more patient, aggressive stance has actually made the late YSR the victim. Congress is known to treat great leaders who defy the gandhi family in an insulting manner. Look at what they did to the late PV Narasimha Rao. His photo was not even included on the dias.. He was the only non gandhi family congress PM( and a good one at that ) who ran the country well( how he did is debatable).
    Congress is a party that has a history of being driven by the Gandhi family, and whoever goes against them has never been successful.

    • What makes you think that jagan was behind grabbing power after ysr’s demise. It was a handy work of few high handed people and they are out of jagan’s camp. Having said that jagan realized that he had no future after few tactics played by high command. So I leave the rest to your wisdom.

  13. Ram


    Jagan has to focus on this.And expose this to public how the high command is treating YSR family and followers after YSR demise.I think even public are more smarter than these old jackles and it has proved in 2009 elections.
    All thar jagan has to do is corner the congress high command by hilighting their double stand and come out from party and form new party .

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