Amma Lakshmi Parvathi garu… Meeku sirassu vanchi dhanyavadalu

Though I hate to watch ABN Andhra Jyothy… I was delighted to see Lakshmi Parvathi garu slap this anchor black and blue with her cool attitude in front of the camera… For the first time I watched him get white washed and with him all YSR detractors. Lakshmi Parvathi garu you simply rock……


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50 responses to “Amma Lakshmi Parvathi garu… Meeku sirassu vanchi dhanyavadalu

  1. Raghu

    Hi Frnds….According To My Information Y.S.Jagan Is Most Intellegent….He’s know’s Every thing Going Around…Just Look At the Time .People Fallow Jagan With Never Before For Any Politicain In History.

  2. SNR

    Hi all gud mrng…..
    Somebody posted that jagan has shifted to Bangalore.

    How reliable is it?
    We are in Bangalore we wanted to go and meet him……

  3. Vinay

    Leave those mla”s and mp”s a side..

    why jagan is not asking KVP to attend odarpu yatra or for unveiling of ysr statues…?

    • Hurt fan

      It looks like Jagan is not treating KVP any differently from other opportunistic MPs and MLAs. I am guessing he was referring to KVP also when he talked about people in his party who are working against YS loyalists. But why KVP and Jagan got separated is something I can’t imagine.

      KVP did not attend even one day of Odarpu yatra.

  4. rohit

    jagan shifted from chennai to bangalore due to heavy visitor inflow

  5. NLR

    I think that Jagan should continue the yatra and let the HC take the first move ….. It would then increase the sympathy further shifting the neutral voters ….
    That is when he can react …..
    Yes it hurts when some of the strong followers of YSR are being suspended without any reason …
    But the people are watching this as well …..
    So indirectly the HC is helping us and digging its own grave for the future…
    So let us wait for the first move ….
    And then the mass resignations …..
    Our slogan should be :
    India for Indians !!!
    Let the Telugu people decide their own leader.

  6. NLR

    Sonia ji …. decides who the CM of Maharashtra is !!!
    In the future i think politicians will request her to select bride or bridegrooms for them !!!
    And even name their children after her dogs or cats name !!!
    Its a shame even after 50 years of Independance !!!
    What will happen if everyone takes a revolt ???
    That would be the real Independance for India ….
    I hope that day is not far away …….

    • Nawaz

      NLR garu nobody in congress party are dare to revolt against congress president
      variki telisindi sonia,rahul bajana chusthunamukadandi mana rastram loo kukalani ee KK, VH, KAKA, Madhu Yashki, DLR JC Rosaiah……………….etc……

      congressloo antha Seal cover CM in congress party there is no right to MLA’s to elect the leader see in every state the will pass once resolution that sonia’s decision is final///////

      • Hurt fan

        Let us hope that Jagan revolts against Sonia. I was very disappointed when he proposed Rosaiah for CM post. Sealed cover CM ante mockery of democracy, I am hoping that Jagan would make up for it by revolting. It is already quite late. Chevireddy ni ekanga party nunchi teesesaru, not just suspension, at least now Jagan should revolt. At least a quarter of the MLAs who supported Rosaiah when Jagan proposed would oppose now if Jagan opposes.

        • Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

          OY purthaitee baavuntundemo. Appatiki vella team lo inkaa entamandi join avutaroo (suspend ayyevallu, teesesinvallu…). OY purthayyakka oka anchanaku ravachu Manavallu enta mandi. Illa teesivetalu kudaa manamanchikee anukovachemo, endukantee prajalu +VE gaa vunnaru and HC ilaa chestuuu potee inkaa jagan anna ki sympathy peruguddi and last prathi district lo manchi cader vastundi… emantaru ???

  7. tp


    i want to say just two line as u all know maharastra CM ni mana AMMA peekesindhiga!!

    so deenini patti chustha vunte here after if any body want to continue in CM Post Amma Cheppinatlu vinali.

    kurcho mante kurchovali, leyyamante leyyali, parigethamante parigethali….

    Kalmadini peekesinadaaniki nenu Santhosisthanu??

    mari chavan ni endhuku teesinatto??

    adhi emi antha pedda scam kadhu…sarele…nothing is in our hands.

    so jagan anna congress lo vundi soniamma ku inka 30 Years salam kodithe CM post isthadhemo..

    Jagan anna think twice and come out of this congress…

    i dnt know how YSR gaaru congress lo vundi CM ayyado two times…it was amazing

    andhukenemo athanu THE “LEADER” ayyadu, politician kakunda!!

    johar YSR
    all the best ja”gun”!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nawaz

      If Jagan want to stay back in congress and want to become CM then he has been wait for atleast 20-30 year.

      YSR garu also waited for such a long period to become CM of AP.

      All the fans of YSR and YSJ are waiting for the day when he will come out of the party that day will be festival for all the fans….

      You can see how the congress party appoint the CMs for the states in no one state elected MLA will be the CM either he will be a MLC or MP from Rajaya sabha very much close of 10 janpath liking the boots of Sonia and Rahul… Except in very very few case like our YSR

      • Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

        Avunu, better to come out but proper plan toti ravali and chiru laga avvakudadu. Present andaru adee comment chestunnaru, Chiru meetings ki kuda janaalu vacharu, kani votlu raledu ani. So, pakka plan to bayataku vachi, congress ni chavu debba kottali, inka AP lo adi kolukokudadu. Jagan annato oka new trend start avvali AP, adee naa korika.

        • CVR

          Don’t worry.
          Jagan had seen PRP failure.
          Chiru did few mistakes and hence the result.
          Otherwise Chiru would have got nearly 50 seats.

          Jagan is completely opposite to Chiru.
          I am not saying Jagan will sweep if he floats party.
          But Dam sure it will not be like PRP.
          Jagan has some edge.
          1.Chiru had faced strong leader YS.
          Jagan is not going to face a leader like YS
          2.Chiru had done some mistakes and Jagan knew what they are
          3.Jagan ia crowd puller like Chiru but Jagan has got YS Vote Bank too on his side.
          4.Jagan is not a day dreamer and is tryineg hard to achieve his goal.

          The only minus Jagan has got is inexperince to run a party.

          So no need to panic

          If Jagan floats party, He will get 40-50 seats in Seemandhra( out of 175)
          TDP,Congress too will get almost 40-50 seats each and Chiru nearly 20

          We will see hung politics if Jagan floats party and he will become King Maker.

          • Nawaz

            Kingmaker kadu CVR garu king kavali……… If I am not wrong with YSR’s schemes and YSR’s image and His own image Jagan will atlest will 90-100 seats

  8. YSR_MSR

    Is Rosaiah being replaced??

  9. rohit

    Its absolutely waste to discuss about somireddy ‘s comments, the person who lost 2 consecutive elections

  10. csreddy

    Blog owner(manajagan) pls send me ur mail id, I need to send some post to u for posting

  11. Adnan

    I got reminded something with Somireddy’s ‘Iron Leg’ comments…

    Read the Hawk’s comments here ..

    June 05, 2008
    the hawk said…

    A small note

    CBN campaigned for
    1. NCP in Kashmir –> NCP Lost the elections
    2. SP in UP –> SP Lost the elections in UP
    3. AGP in Asaam –> AGP lost in Assam
    4. HVP in Haryana –> HVP Lost

    Now latest..

    Last time when CBN was in US to collect funds…met Clinton and endorsed/ asked for NRI support to Hillary..

    Hillary out of Race !!!

    • thanks adnan garu for pulling out this fact….

    • Hurt fan

      CBN entha Iron leg aina, Roja Iron leg aina kakapoyina, YS meeda Roja chesina insulting comments marchipolemu. State antha tirigi notikochinatlu matladindi. YS rajyam lo intinta madyam ani TV cameras mundu hungama chesindi.
      After all the things she did against YS, it is not correct for Jagan to let her stay on the same stage. Even Lakshmi Parvati was kept away by YS in spite of her enthusiasm multiple times to forge an alliance. She is useless and has a very negative image in the public. That is why her party has no takers. That is why YS refused to give her even one seat when she proposed an alliance with Congress. Ilantivaalla avasaram Jagan ki ledu. He has crores of people to support him and lakhs of Congress cadre to support him.

      • @hurt fan,
        I can understand your agony. But always remember one cardinal rule in politics is that, there are no permanent friends and foes. Roja must have made those comments at the behest of babu. So the bigger enemy is babu here not roja.. always be critical of conspirator than the perpetrator. The reason we are so fond of YSR is because he never encouraged such negative campaign even on his arch rival. Yes, he hung on to 2 acres of babu prior to 1999 elections but realized quickly that public was not interested on that. The problem with babu is that he never learns from his mistakes. Jagan anna is in the process of consolidating his support. In that process he needs to consider each and everyone irrespective of their prior history in politics. Our aim to see jagan anna as CM to carry fwd YSR’s legacy period.
        Since the battle lines are being drawn I think one thing Jagan anna should do right now is to formalize the do the don’ts once he takes the big step. One thing he should down play is the victimization part and focus on the areas we can develop the state and take it forward. Once in a while he must shoot arrows at the high command to point out their inefficiency.

  12. Nawaz

    Jagan should be very much carefull, Because anything may happen.

    He tried to murder Jagan!

    Published on November 7, 2010 · No Comments

    At last, Ananthapuram police has accepted that they have arrested Potula Suresh for producing him in court in related to a case. As Paritala Ravi murder case investigation is reaching to an end, CBI need to record his statement. Suresh has been negotiating with Chief Minister K Rosaiah for quite some time for a harmless surrender. Kota Satyam, a Vysya leader from Puttaparty has been mediating for surrender as Potula Suresh belong to Vysya community.

    Consequently, Potula Suresh was ready to join Congress, if he is allowed to surrender without any harm. But there are some leaders within the Congress party who might insist Potula Suresh to eliminate Jagan and Suri, if at all he wishes to be alive.

    In 2008, Rosaiah is in the news for preventing encounter of Potula Suresh, as he belongs to same Vysya community. Even Rosaiah has sensed harm to Jagan in Odarpu Yatra from Potula Suresh ROC group. This could make situation further worsen as Rosaiah doesn’t want any political turmoil in the present condition. Hence, he decided to put Suresh in jail for his security. Ultimately, the present arrest of Suresh has definitely leads to reorganizing the Ananthapuram politics.

  13. rajnjj

    ee sakshi tv vallaku evaru ana cheppadi ayya aaa koncham viewer friendly or eye friendly undali ani they have big scrolls on bottom, off the scrreen and above the screen above screen ayyite with big black font lo vesatadu Aassalu picture or tv lo emi kanapakunda ee sakshi tv na kodukulu eppudu no1 avvutaruroo mo0tham recemendation batch ni pettukoni mana kharma aa priyadarshini ram gadini tannnali asali ee sakthi tv vallu user or viewers reviews tesukuntaro ledo they should take viewers views and improve

  14. CVR

    Today the honeymoon (Match fixing) between Rosaiah and Babu has come to an end.
    In beginning, both joined hands to prevent Jagan becoming CM.

    Today Rosaiah blasted Babu for more than 30 min.
    If I am not wrong, no one has criticized Babu like that till today.
    Rosaiah has shown his viswa roopam today to Babu.

  15. SREDDY

    Jagan party should follow the same

    Initially it looks hard but ultimately it is the best strategy

  16. Gopal

    LP’s analysis was absolutely correct. She is calm and composed.

    For the first time she appeared serious

  17. Nawaz

    Is RK garu back…?

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