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  1. Hurt Fan

    Did Gali really support Jagan? Edo yellow media create chesina link and CBN tho unna common rivalry thappithe Gali never really supported Jagan and his support is not needed for Jagan.
    I agree that CBN, Chidambaram etc. All are corrupt like Gali but it is not correct for us to expect Jagan to take that path. Jagan is still upcoming and there are high expectations. Please don’t even bring up such examples and Ramoji and CBN whn talking about Jagan. It is as though Jagan is being compared to them.

  2. Ranga Raju

    A moment of rejoice YSR and YSJ fans!! .. what ever we have been feeling about this foreigner sakshi came up with nice commentary on her ability. She has been just a face with no thinking .. she never gave any interview that suggests what is her view of India.. Jagan has proved time and again that he is as courageous as his father.. let them take any action if they want to .. I have lost interest in this lady when she took 26 days for vijayamma garu to get an appointment .. how can we bow our heads to a foreigner .. especially after how she treated YSR family .. Finally happiest feeling that Okka magadu attacking and facing all wrath..Heck with HC .. Telugu people got self respect .. not like those boot licking VH, KK , Danam etc .. All YSR supporters teach a lesson to traitors ..

  3. NLR

    Excellent article agr garu ….

    Thank u …
    India should be proud of one young man who has the guts to be an Indian …
    No matter what happens ….
    Jayaho JAGAN …Jayaho ….
    The spirit of YSR will never die ….

  4. pr

    Who participated in todays dharna
    danam nagendar
    sudhakar reddy
    sankar rao

    Who condemend
    please add others

  5. Ram

    aa audio tape lo emundi…nothing…they(TATA Sky?) are asking Raja to ask eenadu for strategic alliance in their DTH venture, but Raja expressed helplessness by saying that ‘we can’t dictate terms to eenadu. As they are very old group, even cable operators treat them differently’ ani untunadu…paiga adi A Raja kadu anta..evadoo K Raja anta.

    inka emanna vere link undaaa?

  6. Ram

    Adi ee tape lo undi….Ramoji ni bailout chesinattu, ame deal set chesthunattu…please link ivvandi…vinalaaniundi…. leda aa aduio tape vinaakunda, imagine chesi rasthunaraa?

  7. rohit

    sakshi tv exposing danam nagendhar

  8. Sekar A

    This Nira Radia broker trying to set a deal with Ramoji/Eenadu..
    [audio src="" /]

    In another audio… she was telling that Maran gave 600 crores to Karuna’s wife for central ministry it seems.

    All the judgements are fixed…

  9. Sekar A

    Baabu Hurt Fan,
    Meeru inkaa chaala yedagaali… Oka saari Outlookindia site lo ki velli aa tapes annee vini randi… Aa articles chadavandi.. Power kosam yelaanti lobbying jaruguthundo…
    Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tatal, Sunil Mittal lanti vallu lobbying chesi… deshaanni yelaa dochukuntunnaro telustundi… DMK minister A. Raja Spectrum 2G licenses veellaki thakkuva rate ichinappudu…mana Mr Clean Manmohan Singh kooda agreement meeda Sign chesaadu… Theleeka kaadu…sumi..
    Ika Mukesh Ambani gaadu Ramoji Rao ni bailout chesaadu… Aa deal set chesindi kooda mana Nira Radia brokerey… Mana KG gas gurinchi , Margadarshi gurinchi YSR anthagaaa fight chestey…. ee Central lo Chidambaram lanti neechulu… Ambani, Ramojila ku ammudu poyi… vaadi meeda action theesukokunda Ramoji ni save chesaaru.
    Congress loney inni mosaalu chesaayi…
    Although, initially I thought YSRs death was accident….now a days after hearing all these tapes and understanding how these guys are doing… I am strongly believing YSR’s death may not be an accident…

    Gali Janardhan Reddy is just doing what Yeddurappa also doing from the other side. BJP govt in KK is survived because of GJR…. If he is not treated well he has the right to do what he can do..

    I wish Jagan come out and dictate these guys a fitting lesson..

  10. CVR

    Hurt Fan garu,

    Jagan is fighting alone with some leaders in Congress,TDP and to less extent PRP.
    If someone like Gali supports Jagan, can we say no?
    Try to understand.

  11. NLR

    @ Hurt Fan garu

    I wonder why you bring Gali or someone else at this juncture to deviate the topic . As Sekhar garu mentioned are u working as a covert in our blogs??
    U have never written about the corruption of chandrababu (2 acres to 2000 crores !!!) ,dramoji( selling pickles to two thousand crores land grabber of poor tealangana people !!!) and drama krishna ( selling papers to own a newspaper …u might know how many crores ???).
    Please write if u have got any positive stories otherwise how to do you expect people to be that innocent to read your negative gossip about JAGAN or any of his followers ???
    Even if you and me write negative things about JAGAN or his supporters the millions of people out there are least bothered. So there is no point wasting out time.
    Thank u.

    • Hurt fan

      CBN, Ramoji, Radhakrishna ni Jagan tho link cheste, ee blog lo vaalla meeda pogadtala varsham kuripinchinappudu, DEFINITE ga vaalla corruption stories gurinchi rastanu. But so far I have not seen that happen. In the case Gali, it is different, I have seen him being praised several times on this blog and at one point he was linked so much to Jagan that people on this blog said Gali will help Jagan get into BJP!! Vaadoka leader, vaaditho Jagan join avvali annattu rasaru. Now that his true face is exposed to the world in video, I think it is high time to disassociate Jagan from him and shield Jagan’s image.

      • Sekhar

        Hurt Fan of TDP,
        Sir simple question what you know doing here . if you are true fan they go and stop & object VH ,KK, DS,& olg cong`s have you ever done in this blog or any forum …
        you always try to put fingers at who really support from inside like vundavalli sir , KVP .
        my last suggestion we know all this cheap tricks please blog like a gentle man. not like kojja na …..&&…
        bye ..

  12. Hurt fan

    I think Gali Janardhan Reddy’s cheap, corrupt nature has been exposed clearly on video today. It is time this forum ends associating him with Jagan.
    Also, the Sakshi article, as I suspected is not the work of Jagan, see Ambatai Rambabu’s statement saying the same.

  13. NLR

    An excellent article CVR garu …..
    Thank you once again …..

    Let Indians choose their leaders ….
    The whole nation is proud of one young man today …JAGAN

  14. rajnjj

    congress using diversion tactics too divert attention from 2g scam at the centre aduke ee rachha ap lo making issue off nothing karnataka lo kuda aa gali janardhan reddy tapes evo relese chesaru too put pressure on bjp congress na kodukulu they manage media very well when ever they are under pressure divert chesi padi dobbutaru issue ni with help off media and their lobbyists

  15. cs

    I didn’t find anything wrong in that episode, y these fellows are making newsense.

  16. NLR

    Thiraga badda Telugu bidda ….
    Maa Puli bidda …..
    It has hit every national headlines …
    HC is on the path to loose one more state ….

  17. nmb

    don’t give up jagan……we are all with u..go ahead

  18. rajnjj

    dhadulu ledu padu ledu ee channels la kukkala hadavidi tappite

  19. Sekar A

    Undavalli also condemned the attacks on Sakshi..

  20. Sekar A

    In chirala, Nalgonda, Vijayawada there are more pro-Jagan rallies condemning the attacks on sakshi…
    The guys who threw stones in Chirala are hardly 10people. But there are hundreds of supporters for Jagan in the rally.

  21. CVR

    TV9 is TDP Channel like ETV2,Studio N,ABN,Maha Tv etc
    TV9 is hell bent on bringing back Babu to power.
    Babu thinks Jagan is his main rival so TV9 too thinks like that.

    TV9 wants to show Jagan and Chiru in poor light to help Babu.

  22. rohit

    Except hyderabad no other centre witnessed any big leader/people in dharnas

  23. YSR_MSR

    TV9 is doing over action …. they r giving enough coverage to VH n others comments….

    • rohit

      The more TV channels focus on jagan the more advantageous to him. Except the same old leaders and some ministers nobody is coming out against jagan

  24. SREDDY

    Congress core committee called for an emergency meeting

  25. SREDDY

    Seems Sakshi is going more aggressive on this issue…

    Already they aired the same bulletin on Italy Mainu at 8am and 11am and now in few min another one.

    This is the festival day for me.

  26. SREDDY

    Sakshi is going to air a bulletin in few min titled “Who is that most powerful woman Edwig Antonio Mainu controlling Indian politics?”

  27. agr


    Kavrise kukkalu moragavu antaaru. Eee VH/KK/MG veellankata morige kullalu.

  28. Ram

    Friends, Yestarday the Power Tapes were exposed by alternate media. The net is beyond Telecom Scam, and beyond into Corporate-Economy-Politico nexus. Outlook link has all the tapes

    There are several tapes related to Gas projects here. Can some one go through these and analyse if there is any missing link from this that can bring out the ugly conspiracy of YSR killing by either national international Oil and Gas cartel, and if Sonia is a part of the bigger game, ditching Bharat mata? Look at the entire thing from a fresh perspective – for both Telangana (mineral wealth) and Costal Andhra (KG Basin gas) – I think this is the game plan, to weaken the AP state, and make mining, gas MNC cartels, snatching the powers away from the existing telugu communities.

  29. Sekar A

    Ninna VH, Bosta, Sankar Rao, Rosi, DS…intha mandi Sakshi/Jagan paina viruchuku padinaa… Okka Congress Worker kooda YSR/YSJ ki anti gaa matladaledu….
    That shows…how frustrrated are the Congress Cadre.

    Ee roju VH NTV lo Question & Answer session ki vaste…oka 15callers varaku call chesaaru…Kaneesam okkarante okkaru kooda….Sonia ki/VH ki support gaa matlladaledu…
    HC ki ee debbatho pichekkipovaali…

  30. Sekar A

    Babu Hurt Fan,
    Where did sakshi commented sonia as Corrupt. It is the govt that is involved in the scams… which an LKG student knows. Just because it is Congress MP paper it shoudl not be showing such articles. Sakshi did a very good thing. When NTR started party…it was in the same situation wherre all our state leaders were treated like Chappal Cleaners for Indira Gandhi…
    Some rightly said here… NOTHING TO LOSE. EVERYTHING TO GAIN. At least he can be shown to the world he is not another joker lik VH, KK or like any other ex-CMs sons of the state…. Bottom line: I dont mind seeing CBN as CM next time… But not Congress govt in the power.
    We are with you Jagan… Go ahead….

  31. NLR

    Nothing to loose ….We shall fight …..

  32. NLR

    @ HURT FAN garu ….

    Whether it is right move or a wrong move only time will say …..
    We dont have to worry … What about all the wrong moves that HC is making ??? U dont seeem to comment on that ??? Why is congress loosing in every state if Sonia and Rahul has true charishma ???
    We have to be proud that JAGAN had the guts to do it ..which no other telugu person dared ….
    Nothing to loose if Sakshi tells the truth about Sonia/A/B/C/D …
    Come what may come we all will stand behind JAGAN …..
    Millions of people are there behind him …and he is not alone …
    The Pride of ANDHRA PRADESH …. JAGAN

  33. rajnjj


  34. CVR

    What did Sonia do when VH,KK,Kaka,Damodar Reddy,DL etc attacked YS?
    Did Sonia bother when the so called seniors were attacking YSR?
    Did he give notice to anyone?

    We can not have different rules for different people.

    Why did there is so much noise when Sakshi reported only reports that were published in national media?

    Leaving it to the wisdom of AP people.

    Congress cannot come to power again in 2014 under these circumstances without local war hero Jagan.

    So there is no meaning in sailing with sinking boat in AP.

    Better Jagan come out and float new party.

    Atleast he will have some respect.
    Same Sonia and others will give appointment like what they gave to Chiru.

  35. Hurt fan

    Sakshi writing against Sonia Gandhi is a very bad move. After writing only positive news about her since inception, suddenly Sakshi made a U-turn. If it makes corruption allegations against Sonia, it is as though YSR supported and admired a corrupt leader. Very bad move. I don’t think Jagan would have known about the article before it was published, somebody like Priyadarshini Ram would have approved it.
    This article might lead to Jagan being suspended or expelled from the party. It would be a humiliation if the son of such a great leader, the biggest leader ever in AP Congress, is expelled from the same party. Okavela Jagan Sonia ki loyal ga continue avvatam ishtapadakapothe, he should quit Congress by himself and win again from Kadapa Lok Sabha on his own image and YSRs image and then attack Sonias failures as the UPA Chief. But, continuing as a Congress MP and allowing Sakshi to make such mistakes is a very bad move.

  36. rajnjj

    theres also a rumour tht manmohan singh ni dinchi rahul gadini prime minister cheyaniki the congress hc it self leaked all the tapes ani kuda rumour undi anything is possible in congress regret voting for this shitty congress in last election only because off ysr

  37. rajnjj

    ee congress na kodukulu planting new storys in media too divert attention from 2g scam all the media tv channels are sold news papers are sold u can just say by hearing the tapes off 2g scam or reading them in outlook magazine this media guys journalist every 1s for sale plant new storys against ur rivals thats the big mantra tv9 na kodukulu are sold too congress be it andhra or karnatka

  38. RAJESH.K

    Watch sunday 8 AM news -sakshi again telecast the same story of
    sonia gandhi

  39. rajnjj

    guys read outlook magazine or openmagazine how this media is sold how the deals are made evry 1 inn india govt journalists media houses pplwworking for govt polticians are sold out lobbiying for their intressts

  40. rajnjj

    wht evr it is fuck congress illl never vote for this fucking party with jagan or without jagan being a telenganite they screwed up the state big time

  41. rajnjj

    e ntv na koduku kuda seems he is sold out tooo congress aaa botsa gadini highlight cheyadamu entoo ee botsa gadi scams okkkati bayatiki tesite baguntadi sakshi vaddu what ever work it is commision adugautadu botsa gadu munda kodkuni expose cheste saripoddi

  42. Sekar A

    Ika… Samaramey….
    Ee Rosi , VH, KK , Palvai, RC , Jaypal lanti lobbyist latho…enjoy chesukonmanandi…party ni… Whatever may be…We will be with you YSJ..

  43. Sekar A

    Super… as expected Bihar people are going to show the future PM what is position is. Now the Jokers VH, KK….must tell us…why Sonia/Rahul’s charisma worked in AP but not in Bihar…

    You morons! Whole world know why Congress got 33 loksabha seats in AP…

  44. rajnjj


  45. ROHIT

    JD-U + 180-200
    RJA+ 22
    CON 6-12

  46. rajnjj biggest scam see how the lobbys work in delhi kg basin gas gurnchi ambani gadu enni ettulu vesadoo chundandi ammo all media polticians anta dongale how they plant storys on rivals in media ela leak chestaroo in media against rivals and all jagan meeda kuda elane chesroo emo congress edhavalu

  47. Prabhakar

    I request your friends to contact and make it powerful presence and start the fire.

  48. Prabhakar


    There will be ge together of YSR abhimaanulu with G Srikanth Reddy MLA Rayachoty in New Jersey at MIRCH restaurant on 21 st Sunday November .I request all ysr abhimaanulu to attend to chalk out future plan and strategy to support ysr legacy in Andhrapradesh politics.single point agenda to support YS JAGAN as our future leader to make lead the AP politics.
    Adress: Mirch Indian Restaurant, North brunswick( route 1)
    Time: Nov 21 6 pm to 9 pm
    If you have any questions please contact Prabhakar 610-931-2285

  49. Sekar A

    Ee roju tho Bihar elections ayipothaayi… Congress will lose badly for sure…
    Appudu…inkaa mazaa vuntundi… Next TN, WB lo congress as usual gaa perfrom chesthey appudu telustundi… vaallaki…

  50. RAJESH.K

    Can any one pls send the vedio path of 10 pm news of SAKSHITV

  51. NLR

    Hello Vinay garu !!!

    Thank you for your comments….
    But it is a surprise that you make some comments and expect others to comment on that …. I leave it to the bloggers to judge who is silly ….
    I realy do not understand why u have to target Sakshi …
    If it is not doing its job then people wont watch it …as simple as that ..
    Or if you are that much worried… u can just write to Sakshi Ram about it …

  52. Vinay

    I expected exactly the same coments from u…
    what i mean is that after ysr death no channel is targetting rosaiah even if he is the worst and useless cm and instead they are safeguarding rosaiah…
    but yesterday sakshi focussed on the comments of rosaiah and showed him negatively in both telangana and other parts of ap.

    and now it directly targeted sonia like anything and not caring about her….

    many members in this blog also wished sakshi to be so aggressive in telugu media:-)

    and finally i request NLR To have a Look at and check whether RK had anyday used such silly words with any member…
    as per my knowledge is the continuation blog to

  53. rohit

    Sakshi started attacking sonia.

    Sakshi was responsible for 2009 election victory and now congress has no news network

  54. Mohan

    WOw…….Sakshi is attacking sonia..doing good job..Keep going sakshi

  55. Vinay

    now sakshi directly attacking sonia

  56. NLR

    @ Vinay garu…

    I think u have posted ur comments in our blog instead of your yellow blogs by mistake . The whole state knows about the current newspapers in AP and what they do ….no matter what u and me think ….
    So let the people decide …. which they did in the last two elections despite yellow papers writing pages and pages against YSR …
    But anyway thank you for atleast thinking about what news is right or wrong …..

  57. Vinay

    Sakshi tv is responsible for todays nuicense created in our state……..
    yesterday night no channel except sakshi tv had highlighted the comments made by rosaiah about hussain sagar

  58. chakram

    The special edition was beautifully composed. Especially the second half of the video is nerve raising.

  59. rajnjj

    vir sanghvi gadu thu adi batuku how national media is managed

  60. rajnjj

    ratan tata dheni amma iam suprised how people lobby for diffent things at delhi level may kk gadu kuda ee lane lobby chestadu emo this is congress party for u party for lobbyists

  61. rajnjj

    barkha dutt dictating who ill get ht ministry thiw how congresss works

  62. rajnjj

    jagan should watch alll the tapes off ndtvs barkha dutt and other tapes how congresss party works and how its maintained how lobbyist work for thier interest evaru ana jagan ki close associates unte should forward him the tapes off barkha dutt vir snaghivi and ratan tata amazing how they lobby for ministerships ummmmmmmm congress running on journisists

  63. srinu reddy

    see this –

    undavalli saying chiranjeevi has more image in people than Jagan. what Bullshit…to think that Undavalli is a big fan of YSR….i think chiru is getting a place soon in Congi.

    • rakesh

      i have seen that episode in tv9,,
      dont twist the things
      rajnikanth asked what if jagan starts new party, will he get majority?
      undavali says chiranjivi started when there are big gaints like YSR and babu and kcr kumapti,,,
      yet chiru gained 16% vote
      so what Jagan can gain in this vacuum of gr8 YSR,, indirectly
      thought he did not say Jagan starts new party ?

      so dont worry about twists and turns of media either tv or print or web

  64. CVR

    Who is right? High Command or YS Jagan?

    Mr.Gurava Reddy has expressed his views here.

  65. CVR

    Courtesy: Times of India

    Jagan is going to float his own party in 2 years after completing Odarpu

    BJP Kishan Reddy is going to start his own TV.

  66. rajnjj

    ee sakshi tv sakshi paper are over doing ysr thing they shoould sit and realize not 2 over kill ysr image use it properly koncham over board veltunarru i dunno who writes sakshi paper main page headlines aa wordings and all they suck big time matters related too jagan and ysr doing soo they r losing their credibility 1st aa main page headlines rase vadini tesiveyali they dunno what too keep in the main page what not 2

  67. Vinay

    Today kadapa mayor ravindranathreddy’s son wedding in hyd……

  68. To my understanding kadapa town is still kadapa. I think the whole district is named YSR district and kadapa being the district headquarters. correct me if i am wrong.

  69. Appeal:

    It has been observed that some news papers are still mentioning YSR district as Cuddappah/Kadapa district.

    Request you all to make efforts to remind them of their mistake whenever such instances come to your notice.

    • rajnjj

      jaganeta garu we dont need names off districts on ysr anipistundi its better let them be wht they are so0me ppl may not like it i guesss nachani vallu manku inka anti avvutaru koncoham manamu self centric unaddakunte manchidi for jagan and ysr image

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