Any Doubts on Jagan’s Political Acumen?

Had Jagan Anna not resigned before ministers expansion, do any of you think that there would have been soo much revolt?

Most of the ministers know tht by taking ministry in Kiran’s cabinet they will become villians before common they dont want to take tht chance unless they get really good post….

Jai Jagan….


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40 responses to “Any Doubts on Jagan’s Political Acumen?

  1. rohit

    presidents rule

  2. Sekhar Reddy

    To all my friends
    I am not perfect in English please adjust and understand my opinion

  3. Sekhar Reddy

    I think Jagun will announce the party with in a week and he started odarpu yatra at the same time he concentrate the second level caders to bring his party. it will completed before localbody(Stanika samsatalu) elections. Then his first mission is completed. I think 75% to 85 % localbody elections will be win by our party. It is he second mission. and the last mission is did by MLA’s to join our party if they not join they lost his MLA post in 2014 because our party is very strong in local bodies.


    Why the hell he meet Jagan now??

    Unnecessarily it will send wrong signals…

  5. Vinay

    Viveka meesam melesaadu jagan fans meedha Infront of jagans house…….

  6. Eswar

    RamReddy Venkat Reddy resigned!!!

    Vivekananda Reddy meets Jagan in Hyd!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ranga Raju

      Viveka got manhandled at Jagan’s house .. This stupid fellow deserves .. on top of it he acts he is brave? What a moron this guy is .. Down Down Congress Party .. Down Down Stupid Sonia …

  7. Sekhar Reddy

    Rahul gandhi gadu inka PM kadu UP ki CM kuda kaledu ika musukuni kanisam pelli anna chesukunte better late cheste chesukunna use undadu.

  8. Sekhar Reddy

    Ippudu sonia gandhi JuGun perucheppagane ahmed patel ni zandubam aduguthundata. Ika daniki poye rojulu daggaraki vachay

  9. Ram

    It seems so many members are rying to access Sakshi.. it is giving network busy…
    it indicates that Sakshi will be sooner No 1 paper in AP

  10. Ram

    I think KKR is the last CM for any national party in AP

  11. Ram

    Yee minister naa kodukula ki ippudu High command gurthu ku raledemo valla vara ki vache sariki anni kavali ade Jagan kotladithey High command antaru
    thu veella bathukulu manushu lake puttara veellu ani doubt..

  12. Ram

    Now I can say Exit of Jagan from Congress is 100% correct… this incident has clarified my hesitation ..on jagan’s move..

    jayaho jagan

  13. Sekhar Reddy

    I Think suresh reddy act as KVP in kirans kotary

  14. Ram

    Ap congress is going to mad dogs.. Good lesson for Sonia

  15. Sekhar Reddy

    Atityaralo Vijayawada lo geragaboye mana YSR party bahiranga sabha nu vijayavanhtam cheddam. Marala teluguvadi athmagouravanni tirigi tisukuravalante okka JuGun thone sadyam.

    Vijayawada ku payaniddam
    YSR asayalu sadhiddam

    Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun Jai JaGun

  16. Ram

    It seems Suresh Reddy in a job to pacify ministers

  17. Oka YSR Abhimani From Nellore

    Why is not working ….

  18. Sekhar Reddy

    Anna YSR ontichetto congress nu gelipinchi ministry erpatu cheste evvadina matladaraaaaaaaaa. Adhi anna YSR ante. Ippudu italu munda sonia ku baga ardham avuthundi.

  19. Sekhar Reddy

    Vatti resugned his minster and mla post
    Komati reddy resigned his minister post
    Ramreddy vanakt reddy is on the way to resign his minister post
    Kanna, Botsa, Dharmana, Damodarajanarsiha, Mukesh, Danam, Dokka monikyaperasad, pinipe viswaroop is under pressure from his supporters to resign ministry

    Kiiiiiiiiiiran gadi chavuku vachinatlundi

  20. Ram

    WHat could be next sequence will it be helpful for Jaggu Bhai?

  21. jaiys

    watch and enjoy the sequences happening in dirty congress

    • jaiys

      YSR ante
      Goppa vyakthithwam

      Adhe KOVALO,Adhe DHAARILO, Adhe spoorthitho



    • siva kumar

      as a TDP fan am happy to see the current situation of Congress in our state, at the same time felt a bit proud to see jagan revolting against Sonia too…i dont think anybody has or ever gonna do the same feat again.

  22. BSR

    రాజన్న లేని కాంగ్రెస్. . .?
    జగన్ లేని కాంగ్రెస్. . .?
    జనం లేని కాంగ్రెస్. . .?
    ఒక “మ్రుతకలేభరం” : అంబటి రాంబాబు

  23. rohit
    39 మందితో కిరణ్ కేబినెట్, ఒక వర్గానికే పెద్ద పీట, ముసలం
    వట్టి వసంత రాజీనామా, అర్ధరాత్రే సీఎంకు వట్టి ఇంట్లో బొత్స, పొన్నాల, కన్నా, ధర్మాన మంతనాలు దానం, ముఖేష్, శంకరరావు, కాసు, డొక్కా, దామోదర్‌ల్లోనూ అసంతృప్తి
    చిల్లర శాఖలు మాకు… కీలక శాఖలు మీకా? ఇదెక్కడి న్యాయం? తలో ముక్క పడేశారా? రగిలిన సీనియర్లు, ఇతర వర్గాలు ఔను, దారుణంగా ఉంది.. అవసరమైతే రాజీనామా చేస్తా: బొత్స

  24. rohit

    vatti resigned

    kiran kumar strategy backfires
    సీఎం కిరణ్‌కు వట్టి షాక్

    హైదరాబాద్: మంత్రివర్గ విస్తరణ తర్వాత శాఖలు కేటాయించిన కొద్ది గంటలకే ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్‌కుమార్‌రెడ్డికి గట్టి షాక్ తగిలింది. మంత్రివర్గ విస్తరణ జరిగిన కొద్ది సేపటికే తొలి వికెట్ రూపంలో వట్టి వసంత కుమార్‌ను సీఎం కిరణ్ కుమార్‌రెడ్డి కోల్పోయారు. ఇలాంటి షాక్‌లు మరికొన్ని తగలవచ్చని రాజకీయ విశ్లేషకులు భావిస్తున్నారు. తాజాగా కేటాయించిన పోర్ట్‌ఫోలియోలపై బహిరంగంగానే మంత్రులు అసంతృప్తిని వెళ్లగక్కినట్టు తెలిసింది.

  25. Ex. Congress Fan

    I don’t think Jagan got any vankara strategy … he is thinking straight …

    HC emo Jagan vankaraga aloochisthunnadani vallu Vankaraga alochinchi tappulu chesthunnaru… that’s the fun part…

    one Suggestion to HC. think straight… like Jagan then only you can handle Jagan…

  26. NLR

    @ hurt fan garu ….

    We really do not understand why u are trying to bring up something from 2009 … when we are entering 2011 !!!
    Even if it was true …. does it matter now ???
    We wonder why u cannot comment on the current resignations which is a hundred times more interesting thing at the moment .

  27. Hurt fan In this video TV9 says Jagan tried to get Viveka to resign forecefully before 2009 itself but High Command did not agree for resignation and bye election so Jagan had to wait till 2009. Is this true?

  28. CVR

    It seems Kiran has messed up things.
    Has he gone mad?

    Some ministers were not given right portfolios.

  29. Vijay Kumar

    I think he should prepare a blue print and the main objectives should be
    1) Building party and cadre
    2)Party’s Philosophy and siddantham
    3) Fight for the main issues
    4)build credibility

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