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Please click on the link below. It’s a well written article about the present situation.


PS: One request to the blogers and YSJ’s fans. Please do not say anything bad or encourage anyone indulging in bad behavior with Y S Vivekanada Reddy garu. All said and done he is Y S Jagan’s own Babai and it is minimum decency not indulge in violent behavior. Today’s actions by some of YSJ’s fans was uncalled for and should be condemned at any cost. The channels are only going to take such things as examples of our leader. As our leader said that YSV is still part of the family and shall remain so for ever. If we as fans indulge in such activities it’s going to only going to show us in poor light and also widen the gap between YSV and YSJ.


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6 responses to “Why?

  1. YSR_MSR

    Hats off to Vatti Vasanth Kumar…. Frankly speaking his heart is full of YSR n YSR….I have seen him crying in many meetings when he talks about YSR….

  2. Ram

    It seems Alla the Baffoons (gangiri eddulu) Adhistanani ki thala upinattunnaru veella bathukulu thu.. public next elections lo cheppu tho kodutharu

  3. Adnan

    Official news from Ambati :- YSJ is going to start a regional party – SakshiTV

  4. YSR_MSR

    Randi raaa randi…. Raju(Rajanna) unnappudu mimmalnni(mantrulunu) manchi gaa choosaadu….ippudu Sevakudu Raju(kiran) ayyadu raa….meeku elaa untadhi praadaanyam cheppandi….Anduke mana Yuvaraju(Jagan) unnadu vacheyyandi….Tappu jarigindhi ani okkamaata cheppi vacheyandi maa Jagan mimmalni mannistaadu…. ikaninaaa melkondi raaa Mantrulu, MLA’s

  5. YSR_MSR

    you guys can watch SAKSHITV in below link


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