Jagan Anna Speech in Pulivendula


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12 responses to “Jagan Anna Speech in Pulivendula

  1. Prem Kalyan Reddy

    Johar YSR ….

    Kaboye CM Jagan …
    telemgana supprate aiethe 150 seats in seemandra ..
    lekapothe 150 seats in ap.
    what ever it is No1 leader jagan .
    may be jagan party name YSR Congress.

  2. Tera Reddy

    Excellent speech by Jagan
    keep it up
    all the best

  3. Sesh

    Yesterday, I was watching a video of Jagan’s speech in Nalla kaluva sometime last year..someone was prompting his lines from behind. After watching today’s speech, it seems Jagan has moved so far so fast in terms of public speech that he can be counted as one of the best speakers on political arena..he is turning out be an inspirational youth leader like YSR.

  4. CVR

    I was little skeptical about Jagan moves before Jagan speech today.
    Now I am sure Jagan has more maturity than lot of leaders in AP.
    I am really impressed the way he spoke.
    Keep it up Jagan.

  5. YSR_MSR

    Reports from Kadapa that it may not be a cake walk to win Kadapa MP seat if we see the ground realty, there are many people looking to crush jagan in kadapa, so have to fight hard…. people r saying that one community(reddy’s) might support well, but they are skeptical abt others…. the other worry is Viveka, who holds some grip in Pulivendula n other parts of kadapa. let’s see how it goes…. hope for the best n all the best Jagan anna….

    • muslims are major chunk in kadapa dist. their vote is very imp. i am guessing that their loyalties are with ysr and his son. i can vouch for that.

    • CVR

      YSR-MSR Garu,
      I have relatives there in Kadapa.
      I would like to talk to you if you do not have problem.
      If ok please send your cell number to kurnoolkadapa@yahoo.com.

      • YSR_MSR

        CVR Gaaru,

        U spoke to ur relatives, but they mite be reddy’s if am not wrong….but one caste people votes may not be sufficient at all as we need big win with thumping majority, which will send good signals to other parts of AP. also, people saying that splitting of votes from congress might help TDP. So we need to consider this even….

        i will send my contact details….

  6. rakesh

    Excellent speech by Jagan
    keep it up
    all the best

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