Feedback from Pdl

1. Jagan speeches being received well.

2. Vivkananda Reddy Garu is getting a bad name slowly.

3. All the pdl cadre is responding to Jagan.

What combination do you prefer for the by-election. Please any feed back from pdl and kadapa you are welcome to post here.


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88 responses to “Feedback from Pdl

  1. RK


    I am not the blog owner anymore and I am not the one updating it.

    Luckily , it is in safe and better hands now.



  2. Nani

    JAGUNNNN is staying tonight in my village (Avanigadda Krishna dist)

    just gone out and seen…
    FULL of huge huge jagans hoardings


    no chance kodela join in jagun party
    strong rivalary between kammas and reddys in NRT

  4. Tera Reddy

    Hi friends,
    ABN andhrajyothy gurinchi discuss chesi time waste cheskokandi please.adi ok chettha paper/channel.

  5. rohit

    మేడమ్ దర్శనం మహా సులభం
    హైదరాబాద్, డిసెంబర్ 9: గతంలో ఎన్నడూ లేని విధంగా కాంగ్రెస్ అధిష్ఠానం ఇప్పుడు రాష్ట్ర కాంగ్రెస్ నాయకులకు అత్యంత ప్రాధాన్యం ఇస్తోంది. గతంలో కాంగ్రెస్ అధినేత్రి సోనియాగాంధీ అప్పాయింట్‌మెంట్ కోసం నెలల తరబడి ఎదురు చూడాల్సి వచ్చేది. అలాంటిది అడిగిన క్షణాల్లోనే సోనియా అప్పాయింట్‌మెంట్ దొరుకుతోంది.

    This shows how much they are afraid.

  6. MekonKing

    We got to be care ful with people like hurt fan.
    At the same time , we need to be care ful eccentric people . These are more
    dangerous than hurt fan. The taliban like people , who are very self destructive in their ideas. These kind of people brought lot of bad name to NTR and same thing should not be repeated with YSR.

    YSR is for every one. He is beyond caste , creed and religion. though R’s are the pillars for jagn party.

    I appreciate the moderator who is keeping thos blog very active . He is my friend and i thank him for getting all the inside info.

    • Gurava Reddy

      MekonKing, Please explain your version of self destructive people. Taliban and eccentric? Of course you can have your own ideas. Who said YSR was for only Reddies? He is for everyone. No one is foolish to think that he is for one community (i.e Reddies). Only a little more than half of Reddies (8% of the state) supported YSR and supporting Jagan. Most of the Christians, Dalits, and Muslims (25% of state) supported YSR/YSJ. He always was well liked in all communities but for one. If someone wants to dine and wine with people that celebrated YSR’s death, he is beyond the logical meaning of a YSR fan! YSR was always cornered by a particular community and it’s news outlets. To hate those people being a YSR follower is not being Taliban or eccentric. One lives one’s life only once, so I advise one to live a guilt free life, rather than trying to be shaking hands with the people that held scotch glasses celebrating YSR’s death. I know who you are. Do not hide under fake names and comment on blogs. I have a passion for YSR and I show it. If you really think about it, YSJ has much more passion than me. And surely you won’t call him a Taliban! We are who we are. You may want to be nice to everyone but I may be different and don’t want to be nice to people who are nasty to YSR and YSJ. Jagan is in Padmavhuyam now. He is getting attacked from every which way. He needs an unflinching support and we have to provide that. An historical necessity. No ifs and buts.

      The blog owner may be your friend. Couldn’t care less. YSR or YSJ would not be made by a blog but blogs are made for YSR or YSJ. If you want to communicate, you can do it directly as you have my phone number and email address.

      • MekonKing

        With my previous two posts , i am pretty sure that you will know who i am. Thats not a problem. Mekon king is my screen name since days ,s o i will continue with that.

        I am referring to psycho fancy fans who they think that they are real fans of YSR/YSJ. Every one else is a mole of tdpians. These kind of people are more dangerous to Jagan than other people who try to mingle with every one , still sticking to YSR/YSJ.

        When comes to Jagan , he is more determined and sincere than a lot people thought. He has the guts and courage to take Sonia and State govt. Don’t put him in Taliban league . He is a very matured and COOL guy , who can take any kind of challange .

        About blog…i just expressed my thank you to Rk , as he is updating the blog with inside info. He mentioned that some one else is managing the blog. Any way Thnaks RK.
        Just dropped an email with more explanation. thanks

        • Gurava Reddy

          If you remember, I always argued that YS Jagan has more courage, maturity, intelligence and determination than most other leaders. Let’s all give him a helping hand.

  7. MekonKing

    GNT dist nunchi Kodela J side vachhe chance vundi antunaru .
    Rumours too much ga nadustunnai….NTR lo. Lets wait and see.

  8. Sesh

    It looks like Jagan will contest as MP to dilute the negative accusations abt his power-hungry nature..any opinions?

  9. Nani

    why jagan said that there will be difficulties for us for 3 more years…

    it sounds very negative especially to mla’s and mp’s

    • Gurava Reddy

      May be credibility? May be he wants to tell the crowd that he is all truth and nothing but the truth? Do you think the leaders that want to follow Jagan can’t see what’s going to happen to them? YSJ has been cultivating carefully a persona that people will trust him to the end!

      • Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

        Kastalu antee, Center and state lo congress vundi kadaaa, vallanundi eduravutai ani anna vuddeshyam anukuntaaa.

    • rohit

      He doesnt want to show that he is responsible for the fall of government

  10. Sivasankara Reddy

    PRP khaali avabotundaaa??…

    Is this true .. Any Idea? if yes then tit for tat to chiru … I am more than happy …

  11. NLR

    @ HURT fan garu …

    We still dont understand why u always comment about negative reports on JAGAN and that to published in yellow papers ….

    I have never seen you post any positive comments till now …
    So we wonder what u are upto ???

    Whatever it is ….even sonia will loose if she contests from pulivendula ….
    Has she got the guts ????

    • Gurava Reddy

      Hurt fan reminds me of someone in Atlanta. He talks so negatively about YSR and YSJ but at the same time claims that he is big follower of YSR/YSJ. He is seen praising CBN in front of Ks, calls YSR corrupt and YSJ mindless. He makes me and others very depressed, so we keep him away. If you can’t uplift peoples’ spirits, at least don’t depress them. I know you are going to argue that you are talking the reality. No one knows the REAL reality and will only know when the ballots are counted. Thanks

  12. ROHIT

    If we still belive in ABN, etv reports nobody can help us

  13. Sivasankara Reddy

    See this article .. Kiran gaadiki telugu maatladame raadu malli CM kaavalanta .. veedu elaage unte mass leader avadam kalla ..

  14. Hurt Fan

    I know that ABN is “yellow” but is there any truth in this report? They say less than 30% Congress MPTCs and less than half Congress ZPTCs in YSR Dist. are with Jagan. MLAs lo 5 are with Jagan annaru.

    Does anyone have real report of how many MPTCs and ZPTCs are with Jagan? They matter more than MLAs because MLAs can be made but cadre are pre-existing, their support is a must.

  15. Sai Krishna Reddy

    I am from Nellore. I am the happiest YSR fan because Jagan made up his mind to float New party by trusting the Nellore people’s support for YSR.
    I met Jagan anna in Nellore couple of times. He is so cool and kind.
    This is the same feeling from all people who met Jagan.

    Johar YSR & Jai Jagan

    In 2009 elections I/we voted for Anam Viveka(unprincipled, deceitful,unreliable,scoundrel,rascal,rougue etc) since we don’t want to minus 01 seat from YSR bag.
    YSR Fans ,Don’t get hurt with this Mad Dog(viveka) words.

    In Future:
    Damn sure that if elections occurs at any time in Nellore this stupid(Anam Bros) will lose.
    Also in coming days Nellore people(including me) will beat this Mad Dog(Anam Viveka) with slippers when he barks….. Wait and see.

  16. YSR_MSR


    When ever you go to ur native places, please have a smaal survey at ur place with all sections of people and post the results here. this may help whom to target n how to build the party

  17. Tera Reddy

    ******Happy BirthDay to Bharathi(wife of Jagun anna)********

  18. Sivasankara Reddy

    Hi Friends,

    I have been to my native place last weekend and did a small survey about Jagan .. most of the people are ready to support Jagan …

    I did the survey with the below people
    1) Auto waalas
    2) Tea shop waalas
    3) Raitulu
    4) congress workers

    This is the talk at root level … most of the congress cadre is ready to support Jagan …

    Every body chanting Jagan name and I am sure Jagan is going to create political tsunami in coming days …

  19. Hai….Janakosam Jagan ……Jagan kosam Janam….
    ..Total Andhara Pradesh People want to see the C M Jagan…

  20. Sai Krishna Reddy

    ******Happy BirthDay to Bharathi(wife of Jagun anna)********

  21. PSK

    Gurava Reddy gaaru…
    100% correct gaa cheppaaru!
    Even I had a doubt during 2009 elections that YSR will be cornered by “athiradha mahaaradhulu”…..but these maharadhulu proved to be silly fellows….I had a very big impression on Chiru before 2009 elections…..But ow if you ask me……even the hardocre chiru fans will not vote for him…..he proved to be the utterrly disastrous, he doen’t even have 1% of leadership skills….I think in my opinion DMDK Vijayakant (Tamil actor) is far far better than Chiru….
    Jagan is imroving day by day….getting matured….understanding the people to the core…..

  22. ROHIT

    గుంటూరు, కృష్ణా జిల్లాలో జగన్ పర్యటన
    హైదరాబాద్ : యువనేత వైఎస్ జగన్‌మోహన్‌రెడ్డి గుంటూరు, కృష్ణా జిల్లాల్లో రేపు, ఎల్లుండి పర్యటించనున్నారు. భారీ వర్షాలకు పంట నష్టపోయిన రైతులను ఆయన పరామర్శించనున్నారు. వైఎస్ జగన్ శుక్రవారం జన్మభూమి ఎక్స్‌ప్రెస్‌లో గుంటూరు చేరుకుంటారు. అక్కడ నుంచి జిల్లాలోని తెనాలి, రేపల్లె, కృష్ణాజిల్లాలోని అవినగడ్డ ప్రాంతాల్లో పర్యటించి రైతులను పరామర్శిస్తారు.

  23. Sekhar Reddy

    Anna Chevireddy comments

    E pichhi hanumanth gadu deniki samadhanam cheptada?
    Veediki gandhi family lo cheppulu moyyatam valane MP iyyadu ilanti vallu edi matladina prajalu nammaru

  24. Sekhar Reddy

    Surya news :
    YS Congress petent ?

    E congress ki Rahulgadi photo, Italydani photo pettukuni gelavalerani ardhamindi anukunta.
    Ippudu YS meeda aropanalu checina VH,DL,Damodar,KK,Kaka, Shankar rao lu Tala ekkadapettukuntaro

  25. Sekhar Reddy

    Surya news
    Cadre Nammutara?

    E roju a chinna pillavadini adijina jagan ni e rojo repo suspend chestaru anicheptunnaru
    E roju a chinna pillavadini adijina jagan thone cadre ani cheptunnaru.

  26. RK

    Good Job Pushpanatha Reddy.

    Gave 1.1 lakhs to Jagan Party.

  27. Adnan

    I think the best bet is to

    1.Sending YSJ as a MLA
    – It required to gain the first hand experience in assembly , facing the opposition, looking the govt functioning from close quarters etc
    – Had to work very closely with local leaders and gain the understanding on state politics
    – There is nothing importance sitting as MP in parliament with one among 500+, when compared to the role to be played in state politics
    – will be in state news more often and grab the attention of AP people
    – effectively raise the people issues, state issues with lot attention

    2. Sending some strong candidate to MP (even Ambati)
    – Need to be in touch with national leaders
    – garner national media attention
    – effectively work in parliament, issues and cornering the ruling party

    I do n’t think Vijayamma will be the right choice, except sentimental and emotional. she can be made active party president.

  28. rainmaker

    i think here no one knows about dr.gangi reddy garu. he is jagan anna’s father in law and bhaskar reddy’s know brother in law. he would be right choice reason being that he has severed pdl people relentlessly. he worked as doctor in the pdl for 40 years now and still is, most of it for charity and he the cleanest candidate we can have right now. i think he has a good chance winning with good majority as mla. and jagan anna for mp. in my opinion that would be right combination. doesn’t matter who is on the other side. this would send cold wave down their spine.

  29. Ram

    One of my friend who is from Pulivendula

    fromraveendrareddy yeddula
    toramreddy y

    dateWed, Dec 8, 2010 at 8:33 PM
    subjectRe: Hi

    hide details 8:33 PM (13 hours ago)

    hi reddy,

    HOW R U? i am fine ,
    dn’t worry about jagan,he will 100% win in comming ele.more over in pulivendula news abbai&babbai r playing a game.those r combined and upto 2014. ! . Vivekananda not to contest in election.these r words r talking in local mptc &mpp .
    last weak i was in pulivendula .last weak pulivendula family meating lo jagan ,and his family members (viveka) at that time jagan has more angry on viveka “okana oka time lo kottadaniki kudaa velludu ani pulivendula lo talks.mari entavaruku nijam cheppalem. but kondaru jagan opposite kuda vunnaru in some village but those favour to ysr &Vivekananda.
    mottaniki MP,MLA tappakunda jagan party kee…………as of know.

    ust for my curiosity whats going on Pulivendula.. Who will win If Jagan contest against Viveka and what about MP will Sharmila Win against DL..

    jagan and sharmila or vijayalakshmi

    • SNR

      this news might not be corrrect….plz dont spread such rumors in the public……
      this vl definitely send wrong waves to public.

  30. Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

    2:33 PM me: jagan party meeda nee opinion enti ?
    Friend: emo vaaniki inka baaga ne support undi antunnaru kada
    but he will split on congress votes anthe kada
    me: hmmm
    vullallo ekkada pattina jagan jagan antunnaru

  31. Gurava Reddy

    Please watch this video of HMTV. Nice one on Rajanna!

  32. Follow Jagan

    I think Jagan shouldn’t stay away from elections and have his people (Non Reddy’s) win one seat. But which can’t be.
    As Jagan wants to be in Assembly and create ripples in Cong MLA’s and ministers who are barking at him now.

  33. YSR_MSR

    i feel Jagan for MP as he has to show in parliament that he won against sonia and sonia should see him swearing in as an MP from YSR Congress….

    and MLA as YS Bhaskar Reddy as he holds grip in pulivendula….

  34. rakesh

    I wish vijayamma should not contest elections at all
    she is not interested in public life,, her absence in assembly proves that

    jagans should choose another candidate who has equal energy as he has
    who ever,, contests,, Jagan party wins ,,,,,,,
    all the bsest

  35. Oka YSR Abhimani From Nellore

    Anam Viveka ohhhh Pichi Kukka, emi matladutadoo aayanakee teliyadu

    • Gurava Reddy

      People are observing what YS Viveka, Anam Viveka, DL, Tulasi Reddy, Revanth Reddy, Manikyam, Danam, Kiranam, VH, KK, Kavuri, Telangana MPs, and others’ comments on both YSJ and YSR. Congress will be necked out from both and Center by the people of Andhra Pradesh come next elections. Some say never trust people. I disagree with them. Peoples’ will never failed in any instance. Classic example was YSR 2009 victory against all odds. If you think about it, YSR went against Mahakootami (of TDP, TRS, CPI, CPM), Chiranjeevi’s millions of fans, and anti-incumbency and won a great victory. I was more impressed with YSR 2009 victory than his 2004 victory, which was more of an emtional one. Do you think people cannot be trusted? Money plays a major role in elections but it’s the people in the end that would decide who they want to be ruled under. They are with Jagan now and they will prove all the skeptics wrong.

      • Oka YSR Abhimani from Nellore

        You are right andi, i was talking to few people the other day from nellore and here is the response. “Anam Vallaku time daggara paddadi, andaru baga kasitoti vunnaru, ee sari vallu geliche chance ledu ani”. Any one from nellore please give any updates on Anam Bro’s comments on jagan anna…

        “Money plays a major role in elections but it’s the people in the end that would decide who they want to be ruled under. “.
        Prajalu chala smart gaa vote vestunnarandi. Money andari daggara teesukuntunnaru, kani at the end vallevariki vote veyyalanukuntunnaro vallakee vestaru.

        • YSR_MSR

          My friend is from atmakur, he said, prajalu anam vaallanu elaa padagottali ani choostunnaru anta especially vivekaa ni …. last time YSR valla gelichaadu anta Viveka gaadu …ika janma loo gelavadu anta ….

      • WhoLovedJagan

        If you get Ticket & loose elections the say the same that
        Trust people ani.

  36. RK

    My choice

    MLA – YS Bhaskar Reddy
    MP – Vijayamma Garu

    • revanth

      My Choice:)

      MLA – YS Jagan
      MP – YS Bhaskar Reddy, Vijayamma Garu(Optional)

      Vijayamma Gaaru(If Interested in Politics) Should b like CEO of YS Jagan Party:)

      “Jagan” Should be Assembly, then only it will b good…want to see how this Congress people will answer to jagan.

  37. Gurava Reddy

    This is expected. YSV will get suffocated with the rabid Congress leaders’ statements on YSR and will have no place to hide. His statement that he joined the government to take YSR ideals forward doesn’t hold true with any YSR followers. His son-in-law, Raja Narreddy’s pressure on YSV brought YSV a great infamy.

    • Sekar A

      Ee bye elections lo ee DL ki, YSV ki, Sonia ki dhimma thrige lesson chepputaru prajalu 😀
      The more the DL/VH barks the better it will be for YSJ…

  38. Yashwanth Reddy K

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to share two things with you.

    1. Yesterday I was discussing with a cousin of mine regarding Jagan. He is a diehard fan of Chiranjeevi and he told me that even when Chiranjeevi launched the party he has not voted for him but this time I’m gonna vote for Jagan and that he admires Jagan for his daring attitude. And he went on to say that Chiranjeevi is a hero in reel life where as Jagan is a hero in real life.

    This is incident gave a tremendous boost to our journey ahead.

    2. This is about about Sakshi channel. I’ve been comtemplating to put forward my thoughts here since long. Sakshi channel manaki anukoolamga undaale kaani mari dabba kottakoodadhu. Paper is on the acceptable standards of being biased but channel is too much to bear with. Yesterday, one of my close friends who is Jagan supporter has called me and said that it’s to difficult to bear the tone the tone with which Sakshi tv is airing the programs. Too biased even for the fans to bear with. Even I have similar feeling. I think the extent to which our channel is being biased is a way beyond the limits which would hurt us in long run. Please put forward your thoughts on this.


    • ns

      I totally agree with you. Sakshi newspaper improved a lot. and is in stable state now.
      where as Saskhi TV doing so much dabba, not following standards. Too much music, very less content. no investigative reports. not very interesting programs.
      1. Murali program is good.
      2. Swapna is not much seen these days. i think Swapna talent is under utilized in sakshi. she must be given given more time.
      3. Priyadarshi Ram programs are very very boring.
      4. There is very less time spent on debates (only head line show by murali), they must do more debates ( I strongly feel TV9 is getting good TRP just because of debates , other TV9 programs are worst than anyother tv)
      5. There must be program to get calls from people around the state on a particular issue in the state. no channel is airing this.

      someone please convey this to sakshi channel..

    • RAJESH.K

      Yes u r 100% correct…
      SAKSHI PAPER is 1000 times better than SAKSHI NEWS CHANNEL..

  39. YSR_MSR

    Why is Viveka behaving this ways? When some one talks against Jagna that to be in bad ways, why is he encouraging? How can he even digest when tulasi reddy talking against Jagan that badly…. poye kaalam vachindhi anukuntaa ee vivekaa gaadiki….

  40. BSR

    36 YEARS JAGAN Ni Chusi, 125 YEARS HISTORY UNNA PARTY Enduku Shake Avutundi? ? ? Ambati Whitewashes VH

  41. Ram

    See How this Idiot Tulasi Reddy Barking infront of media and
    idiot Viveka is watching all these

  42. Ram

    Ninna meeting lo annattunnadu Andhrabhoomi lo vachindi atlage sakshi lo kuda amma ni adarinchandi annadu …
    Vijaymma gaaru unte ne manchidi

  43. sreenath

    MP ki Viajayamma ani ekkada cheppadu jagan ????

  44. CVR

    Whoever contest against YS family will bite the dust.

  45. Ram

    DL gaadu Vijaymma gaari meeda 2 laks majoriy tho odipoyyi nithika badhya tha antu ministry nunchi thappukovali

  46. Ram

    MP : Viajayamma VS DL or Tualasi Reddy (this guy is making bad comments on Jagan he has to contest bite the dust)
    MLA: Jagan VS Viveka

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