Party janda And Agenda

There is a strong rumor going on that jagan anna has finalized on party name. It either could be YSR congress or YSR party. Coming to YSR congress if everyone remembers well it was registered on 8th july and was accepted on 2nd sept. I think there is a sentiment linked to that name. But what ever may be the case jagan anna should be very careful on who he selects to be around him. It should make a concentrated effort to attract more youth into the party. He has to respond to all issues relating to the state now. He needs to have eminent personalities in the various fields like security, economics and administration to guide him. It’s not necessary to that they be active part of the party.  One more thing Jagan anna should be careful is the coverts from other parties. He should charm other party folks off their feet so that they instantly like him. One thing that is happening in AP right now is there is no leader who is in touch with the ground cadre on a day to day basis.



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27 responses to “Party janda And Agenda

  1. Jaganfan

    May I know why my comments about what the party name could be is moderated and not posted here?

  2. NLR

    A roaring reception at tenali train station …..

    JAGAN …Adugu vesthe…. adharali adhikara peetam ….


  3. NLR

    Guntur train station…..

    Janam kosam JAGAN…..JAGAN kosam janam…..


  4. YSR_MSR

    Aaa janaalu entraa swamy tenali Railway station looo….arupulu …nellore n prakasam is nothing…..

  5. sreenath

    tenali ki cheradu janalu baga vachharu 🙂

  6. Ram

    Any updates on Jagan’s trip.After Miryala GUda no ews any body watching TV

  7. Ram

    Any updates on Jagan’s trip? how is the response

  8. Jaganfan

    In my opinion, the party name should have either “Praja” or “Jana” in its name, both mean people. “Prajarajyam” is a beautiful name but unfortunately Chiranjeevi has taken it away. May be “Prajabhalam” – Strength of the people, “Prajabhishtam” – People’s desire, “Prajadharmam” – Justice to people etc

    I would also like to see YSR only in the tagline not in the name of the party. There is a danger of all anti-YSR cadre/people voting against the party. YSR fans are always with Jagan, he should now target all those neutral people also.

    YSR’s image can only help Jagan for a limited time, may be to kick start his political career but at the end of the day it is Jagan who has to feel the pulse of the people, their desires and their problems.

  9. Jaganfan

    If it is YSR congress, it will be a major disappointment. Why should there be “Congress” in the party that Jagan is launching. YSR’s policies and his way of administration was nothing to do with Congress. He was independent in his thinking and all the schemes he has come up with are born from his interaction with people. Jagan should start a party with which every common man can attach himself with the name. The party should be a common man’s dream and it should bear a name keeping all this in view.

    Incorporating Congress in the name would send a wrong signal that Jagan can’t win votes with out using the name Congress. And moreover what is the need of using Congress in the name? Congress bhustapitham kaavali, this should be the beginning if its end!!!! If I am Jagan, I wouldn’t want Congress name in my new party!

  10. Dear friends,

    This is long drawn out war between Jagan and HC.Kiran and others are just pawns. We need to maintain utmost restraint in this regard. There will be several traps on our way. We have be very careful. Jagan is acting very maturely. I am proud to be his fan. On the other hand people VH, Kaka, Shankar Rao and Renuka are needed to fuel the fire and the fact that they don’t realize is that with all their monkeytronics its jagan who is going to be benefited. Let them talk what they want. People are just waiting for an opportunity to strike at the congress govt at the first given chance.

  11. Ram

    Hi Brothers,

    Any body know how to prepare bomb ..Please provide me a formula I will prepare bomb and put in the back of Shankar Rao..

    Chetha naa koduku vaadu matalu enti ninna aa matalu vintunte TV 9 vaadu daanni gantala koddi scroll chestunte rakatma sala sala marigi poyindi..

    I dont know How jagan anna controlling his Angriness,….

    Kill the bastards like VH Shankar Tulasi reddy..

  12. chakram

    Jagan launching yatra to meet people who are affected by recent rains. Wow, i have been waiting for this since years. i want him to speak on people’s issues. Let us see.

  13. watch ntv fantastic analysis on jagan and national media

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