Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Good move by Jagan  anna to announce satya graham on 21st and 22nd. Now govt has 3 options before them

1. Get their acts right

2. Arrest Jagan

3. Or not care atall

If they heed to any one of the above its going to only make Jagan anna popular. Babu now has to bite the dust.. eeroju vadi jail drama meeda neellu posinnatu ayendi.

Situation of the famers and weavers is very bad right now….The need of the hour is to make govt come to people’s rescue politics later. It is a shame that they have not yet done assessment for the previous calamities that struck the delta region in past few months.


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48 responses to “Between the devil and the deep blue sea

  1. The sentiment is high! But, the team is failing to cash in. Loosing too many chances. I called SV. Subbareddy garu during Jagan’s resignation. Told him, this the time tons of people watching. Use it properly, Let Vijyamma gaaru go to press and read a prepared statement. And statement should be emotional and Vijayamma herself can not control tears, but let her alone read untill she finish infront of tens of mikes/tvs. She is not creative like YSR or Jagan, but that is plus. Women show more support when Vijayamma gaaru is weak and innocent. The statement should be how lovely life she has with YSR and how much the family scrificed. The harassment Jagan getting from Delhi and HYD….so on. Explaing her resignaton and how a woman lost her beloved husbend and facing most painful year in her life. SVR, simple telling..”Oh no..she never talks infront of People, and she will do 2 minute pooja during new party”. You see, Jagan do not have proper guidence counsel! The day Jagan and Vijayamm regined is big day. Let her take every house women in state by taking a 25 minute Press announcement by saying Here is Jagan give your blessings. Hey..I’m the one gave PAADAYATRA IDEA ( NOT KVP) to YSR during his visit to DETROIT, MI. I talk to him for 45 minutes. He thanked me when I met him again when I met him for 15 minutes in his chamber, a month before that fateful day

  2. jai

    kakkurthi baabu ni choodandi
    appude kakkurthi paduthunnadu

  3. SNR

    YS Jagan fan ani cheppukovadaniki garvam ga undi.
    YS Jagan naaa(maaa) leader ani cheppetappudu vallu pulakarinchi potundi.

  4. Sekhar Reddy

    కంటిచూపుతో పార్టీని శాసించే కాంగెస్‌ అధిష్ఠానం ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో మాత్రం వణుకుతోంది. దేశవ్యా ప్తంగా బలమైన ఆ ‘చేయి’ 33 మంది ఎంపీలు, అధికారబలం ఉన్న మన రాష్ట్రంలో మాత్రం గజ గజ వణికిపోతోంది. మహామహులనే శాసించి, చర్యల కొరడా ఝళిపించి తన పవరేమిటో చూపిన ‘దస్‌ జనపథ్‌’ ఆంధ్రరాష్ట్రంలో మాత్రం పార్టీ నేతల ముందు మరగుజ్జుగా మారింది. పార్టీని ధిక్కరించి సొంత పార్టీ స్థాపనకు సన్నా హాలు చేసుకుంటున్న జగన్‌ వైపు పార్టీ నేతలు అడుగులు వేస్తూ బాహాటంగానే తిరుగుబాటు బావుటా ఎగువవేస్తున్నా వారిపై చర్యలు తీసుకోలేని నిస్సహాయతలో కూరుకుపోయింది. సూటిగా చెప్పాలంటే.. దేశవ్యాప్తంగా పార్టీని తన గుప్పెట్లో పెట్టుకుని హేమాహేమీలను శాసిస్తున్న కాంగ్రెస్‌ పార్టీ నాయకత్వాన్ని ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌లో మాత్రం నేతలే శాసిస్తున్నారు. అధిష్ఠానాన్ని బెదిరిస్తూ అదర గొడుతున్నారు.

    YS Abhimanulatho pettukunte Adhistanamina, America president vadulutama.

    • srin

      TV9 is crying like anything .
      2004 and 2009 what eenadu did,same thing TV9 is doing now.
      Etv and ABN is stamped as TDP channels but tv9 is more dangerous than them.
      Because it seems like nuetral but not.
      They are doing very hard work to bring TDP back.
      In near future they will start campaign for TDP with Balakrishna and Junior NTR.

      Yestarday they showed Jagan operation akarsh ki virugudu by bringing Rayapati to TDP and they said Rayapati joining TDP.But Rayapati condemned but they didnot put the scrolling that he condemned.All other channels put that scrolling.

      Tv9 out and out support to TDP in state level and congress/Rahul Gandhi in central level.

      Because Renuka Chowdary is very close to Tv9 Ravi Praksah and required help can be done in other states wher tv9 starting new channels and they belonged to same community.

      And latest news is that Renuka’s daughter (Tejaswini already divorced to her first husband)is present girl friend of Rahul Gandhi.No surprise even if it leads to marriage.
      So Tv9 is most of the time praising Rahul Gandhi in center and jrNTR in state level.Because renuka doesnt care about state level.ofcourse she wants TDP as their community party after all.
      so what ever small thing come from renuka statement will come as big scrolling in TV9 only.No other channels.

      Dont watch Tv9.It is more posinous and dangerous than etv and ABN.

      • Adnan

        @Srin , you are right.

        TV9 is hell bent on project the CBN now. They know once YSJ starts dharna on 21st, it will be big news. So they want to mitigate that by projecting ‘CBN is working hard for farmers’. They are repeatedly showing the TDP dramas and CBN super dramas.

        • Oka YSR Abhimani From Nellore

          No need to worry about these channels, prajalu vallaku kavalisina channels nee chustunnaru. So those who likes jagan and YSR they are following Sakshi, not TV9 ABN. Asalu ABN enta mandi chustunnaroo naakaitee teliyadu.

      • rohit

        friends, TV9, etv, ABN doesnt make any difference at the ground level. Tv discussions dont impact voting.
        What happened to TDP in bye elections after babli drama ,these channels projected as Tdp and cbn as hero.

      • CVR

        Srin garu,

        I have been telling the same for almost 6 months.
        TV9 Ravi Prakash and Rajanikanth sat with their community big people
        and decided to bring back Babu to power.
        Ravi Prakash is hell bent on bringing his caste person Babu back to power.

        I have some info to share.

        Can you send your contact details to

        • srin

          CVR garu,
          Yeh i also heard
          dRamoji,ABN apaRadha Krishna,Sujana Chowdary,CM Ramesh,Nama Nageswara rao,Renuka Chowdary,Kavuri,Rayapati,Lagadapati,Daggubati, Tv9 Ravi prakash and cine folks met to discuss to bring back TDP to power.
          my mail id is

  5. Sekhar Reddy

    పిల్లి పిరికిదైతే ఎలుక ఎకసెక్కాలు ఆడినట్లు… చిన్న చిన్న నాయకులు కూడా తోక జాడిస్తుండడం కాంగ్రెస్‌ అధిష్ఠానానికి కలవరం కలిగిస్తున్నది.

    Yesterday one of the jagan fan says at bandar “Appude emindhi this is beginning only, in front there is a crocodile festival” (Shankardada joke)

  6. Indrasena

    2014 అధికారం జగన్ అన్నదే. జగన్ అన్న పట్టుదల ముందు కొండ అయినా వెన్న లా కరగాల్సిందే.
    నా ఈ కామెంటు నోట్ చేసుకోండి.

  7. Jai YSR

    Senior Journalist Krishna Rao told in NTv that Pranab Mukherjee told to a Big Leader that we did two bellow blunders. We may not recover from these two.
    1. Miss handling Jagan
    2. Dec 19th statement on telangana

  8. rohit

    Big draw for Jagan roadshows
    Meets Rain-Hit Farmers, Promises To Continue YSR’s Legacy
    Vijayawada/Guntur: Jaganmohan Reddy rode a motorbike and walked through slushy fields as he continued to attract good crowds during his visit to Krishna district on Monday

  9. rohit

    Jagan to unleash psyop against Cong
    ‘Rebel’ MLAs Plan To Issue Pro-Jagan Statements To Rattle Cong Govt
    Hyderabad: Even as a few more Congress MLAs threatened to quit the party and join hands with Y S Jaganmohan Reddy, his camp members claimed that almost 50 ruling party legislators have spoken to their leader and expressed their intention of joining his party after it is launched.
    Though until then the MLAs will remain within the Congress, they will issue pro-Jagan statements periodically to ruffle the Congress high command and chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy. “Jagan is planning to unleash a psychological war against the Congress till he gains a critical mass of MLAs to strike at the Kiran-led Congress government in the state,” said one MLA.
    After Machilipatnam MLA Perni Venkatramaiah alias Nani, five-term legislator from Kurnool district Katasani Rambhupal Reddy, G Gurunadha Reddy (Anantapur), K Ramachandra Reddy (Rayadurgam) and Anaparthi legislator Nallamilli Sesha Reddy are expected to switch over to the Jagan camp soon. “Kiran was made CM with the exclusive responsibility of keeping the Reddy community from crossing over to the Jagan camp. If he is not able to do that, he will be in big trouble,” said a Congress loyalist.
    The Congress is still not able to recover from the jolt given by the Machilipatnam MLA, who announced on Sunday that he was ready to side with Jagan. Kiran’s leadership suffered a setback and the Congress, from president Sonia Gandhi to Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, had to intervene and persuade the MLA to not cause further damage by continuing statements favouring Jagan.
    There might not be any further statements from Nani, but many MLAs are getting ready to keep the party leadership on tenterhooks. For example, Panyam MLA Katasani Rambhupal Reddy is ready to announce his ‘decision’ soon. His grievance is that T G Venkatesh, a two-term MLA, was preferred over his seniority and given a cabinet berth.
    According to the plan of the Jagan camp, they will directly take on Sonia. “The Congress president did not even try to speak to Y S Vijayalakshmi when she submitted her resignation. Is this the respect the party shows to the wife of YSR who brought the party to power twice. This will be the gist of what Jagan will ask the people during his Odarpu yatra,” said a Jagan follower.
    Sources in the Jagan camp also claimed that Aadala Prabhakar Reddy, an MLA from Nellore, who was till recently opposed to Jagan, is now in their camp.
    Till the critical mass of MLAs is secured, the ‘Jagan’ MLAs within the Congress will start talking in favour of Jagan or his Odarpu yatra. These will include Anakapalli MP Sabbam Hari, former minister Konatala Ramakrishna, MPs Ananta Venkatrami Reddy, Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, Union minister Sai Pratap, SPY Reddy and Killi Kruparani

    • nenu okkadine

      yeah close to get some land in Hydrebad and nice posting for my mama in my Dist so he can lure more and more money kada.

  10. SREDDY

    Really good and stunning move by Jagan

    It will help to capitalize on this Raithu Yatra unlike to other opposition leaders …and gives confidence among farmers on Jagan’s leadership

    always exceeding the expectations and unimaginable in his moves to even political analysts and leaders

    Jagan rocks!!

  11. Sesh

    I was looking at different party manifestos for 2009 single manifesto was pragmatic and forward looking (even Congress) except for LokSatta. However Loksatta’s manifesto was more of a package of Utopian thoughts rather than practical. For example, everyone knows corruption, liquor etc are perils of society but those who are into it will not vote for a party which vouches to eliminate them. Any discussion on them is impractical. However YSR was able to gain peoples confidence by balancing two aspects ie., development and welfare! If Jagan incorporates only YSR schemes and neglects other aspects then it may not work as it would look more of a Congress manifesto. Jagan has to appoint separate committees to do a thorough study on different aspects like agriculture, unemployment, urban & rural development, water, transport etc and come up with new ideas. Jagan has to stress on the ‘Telugu vaadi aatmagauram’ (which even TDP has neglected for long) and champion political values which are rarely seen now-a-days.
    I hope Jagan will come up with a party manifesto which should look new and innovative while appealing to masses and in general all sections of public.

    • SREDDY

      Jagan should be very careful in Party manifesto

      I think we can get some ideas from Lok Satta like self empowered local bodies and employment generation through infrastructure development etc.

      Like you said,Jagan should constitute a committee to advise on all sectors

  12. Sesh

    Perfect shot from Jagan! Those who are farting that Jagan does not fight for people’s issues will shut their asses now!

  13. nithin babu

    opposition leader ante ela vundalo jagan anna chandrababu ki chupinchadu…..repu elections vasthe babu ki kakunda janalu jagan ki vote vesthadu……babu emo congress kummulatalatho power naaku plate lo petti istharu nenu appudappudu jail dramalu avi vesukuntunte chalu anukuntunnadu…….e decision (hunger strike) tho jagan anna oke debbaki rendu piitalani kottadu (babu& congress)……political maturity ante adiii…..jagan anna leadership and strategies kekaaa…….from now on dose neutral voters will get attracted to jagan anna seeing his leadership skills… the way prp party next elctions lo vundadu

  14. revanth

    EAST or WEST Ja”GUN” is the best!!!!!!!!

    proud to be jagan fan!!!

  15. Nawaz

    Challa aalochinchi gurichusi vesena bana eedi kachidangaa Andhra rasrani shakchestundii

    All the best to Jagan anna

  16. donny

    With this six, the ball(Congress) will go out of stadium.

  17. Nani

    Jagan anna BIRTHDAY on 21…
    And he is doing fast on that day..greattt

  18. Sivasankara Reddy

    Jagan Anna is a daring & stubborn leader So If they dont care at all he will not stop his hunger strike… Even HC knows this .. So they have to choose the first 2 options ..

    If they choose first option it is well & good. The whole credit will go to Jagan.

    If they choose 2nd option , Then State shake avvadam khaayam .. Kiran gaadi kurchi kindaku water raavadam khaayam … 🙂 🙂

    All the Best Jagan Anna …

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