The Hindu : Today’s Paper News : Jagan begins fast on birthday

The Hindu : Today’s Paper News : Jagan begins fast on birthday.

Good reporting by The Hindu on the front page today. To all those who thought yesterday’s deeksha was only political should read this……

Excerpts from the above report:

“Mr. Jagan confined himself to speaking about the problems of farmers and refrained from talking about other political issues.”


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13 responses to “The Hindu : Today’s Paper News : Jagan begins fast on birthday


    may be TDP MlA’s going to resign tommorrow


    deeksha ki vachina malladi vishnu family members

  3. i think by tomorrow if all the demands are not met one by one jagan anna’s mlas should start resigning as mlas.

  4. Ram

    What is the latest update?

  5. ys fan

    Samineni Udaya Bhanu just came
    Kamalamma – Just heard she came in….

  6. MekonKing

    oho..thats good thing. He initially said that he will not join jagans deeksha.
    Looks like he changed his mind.
    Few of the MLAs missing are .
    macherla MLA
    sattenapalli MLA
    Malladi vishnu
    Jogi ramesh.
    kavita from warangla. …she is not seen with J late.

  7. underhill

    ****Sakshi scrolling ****

    DL and Babu match fixing
    DL asked Babu to prolong the hunger strike

  8. AviAnantaprYSR

    yes definitely it is a good news for us that nani is coming…but today atleast jagan anna should call farmers on to the dias and make clear that this is for farmers…
    one ting i can say from Anantaur District is that all congress MLAs r with jagan anna only except J.C..on 16th dec though it was not scheduled and highlighted tour.. it was a big success.. all the people came into roads just to see anna congress would be Zero in atp..

  9. bhaari rally tho jagan deeksha ku bayluderina Perni Nani…

    • Gurava Reddy

      Nice. It’s a great sign for us. Nani represents kapu community more than even Chiranjeevi. The order of preference in Kapu community, in my opinion is Mudragada, Nani, Chiranjeevi. Great news.

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