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  1. Jagan never say “Jai Telangana”, he knows, if he says, he has to bite dust in next 30 years in SA. Jagans plan is stay in politics for 30 yrs, not just for next elections. So, he will take path where he can walk without hurdles for 30 yrs. He let TRS, CONGRES and TDP settle that issue.

    As long as T sentiment strong, no matter what Jagan say, Jagan impact is minimal unless he has some kind of understanding with KCR

    I know most of you guys from outside T..it’s not VeeGe


    • JaGun


      You mean to say that Jagan will be confined to SA and KCR rules TG. Confining Jagan to just SA is not a good strategy.

      Even the great YSR, who was always for United Andhra, had recognized Telangana sentiment openly in assembly.

      There is nothing wrong in Jagan also emulating YSR’s strategy. YSR always said that ” I am neither pro nor against TG issue, but we need to find solutions to several problems before bifurcation of the state”

      Jagan should just follow YSR’s strategy regarding TG issue. YSR had already shown the way for tackling this TG issue.

      • Gopalakrishna

        Bro, we should not forget YSR visa statement after T elections. Remember, YSR insulted Etela Rajendra in assembly. He asked him where he will keep his head with 10/60 results in 2009 elections. TRS might bring this back, if Jagan crusades into T region. A simple loose tongue haunts politicians. See how CBN is suffering with statements on Free Current & on Agriculture.

        • Sesh

          Yes. YSR was right in insulting where would Eetela keep his head! YSR was right in talking about taking Visas to Telangana! What would you say about KCR’s toungue??? What would you say about KK, Kaka, VH toungues??? If YSR was not that tough then he would never have been a leader of this stature. What is the big deal about conducting yatras in T-region? If only police did not help TRS agents on that day, it would have been a different deal altogether!

          • Eee desam yevadabba sottu kaadu..I have right to go anywhere in the country unless I have kojja govt. If some idiots blocks my freedom, my govt. suppose to protect my freedom. Rest of the leaders like CBN were to scare to talk like YSR.

            Remember, millions fought with British and lost their lives to get freedom….we don’t give-up our freedom to a..holes like KTR or KCR

            RP BOMMAREDDY

          • Gurava Reddy

            I agree with Sesh. YSR walked like a king in Telangana, even after he said what he said. Government, police, yellow media, TRS, and Congress colluded to stop Jagan in Mahabubabad.

      • I’m not saying Jagan has confine one region. I’m saying what will happen If Jagan says to “JAI T”, and he will take YSR’s path on T. I think Jagan mis-caluculated his CONGI enemies in T region. The Medak incident happen due to Jagan’s Congi enemies and Jagan thought just Surekha is enough. T cong leaders do not want Jagan in T area like YSR domination. They took TRS musugu and Medak incident was the result. Another mistake Jagan did was: just come back and did nothing. He should’ve ask his mom and Sharmila announce in press that they are going to do ODARPU to widow’s in T region and challenge the T leaders to stop Vijayamm and Sharmila.

        • Sesh

          See brother, how can Jagan ask his mom/sister to conduct Odarpu in Warangal (by the way, it is not Medak) while he was touring alone in remaining parts? Thats a ridiculous approach! ‘OY’ took political shape because of this incident, not the other way around! Why should Jagan say ‘Jai T’?? Crazy… See, Jagan was right in saying he is not in the capacity to give/stall Telangana separation. Isnt it true? Some of the T-Cong leaders are enemies of YSR since the time Jagan was in school. YSR encouraged leaders who had a neutral mindset on T-region to tackle these elements. He was successful. But with YSR’s death, things changed drastically. If you look at the videos after YSR’s death and before Telangana agitation, there were so many T-Cong leaders who were with Jagan in many meetings. But with Cong HC doing the trick, Jagan had lost some of them for the time being. But in due course of time, again things will change for good. Wait and watch!

          • Sesh,
            Mom and sis attempt tells, no matter other idiots doing we want to console victims. If they were attacked by TRS and Congi, then Jagan and his opponents have clear LINE. Without this attempt, now there is no LINE in T. It’s all TRS..as per TRS ppl..”we kick Jagan out, without our concenr you can not wonder in T..this is taaliban area”

            Some one saying, Jagan should say “Jai T” ..not me

            Some of the T-Cong leaders are enemies of YSR since the time Jagan was in school.
            After YSR gone, all YSR dogs too barking againest Jagan dude.

            • Sesh

              See RP, if Jagan takes a cue from factionist roots, then TRS will see hell on the earth! But times are past that stage now, you see it is democracy! If TRS says we will kick out Jagan, then what the heck is govt doing. If govt is unable to take action, the this rtime around Jagan will have to the things in his own way. Wait till Feb!

            • JaGun


              Please tell me, what should be the stand of Jagan’s party on telangana issue if SKC report is inconclusive?? Do you think, Jagan’s party and his cadre will survive politically just talking about YSR schemes and taking a “Rendu Kallu” approach on Telangana issue.

              I am curious to know your view on this issue.

              • Anna.. I’m sentimental fellow. I want to see TELUGU ppl never separated. Our lives are temp. but the concept and hapiness of being united andhra is PERM. I’d say, no matter what consequences you may face..just follow your heart. Do not say, “JAI T” if you do nopt want to split the state. Just say, what you saing: which is “I do not want to loose my brothers and sisters because of split” ( Jagan’s)

  2. JaGun

    hi YSR & J’Gun’ fans:

    This is my view on Telangana sentiment issue.

    Our “YSR Party” stand on Telangana issue can be like:

    “We will support “Telangana State Formation Bill” whenever it is introduced on the floor of Indian parliament. This is a political decision which should be taken at Central level and not at the state level. We will also form a “Telangana Backward Autonomous Regional Authority (T-BARA)” for self-governance of backward regions of Telangana region. This T-BARA will be an autonomous body with its own budget allocation, headed by a deputy-CM (telangana Dalit) and with telangana ministers as its members. T-BARA will have its headquarters in Karimnagar.

    On similar lines of T-BARA, we can have Rayalaseema-BARA (R-BARA) at Tirupati and Uttarandhra-BARA (U-BARA) at Visakhapatnam, headed by Special IAS officers.

    • ns

      No we should have clear stand, based on the report from Srikrishna committee report. if it is clear that Telangana really gone backward because of Seema-Andhra people/politics, we must accept separate telangana. otherwise we must go for united AP slogan. My opinion is that no injustice done by semma-andhra people/politicians to telengana region. However due to the widespread hearted among telagana common people and also by seema-andhra people in reciprocation to that, we should try to educate people at this moment.

      • JaGun


        Brother, Telangana issue is a very sensitive issue so we have to take a call based on the ground reality in Telangana, right now. I summarize Telangana issue into two parts, one development (backward) and the other self-rule (telangana pride). Don’t expect anything out of Srikrishna report, it will only further create confusion. Lets say, SKC report concludes that all three regions of AP, telangana, rayalaseema and andhra, do have backward regions. Then telangana leaders will demand TG not on development issue but self-rule/self-respect issue.

        There is nothing Jagan will benefit politically by focussing too much on United Andhra slogan. Already Chiranjeevi is for United AP, what benefit chiranjeevi got. TDP has good party cadre in coastal andhra, so no matter United AP slogan or not, TDP will hold its vote bank in coastal andhra. Chandrababu slowly recovered from Sonia’s move to wipe TDP out of telangana. Now, TDP and Congress face similar situation in Telangana. I feel, TDP and Congress are wiped out of Telangana, if Sonia doesn’t announce Telangana state.

        Jagan has already proved to the people of AP, that he is a powerful force in Seemandhra. The area which Jagan need to focus is on Telangana.

        Once Jagan declares that his party will support TG bill in the parliament, this move will expose Sonia on Telangana issue. Once Sonia is exposed, entire congress cadre in telangana will come to Jagan. Sonia already used her Telangana weapon with Dec9th statement, and this weapon failed. Now only alternative for Sonia is to move Telangana bill in parliament. Do you think, Sonia has guts to move TG bill in parliament?? I think, Sonia doesn’t even have guts to move resolution on TG state formation in AP’s assembly.

        If Jagan says, I support telangana bill in parliament, benefits are:
        1)Jagan will bounce as a powerful force in Telangana giving good fight to KCR. Jagan immediate task is to take on KCR in TG and Chandrababu in SA.
        2)Sonia will be exposed clearly on TG issue and will be forced to explain stand on moving bill in parliament
        3)Sonia/CBN will be dead in Telangana. KCR power will be diluted and Jagan will be in a comfortable position to take on KCR.

        In the current situation, if Jagan party has to win considerable number of seats in Telangana, he has to say “Jai Telangana”. Depending only on YS fans in telangana will not give good number of seats for Jagan’s party. Sonia already burnt her clothes by opening TG issue out of bottle, and now Sonia will do everything to put back TG issue again into the bottle.

        Its time Jagan has to spell out his clear stand on TG issue. His stand should be clear, not like “Rendu Kallu”. The clear stand can be like:

        “Our party supports “Telangana formation bill” if moved in the parliament by the central government, provided the center has taken into account the apprehensions of people from all the regions of the state”

  3. cs

    good video chaitanya, keep the efforts on …

  4. BSR

    Hi RK Garu, i have sent a mail to(ysjsena1@gmail.com) you.

  5. chaitanya

    Thank you very much RK.
    I am filled with immense joy looking at this website. Thank you infinity fold….

  6. Chytanya

    Good videos chaitanya gaaru

  7. BSR

    Hi, irrespective of the new sites upcoming these days on YS Jagan anna is, only to promote. Nevermind about the whatevr new blogs or sites comingup, we are all very much interested to share our views, innovative thoughts throughWWW. MANAJAGAN.COM (Remaining all the sites are inspired by This Site). Thank You “RK” Garu For Your Efforts.

  8. chaitanya

    Hi everyone

    This is my first day on this site and am overwhelmed by all your support. Thank you very much everyone.

  9. prabhakar

    Very good video with very soothing back ground music..good job..

    • chaitanya

      Thank you very much prabhakar…..I created 2 more videos..you may watch it and am very happy for all your calls…Thank you very much…Look forward for many more..

      Thank you very much

  10. Adnan

    Please don’t criticize other sites/blogs created … It’s a information world..everyone has the right.

    Btw, here is what national media thinking about YSJ. Man to watchout in Year -2011

  11. rajnjj

    jagan cm or pm ani plz dont propogate this agenda its negative in common people he has too work on peoples issues and fight fotr common people and please dont be in dreams that he will be cm or pm just because hes son off ysr and plz remember this is the best or oldest site for jagan or ysr i guess i have been follwing this site for last 3 or 4 years manajagan site named changed according too jagans wishes and i should appeciate rk for running this site without expecting anything from ysr or jagan as far as i know rk never met ysr kudos too him just fanisim irrespesitive off religious or caste fanisism or monetery favourism hes running this site kotaga vache sites i have doubts abt them ??/ manajagan.com allways rocks

  12. ksreddy

    Nice Video Chaitanya, really appreciate creativity in it.

    However you may need to relook at the usage of copyrighted brands like ‘Celine’ and sports persons like Saina. It may be objectionable to them and may lead to avoidable controversy.


    • chaitanya

      Thank you very much Ksreddy…I will surely take your advice and be careful ahead…My intention about saina was to tell people to be proud of living in AP…Nothing apart from that
      Thank you very much for your advice.

    • manajagan has been a truly dedicated site for all the fans of jagan and YSR.
      we appreciate this site.
      We will refer this site in our blog(jaganisthecm.blogspot.com) as a very good source for jagan and YSR fans.

      • @Jagan Fan,
        thanks alot. This site was started by rk….

      • rajnjj

        jagan cm or pm ani plz dont propogate this agenda its negative in common people he has too work on peoples issues and fight fotr common people and please dont be in dreams that he will be cm or pm just because hes son off ysr and plz remember this is the best or oldest site for jagan or ysr i guess i have been follwing this site for last 3 or 4 years manajagan site named changed according too jagans wishes and i should appeciate rk for running this site without expecting anything from ysr or jagan as far as i know rk never met ysr kudos too him just fanisim irrespesitive off religious or caste fanisism or monetery favourism hes running this site

        • Every blog has some uniqueness attached towards it. Our goal from our blog is to reachout the facts we know at AICC level to the masses and open up the real “high command” to the readers as well as give updates on Jagan’s party and his messages to people.
          Our aim and objective solely is to see jagan as the cm. There are no two thoughts about it. If you have seen all our blogs we have not put any negativity on even in TDP/ congress for that matter. we want to put some real quality content on the blog which are not cooked up but just facts. our criticism will be on the “bad” but not mud slinging on any one party in particular.
          jaganisthecm.blogspot.com is our means to ensure that if someone undeserving blames jagan for publicity stunt – open up his real biography. If not, it will be well compiled articles on jagan.

          Thanks for your feedback .

  13. revanth

    Even i spoke to him couple of minutes back, he said he composed video today morning and uploaded, he got more calls today by saying this video is very good and he is compose another 2 more videos and he will upload soon.

  14. RK

    dirty congress plays cheap tricks

  15. Excellent video….Yes, Jagan will make a difference.

  16. RK

    Nice Video.


    Video chivarilo video upload chesina chaitanya number undhi. I called him up and introduced myself.

    He is a IT guy like most of us. It seems, he told a close contact of Jagan that he is ready to leave his job and work for Jagan’s party in villages.

    Though i am not advocating it, i felt happy about the passion that he has.

    Thanks Chaitanya.

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