Sarma Garu Meets Jagan.

Finally I got a chance to meet Jagan. I am very impressed with his demeanor, his ever smiling face and his ability to deal with all kinds of people with same level of respect and attention. I heard many great things about Jagan and I personally witnessed those qualities today when I met him.

One month ago, I was trying to find a contact that can get me an appointment with Jagan. As luck would have it, I met a person named “Sarma Nimishakavi” A.K.A Subbu – I am not kidding – same name as mine on face book. He contacted me because I had the same name. He happens to be active member of Malakpet Jagan sena. And rest was cake walk for me.

I went to Jagan’s office at 10:00 Am in the morning. It was so crowded that for a second I was doubtful if I could get in. Subbu introduced me to Jagan’s personal secretary then he took me upstairs after security check. I was stunned to see people waiting there. Penmatsa Sambasiva raju, other big wig politicians, small sarpanches, second rung leaders from cantonment, leaders from Prodduttor, a coconut vendor, a battery shop owner, few NRIs and many more people. As we patiently waited, Jagan came in. The whole waiting room became electric. We all got a glimpse of the dynamic leader and he quickly vanished into his office. First there was meeting with MLAs and Sambasiva raju garu. After an hour or so, we were asked to stand next to his office and to go in next. Then unfortunately, Nallapureddy prasanna kumar and Bala nagi reddy came in and they were let in. Then again another 20 minutes wait. Then we were told that Jagan is going to come out. At that point I lost hope that I would meet him today. Then his personal secretary told us to calmly go in to another waiting room and wait there.

As we entered the room, the people in that room – all of them from proddutoor told us that it is supposed to be a closed room meeting for them with Jagan. I told them that we were asked by Jagan’s secretary to wait there. As we were speaking Jagan entered the room. Then his secretary introduced me to him. I gave him a bouquet and conveyed belated birthday and Christmas wishes. He un-wrapped the star registry certificate and asked where I live. I told him that I was big fan of Y.S from my child hood. He said “thanks Sarma”. He is very fascinating person – especially when you talk to him directly. His treatment towards the coconut vendor was the same as treatment towards NRI like me and the same as the treatment towards other political leaders. Then I snapped pictures with Y.V.Subba reddy garu and gattu ramachander rao garu.Then I met Vijayachander garu. Ambati garu and Surekhamma were not there.

I met Y.S when he was not in power – long before he even came close to power. I see striking similarities- Same smile and treatment. If you guys ever get a chance, please do meet this charming leader. You will be as mesmerized as I am or more for sure.


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  1. ABI

    No need to worry about Kodumur constuency , former Tdp candidate My uncle met with Jagan.He has strong base in Kodumur.

  2. with dirty “hastham” you cannot stop the SUN ..the Jagat …the Jagan.
    Jagan party has won whereever it contested so far in Vizag and Warangal. Its his own constituency. I wonder if there is any contest at all. It will for sure set very high majority since people have a mandate to support Jagan. There will be a resounding win in YSR zilla and pulivendula.
    Knowing the reality , DL understood he is not going to any votes in congress and is all set to woo TDP and join there.

    we have put out first article on this few days ago in our blog

  3. YSR Great


    What is the people mood in Pulivendula? Can we expect good majority for MP seat?

  4. RK

    moderator garu .. pls put this in main post kindly

  5. Nawaz

    Sharma garu congrates…..

    Here I want to tell the condition of the Jagan party in few assembly constituency in Kurnool district from last one week I am in my native Yemmiganur we have a rice mill in native and my father have close with our ex-municipal chairman and other congress leaders.

    Politics are changing very fast in our constituency see this

    Our MLA’s son and son-in-law met Jagan yesterday when i spoke to our Ex-chairman he also told me the same that our MLA has given signal to join Jagan anna party.

    and coming to Mantralayam constituency MLA Balanagireddy and his bother and son are with Jagan so no worry. they have good milage in Mantralayam constituency

    Alur constituency if MLA Niraja reddy joins Jagan then its ok otherwise no problem anyway Kotla Harichakrapani Reddy is going to Jagan. and even we have M. Mareeppa here

    Adoni constituency Ex-MLA Sai prasad reddy bother of Mantrlayam MLA is there so no problem.

    Pattikonda constituency we will going to have SV Subbareddy family so there also we will not have any problem.

    In total kurnool parliment constituency we have to search for the candidates for Kodumur.

    This is 100% kotla family constituency so we have work hard here some what better because of Kotla Hari is supporting Jagan it will help alot

    Kurnool constituency here also we have to work hard…

    In Nandyala Parliment constituency

    Nandyala – Silpa Mohan Reddy
    Allagada – Bhuma Shobha Nagi Reddy
    Bhanaganapalli – Katasani Rami Reddy / Challa Ramakrishana Reddy
    Panyam – Katasani Rambhupal Reddy
    Nandikotkur – Labbi Venkataswami / Gowru Charitha Reddy
    Nandyala Parliment – Bhuma Nagi Reddy

    In Nandyala Parilment constituency we have two more constituency

    Srisilam and Dhone here Jagan has to work out

    If Niraja Contest from Allur then Kotla Hari will contest from Dhone.
    And for Kurnool Jagan has been select a musilum condidate it will be a good option

    • MekonKing


      good analysis. Kurnool parliament kinda vunde assembly constituencies pai kuda konhem analyze cheyyi…

      I think this one going to be tough as kotla family has some hold.
      Is kotla hari chakra pani reddy got good weight ?
      Is he the brother of surya prakash reddy ?
      Oka MLC vunnadu BC candidate . YS thought of giving him the kurnool parliament …last minute lo kotla ki ichharu sonia influence tho.
      This was happened in 2004.

      • Suren

        Definitely Late Kotla has a good name in Kurnool Dt.But Kotla Surya Prakasah Reddy is not up to the mark of his father in any way.It will be a good idea if Jagan gives MP seat to ex DGP of Karnataka (T Srinivasulu).The reason is Srinivasulu comes from Boya caste which has a very good percentage of votes in Kurnool and Anantaput districts.This shows a very postive image to the people too.

        • MekonKing

          yes…srinivasulu garu ..YS wanted give the MP seats tp him in 2004.
          kotla wife sonia kurnool vachhinappudu chetulu pattukoni ardhinchindi immani.

          Aa vidham ga miss ayyinid. Srinivasulu wife belongs to some other bc caste who numerically good in that constituency ..

          • Suren

            Correct..Srinivasulu gari wife is from Kuruba caste.
            Boya and kuruba castes has a big percentage of votes in both Kurnoola dn Anantapur.

  6. RK

    chaitanya’s next video

  7. underhill

    Jagan should strongly support united andhra as all telangana credit will go to TRS. And should start a youth brigade in telangana which will counter physical attacks by TRS activists, so to gain the sympathy of all people who are against to TRS ( I believe at least 60% people in all 10 districts). By doing this we will become champions of this people and a solid vote base as no other gut leader to do this.

    If you observe the by elections in TRS seats, people out rightly rejected the parties with double standards. We need to understand this first who ever asking for strategy or words gimmick. We have to say either YES or NO.

    If YES, we have to fight like a “revolution” party not just like a regular party so we can share the votes with TRS.

    If NO, we have to fight for all telugu people and fight against all TRS activities so we can get opposite TRS vote base. All other parties like TDP, PRP and left will remain as damp squibs in this region. This is the hardest path to take but we can see the results in long term.

    • There is no more TRS. It is officially getting sold to Congress .
      For just 1 day effort from Congress MPs , the 1300 cases on many anti-social elements( out of 1300 cases , only 167 are on students with high severity ) were lifted and KCR himself has appreciated Congress .

  8. cs

    YSR_MSR garu I agree with your statement.
    “Any big leader will have some ZPTC’s and MPTC’s under him already, so it will make our job easier. Basically those MPTC’s or ZPTC’s generally depends on their immediate leader ”

    I visited few villages near my nativetown (Nellore) recently, many people have sympathy towards Jagan, but still I am not yet complety convinced in my discussions that it will turn into votes, many in villages are seeing there immediate leader who can help them in small small works. In some places people were saying Anam brothers have backstabed YS family, but they are looking for some convincing local leader who can listen to them and who can be in touch with them. Somireddy chandramohan reddy (TDP) seen him visiting literally every village. I feel once party is formed many local leaders (ZPTC/MPTC) will resign and join the new party, from there we need to develop the cadre from grass root level by giving responsibility to local leaders.

    I feel constitunecies like naidupet, sullurpet, gudur , venkatagiri are little weak compared to other 6 constitunecies.

  9. Andhra Pride

    Hi All,
    Does chiru’s rythu odarpu yatra has any impact on jagan’s party….
    i guess jagan should start involving in people’s issues more often ,else we might lag behind???

    • YSR_MSR

      Not Much, but his failure has some impact on jagan as people are bit nervous to come out of other parties by looking at his party failure….

  10. YSR_MSR


    Am back to my Native in Chittoor District, I have good relations with the people in Piler constituency(where Kiran represents) and Pungunur(where peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy represents). I have interacted with many people in last few days, especially with educated,uneducated and grass root level voters. When i interacted with educated(the people who generally watch news and read papers), they are fully supporting jagan, no doubt abt that….At the same time when i interacted with uneducated, grass root level farmers and workers, they do not have much idea about Jagan’s party….frankly speaking they are in view that Jagan is still in congress and will be contesting with HAND symbol…..they knows only Hastham symbol when i talked about YSR and Jagan…. these are the people who doesn’t read news papers or watch TV, these are the people who generally votes….I am not dicouraging anyone here, the point here is we need to take the Party and Symbol to the grass root level, which is the first and foremost thing we need to do than just depending on media and other sources….Once the Party is formed our immediate goal is to take the party to the every nook and corner, otherwise it will be very difficult to get the votes, though people wanted to vote….

    I think we dont need to blame anyone for this, but this will be everyone’s responsibility to take the party to grass root level….people wanted to vote but at the same time we need to give them the enough information to get those votes. And also we need to highlight each and every issue by going to public. Just depending on Media will not help at all…..

    Also, what i have observed is, it may not be a cake walk as there are many Local factors which will make people to vote. I thought 90% Reddy’s will vote for Jagan, but looks to be this is not the case when i spoke to people….. If they are already with TDP , they are not willing to switch to jagan as this may end their political career locally….so local politics also plays a big role, so we need to have strategy or plan to counter this….

    What i observed in most of the Rayalaseema regions is,the fight will always be between Reddy’s, this will be advantage for Oppossite party’s like TDP and Congress, this will split some reddy’s votes…..but neutral people will support Jagan, which is very rare when it comes to villages as each village has alreay TDP and Congress groups….
    Also, many leaders are in wait and watch situation, they are not ready to take the risk by coming out of well established parties like Congress and TDP. They are bit scared bcz Jagan’s party may happen like PRP. SO they are just waiting…… I think the turning point will be Kadapa and Pulivendula elections. If Jagan anna wins in both the elections with thumping majority, then people n leaders will switch to Jagan anna with confidence, else they wil stick to their own parties.

    Also, when it comes to Chittoor dist,Jagan anna’s party is not active as we expected, there is no good leader who can take cadre, leaders and people as a group . Right now, only Karunakar Reddy is there but he holds grip only in Tirupathi and also he is busy with OY. So we need some strong leaders to do some activities and to take party to the people. As per sources,People like Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy will not join Jagan anna’s party, so we need right leaders…..As per the sources, If the situation continues like today, then TDP will have an edge in chittoor dist as TDP is strong in many areas. So we need to be very careful in selecting the leaders….

    • ram


      I hope Peddi Reddy will sail with Jagan as Mithun is close to Jagan…

      Yes you are right not only in Chittor in every district Jagan needs a good leader like Bhuma as for kurnool..

      I hope Jagan will work out on this..and his statement on govt tropple indicates the same thing.. he nee atleast 1-2 years to build the cadre and and build the party….
      I can say Jagan is aware of the actual situation before he quit the party… And I believe Our party will not be one more PRP.As Chiranjeevi is not a good leader and he never tried to build cadre.

      And coming to by election of Kadapa .. Jagan is really working hard to get the situation under control.Particularly Mydukur and Kamala puram are bit weak.But there is a possibility of ant DL and votes can poll in favour of Jagan. (Bhuma’s work in Mydukur is really praise worthy)

      Hope for the best..

      If not now then never …………..

      • YSR_MSR

        I know peddireddy’s son Mithun is close to Jagan, but still looks like Peddireddy doesn’t want to take a chance to leave Congress party. So i think he made mind to stick to congress. So not much hopes on Peddireddy. I think most of the ministers and senior MLA’s will stick to congress in Andhra as they are already seniors in the party.

        • peddi reddy is already a core member of Jagan team. He is not media savvy as he accent is not that media friendly since he talks short and straight.

          • YSR_MSR

            He may be, but he may not come out of congress, he will support Jagan in another constituencies but he will sail with congress in his own constituency

    • Nawaz

      Hi to all

      YSR_MSR garu I will agree that local leaders are very much necessary to the new party but I don’t think it is compulsory because I think we have to concentrate on the cader and the second grade leaders like sarpanch, MPTC, ZPTC ward members, counselors…etc not only from congress but from all the parties and the farmers and the people how you have mentioned in your comments we have to create a idea and we have to take our party and the symbol of the party to each and every village and to each and every individual in the state who ever it may be whether it is educated or uneducated people who are watching news channels or reading news papers.

      I don;t think still we have the house which is not having TV in the house even if we have it will be less than 10%-20% yes i agree with you these are the people who are going to vote in the elections tomorrow so we have to be very much carefull about these people we have to create a awareness among the people that now Jagan is not in congress and he is going to contest election on his own symbol.

      You and me and the people in the blog and fans of YSR and YSJ even if they ask to vote or not we are going to vote the party we have to make the others to vote fot the party.

      • YSR_MSR


        I agree wih you. Almost 70 to 80 % of the people has TV. However, they just watch ETV serials like Chandramukhi or Baryamani, followed by 9PM ETV news. So they hardly see any News Channels except some political active people. I have been seeing this trend in the villages….So do u think just watching TV will give us votes as most of these villagers doesn’t watch news but only Serials and Movies. So we need to educate these kind of people about the new party and symbol. Any big leader will have some ZPTC’s and MPTC’s under him already, so it will make our job easier. Basically those MPTC’s or ZPTC’s generally depends on their immediate leader than leader of the party. So if we target a big leader, it will be easier for us to get the second grade learers and cadre immediately without working hard to get each and every individual. One example is in Pungunur constituency, not even one MPTC or ZPTC resigned so far in favour of Jagan anna…. they r just sticking to Peddireddy’s decision. So no one will come out until Peddireddy comes out and support Jagan. So these kind of situations will be difficult to face and to get second grade cadre. Without, second grade cadre it will be difficult to win elections as they are the back bones for any party, who generally does all the election engineering work, including Canvassing, Arranging the meetings, Dispatching what ever people needs to vote for and educating people about symbol. More importantly the right agents at every booth is crucial for any party to win. Every booth requires right agents, who can tell voters….So plenty of work ahead for jagan anna and to all YSR and YSJ fans…..

        • Pileru

          I agree. But also I surprise how NTR was able to win the elections when there was not much presence of media and without any party cadre?

          Why Peddi Reddy wants to stick to congress?

          • YSR_MSR

            See NTR period is entirely different, there was only one party congress at that time. so alternative for congress is NTR, so they have voted for NTR. If you look at today, so many parities are there ….if the fight is only between two parties then it may be different but b/n couple of parties then it may be difficult…. If you look at today’s symbols in voting list there are so many….

    • revanth

      No need to worry about anything, once jagan starts the party and once we get the symbol everything will fall under places.

      i think jagan is identifying good people who are suitable for their constituencies. in chandragiri Cheviredy has already started padayathra and he is covering all the villages. so there is no doubt that if he gets chance for chandra girl he is going to defect gallamma with out any dout.(if roja gets seat also she is going to win this time)

      in kalahasthi madhusudhan reddy might get chance.

      nagari he has to idetify person.

      in my point of view peddireddy is going to join jagan party with out second thought , no doubt about that, if he is not going to join in jagan party it will b big loose for jagan .peddireddy having good command in another constituencies also.

      • YSR_MSR

        I dont agree with you at all when it comes to Chandragiri constituency if the ticket is given to Chevireddy bhaskar reddy. Chevireddy is just a small time leader, he doesn’t have good name at the ground level. It will be difficult for him to contest against big leader like Aruna kumari. This may become advantage to TDP.

        However, if the ticket is given to Roja, then chances are there to win but not to Chevireddy. I enquired this from people…..people are not happy with chevireddy with his unnecessary dharnas and strikes…..

        When it comes to peddireddy, he may not come out of congress, but he may send his group to Jagan in another constituencies….. my relative is close to Peddireddy….he told me that he will not leave congress as it is a national paty and also he is a senior in that party…..

        • Pileru

          Yes. Chevi Reddy should stop unnecessary darnas. He is not MLA material. If Roja is the candidate then she has chances.

          I am disappointed that Peddireddy is not coming to Jagan’s side. He is a big asset if he comes.

          In Madana Palli even though ex municipal chairman Naresh wants to join Jagan’s side but he can not as present MLA is with Jagan.
          In thamballa palli it is good if Kalicheral Prabhakar Reddy joins Jagan’s side.

          Many leaders may be scared because what happened to PRP.

        • Rightly said about chevi reddy…. I think jagan’s team also has the same impression. thats why his statements are not highlighted that much…
          Roja on the other hand is given more importance in terms of party organization and other related stuff…. so i think jagan anna is not that stupid to promise chevireddy mla ticket… all said and done roja has more touch with ground reality and carder support… tdp guys in chittoor are actually feeling very bad that she has moved to jagan’s fold

  11. Indrasena

    blog owner,please let me know your mail or contact number..I would like to talk to you.thanks.
    –indrasena reddy

  12. ram

    It will be good If Jagan try for MV Mysura whos has good hold in Kamala puram by assuring some thing and Kandula family from Kadapa.

  13. sreenath

    mottam 7 niyojaka vargallu vunnayi

    KAdapa city.

    Indulo as of now
    Jagan ku favour ga vunnavi Pulivendula,Jammalamadugu,Proddutur and Badvel

    Sonia congress ku KAmalapuram and Mydukur favour ga vunnayi
    KAdapa 50-50 as of now
    Bhooma nagireddy baga active ga vunnadu jagan tarupuna ikkada
    LAst time Pulivendula and Badevel lo bharee majority vachhidni jagan ku

  14. JaGun

    Dear friends of YSR Party:

    I have been an admirer of this blog right from its “” days. This blog has slowly evolved to be a productive platform to discuss views on Jagan’s political future. Great political minds are visiting this blog and I am very happy to see that.

    I am totally confident about and impressed with Jagan’s political future in Seemandhra, and I can smell the pulse of Seemandhra(SA) people. But my only worry is about Jagan’s political future in Telangana(TG). If Sri Krishna Committee (SKC) recommends TG state formation, things will be very clear for Jagan and we have nothing to discuss for formulating strategies in that scenario. What if SKC report is inconclusive on TG state formation and in that case what should be the YSR Party’s stand on TG issue. I personally feel that no political party will survive in TG without explaining its policy on TG state creation. I am aware that TG issue is a very sensitive and complex issue for any political party.

    After observing the events after YSR’s death, I am of the view that Ahmed Patel used TG weapon in the form of KCR’s deeksha and tried to kill Jagan’s political future. This entire TG Congress MP batallion is being led from behind by none other than Ahmed Patel (so called High Command). In the end, God is great, the same TG weapon will kill Congress forever not only in TG but also in Seemandhra.

    One has to be a Chanakya for defining YSR Party’s policy on TG issue under these sensitive political circumstances. I am giving some guidelines for defining this TG policy for YSR party.

    1)Seemandhra(SA) people do not mind if TG policy is defined after taking SA people’ apprehensions also into consideration. Make Central Government primarily responsible to take care of these apprehensions of people from all three regions of AP state.
    2)Support TG sentiment with conditions attached. Conditions like completion of Jalayagnam projects. Giving unconditional support to TG sentiment will have negative impact for Jagan’s political future in SA.
    3)Define the TG policy in such a way that majority of the TG people are convinced and only a minority section of SA people are uncomfortable. Try to maintain ‘status-quo’ on sensitive issues as far as you can.
    4)Caution, do not use these words in the policy: “Rendu Kallu”, “Hyderabad issues”, “Ekaabhiprayam”

    I request all friends of YSR Party to put their views about how YSR Party should move forward regarding TG issue in future.

    • Jagan has great mileage in Telangana. Its wrapped undercover now in the name of separate state.
      It is YSR who has done the best as CM to Telangana with jala yagnam, timely pensions and loan waiver and helped there to reduce the suicide rate.
      It will not go waste… There is a silent weapon in common hands called vote.It will take care of Jagan.

      Jagan would not have started a new separate party without confidence and vote analysis in telangana.

      we will focus about Telangana very soon in our blog more categorically without emotions in

    • CVR

      Yes JaGun garu.
      We have to be careful.

    • RK

      Dear JaGun

      It is a very tricky issue and hence I dont know what to say really except that J should ensure that his policy only creates harmony between both regions.

  15. RK

    Felt very happy to see this post.

    Thanks Sarma Garu for your update. It really gives lot of joy to all of us.

  16. CVR

    What Gurava Reddy told is 100 % true.
    Viveka should scold those who criticize YSR.
    This is what Viveka should do to show his respect to his beloved brother.
    Viveka has become Chandra Babu in YS Family.

    • Dr

      I think Viveka is just enacting the script written by his Son-In- Law Mr. Raja Narreddy. He has become a puppet in his son-in- law’s hand and bringing shame to the entire YS Family. You can see this guy, shadowing Viveka at every meeting, right from the Delhi episode. This guy is desperate to establish a Medical college and gift it to his wife(Viveka’s Daughter), and is stooping to such low levels.
      I had a breif interaction with this guy during their recent tour across US, to commemorate the death anniversary of YSR. He displayed an attitude at that time, and I felt like I never want to meet this guy again in my life. We all thought that this guy was introspect, but everyone agreed that he is not a good fit to be in YS family. Every one was expecting to listen some personal experiences from both the Mama- Allullu. Can you imagine that Viveka literally read the ” Ekkadiki veltavu Rajanna” that was telecasted in Sakshi TV thousands of times, with Sakshi Ram’s Voice over. That was all his speech. Later his son spoke and said that Dr YSR was a good human being, and concluded his speech just in 2 minuttes. It was utter dissapointment to all of us, who were expecting to hear some unheard personal experiences. I feel that lets not waste time with these kind of people.

      • Gurava Reddy

        Dr gaaru, I can empathize with you on this issue. It’s very unfortunate that YSV and Raja Narreddy are the kind of people that they are. My instincts never trusted them. I know them from almost 10 years. I discouraged the organizers of all the cities not to invite any politicians as special guests for YSR 1st Vardhanthi celebrations. I always thought we, in the US are doing this for our own sake and we truly love YSR. I did not want people back home to think that we are doing these programs as per the prompting of Jagan or someone else. Some people on the call suggested me that there may not be anything wrong in inviting someone in the family like YSV. But knowing what I knew already, I discouraged them, without letting them know anything what I knew. But, there came this guy from Bay Area that talked to YSV and his son-in-law and invited them to participate in Vardhanthi in Bay Area, against my repeated personal requests (I might have begged him more than ten times not to do this and on top of it, I came to know that he has called a few people across the country to ask them to call and congratulate YSV on becoming a minister and was yelled at). And, he sent a mail to all the local coordinators an email about it urging them to invite YSV/Raja to other cities. Then, I was forced to have another conference and had to yield to pressure of getting him to all the cities. I knew back then that we all would be crushed when we come to know YSV’s real plans eventually. The first stroke came with his leaked letter to Sonia Gandhi. And, second one came with his begging of ministry. The people that put their heart and soul for YSR Vardhanthi functions in various cities and who accorded so much respect for YSV are crestfallen now. I don’t care who is pushing YSV from behind, but as a brother of the greatest leader ever of the state he should have known better. mana bangaaram baagunte pakkodni anaalsina panendi? As per Raja, most organizers across the country called me and complained of his attitude. These two, YSV and Raja in fact came for fund raising for medical college that they want to set up in Kadapa. It’s just that they mixed this with YSR Vardhanthi, which is a blasphemy in my opinion. They called and met with a dignitary (that called YSR rakatam thaagevaadu in one of the Jai Telangana functions) in Atlanta. They did not care about YSR but only the money that they were after. I do hope that YSV realizes that cutting down YS Jagan is like cutting down the tree that he is sitting on.

        • CVR

          Gurava Reddy,
          You guys should have cancelled the invitation once the letter leaked out.We all got shocked when we saw the letter.

        • past is past… lets not waste our time on things that were not in our hands to begin with…. I feel even more sad for whole ys family. They are not like the nandamuris. they gave so much importance to family and its values and its principles. they were never in the lime light though they were all in such high positions. now they are in the limelight for the wrong reasons. whatever may be the case… i still hope ysv comes back to the rest of ys family..

          • Like Gurava reddanna said, we just love YSR since he came to politics. All I want to see him as a CM for long time. He missed several times, finally got it on his own. Our love and support is not get a MLA seat or a contract. It’s pure LOVE! But, how come a guy who shared blood with YSR do this? Forget about politics..JUST aas MAN you have certain values before you die. he has enough money, he should have live rest his life for pride and dignity. He hurt so many ppl’s heart. I do not know all these incidents with RAJA and YSV. All I can say, my blood is boiling with YSV than KK or VH. He is worse than those dogs.

  17. Dr

    A good article from

    Congress – A Punching Bag in AP

    With the D-day for submission of Srikrishna Committee report is fast approaching, politics in the State is fast acquiring a shape of “do or die” battle. All the political parties are going for the kill with Congress party remaining in the “state of muddle”.

    While the Congress has overlooked the complexities of Telangana issue and Jagan factor, TRS and other Telangana proponents are bracing up to take a firm grip of politics in Telangana region. On the other hand, the Seemandhra region has been witnessing several anti-congress activities which are being spearheaded by both Jagan and TDP.

    The Congress party has become a “punching bag” of its rivals who are gearing up to command the politics in the state. While, the Congress is being subjected to an all-round attack from its rivals, neither the PCC nor the AICC was in sight to defend the Party in the state. The chaos and the lack of co-ordination between the Party and the State government pushed the Congress into a ‘state of nothingness”.

    The complete mess the party is in indicates that post December, it is not the state which will be divided but it is the Congress Party which is heading for vertical split. The vertical split will lead either to “President Rule” or to “Mid-term” elections. The whole scenario replicates a “great comedy circus” while the Congress has become a joke among the people.

    The chaos and confusion is resultant of divergence between the peoples’ aspirations and the Political interests.

    It is from the above context the present tactics of KCR’s offer of merging his party with the Congress need to be looked.

    The offer is calculated bait made sensing its discomfiture and aimed to further embarrass it politically. The impact of the bait is already being felt with the Telangana congress leaders scurrying for sabre-rattle to put their own government under pressure. They are gearing up to up their ante to grab the attention of the people from the politics of KCR. Given, the Congress’ penchant for promises which generally remain unfulfilled, it is unlikely that the latest display of these leaders’ sudden love for Telangana issue will halt the ever diminishing credibility of the Congress in Telangana region. KCR in a shrewd move is trying to expose the discomfiture of the Party to take a decision on Telangana issue by announcing that he would go to any length, even if it was meant to dissolve his party to achieve Telangana. The failure of the Congress to concede Telangana despite such offer of sacrifice from TRS will only make Congress look silly among the people, thereby, it will inject apprehensions among Telangana congress leaders over their political future. The result of such apprehensions will lead for a split in Telangana congress ranks. The present “quit threat” of Telangana congress MPs is one such consequence of KCR’s offer.

    KCR having tasted success in decimating TDP is now making crafty moves to discolor the image of the Congress in Telangana region. Therefore, the offer is aimed both to smudge the image of the Congress and induce a split among its ranks. He is fast creating a situation conducive for Mid-term elections. KCR has “mastered the supreme art of the war to reduce the enemy without fighting”.

    At the same time, KCR by directing all Joint Action Committees including that of OUJAC and other student wings to co-ordinate their activities with the Political JAC headed by his dummy Prof. Kodandaram Ram is trying to take control of the movement into his hands. He even directed that calls for the movement related programs including Bandhs will be given by the Political JAC. He has begun evolving new strategies to keep the movement under his control and at the same time to keep its intensity at sustainable levels. He seemed to have understood that it is going to be a long struggle before the statehood for Telangana is achieved.

    It is ridiculous to perceive that it took one year for KCR to realize that Srikrishna Committee has nothing to offer to solve Telangana issue. He along with the high-command of the Congress has been playing with the sentiments of Telangana people. Till the other day, he was crying from the roof tops that the Movement for Telangana has reached a “decisive phase” and suddenly he has begun to talk of launching agitations with a clear and cautious strategy. Once again he is gearing up to take the Telangana people for a ride.

    The Congress party in the state is at war with itself with virtually getting reduced to minority position in Seemandhra region and struggling for survival in the absence of any clear stand on Telangana issue in Telangana region. With the party leaders struggling to find a political space for them selves in the region, Congress has virtually became a “Punching Bag” in the state. It is obvious to state that the Party is in a “Pathetic State” in the state.

  18. Sarma

    Though I was not actively participating, I was reading this blog often. After YSR death I just could not take digest the fact that street level congress leaders like VH were attacking YS. So I was disenfranchised. I am very delighted that Jagan came out. Now we enjoy fruits of our own labor, unlike previously where leaders sitting in Delhi enjoyed fruits of YSR’s labour.

    I did not get a chance to convey these points to Jagan’s team. But if anyone gets a chance please do convey these points:
    1) We need sakshi (Not on internet) telecasted in the US via satellite.

  19. Gurava reddanna article taken down

  20. Dr

    Sarma garu, Good to see you back in the forum. I was just wondering about you, as I did not see any posts from you, off late. Thank you for sharing your experience. I always believed your convictions, as you possess a very balanced judging skills. Looking forward more from you, after you return to US.

  21. RRK

    Good one Gurava liked it

  22. congrats… yes. He is always calm and composed some great qualitites inherited from the legend YSR.

    We brought real facts behing KKs fasting in our blog :

    • Dr

      Agree with you jaganfan garu. I am not sure if KK is going to succeed in his endeavor, but he definitely created a sought of history. For the first time ever, I have seen people and leaders (cutting across the party lines) cursing a person, who is fasting for a cause. They are laughing at all these spineless people.I watched a part of the drama on the Channels and could not stop myself from laughing. I personally feel that, with this stroke, KK had delivered a death blow to the credibility of Congress party on Telangana issue. Lets enjoy the non-stop comedy being generated by KK &Co. I pity those MPs & MLAs sitting behind KK. Had they sat in their own constituencies, on a individual basis, they would have at least got some credit.

      • well said sir.
        They should do the fast in their consituencies to win the hearts of the people and not at gunrock-hyderabad where all of them fighting for mikes and speakers and try to visible in TV cameras. Its really a farce.

  23. prabhakar

    long time no see, any how congtrats sarma garu.happy holidays

    Prabhakar(veterinarian NJ)

  24. Ranga Raju

    Excellent rebuttal Gurava Reddy garu .. you have spelled out our feelings with very good narration and apt justifications ..
    Here is what he had to say on “Aviveka” flyer on Odarpu Yatra and other things ..


    Thaks anna, You know I’m relaxed. Refine it, we can put one page paper ad in INDIA.


  26. You know Sarma ji, that same impression (you got today from Jagan, which makes you want be with Jagan) is dangerous man. That was YSR sotthu When people meet ever smiling, beautiful, friendly YSR..they want to die for him. Indira gandhi has the killing, brutal attraction and YSR has it. Once you talk to him, you’re done. YSR has that simple talk to every one and no one comes out of sweet friendship of him. Even now, when I see pictures that glorious smile I thought I’m going breakdown with cry, even now, while I’m writing I want breakdown and cry. Imagine if all AP people got chance and met him? it’s not 650 deaths, the number would be in Lakhs!

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