Mana Party….

Jagan Reddy names new party YSR Party

New Delhi: Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy, has submitted an application to register his new party, to be called YSR Party. 

Jagan had quit the Congress in November, after months of rebellion as he struggled to come to terms with the fact that the Congress did not view him as the natural successor of his father, who died in a helicopter crash in September 2009.

The application to register the YSR Party was handed over to the Election Commission by Jagan’s uncle, YV Subba Reddy.

Sources said Jagan had zeroed in on two names for his new party – both around his father’s name – YSR Congress and YSR Party. But many of his supporters felt the word `Congress’ should be avoided given the acrimonious parting of ways with the Congress party.

Jagan had last week said he intends to seek re-election from Kadapa Lok Sabha seat and was not keen on destabilising the Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh. 

He said he has fast-tracked the process to register and launch his new political party before the bye-elections for Kadapa and Pulivendula assembly constituencies are announced.

The seats were vacated by him and his mother Vijayalaxmi after they quit Congress on November 29 last year alleging “humiliation” by the party high command.

Jagan has also claimed that he has no intention to destabilise the Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh as he is preparing to face the Assembly elections in 2014.

Courtesy NDTV


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27 responses to “Mana Party….

  1. rohit

    జగన్‌కు జనసంద్ర శుబోదయం

    • Chandu

      Today AP express (Hyd-New Delhi) finally cancelled, expected by J anna one week before, that’s why Anna own gaa arrange chesukunnaru special train for Deesha.
      For KKR now 3 issues.
      1.Deeksha in Delhi
      2.Peddi reddy started padayatra (raghu veera dowtyham failed.)
      3.T sega.
      Guy’s what’s happened no updates even in weekends.

  2. NLR

    DAY 5….OY…..VIZAG….


  3. NLR


  4. Mohan


    See the narsipatnam meeting..jagan improved alot in speech ..i felt soo happy while watching the video. People are responding very nicely to his speech..

  5. One more step towards Jagan reaching the top.
    It was clear from India today survey that there is slide in congress.
    Thanks to Raja , kalmadi and the list goes .. from a small apartment(adarsh apts) to whole sky ( frequescy bands and the spectrum) , they have done corruptions in all walks of life…

    • Pileru

      Did they give state wise?

    • Sesh

      encouraging rpt..gud 1

      • Gurava Reddy

        I think the Congress total is exaggerated, more than what I would expect. Whatever seats India Today added to the total from Andhra Pradesh can be safely subtracted as Congress will be left with a big zero.

        On another interesting note from someone in his family, KKR was asked to get some funds to “satisfy” KCR. And in the same note, KKR thinks Congress will not cross single digit either in Seemandhra (175) or in Telangana (119). All he wants to do is be the CM for as long as he can be. He advised his own people to keep a secret line with YSJ for their political survival.

        • Sesh

          you may be right…Rahul Gandhi topping the poll is not a gud sign. But interesting aspect is that no one from South India is a contestant for PM post or as best CM (YSR wud hv been the one). Jagan should target at this opportunity in the long run.

  6. rajnjj

    narsipatnam lo chala baga matladadu jagan tadabatu lekunda he rocked keep going thats what iam expecting from jagan he rocked

  7. pr

    narsipatnam OY live on TV9 rocking

  8. NLR

    DAY 5…..OY….VIZAG….Schedule ….

  9. NLR

    DAY 4 ….OY…VIZAG….



  10. PSK

    Correct ga chepaaru Nawaz gaaru…
    Guys…let’s not discuss T issue here plz…

  11. Nawaz

    This is from YSR district

    Just now I saw in TV9 that Raghurami Reddy is going to join Jagan anna Party.

    He is Ex District TDP president.

  12. Nawaz

    Hi guys yesterday i was not seen the blog i was reading the SKC report, today morning when i saw the blog it is full of SKC Report decision why should scrach our heads as rightly said by NLR and CVR anna let the Congress and TDP and the governements at the center and state decide what to do we are not in a postion to stop the decision of the govt. as the people of the state we have the right to express our opinions.

    My request to all friends anna manamu eekada yantha chenchukuna yemi prayoganam ledu kanuka danigirinchi yakuvaga discuss cheyatam valla manam manam godapadatam dandaga yes we have to know the opinion of all the members let us right is our opinion on dividing the state or keeping the state united. andari abiprayalu manaku teliyatam kuda manchidi kada. Request to all the members that manamantham chadukonavalam kada please don’t use abuse language it will hurt our own friend yedo okka vishayam meda manam manam anukovatham manchidikadu.

    Manamantha ikkada same cause kosam panichestunamu kanuka samyamanam pathinchandi aani manavi…

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