The power of one i.e Jagan


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  1. lokesh

    tv9 alwys supprt babu vastunna meekosam……n shw braking newz evry 3 to 4 hrs……… tv9 nt telecast news abut sharmila pada yatra blodyyyyyyyy kamma yello syndecate chennals

  2. I wish to buy and create a website for ysr congress. Who is the owner of this website? He/She is not responding to my emails?

  3. hi owner,moderators

    i have seen something like tweet jagan at the right side..those tweets are 7 months ago..its better to remove that section and add some interesting things.

  4. does anybody knows how many MLAs participating tomorrow?

  5. CVR

    TV9 Bias

    TV9 always says Jagan has links with Gali Brothers.
    But they never say Babu has links with Enadu and AJ.
    TV9 never says Babu has links with Ambanis who did invest in Ramoji companies.
    TV9 never says Babu has links with Murali Mohan business.
    TV9 shows Babu fasting with number of hours on TV continuously but will not show Jagan fasting like that.
    What a bias?

    • Srin

      Have you seen day before yestarday Telugu News Broadcasters association meeting.
      Yellow syndicate Ravi Prakash,RadhaKrishna,Etv news head all three are together and others are were standing behind them.
      We have to stamp Tv9 is another TDP channel.

      TDP Split Drama to turn focus from Jagan to CBN.
      It is a big conspiracy and you can see that when eenadu and AJ,Surya,Tv9 showing TDP Split it as Headlines .They didnot show same way when devender goud moved out from the party during that time in krishna distirct whole cable network was stopped.

      Now this yellow syndicate simply trying to bring sympathy from seemandhra people that even party is splitting CBN is holding to United AP card as there is already big damage done in Telangana and this situation may not give much damage.

  6. ram


    What about Konda Surekha ,Mekapati brothers..

    Kotam Reddy … and some other is there any split?

  7. ఢిల్లీకి పయనమయిన జననేత
    సికింద్రాబాద్: దేశ రాజధానిలో చేపట్టనున్న ఒకరోజు దీక్షలో పాల్గొనేందుకు యువనేత, కడప మాజీ ఎంపీ వైఎస్ జగన్ ప్రత్యేక రైలులో ఢిల్లీకి బయలుదేరారు. ఆదివారం మధ్యాహ్నం 3 గంటల ప్రాంతంలో సికింద్రాబాద్ స్టేషన్ నుంచి రైలు ముందుకు కదిలింది. జగన్ వెంట 1500 మంది రైతన్నలు, నేతలు హస్తినకు పయనమయ్యారు. సికింద్రాబాద్ స్టేషన్ కు భారీగా తరలివచ్చిన అభిమానులు, కార్యకర్తలు జగన్‌కు ఘనంగా వీడ్కోలు పలికారు. కృష్ణా ట్రిబ్యునల్ తీర్పుతో మన రాష్ట్రానికి జరిగిన అన్యాయాన్ని కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం దృష్టికి తెచ్చేందుకు యువనేత వైఎస్ జగన్ ఈ నెల 11న ఢిల్లీలో ఒక రోజు దీక్ష చేపట్టనున్నారు.

    • Chandu

      NTV news: Konda Surekha is not going to Newdelhi Deeksha, is it true ? If anyone knows any information regarding this please share it.

  8. CVR

    I have stopped watching TV9 like ETV2,ABN,StudioN.
    TV9 is more poisonous than ather TDP channels.
    Ravi Prakash is suffering with severe caste feeling and he will not sleep till
    Babu comes back to power.

    • satish reddy.pati

      But CVR garu,sometimes we have to watch,what they are talking than we can face them easily,me too i don t watch etv2,abn,studio n,but i read eenadu and i watch news watch tv9 bcoz we ……….

  9. satish reddy.pati

    Hi All
    I hate this Sandya,Who Comes in TV9 News Watch.when ever she comes,she target s our ysr family,indirectly she supports tdp[cbn].I Request ALL Our YSR are fans and followers,if these kind of people like sandya,if they comes to varadi in TV9 OR any others programs like when we can call them and talk to them.plz plz plz do not leave them….and if any one knows about her,can u tell me plz.i am really really hate this lady

    • CVR

      TV9 is dead against Jagan and Chiru.
      TV9 Ravi Prakash and Rajanikanth want CBN back in power at any cost.
      Ravi Prakash has joined Ramoji and Radha Krishna and helping TDP.

      This is open secret.

      • satish reddy.pati

        Hi Cvr garu
        you are 100% right,who is this sandya,we have to target them as well.when ever we get chance in live show s,if you watch today s news watch…………….i don’t know, how to express my feelings,my blood is boiling ……………..Satish Reddy.Pati[melbourne]

        • satish reddy.pati

          Name:Satish Reddy.Pati
          Native Place:Thunga Thurthy[nalgonda]
          Mobile :0061425258284………I am A Active member in YSR
          Telangana NRI FORUM

    • CVR

      CBN thinks Jagan as main threat for him to comeback to power and Chiru next.
      So TV9 attacks Jagan heavily and Chiru to lesser extent.

  10. chaitanya

    Guys I m starting to get frustrated by the politics of congress. I feel like someone else is ruling us(AP). Slowly the image of British rule is getting into my nerves…Its time for a real fight again..

    Chaitanya. R

    • Chandu

      Today AP express (Hyd-New Delhi) finally cancelled, expected by J anna one week before, that’s why Anna own gaa arrange chesukunnaru special train for Deesha.
      For KKR now 3 issues.
      1.Deeksha in Delhi
      2.Peddi reddy started padayatra (raghu veera dowtyham failed.)
      3.T sega.
      Guy’s what’s happened no updates even in weekends.

  11. Pileru

    Peddi Reddy doing padayatra in chittoor dist. I do not know what ha has in his mind.

  12. Oka YSR Abhimani From Nellore

    This is what i was talking about Kakani Govardhan REddy from Nellore.

  13. RK

    ram gopal varma likes YS Jagan ..

    super news for me , as I think RGV has an extremely great eye for talent ..

  14. rohit

    అదే అనురాగం.. ఆప్యాయత

  15. NLR

    DAY 6 ….OY….VIZAG….


  16. Ram

    I think these videos must reach all IT folks in all countries. Lets look at strategies and methods to increase the hits on these. I think this is one of the key things to promote Jagan among less (politically) educated net savy telugus.

    • Srin

      I think we need to change two perceptions among netizens, IT folks.

      1.YS Jagan doesnt belong to a single community/cast.
      2.They had a perception that CBN did great to AP IT.(This is not truth,during 90s only, IT revolution started in whole India,Hyderabad has got no exception.CBN bought 100 acres of land (With Murali Mohan)for one crore only in Madhapur area and built a building called Hitech City and after building that building he sold out that 100 acres land to 10000 crores to all real estate(Eg:Jayabheri Real estate) people and invested in 5star hotels in Malaysia and Sigapore and Heritaze Dairy.

      • CVR

        Yes, you are right Srin Garu.
        Babu was hand in glove with MuraliMohan and co and did lot of business.

      • GopalaKrishna G

        I hear CBN invested in hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. Why don’t sakshi expose with photos of those hotels. If CBN attacks with assets issue we can counter back with hotel photos.

  17. vital

    Jagan is doing very good ground work by always staying with people by odarpu yatra or rytu yatra. Also he is taking lot of good decisions and daring and dashing decisions.

    I like his daring steps and directly fight with Sonia, who is powerful in the Inida. Jagan party win or not doesn’t matter. But jagan has proved he has self respect and can fight for people.

    He is roaring like NTR.. I beleive he has bright future.

    Go….Jagan ..Go.. All the best

  18. rakesh

    good video chaitanya

    Seeing the plight of sonia congress, it became eunuch now
    no power to act on any body
    thanks to Jagan for his revolt
    The state is united because of him only

    master stroke
    no one on the way of JAgan at present
    all the best

  19. NLR

    DAY 6….OY….Schedule….

  20. BSR

    The power of one i.e Jagan is too Good.

  21. CVR

    Send your number to

    • Srin

      YSR Party support from Cinema Field
      Puri Jagannath-His brother Uma joined in YSR party
      VV.Vinayak-His father joined YSR party

  22. chaitanya

    Hi all,

    Will be in HYD on 15,16 and 17….Wud love to meet you all and thank you for your immense support. There was never a day in my life recently without looking into this blog. Amazed by the wonderful comments.


    • thanks to you as well…. you are devoting way too much time for jagan anna… we all appreciate it..

      • chaitanya

        I feel its my responsibility. I have sent you my number. I am just trying to inspire as many people as I can. Becoz I know farmers are already with Jagan and it is young people..especially the educated to have faith in YSJ..So I felt that this is the right platform to start.

        Chaitanya. R

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