Happy Sankranthi ..


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  1. Happy Sankranthi to all our Mana Jagan website fans.

    A good news on Sankranthi Day – a success for Jagan

    Also . read 3 historic blunders in Andhra Pradesh Politics.

  2. underhill

    Wish everyone a happy sankranthi

  3. andhra pride

    Are you sure that the party name is YSR party??? i hope this news comes out as true….I am worried if RR is the new party name as advertised…

    I wish YSR party should be the name

  4. CVR

    New Party Name: YSRParty

  5. Mohan

    As per GA following is the sonia view on jagan,

    As regards Jagan issue, Sonia is confident that there is no immediate threat to the government and action could be taken against the erring pro-Jagan MLAs any time. She is of the view that Jagan is only making empty threats and brushed aside his comments as immature. “There is no need to give him so much importance. The party had come across many such dissidents in the past,” she is learnt to have felt.

    • CVR

      With all my experience I can say Congress is going to suffer a lot due to Jagan’s new party.Every leader try to put brave face otherwise party cader will be depressed a lot and Sonia is no exception.

  6. Mohan

    అందరికి సంక్రాంతి శుభాకాంక్షలు!!!!

  7. rohit

    Poacher’ Jagan keeps Chiru on toes
    Hyderabad: Actor-turnedpolitician K Chiranjeevi’s plans to devote 20 days a month to politics and the rest to films have hit a roadblock as he is busy trying to keep his flock of 15 MLAs closely guarded amidst reports of poaching by the Jagan camp.
    Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam is the third largest party in the Assembly with 18 MLAs. But the fast-changing political developments in the state have made the leader sit up and take note of the ‘serious’ efforts by the Jagan camp to wean away party legislators from his fold.
    The Jagan camp has already succeeded in basketing B Shobha Nagi Reddy and-Katasani Rami Reddy, both from Kurnool district, and A Maheshwar Reddy from Nirmal in Adilabad district. With speculation rife that the Jagan camp is already reaching out to another five PRP MLAs, Chirajeevi has instructed the members of the party political affairs committee (PAC) and other seniors to be in constant touch with the MLAs so that they do not have to cut a sorry figure in case Congress sends an SOS to the party.
    With Chiranjeevi already announcing his bail-out plans for the Kiran Kumar Reddy government in case of a coup by the Jagan camp, several party MLAs are being kept in good humour by the party president. The sources said that senior Congress leaders in Delhi are in constant touch with their party president despite the latter having gone on record that PRP would continue to exercise the role of a constructive opposition party.
    It is reliably learnt that the PAC members have advised Chiranjeevi against joining the government as it would be easy for the Jagan camp to poach on the remaining MLAs who may not get a cabinet berth.
    With the party on the verge of facing a new crisis, it remains to be seen whether political developments in the state would ever allow Chiranjeevi to re-enter films.

  8. PSK

    Sakshi TV Scrolling…….DLR brother Janardhan joins Jagan camp…..extends full support…

  9. vbr

    See what this ‘fuck’ruddin…..spoke about YSR when he was alive and
    what this joker is speaking now…..

    DL Said….Nuvvu+Nenu = Manam
    Manam+manam= Janam
    Janam+Janam = JAGAN…..

    Silly guy……………

  10. NLR

    Happy Sankranthi to all friends and followers of …..

    JAGAN….The pride of telugu land…..

  11. RK

    Why is KVP silent ?

    Why is he not working for Congress in any capacity as MP ?

    After Konda Surekha letter, he went into invisible mode .. Why ?

  12. CVR

    Good News to Jagan Camp:
    6 city, 2 RR dist MLAs may hitch on to Jagan
    Source: Times of India

    Is DLR losing hold on Mydukur?
    DL supportest and cousins supporting jagan.
    Source:Indian Express

  13. rohit

    ‘తెలుగు తమ్ముళ్లకు గేలం?
    శుక్ర వారం, జనవరి 14, 2011 , 9:08 [IST]

    ‘తెలుగు తమ్ముళ్లకు గేలం?’అవిశ్వాసం నెగ్గడానికి సిఎం కిరణ్‌ ఆరాటం

    కాంగ్రెస్‌ అధిష్ఠానం దర్శకత్వంలోనే సమాలోచనలు12 మంది కాంగ్రెస్‌ వైపు, 20 మంది జగన్‌వైపు ?తెల్లబోయి తల్లడిల్లుతున్న తెలుగుదేశం !

  14. rohit

    6 city, 2 RR dist MLAs may hitch on to Jagan
    , TNN, Jan 14, 2011, 12.08am IST
    HYDERABAD: In a fresh headache for the Kiran Kumar Reddy government, which has put the `development’ of the city on a fast-track, at least six Congress MLAs from the Greater Hyderabad area are said to be ready to switch over to the Y S Jaganmohan Reddy camp.


  15. Ex. Congress Fan

    తెలుగువారదరికి సంక్రాంతి శుభాకాంక్షలు

  16. Oks YSR Abhimani From Nellore

    తెలుగుదనాన్ని చాటుతూ …
    సంప్రదాయాన్ని తెలుపుతూ…
    సంక్రాంతి వేడుక జరుపుకొ…
    తెలుగు వారసత్వాన్ని నిలుపుకో…

    అందరికి సంక్రాంతి శుభాకాంక్షలు

  17. Nawaz

    Jagan mareu Jagan anna Family ki (I mean to all the Telugu people staying all arounf the world) Sankranthi Shubhakanshalu…..

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