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  1. VBR

    @Byreddy garu
    I do not agree with ur view about Get Together….
    Can you plz let us know how can a ‘black sheep’ harm us, if at all they have our phone nums or even if they meet us.

    Vote is the key to any Politician. As we r YSJ fans, anyway we vl vote Jagan. we just have to work hard to make others to support our leader. As far as my little knowledge i am sure that ‘Making others to support/vote Jagan’ is the best thing we can do for YSJ/R.
    I regret if i say wrong…
    Just spoke to CVR, Nawaz…CVR is ready to coordinate the event.

  2. Nawaz

    OK Sivasankara Reddy I will send the details and I will speak with CVR garu

    Thank you…

  3. Sivasankara Reddy

    Hello Byreddy,

    I hope no one will do like that .. we should not stop because of one or two black sheeps .. okkari kosam bhayapadi mana prayatnaani viramistaamaa? Just think and support ..

    As per nawaz bhayya suggestion .. let us meet first in hyd, bangalore & chennai .. we will come to know how many people are there .. what kind of help each one can efford .. then we may plan for such a big event .. Ideas please ..

  4. sharath

    Its really good idea to meet and exchange ideas. I appreciate each one who is making such an effort.

  5. NLR

    Janasamudram …..Thallapudi ….

    Never before and never again in the history of Godavari ….


  6. NLR

    @ By reddy garu ….

    It wont take long to identify if there are any black sheep around.
    But this should not delay our intentions or comittments.
    I agree with NAWAZ garu that the black sheep would not have the guts to meet with us anyway.
    We need to act and work together …. as three years will come very quickly.
    So lets do it with a positive attitude ….

    • Nawaz

      Thank you NLR garu…

      I think previously we had some yellow batch coming in and distrubing us but now I didn’t find anybody like that now

  7. Nawaz

    VBR garu we can meet in a common place but I think first we will meet separately in HYD, Bangalore and Chennai once we done with this we can plan for a common place.

  8. Byreddy

    I dunno how safe it is to meet personally . In case if bloggers are interested , i wud suggest RK or MJ shud take initiative . There are many black sheeps here , so need to be careful. Untill RKor MJ comes forward , one shud forbid exchanging Phone Num’s and Adresses.

    just a caution…..

    • Nawaz

      parathi okkarini anumaneesthe yelagandi…

      If there are blacksheep here as you told do you think they will leave all there works and come and meet us..

      Sorry This my personal opinion…

    • Rajasekhara

      Byreddy garu ,

      nothing to worry andi , we are open supporting jagan . enta peda journey aina oka china step thone saguthundhi .
      please support nawaar baiyya . nothing to worry . i am here from jagankosam all bloggers are well eduated & good persons . even yellow blogers who comes here also welcome nothing wrong in that we will support openly to ys jagan.

  9. NLR

    DAY 3……. Haritha yatra….


  10. VBR

    SS Garu gud evng…..
    How about ‘ If all of us(Hyd & Blore & Chennai) meet at one place’?
    Once we meet then we vl work on increasing our network then making it a small organization(like *****manajagan****).
    My motto is doing something which shud help our leader when he has to face People’s Verdict(upa ennikalu, general elections).

    May be i am far from what we can do…but i believe we can do it if somebody take it serious and march towards it.

    Everybody Plz respond to Nawaz’s and SS’s comments.



    surekhamma rocks and slams ABN and Sonia.really worth watching;

    don’t miss the last part of it frm 22:12 mins..

    Sabash surekhamma..
    Jai Jagan..

  12. Sivasankara Reddy

    Good move Nawaz gaaru ..

    Shall we plan for the same kind of meeting in hyderabad also .. ? May be CVReddy gaaru take forward this .. ? Any suggestions?

    Hyderabad YSr fans please respond ..

    • VBR

      SS Garu gud evng…..
      How about ‘ If all of us(Hyd & Blore & Chennai) meet at one place’?
      Once we meet then we vl work on increasing our network then making it a small organization(like *****manajagan****).
      My motto is doing something which shud help our leader when he has to face People’s Verdict(upa ennikalu, general elections).

      May be i am far from what we can do…but i believe we can do it if somebody take it serious and march towards it.

      Everybody Plz respond to Nawaz’s and SS’s comments.

  13. Nawaz

    First I want to thank you all for your response on my comment.
    Friends First we will deceide the Place and date on which everybody is convinent. Befor that the people who want to attend the meeting will you please send your contact numbers to my personal email ID so that we will contact each other.

    If anybody has any idea about the place where we will meet.
    I saw somebody telling that inform SAKSHI that YSR’s fans meet in bangalore but I think frist we will meet for the frist time and introduce ourself first and in that meeting we will plan our future meetings, because we don’t know how many people are going to attend the meeting so friends first we meet at the place where it is convinent to all then for next time we will inform SAKSHI regarding the meeting…
    If you have more ideas please share here

  14. rajnjj

    evadoo abn andhrajyothy gadu annadu ani surekha ni annakandi shes all ways with jagan warangal lanti telagana sentiment peak lo una dist nunchi anta clear cut jagan ki support isstunadi ante ne great inta kante inka evru cheyaledu anukunta jagan guruchi mods plz delete all negative comments abt surekha

  15. ram


    Strategey is clear.If congress suspends her She will win wih support of TRS.

    • George

      I don’t think TRS will support her as she abused KCR & Kodandaram with foul language. If TRS opposes her, she has zero chance of winning.

      Her strategy may be to resign seat and campaign for Telangana in the villages without contesting elections. That way she can try to emerge as an alternate leader in the next few months.

      Surekha and her loud mouth are soometimes a liability for Jagan. Her main advantage is her loyalty but we know loyalties are not permanent. It may be a good idea to develop other leaders instead of relying only on her.

      • Rajasekhara

        George ,

        we need to look into other blogger instead of you .. because you may shift loyalties .
        please off from this site . i love surekamma more than Jagan …..
        She is true YSR follower . she resign minister post for Jagan …..
        I love her speaches the innocent way she tells is supreb.
        time being she may be quiet she will come & support Jagan anna with whole heartedly ..

        Please dont judge all with same eye . everyone will come to our side finally .
        no need to worry .

        • Nawaz

          I totally agree with Rajasekhara… Dayachesi nadokka vinapam Please don’t doubt on Surekamma.. Please for the sack of YSR… Anthakan Namakasthulu inka yavaru undarani naa namakam….

          My request to all the bloggers please friends don’r doubt on Surekamma garu…

          • Rajasekhara

            Nawaz Baiyya ,
            we have a great responsebulity to conduct a meeting in banglore feb last week , march first week
            we can invite all ysr followers . and make sure this event will happen sucessfullly .
            can we start work on this . i am with you . please send your mail id .

        • George

          I know Surekha’s loyalty is stroong so far. I am only cautioning because we have seen other people change.

      • rohit

        There is no need to worry, she may be emotional but must trusted. Due to telangana sentiment she has to take up the issue

    • ram


      One thing is clear Jagan And KCR has moving close now…

      And as per current situation this is excellent stand ..

      Raja keyallo ivanni maamule

      • rakesh

        how come both opposite poles meet
        jagan for united ap
        kcr for t-state
        so what stand both take if they join hands
        its impossible as of now, unless kcr says samaikyandra or jagan says jai telangana

        • rakesh

          above all both loose credibility if they join
          so its just a gossip

        • Rajasekhara

          Rakesh ,
          you are point some what valid .
          JAGAN & KCR had different views on telangana .
          interestingly both are politians . taking this scenario
          Jagan & KCR are targets for Congress now .
          if KCR not oppose Jagan to launch Odharpu in telangana . evatually congress vote bank splits and big adavantage to KCR .
          Jagan & KCR never come same line unless big changes happen .

  16. rajnjj

    telangana sentiment is at its peak in warangal i think if at all she wants too resign she shld critisise sonia and congress on telangana more

  17. rajnjj

    konda surekha koncham jagratga matladali i dont think they can disqualify her like karnataka lo differnt case akkada the mlas went and gave a memoradam too governor saying tht they are withdrawing support too govt uruke critisise cheste all they can doo is suspend her anukunta according too law

  18. దమ్ముంటే… అందరిపై వేటు వేయండి: కొండా

    వరంగల్ : మాజీ మంత్రి కొండా సురేఖ మరోసారి కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ అధినేత్రి సోనియాగాంధీకి బహిరంగ లేఖ సంధించారు. తమ నైతికతను ప్రశ్నిస్తున్న మీరు దమ్ముంటే అందరిపై అనర్హత వేటు వేసి ఎన్నికలు నిర్వహించాలని సవాల్ విసిరారు. విలువలకు తిలోదకాలు ఇచ్చి షోకాజ్ నోటీసులు జారీ చేయటం నైతికమా అని ప్రశ్నించారు. పదవులు, డబ్బు వ్యామోహంతో సోనియ నీచ రాజకీయాలకు పాల్పడుతున్నారంటూ సురేఖ తన తొమ్మిది పేజీల లేఖలో అనేక విషయాలను ప్రస్తావించారు.

    ఇటలీ సంస్కృతిని సోనియా దేశంలోకి డంప్ చేస్తున్నారన్నారు. తన పుట్టినరోజు కానుకగా ఇచ్చిన తెలంగాణను సోనియ వెనక్కి తీసుకుని, పనికిమాలిన శ్రీకృష్ణ కమిటీని వేశారన్నారు. ఇచ్చిన మాటను నిలబెట్టుకోకపోవటం ఇటలీ సంస్కృతా అని సురేఖ సూటిగా ప్రశ్నించారు. విద్యార్థుల బలిదానాలకు సోనియానే కారణమన్నారు.

    సోనియా చేస్తున్న నీచమైన రాజకీయాలతో నిష్కలంక హృదయుడైన రాజీవ్ ఆత్మ క్షోభిస్తుందని సురేఖ తన లేఖలో పేర్కొన్నారు. ఆ అనైతిక పనుల వల్లే ప్రజలే గద్దె దించే పరిస్థితి ఏర్పడిందన్నారు. సీనియర్ నేత అయిన వెంకటస్వామికి అపాయింట్‌మెంట్ ఇవ్వకపోవటం దళితుల్ని అవమానించినట్లేనన్నారు. అధ్యక్ష పదవి నుంచి దిగిపోవాలన్న కాకా వ్యాఖ్యలు నిజం కాదా అని అన్నారు.

    వైఎస్‌తో కలిసి రాష్ట్రంలో రెండుసార్లు కాంగ్రెస్‌ను అధికారంలోకి తెచ్చిన డీ శ్రీనివాస్‌ను సీఎంను చేయకుండా రోశయ్యను ముఖ్యమంత్రిని చేయటం వెనక ఉన్న ఆంతర్యమేమిటన్నారు. రోశయ్య తర్వాత ఏ అర్హత ఉందని కిరణ్‌కుమార్‌రెడ్డిని సీఎం చేశారని సురేఖ ఆ లేఖలో ప్రశ్నించారు. దళితులకు డిప్యూటీ సీఎం పదవి ఇస్తారన్న హామీ ఏమైందన్నారు.

    పంచెలు ఊడగొడతామన్న చిరంజీవి పార్టీని విలీనం చేసుకోవటం వెనక ఉన్న ఉద్దేశాన్ని బహిరంగ పరచాలన్నారు. కూతురి ప్రేమపెళ్లిని అంగీకరించని చిరంజీవి ఏ సామాజిక న్యాయాన్ని సాధిస్తారని సురేఖ ప్రశ్నించారు.

  19. rohit


  20. vinay

    congress and prp( especialli allu aravind)
    is eagerly waiting for the Exit of
    Sabbam hari from anakapalle MP seat..
    chances for winning mp seat is impossible for him at this time

    So its better for sabbam hari to keep quite for some more days upto the completion of kadapa elections..

  21. Indrasena

    Surekhamma U turn?
    what is this yellow media telling?Is that true?

  22. sharath

    Admin please requesting once more(3rd request) to post a link where constructive suggestions and ideas can be posted and a letter can be drafted under guidance of seniors who are supporting jagan through this site.

  23. BSR

    అమ్మ, నాన్న . . ఓ తమిళఅమ్మాయి. . .

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