Thank You Sudhir

Jagan in YSR footsteps

by NDTV Correspondent T S Sudhir


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  2. PR

    PR leaders disgruntled over merger : The recent merger of the Praja Rajyam (PR) with the Congress has left a large number of PR leaders and cadre a disgruntled lot in both East and West Godavari districts

  3. NLR

    A warm welcome for JAGAN in DL’s own mandal ….


  4. VBR

    One more Biggie…..started walking with Ja’Gun’….

    Huge cadre and caste support for Jyothula in Ubhaya Godavari Districts.
    Big success for us.

  5. chaitanya

    According to close sources. Party announcement is gonna be on March 7 in Idupulapaya. The arrangements are already being swiftly taken care of. get ready for the Tsunami.


    1) tv9 :—> 129 Last week –>129

    2) tv5 :—> 89 Last week –> 80

    3) HM Tv :—> 61 Last week –> 53

    4)Zee 24 :—> 51 Last week –> 45

    5) Etv2 :—> 46 Last week –> 47

    6) Sakshi :—> 44 Last week –> 59

    7) ABN :—> 34 Last week –> 35

    8) Mahaa :—> 27 Last week –> 27

    9) Raj N :—> 21 Last week –> 19

    10) I-News :—> 21 Last week –> 24

    11) STudo-N:—> 14 Last week –> 16

    12) Gemini :—> 06 Last week –> 06


  7. rakesh

    well written on congress family dynasty
    one rule for them
    other rule for others

  8. FROM DC:

    Hyderabad, Feb. 12: According to Congress leaders of Kadapa district, a strong Telugu Desam candidate could play a decisive role in the Kadapa Lok Sabha bypolls from where former MP, Mr Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, will be contesting.

    According to them, potential candidates like TD MP from Rajya Sabha, Dr M.V. Mysoora Reddy, or former minister from Jammalamadugu, Mr P. Rama Subba Reddy, would be ideal to prevent erosion of traditional TD votes. “If the TD is really interested in defeating Mr Jagan it should put up a potential candidate and not a name-sake candidate,” said a senior Congress leader from the district.

    It is, however, reliably learnt that the TD chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has his doubts about fielding a powerful candidate due to the huge expenses involved.

    It seems that important leaders of Kadapa, Dr Mysoora Reddy, Mr P. Rama Subba Reddy, Mr Putta Narasimha Reddy and others have informed Mr Naidu that though they were willing to contest in the polls, they could not spend the huge amounts needed from their pockets.

    A close associate of Mr Naidu and part of the party’s election strategy team, Mr C.M. Ramesh, is ready to contest and spend his own money.

    Congress leaders, however, fear that if a non-serious candidate is put up by the TD, then Mr Jagan will go in for a whole-sale purchase of local TD cadres and leaders to work for his win.

    • rohit

      DC is a pure pro congress paper, there is no credibilty for its news in my view

      • Let’s stop our paranoia. Say, DC is pro-congress( it is). So, we’re anti-congress. Then, It’s good to know what DC’s plan is ( Congress plan is). So, we’re getting our enemy’s plan( congress plan) through our enemy’s paper, right? So, now we know what they(congress) thinking about us.
        Hope, no one confused!
        RP REDDY

  9. Other than too much repeated news and extra bhajana..RAM is good for saakshi. Atleast he is naming I support him but ask him to enhance the programs, try to make ppl watch the tv by removing boring long repeated bhajana.
    He’s aggressive and smart guy with amazing voice(if he uses sparingly)

    Anyway, “RAM” issue very very minute in coming few weeks.
    RP Reddy

    • rajnjj

      dunno abt u but when ever this fellow is on tv i switched the channel if u knw him personlly ask him too talk normally edo chedamu anukuntadu kani its better for him keep a low profile and take more viewerS feedback and impove the channel we dont want the channel too be another CBNS STUDIO N OR AJ OR YELOOW MEDIA WANT SAKSHI TOO BE NO 1 CHANNEL ONLY COZ ITS YSR AND JAGAN ANNAS CHANNEL

  10. rajnjj -10/D28046900.JPGvedi panulu chudadni nanu koppadaru sakshi tv gurunchi nenu negative ga chebite ee vedhava chudadi ee cinema batch ki eppudu bhajana kavali they want some too praise them veedu ana tv lo and paper lo kuda ade implement chesadu vedava

  11. YSR used to say “aa rendu paperlu” . The main motto was to create awareness in ysr fans, not to read and dis-credit their yellow stories.
    As soon as the new party starts, Jagan should keep on saying what ysr said about the yellow works. It works so much ..ppl won’t read and they don’t believe even they write the true stories.
    RP Reddy

  12. rajnjj

    saw in some other db aa prriyadarshini ram gadini fire chesru ani chebutunaru good job jagan anna adi abba daridram vadiludi and shld fire some more ppl in sakshi manchi street smart and ground level lo unde valani hire cheyali ee cinema batch and bhajana batch badulu who are more +S for jagan anna then this cinema batch

  13. rajnjj

    yellow media ippudu undi eppudu untundi vala agenda ne jagan and ysr image ni ela damage cheyalo is their task and tdp or yellow follwers and their media team are hell bent in trying too damage ysrs image maanaku kuda mana party vachaka and mana symbol and oka set up or organisation vachaka kummude na kodukululanu ee yellow na kodukulaku rojuki oka sari ayina jagan peru or ysr peru ettande or reffering their names nidra poru so u can imagine hows scared this idiots are abt jagan

  14. Adnan

    Yellow gang stepped up their efforts to save TDP

    Anticipating that there will be huge response and exodus from other parties to YSJ party, Started campaign (albeit for temporary purpose) that TRS will merge with Cong , Chiru entry will strengthen the Cong.

    Their immediate concern and action of Yellow gang is to provide tacit support to KKR govt to face YSJ psunami

    Watch out coming days for big dramas and political turnarounds…

    Eagerly waiting for YSJ party announcements.

    • Gurava Reddy

      Adnan, you nailed it buddy. This has been the saga of our state politics, successfully manipulated by yellow media. And, the sad thing is that our own people fall prey to this manipulation, willingly too, for small, and temporary gains. Sometimes, I hate to be one of us. I pity us. How else can I explain the bahavior of these traiters? I pray the Almighty to give our crooks brains at least the size of a peanut.

      • If I measure frustration index in GR comments.. I’ll be concerned. But, hey this is what politics! These variables are part of the game. It’s not ideal game or, no good rules in the game.
        RP Reddy

  15. rajnjj

    leave alone ysv hes on a different path edo nenu kuda matladanu ani chepali anukuntadu too face the bypolls let him enjoy his ministry

  16. Adnan

    Great to see Komatireddy and YSV rebuking detractors of Dr YSR !

    Expecting more leaders to come out and express their feelings and love towards YSR….

  17. VBR

    I dont know how to load a pic with my comments.

    Can anyone help me in this regard.

  18. rakesh reddy

    jagananna venta undi prati program ki vastunna laxmiparvati , roja ,sabbam hari , vijaychander ,darmavarapu , vila andariki thanks ,andarikante mukyanga konda surekha ,pulla padmavati,gone prakash rao very very thanks.

  19. పీఆర్పీకి ‘జ్యోతుల’ గుడ్‌బై ?

    కాకినాడ, మేజర్‌న్యూస్‌ ప్రతినిధి : అంతా ఊహించినట్లే ిపీఆర్పీ తూర్పుగోదావరి జిల్లా అధ్యక్షుడు జ్యోతుల నెహ్రూ ఆ పార్టీకి గుడ్‌బై చెబుతున్నారు. ఆయన త్వరలో జగన్‌ పెట్టబోయే పార్టీలో చేరేందుకు రంగం సిద్ధం చేసు కుంటున్నారు. మరోపక్క తెలుగుదేశం అధినాయకత్వం సైతం జ్యోతులను తిరిగి తమ పార్టీలోకి రప్పించుకునే విధంగా పావులు కదుపుతోంది. మొత్తం మీద తూర్పులో జ్యోతుల వార్తల్లో వ్యక్తి అయ్యారు. గత నెల రోజులుగా జ్యోతుల జగన్‌తో కలుస్తారనే వాదనకు బలం చేకూరింది. ప్రజారాజ్యం పార్టీ కాంగ్రెస్‌లో విలీనం అయిన వెంటనే ఆయన హైదరాబాద్‌ నుంచి మూటా ముల్లె్ల సర్దుకుని స్వస్థలమైన జగ్గంపేటకు వచ్చేశారు. పీఆర్పీ రాష్ర్ట కార్య క్రమాల కన్వీనర్‌గా ఉన్న జ్యోతుల మద్యం ఉద్యమం, తుపాను, సారా, తాజా గా పోలవరం వ్యవ హారంపై కార్యక్రమా లను రూపొందించి ఆయన స్థాయిలో ఆయన భారీగా ఖర్చ య్యారు. అయినప్పటికీ ప్రజారాజ్యం కాం గ్రెస్‌లో కలవకుంటే ఆ పార్టీనే నమ్ముకుని పోరాటాలకు సిద్ధమనే సూచనలు అం దించారు. తీరా చిరు కాంగ్రెస్‌లో కలవడంతో తన రాజ కీయ జీవితంలో కాంగ్రెస్‌కు బద్ధవిరోధిగా ఎదిగిన జ్యోతుల ఇక చేసేది లేక అటు చిరంజీవికి, ఇటు కాం గ్రెస్‌కు దూరంగానే ఉన్నారు.

    ఈ విలీనం జరుగుతుందనే ఆయన ముందుగా ఊహించి ఇటీవల బెంగుళూర్‌లో జగన్‌తో భేటీ అయి నట్లు తెలుస్తోంది. నెహ్రూ రాజీలేని పోరాటం ఆయన బలాన్ని అంచనా వేసిన భూమా నాగిరెడ్డి దం పతులు మధ్యే మార్గంలో జ్యోతులను జగన్‌తో భేటీ చేయించారు. ఇక జరిగిన పరిణామాలతో జ్యోతుల, జగన్‌ పెట్టబోయే పార్టీలో చేరడమే తరువాయి. ఇప్పటికే ఆ పార్టీలో మాజీ మంత్రులు పిల్లి సుభాష్‌చంద్రబోస్‌, ముద్ర గడ పద్మనాభం, జక్కంపూడి రామ్మోహనరావు, ఎమ్మె ల్యేలు శేషారెడ్డి, చంద్రశేఖరరెడ్డి, మాజీ ఎమ్మెల్యేలు వరు పుల సుబ్బారావు, తోట గోపాలకృష్ణ, చిర్ల జగ్గిరెడ్డి, కుడుపూడి చిట్టబ్బాయి వంటి హేమాహేమీలు చేరి హల్‌చల్‌ సృష్టిస్తున్నారు. వీరందరికీ భిన్నంగా ఉండే జ్యోతుల జగన్‌ పార్టీలో చేరితే ఆ పార్టీకి మరింత బలం చేకూరడం ఖాయం. నాయకత్వ లక్షణాలు ఉన్న జ్యోతులను చిరంజీవి నుంచి వేరు కాకుండా ఉండాలని ఇప్పటికే ఆ పార్టీ సీని యర్‌ నేత కోటగిరి విద్యాధరరావు ముమ్మర మంతనాలు చేశారు. అల్లు అరవింద్‌ అనునయించారు.

    తాజాగా జిల్లా ఎమ్మెల్యేలు వంగా గీతా విశ్వనాథ్‌, బండారు సత్యానందరావు, పంతం గాంధీమోహన్‌, మాజీ ఎమ్మెల్యే తోట త్రిమూర్తులు శుక్రవారం జ్యోతుల ఇంట విందు రాజ కీయం నడిపారు. కమ్మగా భోజనం చేసి వెళ్లండంటూ నెహ్రూ వీడ్కోలు పలకడమే తప్ప తాను, తన నియో జకవర్గంలో తనను నమ్ముకున్న కేడర్‌ నియో జకవర్గ అభి వృద్ధి కోసం తీసుకునే నిర్ణయాలతోనే కట్టు బడి ఉంటానని వారితో కరాకండీగా చెప్పారు. మొత్తం మీద నెహ్రూ ఇక చిరంజీవితో చెలిమి లేదనే స్పష్టం చేసి నట్లు తెలుస్తోంది. ఇదిలా ఉండగా తెలుగు దేశంలోకి తిరిగి జ్యోతులను తీసు కురావాలని ఆ పార్టీ అధినాయ కత్వం సైతం పరి శీలించి నట్లు తెలుస్తోంది.

    అయితే జిల్లాలో చక్రం తిప్పే యనమల రామకృష్ణుడు జ్యోతుల రాకను ఇష్టపడడం లేదు. దీంతో నెహ్రూ సైతం తనకు నచ్చిన పార్టీలోకి వెళ్లేందుకే సిద్ధమవుతున్నారు. పోలవరం పాదయాత్ర పూర్తిచేసుకున్న జగన్‌ తూర్పులో పీఆర్పీలో చోటుచేసుకుంటున్న పరిణామాలను ఎప్పటి కప్పుడు సమీక్షిస్తున్నట్లు తెలుస్తోంది. త్వరలో జ్యోతుల జగన్‌తో కలిసే అవకాశాలే ఎక్కువగా ఉన్నాయి


    Jagan proves himself to be clean.No more threat from IT/ACB/anythng..


    YSV fires on chiranjeevi..gud sign for us..Expecting him to join our party atleast after bye-elections.He would surely be a moral support to Jagan.Hope it works out in our way

    • Gurava Reddy

      If YSV is allowed to join YSJ after the by-elections, it would prove to be the worst strategic decision that J will ever have made. This will certainly lower YSR/YSJ image, as it will prove a wrong point that, YSJ cares more for his kith and kin than people’s sentiments. If YSV ever files a nomination against Vijayamma in Pulivendula, he becomes untouchable for YSR followers. Now is the ripe time for him to resign Congress party and comes back to us, YSR family to limit the enormous damage that he and his mindless son-in-law already caused. Then again, I am almost sure that YSV never coming back though.

      • underhill

        100% agree with you

      • every possible step has been taken by the entire family but in vein GR garu.
        I see no light at the end of the tunnel for this problem. YSV for all he is, is an adamant honest person. But I can’t think of one good reason why he jumped to opposite camp at such a crucial juncture. That tell completely different story about him. YSR dist elections are always either pro ysr vote or anti ysr vote. it has always been that way. there was no question of parties involved in the elections. so this time its difficult for the people of pulivendula to make their decision. but where as MP seat is considered its a cake walk for us.


          I agree tht its a worse strategy tht if YSV comes to Jagan after bye-elections.100% with you on ths point.But,
          1)It would be a great moral support if ysv is here bcoz jagan needn’t have to worry a minimum abt YSR District.
          2)A few Congress people will continue fire on YSR and Jagan for sure.He cant survive in tht party for long tht i m sure of.So,he ll have to jump here.His importance would surely come down once this bye-elections are done.

          At last i would like to ask you one question about the people pulse on bye-elections.
          1)Any idea of majority?
          2)Is chiranjeevi going to provide any value addition to Cong?
          3)What is the important reason for YSV to sail alone when his family entirely is supporting Jagan?

  22. Ex. Congress Fan

    I consider this as Victory of Jagan…. He made TRS to think in development perspective… also now a days we can see CBN is not sitting at his home and waiting to come out only if something happens to reliance property
    ..Good Job Jagan.. Keep going..

    ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్‌కుమార్ రెడ్డికి టీఆర్‌ఎస్ పార్టీ లేఖాస్త్రం సంధించింది. ప్రాణహిత-చేవెళ్ళ ప్రాజెక్టుకి జాతీయ హోదాపై ప్రభుత్వం స్పందించకపోతే 30 రోజుల్లో మహా పాదయాత్ర నిర్వహిస్తామని టీఆర్‌ఎస్ నేత హరీష్‌రావు సీఎంకు రాసిన లేఖలో పేర్కొన్నారు. అలాగే శాసనసభ బడ్జెట్ సమావేశాలను బహిష్కరిస్తామని హెచ్చరించారు.

  23. sekar

    One more good thing Jagan had done is meeting Sivappa(the one who had registered YSR Congress party). Whether we use this party or not…but the similarity in the name will cause future problem for Jagan party. Hence it is a good decision.

  24. sekar

    I am happy to see that Jagan’s yatra is a sucess. All four deeksha’s he has done so far are successful… Overwhelming response for all 4 days.

    One point Jagan camp should take note is when plan for a big meeting like the polavaram meeting yesterday, they should see that they place in a place where people can reach easily. Looks like people find it very difficult reach. Had it been done in a reasonably bigger town…like Ravulapalem… the concluding meeting would have got much more crowd and response.

    • ROHIT

      SINCE polavaram is a remote village without proper roads, so there was traffic jam on that day. My relative who went there could not participate due to traffic jam

  25. VBR



  26. rohit

    gemini news is giving flash news
    incharges for jagan party
    vizag-bhooma nagireddy
    RR – jupudu prabhakar
    prakasham – nallapureddy
    nizambad- bajireddy
    maboobnagar- gattu rr

    • terareddy

      gemini news is giving flash news,

      This is fake news.

    • ROHIT

      ‘జగన్ పార్టీకి నియామకాలు జరగలేదు’

      హైదరాబాద్: యువనేత వైఎస్ జగన్మోహన్ రెడ్డి నెలకొల్పనున్న నూతన పార్టీకి జిల్లా ఇన్‌చార్జ్‌లను ఖరారు చేసినట్లు వచ్చిన వార్తలను గట్టు రామచంద్రరావు ఖండించారు. ఆ వార్తల్లో ఎలాంటి వాస్తవం లేదని ఆయన స్పష్టం చేశారు. ఏయే జిల్లాల్లో ఎవరెవరు పార్టీ వేపు రానున్నారో గుర్తించి, వారినందరినీ ఒకే వేదికపైకి తీసుకు రావాలని మాత్రమే జగన్ తమకు సూచించారని రామచంద్రరావు తెలిపారు. ప్రస్తుతం తమకు అనుకూలంగా వున్నవారిని ఆహ్వానించడంపై దృష్టి సారించినట్లు చెప్పారు

  27. rohit

    Jagan plans to embark on Pranahita-Chevella yatra
    Polavaram (West Godavari):
    After succ e s s f u l ly completing his four-day p a d ayat r a fo r – polavaram project on T h u r s d ay, Ja g a n m o – han Reddy is planning to undertake another padayatra in Telangana in support of the mega Pranahita-Chevella irrigation project.
    Close aide of Jagan and former minister Pilli Subhashchandra Bose said Jagan would take up the padayatra soon demanding national project status to Pranahita-Chevella project. “Jagan received an overwhelming response to the Polavaram sadhana yatra. He would also undertake a similar padayatra in support of Pranahita-Chevella project which would bring succour to Telangana region,” Bose said.
    His aides would work out the route map and the distance he would walk to bring awareness among the people on the importance of Pranahita project. According to sources, Jagan would launch Odarpu yatras in Kurnool and Mahbubnagar districts in a short while. After the Odarpu yatras, he could undertake the padayatra. .

  28. Suren

    The Yatra was a big success.I’m suprised how a person who has walked for 75 kms in 4 days can have so much patience to sit for so many hours in the meeting and again give such a splendid speech.
    If you see the media they are bought outright by congress..Not only those “a rendu” everyone including Andhra bhoomi got sold out to congress.
    See Jagan’s speech.What a remarkable change it had undergone in these few months.He is very clear and his speech shows lot of maturity.
    I know lot of our Jagan fans are reading this blog so many times so many times…but showing little nerasakthi in adding comments( of course even me).I know that whenever we read that Congress HC is going to take action against Jagan’s MLAs this blog becomes little inactive..Please don’t loose your energy and courage.We know that this situation is going to happen and Jagan is ready to face it.Now the game starts..goda meedha pillulu will now take a clear stand..

    • rohit

      Especially DC,andhra bhoomi are sold out.
      I see lot of change in AB it is writing that he got poor response where as opponents like AJ &suryaa are writing that harita yatra got very good response.

      timesofindia,indian express are better.

    • Srin

      It is very clear Congress bought even TDP media also.
      They bought all the media except sakshi.
      If any one is panice about anything one thing is sure.
      If TDP is strong then they will go for no confidence motion.
      If Chiru is strong then he will not merge with congress
      If the congress is strong then they dont need to attack on YSR and Jagan.
      Have you ever seen congress coming to power second time in AP that is happend because of YSR.They are thinking of about 3rd time what a funny it is.
      Chiru is a big minus point for congress.Oka Karevepaku.
      Now suddenly Chiru became favourite person for Yellow Media
      His first interview is for etv and second is for ABN.They wanted to project him as a replacement for Jagan in congress so nobody from congress will come out with Jagan.Poli Tricks Boss.
      Finally one thing is clear ,if we fight for people problems.Then ours is the future.

  29. rajnjj

    anyways excelent speech by jagan anna today inta takkuva time lo improve ayina leader ledu need more improvemnt today he talked up too the point and reaching as many people as he can good job jagan anna need more off this we will face lots off problems in future and we will allways be with you in high or lows u keep rocking and be with people

  30. NLR

    Dear friends,

    I am writing the emails ids of some of the editors or other concerned people from the major national newspapers, just to make things a bit easy for everyone who wants to write about what is happening in A.P or who wants to cut,copy,paste the Haritha yatra You tube clippings .
    The You tube clippings for all the four days are in this blog itself.
    The clippings might be in telugu, but still i am sure the editors can see that it is about JAGAN and the lakhs of people following him.
    This has never happened in the history of A.P or may be in India in recent times.

    I have already emailed them and i kindly request everyone who has time to do it as well. The more we do it ,the better.

    India Today – I could not get M.J Akbars email – but we can write to –

    Hindustan times –

    HINDU –


    NDTV –


    Suryaa News paper (an yellow paper)- but may be we can change his mind and request him to write the facts –


    U can add to the list if u want to.

    So let us all …… JUST DO IT ……

    Thank u …..

  31. NLR

    Dear friends,

    I am writing the emails ids of some of the editors or other concerned people from the major national newspapers, just to make things a bit easy for everyone who wants to write about what is happening in A.P or who wants to cut,copy,paste the Haritha yatra You tube clippings .
    The You tube clippings for all the four days are in this blog itself.
    The clippings might be in telugu, but still i am sure the editors can see that it is about JAGAN and the lakhs of people following him.
    This has never happened in the history of A.P or may be in India in recent times.

    I have already emailed them and i kindly request everyone who has time to do it as well. The more we do it ,the better.

    India Today – I could not get M.J Akbars email – but we can write to –

    Hindustan times –

    HINDU –


    NDTV –


    Suryaa News paper (an yellow paper)- but may be we can change his mind and request him to write the facts –


    U can add to the list if u want to.

    So let us all …… JUST DO IT ……

    Thank u …..

  32. yuva_jana_netha YS Jagan

    plzz refer to this..

    YSR has given Jagan anna such a big family that they ll always be with him forever.
    Leaders may.may not be loyal but people are always loyal.

    YSR amar rahe..jai jagan

  33. NLR

    Hi friends !!!

    I think we should send the you tube links for the Haritha yatra and any future meetings to different editors of national newspapers like …Hindu,indian express, India today
    DC,NDTV,Deccan herald,hindustan times etc.
    This would increase their awareness of what is going on in A.P.
    Atleast few editors will open their eyes and realise the popularity of JAGAN in A.P.
    It takes only few minutes to cut,copy,paste and send it.
    All editor emails are anyway available on the newspaper websites.
    We should start doing this regularly after every JAGAN’s meeting and it will work.
    We should also start giving pro JAGAN ads in yellow papers to attract neutral voters .
    We should also make telephone calls during TV discussions held in yellow channels and teach them a lesson.
    Only when we start doing this actively from now, we will notice some difference in the attitude of the media in the coming years.
    We should all follow JAGAN’s motto…. JUST DO IT …..

    • Nawaz

      You are 100% correct…. we should do this so that the people outside AP should know what is Jagan is…

      • NLR

        Thank u Nawaz garu …

        We should all take responsibility start doing something differently …and it will work…

        It is only once in a lifetime chance of supporting something good in poltics for the future of A.P.

    • rohit

      Its good idea.
      Still jagan has got good publicity nationwide compared to ysr as per my personal experience in the last 20 years

  34. NLR


    JAGAN’s speech ….


  35. vinay

    see how chandrababu trying hard for his publicity..

    lakshmi manchu and chandrababu on ETV now..

    i wish jagan also become media friendly and allow media near to him…

    • Sivasankara Reddy

      Yes Vinay … But I hope the day will come soon .. Any update on Polavaram sabha.. i did not get chance to watch it ..

    • Hurt fan

      Absolutely agree. In fact I was thinking about this and I am surprised that a leader of Jagan’s stature hardly ever interacts with the media and takes questions. Even when he attacked Sonia, he released a written letter but did not speak in his own voice.
      In spite of yatras and Deekshas, it is hard to reach all the 8 crore people in AP unless Jagan talks to media. At least Sakshi TV lo aina Jagan should start appearing once in a while and talk and answer questions. YS did that very regularly.
      Even when YS was in the opposition he used to reach out to people through media. At that time Sakshi wasn’t there.

      • rajnjj

        ni moham le jagan ki oka party or a strcuture or organisation ledu cbn gadu 30 + years politics lo unndadu adi abba adu ippadiki kuda sariga speech ivvaledu and ur comparing jagan too channdrdus exprience adu 9 years cm and oka 5 years minister cheisiuntadu vadini ippudu jagan tho enduku compare chestunavu so in this sence too we are winners uccha poskuntunaru a kodukulu jagan ni chusi

      • No rush.. you must have missed Jagan’s intreaction with media during the Delhi deeksha.
        RP REDDY

    • Vinay,
      “chandrababu trying hard”
      You’re right.. CBN trying hard. jagan doesn’t need.
      RP REDDY

  36. Nawaz

    Hi Friends see this ….. Keesara venugopal Reddy a software engineer from Bangalore Udoganee kee selave peti Haritha Yathraloo palgonagu… Great…..

    • Sesh

      My friend has come all the way from US to attend the Polavaram yatra and the launch of YSR party. But it looks like he may return before the launch as the event got postponed..

  37. Nawaz

    Subbam Hari garu eeroju sabhalo keka putincheyaru……
    Hats off Sabbam garu…..
    Aayana sabhalo cangress vallani baga kadigrayaru….
    Like Rajiv kee okka nayayam Jagan kee okka nayayamaa…

    Anndariki marosari naa request plesae updated your contact details here or sent to my email ID : Or
    even you can send your details to VBR garu… @

    Today we have received a good response nearly I spoke with 10 people
    Hope some more will join

  38. ROHIT


  39. NLR

    Day 4…… Haritha yatra…..Polavaram..
    Jana Godavari……


  40. VBR

    Full of warning to centre and state by sabbam from polavaram.
    For the first time i excited with his speech.

  41. rohit

    Watch excellent speech by sabbam hari at polavaram

  42. Nawaz

    Hi Friends,

    Happy to inform you that I got a good respone for the first meeting plan, few bloggers call me and inform that they are interested to take part in this event.
    Rajesh K
    R S Reddy
    Few others also responded in the blog, I have already send emails to them to give there contact numbers, so that I will call them.
    Friends please send your mobile number along with the email ID.

  43. Krishna Reddy Nalladimmu

    Hi Nawaz garu,

    I am glad that somebody has, at last, initiated the process of uniting all YSR/YSJ fans in different cities. We all must thank you for taking up this task.

    Not sure, how many are there in PUNE. From my side, I can bring 5-6 more to the meet. Please co-ordinate with others and plan the event on any week-end.

    I stay in Magarpatta City, PUNE.
    Phone: +91- 9604938242

    Let’s make this a big event …

    YSR Amar Rahe … Johar YSR …
    Jai Jagan, Jai Jai Jagan, Jai Jai Jagan

    — nKr

    • Nawaz

      Thank you Krishna Reddy garu meelativalla sahakarm thone nanu ee initiative teesukunanu… First we are planning a meet in Bangalore in March 1st weekend then after that we will plan for the other…..

      • Krishna Reddy Nalladimmu

        Yeah, we are blessed to be followers of the great leader Telugu land has ever seen. Please feel free to call/e-mail me at anytime.

  44. Swaroop reddy

    Name:Swaroop Reddy
    location:Bangalore-jp nagar

  45. VBR

    hi gud mrng all,

    I am also having some of the bloggers contact info…as i talked to them.
    I will post the same to CVR as well as Nawaz bhai.
    nawaz bhai im getting failure message when i try to mail u …

  46. Ranga Raju

    Guys .. if you are interested in listening telugu pod casts .. Please do so here at

    you can check out my blog–>

  47. Gurava Reddy

    Please read this link completely and understand what this man YSR was all about.

    ఇదీ రాజశేఖర రెడ్డి అంటే.. చంద్ర బాబుతో పోల్చడానికి తగడు. రాష్ట్రం కోసం రాజన్న పోరాడితే, చంద్ర బాబు హాయంలో రిలయన్స్ తో లాలూచి పది, కాష్ ఫర్ గ్యాస్ పధకం ప్రైవేటు గా అమలుచేసాడు. ఒక కులం వాళ్లకి న్యాయం అన్యాయం లేకుండా వైఎస్సార్ మీద బురదజల్లడమే లక్ష్యం కదా? ఎలో మీడియా, వెబ్ సైట్స్ అన్నిటిలో అదే పని కదా వాళ్లకి? ఛీ సిగ్గనేది లేదు? ఎవడు దోచింది? చంద్రబాబు ఆ కులం వాళ్ళే ….

    • Ex. Congress Fan

      Good One Gurava.. a must read one.

      we need to find out audio of Neera Radia.. If any one finds it please post it.. (please don’t post all Neera Radia tapes .. interested only in YSR discussion part )

  48. Nawaz

    Ikkada unaa andariki okka chinna vinnapam, Anna manam okka Karyakarmani cheyali anee anukuntunamu… Jagan anna abhimanulugaa Jagan anna anthe deeksha too manam kuda ee Karyakarmanee digvijayam cheyali anni korukuntunanu deeneeki meeandari sahaya sahakaralu kavali…..

    Mee andaru deeneeki sahakaristharanee korukuntu… Meelanti okka abhimani

  49. VBR

    Name: Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
    Mobile: 9972020555
    Location: Bangalore/JP Nagar

  50. Ram

    Emails/addresses are collected several times. Instead use something like

    or a form that enters the details into a protected google spreadsheet (

  51. revanth

    Name :revanth
    Email ID
    Contact Number :+91-9980440110
    Current City/Location( Bangalore/TIN Factory) :

  52. Nawaz

    Name: Sarfraj Nawaz
    Email ID:
    Contact Number: 9241111800
    Current Location in Bangalore: Bellandure (Outer Ring Road)

    And I am ok with the date i.e., 1st weekend of March….

    • Ranga Raju

      Excellent initiative Nawaz garu .. hopefully rope in rest of us too .. who are in US .. may be some kind of conference call .. we need to everybody’s participation .. let us come up with agenda .. and what way we can contribute to our party etc .. we might have to let sakshi tv/paper about this and make it like a big event ..
      I heard somebody started some intellectual forum on Jagan or something of that sort .. so try to involve them as well ..
      All the very best ..

      • Nawaz

        Thank you very much Ranga Raju… Meelativalla prostsaham unte kachidangaa eelati events conduct chesi vijayavantham chestham….

        Once we will receive the contact#s from the blogger i will call them and co-ordinate this as a sucessfull event…

  53. Nawaz

    My request to moderater that please keep this as new post….

    And request to the bloggers from Bangalore and HYD please send your details as earily as possible. so that we can make this success.

    I will start with my details first….

  54. Nawaz

    Hi YSR/J well wishers,

    Subject : Planning a Get Together

    We are planning this get together as it may help us(know fellow bloggers) as well as our party(YSR Party).
    I request all the bloggers who wants to be part of this Get together.

    Please provide the details:-

    Name :
    Email ID :
    Contact Number :
    Current City/Location(eg Bangalore/JP Nagar) :

    Probable ceremony Date and Place : 1st Weekend of March
    (vl discuss and fix as per our convinience)

    Please update this as early as possible and kindly cooperate.

  55. Nag

    Just Do it…..!!!!

    Yes..!! Yes…!! Just Do it….!!!

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