Nielsen Survey Results and Aftermath


There was a recent survey on political leanings in Andhra Pradesh by Nielsen for NTV, a popular Telugu TV channel. The previous Nielsen NTV surveys had been spot on every time as of now. These recent survey results are aligned with observations of lot of political experts in the state, but there would be some exceptions as the yellow media, who has been wrong on every single survey that they conducted for the past several years. Most of the time, they cook these surveys in NTR Bhavan or in the bomb-proof building that someone built on the occupied lands of Hayatnagar. But, as have been seen in their past behaviors, the yellow media went mum on the survey, Chandra Babu and other TDP leaders alleged that this was a paid survey – their usual reactions. This knee jerk reaction was expected from the yellow cadre/media. How else do they react when their worst fears of not coming back to power even the third successive time, when for a regional party like TDP, it’s a death knell? TDP vote share of 18%, massive losses in both Seemanadhra and Telangana have made them realize their worst fears. Their confusing two eye, four tongue, sixteen lie policy on vital issues of the state is not working out and Chandra Babu’s inhuman, cruel vendetta on a leader that died in the line of duty even after 17 months is making people sick and his party is losing a lot of ground is obvious. PRP at 5% (not 16%) before merger with Congress and only 40% of his remaining followers going on with his merger is seen as confirming a majority opinion of political pundits. The surprising thing is the Congress strength as most are of the opinion that it’s at less than 10% and not 16% the survey came up with. This may be because of the fact that most of the Congress MLAs, who are somewhat strong in their respective constituencies still with the party. But, their vote share will wither away with the MLAs and MPs start leaving and joining Jagan in the coming days. The merger with PRP might put Congress vote share at about 10%. The PRP merger also would be in trouble, as some of its MLAs would want to join Jagan now with the survey after survey predicting that Jagan is da man. All in all, Jagan would be strengthened in the coming days and weeks. All he has to do is to be as cautious as possible in the path he is traveling and the people who he is associating with. Jagan’s new party at 35% must be a little less than the actual vote share, as his latent Telangana support was not accounted for properly.

These survey results, though very good for a party that is not even formed yet, could be skewed a bit.

1. PRP merger will help Congress a little bit in Seemanadhra and none in Telangana, not much to change each other’s fate, which is downfall.

2. Most poll pundits are inclined to believe that Jagan’s party would do much better in Telangana than what the survey says, for a simple reason that the people who aspire for united Andhra Pradesh would now vote en mass for Jagan, as they would believe that it’s only Jagan that could keep the state together. This survey should give him a boost in at least 35 assembly constituencies in and around Hyderabad, parts of Nalgonda, Medak, Mahaboob Nagar and Khammam. There is a good chance that his party can secure over 180 seats in the Assembly and as many as 28 MP seats. These MP seats should be enough for the new party to demand whoever comes to form the central government for important portfolios like Agriculture, Railways, Irrigation to help the state advance.

3. People accepted Jagan as not only the legitimate heir of YSR legacy, but also as a leader that can fight for him as well as for the state. This is very important facet of the survey. It has been a very rough ride for the young man ever since his father died. The hardcore followers of YSR could not become normal as of today, and one wonders how the situation of his own son would be. He went through a lot of sad, painful days with loss of his father and back stabbing by some of the closest to him. The people’s trust in his leadership should make him one happy camper right now.

4. The timing of the survey is great too, with party launch in the next month and the Kadapa by-elections coming up next, this survey would force the hands of lot of people to support Jagan. The majority projection of his camp in Pulivendla and Kadapa seats would have increased by several folds overnight. The local leaders, who have been fence sitting and leaning towards YSV/Congress now will have to think of voting against the future CM of the state and also realize that the short term gains they are expecting from the present government may never come true as this government would mostly not last long. At least 50-60 MLAs should be coming out openly and support Jagan, there by the imminent collapse of KKR government and leading to President rule. People who wanted to see the tangible results from the crowds YSJ has been attracting can now see them and MPs, MLAs and local leadership have to make their choices and do them quick. The scales have just tipped.

5. At this juncture and going forward Jagan should highlight the Telugu pride. He should be able to convince people that we are all Telugus first and anything else is next. He should emphasize the Telugu pride getting trampled in Delhi streets and under the feet of Italians and northerners who cannot win in their own seats and states.  Coming to choosing local leadership of his party, he needs to understand that leaders are born from the masses. The sitting MLAs/MPs might be as much a subtraction as an addition. Now, with this Nielsen NTV survey on his table, Jagan should be able to call the shots and choose his people. He can either entice someone to come to him or not entertain someone who wants to come to him. The choice would be his. There is a feeling that he knows what he has to do all along. One could see that in his eyes. Even in the darkest hours he faced in the past 17 months, he was strong and never ever lost his faith. He knew what exactly he has to do and he is doing it brick by brick and never over planning at all. For people who have been worried about his fate, things were/are under control. YS Jaganmohan Reddy is here to play this game at his pace and the way he wants to play.

All in all, this survey reflects that there is a sweep going on for Jagan in Seemandhra and KCR in Tealngana. And the most important thing one needs to notice is that this present trend should be the same in one year, to years or more as the Congress government would be losing people’ faith and Chandra Babu going after the mirages. Funny but true is that the true boons to YS Jagan are Congress party and Chandra Babu, who never have their act right. Chandra Babu and Sonia Gandhi are relegated to side roles in our state – Sonia Gandhi for the irresponsible handling of our state, YSR and YSJ and Chandra Babu for vision less leadership he always displayed through out his career. As these two try harder to suppress and malign YSR/YSJ images, they lose more and more. YSR and YSJ are like rubber balls, the harder we throw them against the wall, the harder they come back to smack us! People are not fools and they know what’s right and what’s wrong. The credibility and power of YSR and YSJ have been certified too by this survey. A picture says thousand words and if you look at the people faces and show of their affection towards YSJ, it tells you the amazing transfer of their love from YSR to YSJ.

This survey is a game changer for Jagan as well as for the state. The exodus from Congress, TDP that had been talked about will start now. There will be bigger lines at Jagan’s Banjara Hills home. The fence sitting Congress MLAs would raise their voice in support of Jagan now and would have to be in his corner to have any political future. KKR government’s days are numbered and there would be President rule by this summer and elections by the year-end. This NTV survey is God sent for Jagan as well as the state. This will give him the impetus to create the political tsunami that Jagan has declared that he would. And, for yellow media and TDP supporters that want to ridicule this Nielsen survey, a simple challenge should be “Are you ready for bringing down the KKR Congress government that lost both legislative and popular support by proposing no-confidence motion and there by going for the elections?”.

Gurava Reddy for



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  1. pvr

    inews also is a yellow channel

  2. Srin

    Whole media is in the hands of Yellow gang…when chandra babu was doing much hype they created.Now there was no news coverage.
    We should come to power ASAP and teach these yellow dogs a lesson.

    • CVR

      I like your fighting spirit with cool head.
      I ould like to be in touch with you.
      Could you please send your contact details to ccvr64 at or
      cvreddy64 at

  3. PSK

    Someone in AP, could you please regulalry update us the health status of Jagan.
    We are really worried a lot on seeing the bp and sugar levels.
    Also to give us more confidence, Are there any personal doctors attending him? How is his physical condition? how is he coping up?

  4. CVR

    Dr.Krishana Garu and Doctors,
    I am more worried about Jagan’s health.
    Will he be ok if he continues till tomorrow evening?
    Please advice.

    • Dr.Krishna

      CVR Garu,
      I too was more concerned . If the reports are to be believed , a random blood sugar of 66mg/dl by last night as scrolled by NTv, is really a matter of concern . 70 mg/dl is the cut off . when decreases beyond that, hypoglycemia will be the worst condition that prevails . Really I too am worried at this .
      Does anyone know the present sugar levels? if it further decreases,we cannot allow him to go on fasting .

      • yesterday i heard that his sugar level was 70. does it come so drastically. He does stretching exercise to fight the fatigue i believe. since he is healthy and maintains a healthy life style i am confident that he will sail through. but anyways i am in the process of finding out the actual sugar level. will put it on the blog once i know them.

      • CVR

        Thank you for your valuable inputs Dr. Krishna Garu.
        I am now more worried than before Doctor garu.

  5. Srin

    My comments in TV9 forum
    Have you seen illegal money of Jagan or watching yellow media.(Tv9,Etv etc)
    Dont you see Reliance gave 2500 crores for free to Ramoji.
    Cant you think ,how it is posible.
    Chandra Babu and Reliance relationship any kid also can tell in AP.

    You know in 2009 elections for each vote CBN gave Rs 200 and YSR in power gave Rs 100

    You know reliance gave 2000 crores as Party fund during 2009 elections to Chandrababu.
    Dont you know chandra babu bought Andhra Jyothy for 400 crores in 2010

    Only difference between babu and Jagan is

    Chandrababu invested money in Singapore and Malaysia and Jagan invested in India and gave employment to around 5000 people.

    No problem..ur less expectations are good on Jagan.Your yellow media do day dreaming.No prblem,people know everything very well.

    Keeping 4 channels TV9,ABN Andhrajyothy,Etv,Studio N and 3 papers eenadu,andhrajyothy,suryaa will not bring power.

    This chandra babu started polictics is like a businesss.
    See before 1999 and after 1999 AP politics.Now all leaders have to follow him
    … give money to media and get hype in this way for all leaders Chandra babu is ideal.

    Tv9 what it says merugaina samajam kosam in 2009 elections.
    It says dont give free power,free rice,fee reimbursement etc to people and it says free cash,Cash Tansfer Scheme is great idea by Babu.Whats the difference.

    Let us assume as per your yellow media(tv9,etv etc).Chandra Babu is innocent and he doesnt know corruption and he doesnt have illegal properties OK.

    In 2009 elections where TDP is strong that is in krishna district itself he paid for each voter 200 rupees for a single vote and some places he paid 500 rupees.

    So there are 4 crores 40000000*200=800,0000000
    So he paid 800 crores to people in total AP.

    So for electornic media campaign expenses 50 crores
    Print media campaign expenses 50 crores(Andhrajyothy free as he was holding major share.Eenadu free as his guru’s paper)
    General Campaign expenses 200 crores.

    Total 1100 crores.So these 1100 crores ,where he got.Did His brother in law give him by acting in movies.

    Obiviously his ill gotten illegal money from Reliance or some other company.
    Without benefit they will not give a sinlge rupee to Babu.
    So there is a great benifit from babu thats why they gave money to Babu.

    • CVR

      Srin garu,
      well said.

    • Adnan

      @Srini, good one!!!

      Particularly – “Chandrababu invested money in Singapore and Malaysia and Jagan invested in India and gave employment to around 5000 people.”

      I used to tell all my friends the same thing. Babu’s investments are in abroad. people say he has shopping complexes, hotels and real estates abroad (Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand , Dubai , accounts in Swiss banks etc). Thats why he makes trip every year secretly, even without letting know his dogs at home!!!

      • CVR

        Babu goes abroad without telling even his near and dear.

      • Gopalakrishna

        I have been hearing about his hotels for a while. Can someone try to get photos of those hotels. Like the yellow papers published Jagans house in their papers, we can also publish his hotels in sakshi.

  6. apsrtc

    Hi Rk, admin,

    May I know why my comments on caste bashing deleted? Please clarify what is wrong in the post? We need friends, not enemies in this juncture. I told to stop caste bashing. Is it a sin?

    • @ apsrtc,

      Your comments were in reply to some other objectionable msg. that is the reason for deleting your post. Nothing to do with the content in fact we appreciate your concern. without the prior comment your comment becomes incomplete so clear ambiguity i have gone ahead and deleted your msg. please understand the situation and co-operate with us in running this blog smoothly.

  7. satish

    sad to see Jagans website turned into Reddy caste website…they bash kammas,kapus or who ever leader’s community who opposes Jagan…
    some say” dont abuse kapus we need their votes”…that means if kapus have less votes they would not stop to abuse them…All ur doing is driving away every1 except reddys..castes bashing wont win elections..leaders do..

    I am from Kosta and I know how Kammas and Kapus compete with each other..they say Kapus never vote to kammas and vice versa yet there are 2 Kammas in 18 prp 12% and 10-12 Kapu MLAs in TDP…It can happen in YSR Congress kindly avoid caste bashings

    Btw I am about to marry a non reddy girl and i know exactly what others think about our caste feeling..we are no saints either

    • @ satish garu,

      I was at liberty to delete your comments but instead choose to clear your apprehensions. I can understand you are very upset with some of the blogger’s comments on other communities. To tell you frankly though jagan and his father are associated mainly to ‘a’ community in reality they are the most open minded people i have seen. If you know about the who family you will not take into consideration what fans think about them and what they attribute them to. I think the biggest drawback for India compared to china and other developing and developed countries is the caste system. I think jagan is very much aware of that. what is important for us is what jagan thinks and not what ‘few’ of his diehard fans want him to be. Yellow media has projected jagan to be caste bound leader but in reality he is one leader who has given so much importance to other castes and religions. i think we all have to give a standing ovation to him for that.

    • CVR

      Saish garu,
      I want to expose double standard, biased TV9 only.
      We are not against any community here.

      I only questioned why TV9 is not showing Jagan deeksha like Babu deeksha?
      It has different yardsticks for different people.
      I would have been calm had they not told “eradicate caste”.
      I just want to expose double standard, holy TV TV9.

      CV Reddy

    • NLR

      @ Satish garu…

      We appreciate your opinion. But the good thing is that the whole world knows that when it comes to caste feeling both Reddys and Kapus are somewhere down the list. In fact this is the reason why there were more than 40 reddy MLA’s in TDP once upon a time . But it is the yellow batch who think that all the other comunities are fools and that is the reason why people from all other communties have made taught them a lesson and are continuing to do so.
      I am sure just because some of us here speak some facts the credibility of certain comunities will not be erased from peoples heart.
      And all they said was about TV9 ….
      Is it not true that it is a yellow bandwagon ?? Trying to criticise JAGAN all the time …
      Is it not true that it deliberately made Chirus daughters marriage a big issue to show him as a bad guy ??
      Should we just keep watching whatever they do ???

      • satish

        time waste bro..there is no meter to measure caste feeling…and regarding ur “other communites teaching them lesson” statemnt..if you say that to them ..they will instantly say that “people taught Rs also a lesson by giving power to Ntr and then CBN”… there is no end to such arguments..

        @Admin plz set some standard/rules on this forum so that neutrals and haters also can enjoy coming to this forum..which will help in long run and may vote to jagan

        • the only std we can impose is to delete the statement satish garu.
          sometimes it takes a while by the time we take note of some thing is objectionable. by that time there would have been many corresponding posts. but i can assure you that most of the bloggers who are quite regular to this site are quite aware of our standards and they stay away from such criticism. sometimes due to external factors things get a little out of hand. atleast till now we were just facing caste criticism but now things have gone to another level ie regional.
          but simple suggestion is to stay away from elongating any discussion if you don’t like anything. and even wiser thing to do is get the other person to understand with a more open mind.

    • satish

      @ bloggers thanx for being rational and not tearing me apart…
      guys i have been through these who started attacking whom kind of arguments earlier and they are waste of time..they bring up before Ntr era and say that they used to give half of seats to R’s and under 1 CM whole of cabinet was give to R’s and we never let anyone grow and only we want to be CM…every1 has a reason to hate others…
      These stupid arguments and attacks do not change other party voters but inturn brew more hatred among nuetrals…u will not make jagan loyals here but produce more haters..

      every community hates other community for one reason or other…and we have enough hating us.. dont make more..

  8. rrr

    guntur jagan yuvasena called for bandh .. they were arrested by police .. police beating them and harassing them .. pls take it up with ur known authorities ..

    • i think we should condemn any one who calls for a bandh. we are throwing this state into even more darkness with these so called bandhs. if you observe ysr political career you can confidently tell that he has not called for a bandh on a single occasion also. i think ysr’s policies and principles should be guiding force for the party and not such cheap tricks.

      • rakesh

        well said mana jagan
        the way jagan doing dikshas with out bandhs and rasta roks
        is a good sign for future politics
        people hate who ever call for bandh
        and create public nuisance

  9. Indrasena

    well said anna..

  10. apsrtc

    We must stop worrying about the Yellow Media bashing and Yellow Media no coverage for YS Jagan programs. In this current media equations where Great Andhra Venkat also taking sides with Government, it is foolish for us to expect all day coverage in Yello Media. This is nothing when compared no news about Y S Jagan and in the past YSR’s programs. What we need is positive spirit and keep working on people’s problems and stay calm. In 2009 elections time also Yello Media did more than this, nothing could stop YSR. Similarly we need to build our party, our vision and we need to work hard to prove that we are for people’s problems. On election day the Yellow media can not change the mind of people who believed in us. This media hype stays the same. The more we worry, the more the enemy takes aim at us.

  11. Vinay

    Padayatra by jagan group Mla’s from indira park to assembly today.

  12. NLR

    I agree with CVR garu ….
    We should expose the partiality shown by TV9 channel towards yellow batch……They are always anti JAGAN and anti Chiru ….
    We should not allow them to get away with it …
    Atleast for the the sake of neutral voters ….
    So please make telephone calls during any political discussions on TV9 and question them about the partiality although on their website it says that they are non partial !!! …
    This is a golden opportunity …..
    If we do it few times ….it will give Raviprakash & co a shock …..
    It wont cost us much ….will surely have an effect ….

    So pls let us ….. “JUST DO IT “

    • CVR

      Thanks NLR garu
      You have got my point very well.

    • CVR and NLR gaaru..

      I totally agree with you. A week or so back I write same EXACT THING. YSR use the assembly and meadia avenues and keep saying “aa rendi patrikalu… “, again and again. It worked. No other congress idiot learn that trick. But, what is the purpose of saying it here in a group of 50 folks? I like NLR’s idea of calling TV9 during the live show with NRI’s and expose them. It too is not going to have high impact, because the viewers of that prog. and time of prog. is intended for real voters in AP
      But, my objection is: we shouldn’t complain within ourselves about those in the blog. Try to send the message to our leaders, they have bigger avenues to expose. Our voice in the blog is for 20 to 50 hard core YSR fans. Do we need that? I think, we need people CVR to go and keep submit good ideas to J cotery.

      RP REDDY

  13. CVR

    Few more News Channels must come to counter Yellow Media.
    Sakshi was formed due to over action from Eandu and AJ.
    Now we need to have more channels to counter TV9 and we all should think.
    Initially I was NTR fan and moved away from TDP just because of Enadu feeling.
    Like that so many drifted away from TDP later.

  14. CVR

    Police trying to shift Jagan to hospital as his helath is not good.

  15. CVR

    TV9 partiality

    TV9 had displayed Babu Babri arrest and farmer Deeksha continuously on TV with sub screen showing days and hours. But it is not at all showing Jagan deeksha like that.
    It is airing intentionally negative stories on jagan and co.
    TV 9 CEO Ravi Prakash always shows Chiru and Jagan in poor light.
    It had aired Chiru daughter’s personal marriage and gave negative publicity.
    TV9 Ravi Prakash wants only his caste man Babu in CM seat and to help Babu, it is stooping down to low level in tarnishing Jagan’s image.
    TV9 says eradicate caste feeling but supports same caste.
    It proves preachers seldom practice.
    I have been trying to ask the same in Vaaradhi program which will be aired from 12.30 AM to 1.30 AM IST but always get engaged line.
    Can someone please call TV9 and ask why TV9 is so biased towards Babu and its caste feeling?
    Please expose TV9 bias. Tell your near and dear the same.

    CV Reddy

    • Ram,
      I’m really disappointed with your comments man. I do not want to see this like Balakrishna and chiru fan website. Somethings better stay within you and friends or keep in verbal discussions.
      RP REDDY

    • CVR gaaru..
      They created the media ratings to use it aganiest us. It’s useless keep complaining about it. We should’ve prepare and be creative in Meida. We’re behind starting in media channels. These people on politics all their life..don’t they know they should’ve couple of channels? I explained the need of TV to YVS and one of the current MP( who’s with Jagan) long back in 1997-98 about starting a channel to help us. That time it may cost less than a crore and you’d be ahead of TV9 and others. As much as we love these guys, they always look their own personal gains.
      Sorry if I disappint you. I have this anger in me that our folks are not doing what they suppose to do.
      As I argued before…look at the current Deekha.. Jagan sacrificing so much..but no coverage no tension no curiosity..why? Because it’s announced ending! Govt. thinks..okay 7 rojulu chesi aputaadu le..
      Janam kooda ade anukontaaru. You have to think about how others react to his deeksha. how to influence neutral voters and students.
      I gauranteey it would create more impact in last 4 days ( if no one knows when deekha ends). It creates guessing, tension, drama, pressure on govt.
      RP REDDY

      • CVR

        RP garu,
        I am following YSR.
        He used to target aa rendu patrikalu and similarly I am doing as he did.
        I want to expose TV9 only as I am least bothered about Studio N,ABN and ETV2 etc.

        TV9 says lot of holy things and in reality it behaves quite opposite.
        I have done quick sample survey about Jagan deeksha and students are very positive about it.No need to panic.

        Yes, I agree with you we shoud have started few channels long before.

        I will meet big people and request them to start news channel with like minded people and I will also contribute my part.

        Thank you for reminding the necessity of few more news channels.

    • Gopalakrishna

      Rajinikanth may be Kamma. But not Ravi Prakash. He is half Telugu half Bangali. TV9 is owned by some Raju. The reason behind TV9’s anti Jagan stand could be something else. May be Sonia might have an understanding with him.

  16. pvr

    does anyone have bhumana contact number ?

  17. Babu not bothered about Student Problems .
    Komati Reddy gives “feast ” for T-leaders when T-students are on hunger strikes.
    Only Jagan is fighting for the people in the state.
    jaganisthecm blogspot

  18. Babu not bothered about Student Problems .
    Komati Reddy gives “feast ” for T-leaders when T-students are on hunger strikes.
    Only Jagan is fighting for the people in the state.

  19. Vinay

    Dont know why media shows more intrest in HOSPITALISED Dheekshas
    ( kcr and cbn) than the dheeksha done openly in the middle
    of public (JAGAN) ..

  20. Sesh

    I was present on stage at ‘Fees Poru’ Deeksha in the morning..I feel the organisers (with due respect to Bhumana karunakar Reddy) have failed in certain aspects. The speakers on the dias were not looks like Jagan bhajan rather than a true fight against the issue at hand. The crowd mobilisation too was poor. Infact most of them do not look like students. The organisers should have planned well since it was a seven day fast. They should have built up the momentum each day. Now it looks as if Deeksha is fizzling out. Going by the body language of Jagan, he has true desire to serve people. But some of these selfish, sychophant leaders may prove a liabilty to Jagan..
    By the way, the ad given by my friend in today’s Sakshi news paper’s main page regarding ‘Handicapped people’s rally’ in support of Jagan has evoked huge response from allover the state. I have no words to express the kind of love and affection people have towards Jagan. He is going to be the man of masses much like his father!

    • Suren

      I’m happy that you were able to go to Deeksha.
      Please imagine that this is not a 1 day Deeksha.This is for 7 days deeksha.It is virtually impossible to make every hour of deeksha to be interesting.
      If it was a 1 day deeksha then it could have been managed well.
      Imagine how difficult it is to mobilise a crowd for 7 days.See the situation in Hyd..So many issues-Telangana student issues,lawyers issues.Common man is afraid to go to Deeksha because they don’t know when he can come back.Now a days mobilising a crowd for a 3 hour meeting is a herculean task.I know yellow media will be projecting this a lot..But our objective is to fight for a noble cause.We have suceeded in it.
      Please don’t think that I’m against your opinion.But this is a fact.
      The problem with Jagan fans and even for common people is there are huge expectations for anything Jagan does. Please be relaistic.

  21. Selar

    Gurua Reddy Garu,
    The ntv-nelson survey result news was not covered by any news paper other than sakshi. Can you send the news to who normally publish all such news. Not sure why he didn’t publish this time. Also, recently he(GA) is writing too many -ve reports on YSJ. Although all CBN rallies, yatras are flop he never mentioned these.

    • Gurava Reddy

      Exactly my point too. There is some presure from CM’s office on Venkat, I heard. Please write to to be more balanced, mention that you are a YSR follower, and let him know you are disappointed in his imbalanced coverage of YSR and YSJ. Please encourage all your friends and other YSR followers to do the same. It’s very important that we don’t lose GA to yellow media.


        already a mail has been sent to him..plzz tell us such thngs,we ll look aftr tht..We should fill his inbox with all these mails.Then its upto him to decide to stand by people or CMO

        • sekar

          I have done that too… Not sure what are the media compulsions in not supporting Jagan.. Nevertheless… People are watching every move. Jagan will sure to win many more hearts after the deeksha. He has already got a name “Mata Thappadu… Madam Thippadu” This will ensure him a good future.

      • Suren

        This is my email to
        Dear Sir,
        My name is Suren.I’m a great fan of
        From past few weeks I have seen that your online news paper is showing YS Jagan in a poor light.For example if you see the recent Fees Deeksha-It is for a noble cause for the students.I can totally understand if the yellow media doesn’t give any importance to this Fees Deeksha.But a neutral paper like you should give appropriate importance for this fight for common man’s issue.
        I can understand that you have lot of pressure from Govt.But your voice in this difficult times make you a reliable news paper.

  22. Gopalakrishna

    Baaga chepparu Gurava Reddy garu

  23. alwaysysr

    Well said Gurava Reddy garu.

  24. rakesh reddy

    govt will come down for jagananna diksha

  25. CVR

    Immense response to Jagan deeksha .
    Students coming in large number to show solidarity to Jagan’s fasting deeksha.

  26. CVR

    GVK Reddy To Join YS Jagan?
    Good news for Jagan if it is true.

  27. CVR

    I just spoke to one private agency which has conducted survey in Kadapa recently.
    Jagan is likely to get more than 3 Lacs majority and Vijayamma Garu around 25,000 majority.
    YS Vivekananda Reddy will give some fight in Pulivendula is what I heard.

    CV Reddy

  28. CVR

    Gurava Reddy,
    very good examination.

    CV Reddy

  29. VBR

    Hi Friends,
    Hope all you are attending YSR/J fans meet on 27th Feb 11.30 AM at HAL Museum,Bangalore.
    The Agenda of the meet will be
    1. Knowing about ourselves
    2. Naming our group (Eg: YS Jagan Techies Forum/Wing/Force, YS Jagan Youth Wing/Force, Intellectual forum for YS Jagan followers etc)
    3. Setup and functionality of our group
    4. Ways to make our group bigger (day by day).
    5. Ways to increase Jagan anna’s popularity in our own villages.
    6. Ways to do something good to common people on behalf of our group (throwing light on our group and Jagan).
    7. Conduct a reliable survey in our own village/mandal (gross root views/opinions) regarding jagan anna and our yet to be launched party and there by submitting the same to Jagan anna through
    * Our group personal meet with Jagananna
    * Faxing
    * Writing/Mailing
    Kindly reply us/confirm your participation so that the adequate arrangements will be done. contact:-sarfraj.nawaz2002 at gmil dot cm
    If anyone is having problems/doubts with venue plz contact Raja Sekhar@9008744770

  30. VBR

    Excellent piece of work to describe future leader…great andi guruva garu.

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