YSR intellectuals forum, Bengaluru

It is my immense pleasure to invite you to second YSR Intellectual Forum Meet.

Date and Time : 12th Mar 2011 3PM-6PM
Venue : Lakshmi Party Hall
#12, Jai Ganesh Plaza,
Kammanahalli Main Road,
R.S. Palya ,
Above Gayathri Bhavan,
Bangalore – 33.

Guests : Bhumana Karunakar Reddy garu and Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy garu.

Your presence is so important to us.
So kindly attend and make this meet a successful one. Your friends are also invited.

Note: Invitation will be sent to you in couple of days.

For any clarifications regarding venue please contact chaitanya (9902541541) or revanth (9980440110)

YSR Amar Rahe……Jai Jagan anna.

Nawaz and VBR.



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49 responses to “YSR intellectuals forum, Bengaluru

  1. anand

    andrajyothi eenadu & tv9 waste news channeis in ap

  2. venkateswara reddy

    mottam enni rounds unnaii anna kadapa lo

  3. venkat

    If the reports coming from the battle field are any indication, YSR Congress Party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy and his mother Y Vijayalakshmi are all set to create a record in the by-elections to Kadapa Lok Sabha seat and Pulivendula assembly seat respectively.

    Though the Election Commission of India banned the exit polls, several media channels and independent observers, besides intelligence department conducted their own surveys, albeit secretly. According to the reports, Jagan would easily surpass the majority of 1.75 lakh votes he had got in the last Lok Sabha elections. He might get around two lakh majority, if not 3-4 lakh majority initially expected by the YSR Congress party camp. Congress candidate D L Ravindra Reddy is believed to have given a tough fight in several assembly segments.

    On the other hand, Vijayamma would also win the Pulivendula seat hands down with not less than 50,000 votes of majority and Vivekananda Reddy would have to be content with his deposit, the surveys indicated.

    The huge turnout of voters is said to be the main reason for the increased majority for Jagan and his mother, surveys said.

  4. Dear friends,
    Thank u for organizing the function

  5. Andhra

    1. If Jagan supports Telangana

    a. He will not get much benefit from Telangana people and they see Jagan belongs to Andhra only. And also there is a lot of competition with political parties like TRS, Congress, TDP. He may get 10 to 12 assembly seats.
    b. TDP will say United Andhra and will get whole credit for United Andhra.
    c. Congress also may say United Andhra and it can’t get credit for United Andhra.
    d. If Congress divide the state by telling because of Jagan. TRS will get the credit in Telangana. And at the same time,
    e. Jagan will not get the majority in Seemanthra also.

    Result: Jagan will not get majority in both the regions. He may end up like Chiru with less assembly seats.

    2. If Jagan say no to Telangana.

    a. Jagan may get problems from Telangana people and political parties. He can’t do the business in Telangana region. He may get 5 to 8 assembly seats from Telangana region.
    b. Because of Jagan, TDP has to say no to Telangana. If they say no, they will loose seats in Telangana and as well as in Seemandhra. Because, SA people will think that TDP has taken the United Andhra stand by seeing Jagan.
    c. Congress may divide the state to remove YSR/Jagan legacy from Telangana. They may get some seats but TRS will get the complete credit. In this case, if they divide the state by assembly elections, we can forget any seats from telangana.
    d. Congress can’t say no to Telangana openly. In any case, Congress will not get many seats.
    e. Jagan will sweep the Seemandhra region.
    f. Jagan will get good no. of seats from Hyderabad region.

    Result: If they do not divide the state by assembly elections time after taking this decision, Jagan can form the Govt.

    3. If Jagan say, Divide the state with common Capital (Hyderabad).

    a. He may benefit lot and He can gather 80% of the congress cadre from Telangana.
    b. He will get 70% of the assembly seats from Seemandhra.
    c. He will get minimum 40% of the assembly seats from Telangana.
    d. He will get 70% of the assembly seats from Hyderabad region.

    Result: Jagan may form the Govt.

    4. If Jagan don’t say anthing like Congress, TDP

    a. He has to face the heat like Chandra Babu from Telangana people.
    b. Jagan may not get 40% of the assembly seats from total AP.

    Result: We can’t say will form the Govt. Because, no body will get the majority of the seats.

    All the political parties are waiting for Jagan’s stand on Telangana to create troubles for Jagan politically including the Media.

    • George

      Good analysis but you are wrong about # 3. If Jagan supports Telangana with common capital, his chances in Telangana will be very low.

  6. Sivasankara Reddy

    Hello All,
    My intension is that the T movement is not going on the democracy lines … nothing else ? I previously said like I respect the people’s sentiment .. but here problem is not with the people .. but the problem is the leaders …

    in democracy country everyone has their own openion .. As a party we can take any decision … but if we take U stand and can we enter in telangana ??? I am just asking why the situvation is like this … u can fight for ur right but at the same time u should remember that others also has the same rights … I know this is all happening because of the political games .. but how many days will this continue ?? where is our govt?? it has already gone to dogs … so at stage we require some one who will control the situvation .. If Jagan also takes T stand, leaders from both the regions will play with him … See Naagam episode .. .. At this movement we need one single azenda in our party .. because we are yet to born party .

  7. Sivasankara Reddy

    Hello Sarath,
    Public ga assembly lo JP meeda daadi chesaaru ???
    Enni shooting sets tagalabettaru ??
    Enni shops ni pagala gotaaru ?
    seemandhra lectrurers ni OU lo ventabadi kotaaru ?
    ivanni meeku kanapadatam leda ?? veeti valla telangaana vastunda ???

    Ivi kaaka inka they attacked on Konda surekha and other Jagan supporters .. Even though Jagan made it clear that he will not oppose or support telangaana?? These are just examples … we have many more cases
    Why ?

    • Rajasekahra

      Hi Srinivas garu ,
      100% Agree with you . other side of coin also we need to see
      I let you know one thing telangana agitation is there from last 30 years actively .
      we only support telangana people aspirations . not the voilent agitations .
      we also tells seemandra people aspirants for telugu people unity .
      total ga manam telangana devlopment katubadi vuntamu .
      same time we ask 20 years for state bifurucatiosn .
      idi na view matrame

    • George

      Reddy sahib:

      There are also examples from the SA side. Let us not get into these discussions because it is endless.

    • Byreddy

      Shiv Bro

      You want to win over the hearts of TG ppl or you just want to win this argument . lets not isolate them by rubbing salt into their wounds . Any harsh words from our side will boomerang on us .

    • sharath

      I agree with all this. But did that same thing not happened when jagan resigned, Did our supporters not ransack office of congress party in rayalaseema and else where. How many times did you not see busses burning and fighting during bandh. Do you not see factionism in seema. do you entire seema as a trouble land. definitely not. same goes with hyderbad. They are defientely some people who are casuing trouble but i dont want you to spread a word that all people are insecure. Do you stay in hyderabad?

      • Gopalakrishna

        But that was against Govt/party. Not targeted on section of people. But in T it is targeted at section of people. This can be compared as Tamil & Kannadiga fight for Kaveri. Bangalore population constitute of 25% Tamil, 15% Telugu and 5% Malayalees.

        • sharath

          I think that people are not targetted. Only politicians are being targeted. But i do agree physical voilence is not accepted that too against our own people

          • Sivasankara Reddy

            Sarath they targeted people also ..

            1) Attack on lecturers in OU … Are they politicians…???
            2) Attack on Sunil & naresh movie sets .. Are they politicians??
            3) Attack on the NRI who has written a book on United stand …
            4) Attack on SA educational institutes ..

  8. rohit

    Next odarpu yatra in vijayanagaram dist

  9. Gurava Reddy

    We should all be worried about this. Let’s make a concerted effort to address this.


    • Gurava Reddy

      ముఖ్యమంత్రికి, కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీకి బహిరంగ లేఖ

      ప్రజాబలం లేకపోయినా డిల్లీ నుంచి ప్రతిష్టించబడిన ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి గారికి,

      మకుటంలేని మహారాజు, ఆంధ్రుల ఆరాధ్య దైవం, మీరెల్లప్పుడు మీ నాయకుడిగా భావించిన వైఎస్స్ రాజశేఖర రెడ్డి గారు అనుమానాస్పదంగా మరణం చెందితే, వెల్లువెత్తిన కనీస అనుమానాలని ఇంతవరకు తీర్చలేదు మీరు. ప్రతిసారి మీరు మాట్లాడినప్పుడు రాజన్న మీద ఆవాజ్యమైన ప్రేమని కురిపిస్తారు. కాని మీ చేతల్లో ప్రేమ కనబడక పోగా, ధారాళంగా విషం కురిపిస్తున్నట్టు మాలాంటి వైఎస్సార్ అభిమానులకి అనిపిస్తుంది. ఇదంతా ఎందుకంటే, పెద్దాయనని పోగుట్టుకున్న మాలాంటి దీనులకు, జగన్ యొక్క భద్రత రోజు రోజుకి తీసికట్టు చేస్తున్న మీ, మీ పార్టీ వైఖరి మాకు ఆందోళన కలిగిస్తున్నది. అదే సమయంలో మీ కొత్త మిత్రుడు చంద్రబాబు గారికి భద్రత పెంచుతున్నట్టు న్యూస్ పేపర్స్ ద్వారా తెలుస్తున్నది. దీనివల్ల మాకర్ధమవుతున్నది ఏమంటే మీకు నచ్చినవాల్లని జాగ్రత్తగా చూసుకుంటూ నచ్చనివాల్లని ఇబ్బందులకి గురిచేస్తున్నారు అని.

      జెడ్ కేటగిరిలో ఉన్న జగన్ కి మీరు తగ్గించే ఈ భద్రత వల్ల ఆయనకీ ఏదన్నా జరగరానిది జరిగితే మాలాంటి వైఎస్సార్ అభిమానులకి అది శరాఘాతం అవుతుంది. దానికి మీరు, మీ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ చాలా భారీగా మూల్యం చెల్లించుకోవాల్సి వస్తుంది. కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో నామరూపాలు లేకుండా పోతుంది. మీరు వ్యక్తిగతంగా ఈ బాధ్యతని తీసుకోవాల్సి వస్తుంది. ఇది మీకు శ్రేయస్కరం కానే కాదు. ఈ లేఖని మీ బాధ్యతని గుర్తుచేయడానికి అని అనుకుంటారో లేక హెచ్చరికగా తీసుకుంటారో అది మీఇష్టం.

      కృతజ్ఞతల తో, గురవా రెడ్డి, అట్లాంటా, జార్జియా, యు ఎస్ ఏ

      for CelebrateYSR.org

      Please forward the copy paste of this open letter to all your contacts. Let’s make them all aware of the repurcussions of lack of security to YS Jagan.

  10. Gurava Reddy

    Telangana issue is a tricky situation for every politician, including Jagan. It was different when YSR was alive, the T sentiment was very low compared to what we have now. The weak Rosayya, the callous and treacherous HC, the KCR hunger strike, and most importantly the Dec 9th Chidambaram statement aroused the T sentiment among masses of Telangana paralleling 1969. My guess is that it was about 10%beforere and more than 50% now. My belief is that we will be served better with U stand as this will vindicate Jagan’s original stand as well as we will have better prospects in over 200 assembly constituencies, with clear T sentiment in only less than 70 constituencies. Jagan will always have the advantage of preferring bifurcation at a latter stage, conditions worked under his own leadership of the state. But, I do agree that it’s a tricky situation.

    • rakesh

      Well said guruva reddy garu

      t-issue was raging becoz of congres hc hand made it to suppress jagan and cbn
      but it back fired on them now
      50% of t state will support united ap if somebody stands for united ap
      Jagan is the only person who has guts and credibility to take that stand and become a champion

      • George

        I think the Telangana sentiment is far too strong to vanish quickly. The samaikyandhra sentiment is much less intense in comparison.
        No Telangana politician will survive unless he supports division. Even leaders like Surekha & Gone are fighting for Telangana. In contrast, none of the Jagan group is actively involved in SA campaign.
        Can you imagine Botsa losing just because he supports division? (he can lose on other aspects like poor image of Congress but not on SA sentiment).
        Will Jagan lose support in Andhra if he supports Telangana? Yes but it will not be much.
        Jagan must take a clear stand unlike Babu & Kiran. It can be something like “personally I am in favor of united state but I agree to Telangana to respect people sentiment”.

  11. NLR

    Janasamudram ….Tekkali…..



  12. Sivasankara Reddy

    Jagan should support united Andhra ..

    Here are the reasons..

    1) YSR never agreed for bifurcation of state.
    2) Jagan should not change his stand frequently..
    3) Maata tappani madama tippani vamsam ani inka cheppukolemu ..
    4) T sentiment is strong now… but it will be reduced by time .. sure..
    5) TRS is doing all stupid things in the name of telangana like attack on JC, shootings & any person who is speaking against telangaana .. we need a hero to face them … I hope that is Jagan ….
    6) As a person from SA I want security in Hyderabad … can anyone assure security for SA people in Hyderabad now? Now itself the situation is worst and what if the state is bifurcated?? For this we need a strong person.. that is Jagan ..

    I can say many more reasons …

    • sharath

      Its very sad to here that people are not secured in hyderbad. May i know what difficulty your facing?

      • rakesh

        can you bring your car out when trs doing bandh or rasta roko
        in hyderabad
        recently on of my cousin friend car was overturned near tarnaka zone
        by so called ou students(sponsored by trs)
        no action taken on them
        is this the free society

        • sharath

          Its not only in hyderabad. In any part of the country during bandh u face such unfortunate incidents. I dont support bandhs but that is how india is

  13. Byreddy

    A source said that if Jagan agrees to Telangana , Nagam Janardhan Reddy and atleast 8-10 TDP Mla’s will join us . And not to forget congress MLA’s , there will be serious one side EXODUS into our Org . If this happens KCR will become just a ‘paper tiger’ .

    • Sivasankara Reddy

      VAlla kosam jai telangaana ante …Seemandhra lo debba tintaadu Jagan … I think it may not be good idea ..

      • Byreddy

        But to ignore half of the AP population will be strategically wrong. Every time i think about this Telangana issue it makes me nervous. somehow we need to reach them and convince them not to oppose jagan. Who knows if we keep trying , there may be a change of heart among Telangana masses. Hope for the best.

      • Adnan

        How many common people really care about state bifurcation? Leave handful of businessmen ‘n’ politicians, who are really bothered about only Hyd and their investments.

        I believe sentiment is strong in T region than in Andhra on ‘U’ stand. Pls go and ask the andhra people what they lose if state is bifurcated, you may not get a convincing answer.

        I do not wish to have a lengthy discussion here, however would like people here to be more sensible before rubbishing people’s sentiment with mere political benefits.!

        • Sivasankara Reddy

          I respect T sentiment and at the same time please understand the U sentiment also .. “” you may not get a convincing answer”” … Can you give me convincing answer for telangaana .. ??? It is all about political movement in both the regions ..

        • Byreddy

          Bro Adnan

          Pl dont get angry , though iam from SeemaAndhra, I respect your sentiments . iam not against your demand , but at same time pl dont oppose Jagan. I know we are doomed if we ignore your 4 1/2 crore population . i sincerely wish this issue is amicably solved .

          Though iam from SA , i follow every small news on TG , coz i want to see jagan winning your hearts . i dont care if state has to be bifurcated to win over your hearts. For me its imortant to keep YSR leagacy alive in TG & Seemandhra .

          My only aim is to reach as many Telangana ppl as possible to convince them to support Jagan . iam least bothered if state is kept united or bifurcated. only YSR Legacy matters to me.

          • Sivasankara Reddy

            Byreddy Gaaru .. YSR legacy ani anutunnaru kada … ite YS gaaru strong supporter for united Andhra ani telusu kada … bifurication ki Jagan oppukunte YSR legacy ni ela carry cheyyagalaru … ???

    • Gopalakrishna

      Let us invite Tiger Nagam into our fold.

      • Gurava Reddy

        Now that you called Nagam a tiger, the tigers across the world went on indefinite hunger strike and killing themselves! Please do not use words loosely.

      • rakesh

        its better take a street dog rather so called ur tiger nagam
        how ridiculous ur suggestion
        mr gopalkrishna

  14. Anil

    Do you have updates on Maha dharana?

  15. VBR n Nawaz

    Hi all,

    This is to bring to your notice that Bhuma Nagi Reddy garu and Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy garu will be our guests.

    Regret the inconvenience caused by us.

  16. CVR Murthy

    What is the reason for poor response for Dharna and thereafter a today

  17. Sivasankara Reddy

    All the best for your meet …

  18. VBR n Nawaz

    Thank you for keeping this as main post RK garu.

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