YSR Congress Party Flag

Flag could be very close to the one showed in tv9. There might be changes in the center where the pet schemes appear. More updates to follow.


Launch on track. No change in schedule. Its a family affair. No code will stop it.

Going to court on the premise that its a private premises and nobody is invited.


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15 responses to “YSR Congress Party Flag

  1. naresh reddy

    after this this kadapa bi-election the leading Congress party going to hide in front of jagan punch

    jai jagan jai ysr

  2. D Manoj

    If you have the **** ….make the forum open to all…u guys dont have the **** to defend your chor leader jagan and his greed and corruption…how blind can you be to a rational view…

    • There is something called decency in life. I sincerely think you lack it. If you come with some meaningful argument we are all more than welcome to put our point across. First of all know the meaning of corruption and then talk. Jagan is just not a leader but a Fighter. He is up against the mountain and we are all here to support him. Don’t try to intimidate us to use the same foul language.

  3. rakesh reddy

    flag colours and ysr figur is exelent.

  4. Vinay

    Who is that ****** Tulasi reddy..
    septic tank is better than his Mouth

  5. underhill

    Inauguration was finished few mins back

  6. sharath

    I think they choose wrong time to make the statement. Exactly at the start of a cricket match. I guess it does not matter in long run

  7. Pileru

    Mana Jagan Garu,

    Court ki evaru veluthunnaru?

  8. Will try and tweak the Header once the actual flag is out.


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