Swell of Emotion everywhere

We have everything in place. Looking at the reception at each place, looks like people have already made up their mind to vote for Jagan anna and vijayamma garu.


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  1. Narendra reddy


    hey all of you,pls dont do some thing to TDP AND ENNADU AND CONGRESS,they all brain less ediots.lets see what they can do for our EVEREST MOUNTAIN[JAGAN],all are old and lazy fellows.
    and another thing,which i know is 5no’s of LADY FOX are there GALLA ARUNA,SABHITA,another three roughs tell them go safe to any where other wise ANDHRA LADIES will beat them.
    ” JAYASUDHA is best and respected lady ,learn from him you LADY FOXS”PUBLISH IT.

  2. ysr FAN

    Guayaquil Jqgan Mohan Reddy is going to win with a landslide majority is a given. We dont even have to discuss that. The congress is doing everything it can to put down the YSR Congress cadre by using the police as was obvious in sakshi channel yesterday.
    Penetration of the symbol is going to be the most important thing at this stage as the election commission is probably going to give the symbol only by 21st evening.
    I urge all of you to take part in these elections either directly or indirectly depending on what the rules might be. These are going to be elections that are going to change the political scenario in AP in particular and in the whole of India in general.
    Be there to bring about the change



    frnds plzz read ths..hw far is ths true??any info..

    • Gurava Reddy

      Bring them all on! Spare no one. Sonia, Rahul, Viveka, DL, Undavalli, KVP, DS, etc. We will beat everyone and sundry. Don’t worry. It’s better that these so called aatmas and antharaatmaas are getting their true identities unveiled themselves in front of the public. Now is the best time to show them who they really are. Thank the Lord for this!

  4. PSK

    This Vunda(oosara)valli is long gone…..as he made some bad remarks about Dr BR Ambedkar, there itself he lost all the image….and upon strong dose of lecture by YSR, he said SORRY to all the dalits ……He was forgiven b’cos of YSR……Noru doola yekkuva…muslaadiki (antha tella badindi!) He won in Rajahmandry purely due to YSR image among dalits who voted just looking at YSR photo. Ati telivi pradarshistaadu yedava….People who think that they know everything are called as FOOLs….so he is the first one in the list…..Ignore him……Ambati and Gone gave a fiiting reply to him though…!!…as usual they ROCK..!!

  5. sharath

    Because of our love to towards YSR..we have started hating congress so much that we started supporting BJP(based on some comments below).Are we doing the right thing?

    • Gurava Reddy

      Sharath, BJP would always come in to the picture, no matter what, not because we support their hardcore ideology but simply because it exists. We should neither support BJP nor MIM. Both of them should be untouchables. Both use religion for their selfish gains. Most parties in India try to use Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions and as well as the castes to win votes. It’s unfortunate but true. What YSR did was right, in my opinion. He genuinely tried to help each section of the population, with different plans and programs. He is, in my opinion a man of all seasons and belonged to and still belongs to all the sections and communities. Hope Jagan can follow him (and he seems to for the most part though). Coming back to your point, hopefully we will not need to deal with BJP, but if we have to then we will have to. There is no alternative to that. Hopefully, with the trends showing both Congress and BJP losing their base drastically, we will have a coalition government with like minded parties at the Center, our best hope.

      • sharath

        I appricate you for taking time to reply.Lets see when time comes.

      • Byreddy

        These days it had become fashion to equal Hindu orgnisations with parties like MIM to showcase ones own secular credentials . We Reddy’s can pride ourselves in supporting Jagan, thats OK but the minute we dub ourselves as HINDU’S we are degraded and asked upon to treat as untouchables . Reddy caste is an offshoot of Hindu dharma (other religionists use only to fool the masses) , if being noble follower of ones own religion is crime then why to hang out to the caste tag next to our name .

        • Gurava Reddy

          Byreddy, I choose to defer with you here. How do you say other religionists use only to fool the masses and not BJP? They have same attitude in my opinion. More or less. Of course, we are all proud to be Hindus and then again Muslims are proud to be Muslims too. We can go deeper in discussions on religion and politics but, this is not the right forum for it.

          • jagan veerabhimani

            i`m also of same opinion,
            impressed by the way you expressed it.
            they need to fried in oven not in sun

  6. Gurava Reddy

    Leadership 101:
    Jagan opposed Congress President and resigned as MP.
    Harikrishna opposed TDP President and asked Vamsi/Nani to resign.

    The exhibition of leadership qualities by YS Jagan.

    చావైనా రేవైనా అనే మన నాయకుడికి మనం కూడా బ్రతుకైనా చావైనా తనతోనేనని ఎల్లలు పిక్కటిల్లెదాకా, సోనియా గాంధీ, చంద్రబాబు, వివేకానంద రెడ్డి, డిఎల్ రవీంద్ర రెడ్డి, కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి, విహెచ్, డిఎస్, సంకర రావు, కేకే, లగడపాటి, ఉండవల్లి లాంటి అఘోరాలు పాడుపడిన గృహల్లో దాగుండేలా ఎలుగెత్తి చాటుదాం. జోహార్ వైఎస్సార్! జై జగన్!!

    • sri

      చాటుదాం అన్నా.. చాటుదాం ..జగనన్న గెలవాలి ..గెలిచి తీరాలి అన్నా..
      అన్నా ఈ మీడియా మొత్తం ఒకటై జగన్ మీద దండెత్తుతోంది, మన శిబిరంలో కేవలం సాక్షి బలం సరిపోవట్లేదు, ఇంకా కొత్త శక్తి కావాలి. మన మేధావి వర్గం బ్లాగుల్లో మన చేతనైనంత మేర శక్తికొలదీ ఈ దుర్మార్గాలని ఎండగట్టాలి. మేధావి వర్గం ఒకతాటి మీదకి రావాలి. ఈకుటిల దుష్ప్రచారలని ఒక్క మనిషిని ఎదుర్కోలేని వంచనకి పాల్పడుతున్న ఈ దుష్టులని ఎదుర్కోవాలి మన మేధస్సుతో వీరి ఎత్తులని పటాపంచలు చేయాలి.

      అన్నా ఒక్క రూపాయి ప్రతిఫలం లేకుండా జగనన్న కోసం శ్రమించడానికి నేను రెడీ, ఒక్క రూపాయి నాకొద్దు ఒక్క పదవి ఒద్దు అసలు నా పేరే బయటకి రావద్దు. జగనన్నకి నా సంఘీభావం తెలపడానికి ఎంతప్రయత్నిస్తున్నానో నాకేతెలీదు. ఈ దుష్టులు భారత పార్లమెంటు వెబ్ సైటులో జగనన్న ఈ-మైల్ కూడా తీసేశారు. జగనన్న మేధావి వర్గానికి దూరంకాకూడదు. నన్నేమి చేయమంటారో చెప్పండి గురవారెడ్డి గారూ. జగనన్న కోసం శ్రమించడానికి నేను సిద్ధం, మీరు ఏమి చేయమంటారో చెప్పండి మాస్టారూ, ఈ దుష్ప్రచారానికి దీటుగా మనం స్పందించాల్సి ఉంది, దీనీ కావలసిన వ్యూహరచనకి, నేను సిద్ధం, ఏమి చేయమంటారో చెప్పండి. నాకు ఒక ఈ-మైల్ ఇవ్వండి గురవా రెడ్డి గారూ, మీతో ఒకసారి మాట్లాడాలి.

  7. JaGun

    Amul Babies vs Powerful Ladies

    What is so great about Sonia Gandhi’s leadership skills?
    Can anyone frankly name few things representing SG leadership skills?
    Did she lead any election campaign from the front?
    Is she a charismatic leader?
    Is she a powerful orator?
    Is she a visionary educated person?

    Then, how come, she is called a powerful lady by the media. Very funny isn’t it. English media is in the hands of Congress party, it has successfully projected a dummy lady as a powerful lady. Congress party has cleverly presented Manmohan singh as a weak dummy PM, so that Sonia looks powerful.

    As far as the election results are concerned, its “Kashtam okaridhi, sukham marokaridhi”………”Kashtam YSR dhi, Sukham Sonia dhi”. “Kashtam ni nammukunnavaadu ye roju ayina ye situation lo ayina survive avuthaaru, so YSR was successful in any political condition in reaching his political goals with his hardwork. So, Sonia needs YSR more than YSR needs Sonia….

    Finally Kerala CM told the truth that “Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi are a bunch of AMUL BABIES”

    Powerful Ladies lead from the front, ex: Indira Gandhi
    Amul Babies hide behind the scenes, ex: Sonia Gandhi/Rahul Gandhi

  8. Gopalakrishna

    DL words are too damaging. Is this guy having clean image? Cann’t we throw some mud on him?

    • sekar

      Damaging to who? The more he spit venom the better is for Jagan. Today in NTV interview when viveka was asked about Jagan winning chances…he says ask me only about pulivendula.. Looks like YSV does notwant to support DL himself.
      Pulivendula segment lo YSJ ki ee saari 80% votes ravochu.

    • sivasankara Reddy

      Dont worry Brother .. Nobody believes his words .. he does not stand on his won words .. we need not care him .. (my personal feeling) .. these bypolls are end for his political carrer .. after that no more DL tulasi Reddy and Veera Siva

  9. CVReddy

    Latest Survey done by one private Agency:
    Jagan is going to sweep Kadapa parliament seat (Nearly 70% Vote share).
    Vijayamma Garu has upper hand in 5 Mandals (Total 6 Mandals) in Pulivendula except Lingala Mandal.
    65% voters in Kamalapuram are in favor of Jagan and more than 70% in other segments.

    • loks

      Mr CV Reddy garu,

      your analysis is wrong with lingala mandal. Note my words, lingala will have highest majority for YSR congress.

  10. Gurava Reddy

    Ladies and gentlemen, Why are you guys making a big deal of Undavalli? YS Jagan is running train and anyone who wants to reach their destiny must deal with it. People like Mekapati are sitting in the train comfortably and people like Undavalli are running on the tracks against the train. You all know they will reach their desired destinations.

  11. sivasankara Reddy

    HC is already made up their mind that they will loose in by polls . ..hence they planned in such way that the KADAPA results will come along with other states election results ..
    This is because to divert the attention of national media & people on the other states election results .. relatively Jagan will get less coverage as compared to other results ..

    • Byreddy

      Exactly . HC doesnt have guts to accept defeat gracefully .

    • Gurava Reddy

      But, don’t think that the people across the nation would miss it, if we can win Kadapa by an overwhelming majority though. And, it will make people understand that the end of Congress is reached in the South.

      Congress is already done in Gujrat, UP, Kashmir, West Bengal, Orissa, Tamilnadu (almost 210 MP seats together) completely. It can only come to power in Maharastra, Kerala, and Karnataka (100 MP seats) with coalition. Rajasthan, Assam, Madhya Pradesh (100 MP seats) flip the ruling party every time. May 13 will herald a new dawn in Andhra Pradesh and it will join the first list, taking the total to 250, where Congress has absolutely no chances of winning. I estimate Congress to win between 100 and 140 MP seats and BJP winning close to 150 in 2014, depending on the circumstances and alliances. DMK, SP, BSP, NCP, TC, and YSR Congress party will play key roles in the formation of government at center, with YS Jagan first among the equals with more than 30 MP seats. If Nitish Kumar can keep going strong, he will be the next Prime Minister, and a very good choice too.

      • BigFanYSJ

        My thoughts…..
        I don’t think Jagan should support BJP at any cost. Minority votes are very important for us. As Jagan mentioned, we should not support UPA or NDA or even give that kind of indications.


      • Reddy Gali

        Nice write Gurava Reddy garu.

        Congress should go from center and we will be more happy in person like Nitish become PM. Good for our own country.

  12. Vijay

    My friends from IBM went to Kadapah to participate in campaign and the feedback was impressive….they says before the candidate from Congress finalized the assumed majority was 2lx+ and after congress announced their candidate (DL),the assumed majority could touch 3 lx and above.
    They says, they broke tears, when they saw vijayamma garu marching to each and every family in pulivendula.
    Badvel, Mydukur, Pulivendula will be a sweep for us and kamalapuram segment is the only toughest segment for YSRCP.

  13. sivasankara Reddy

    Hi Friends,
    I would like to tell my past experience for symbol popularization ..
    When I was in school & college Days when elections are held ..
    I used to write the each & every voter information on a small slip & will distribute to all the people in our village ..

    I used to write name & serial number of the voter and will inform him our symbol .. he will take that slip to polling booth and the agents will easily recognize the voter by serial number …

    May be this time we will plan to provide symbol also on another small slip and will provide to all the voters on 7th night or may be on 8th early morning .. This should be carried out by the local people who will work as poling agents for our party .. I also read other ideas and they are also really good …
    Jayaho Jagan ..

    • CS

      Siva shankar Reddy garu, slips with party symbol will not be allowed into the polling booth as per rules (I have worked as presiding officer in Bangalore), distributing their slips with serial no: and other pamplet with party symbol along with YSR, YSJ and Vijayamma photo between 2nd and 7th to each home and ward should be taken up by our followers, its possbile to reach each home taking our cadre into account.

      polling agents should be made ready well in time including releiver and they should be very active and attentive particularly with illeterates and old people (my worry is still they may think hand symbol is our’s), they need to be educated immediately after anouncing party symbol (April 22nd) , with literates shouldn’t be a problem in casting vote.

  14. sivasankara Reddy

    Mu suggestion for symbol popularization is ..
    1) wearing T shirts with the symbol & going for canvass ..
    I mean to say everyone who evr is going for compain will ware T shirts with the symbol & ysr photo ..

  15. CVReddy

    I had high regards for this gentleman before and don’t know why he is behaving like this.

    Undavalli Anna,
    Meekidi Taguna?


  16. CVReddy

    Jagan party making inroads into Congress base-telugupeople.com

    Visakhapatnam: With the state Congress leadership busy in firefighting measures to solve the problems and issues cropping up at alarming regularity, its dissidents are making a silent switch-over through back door to YSR Congress of former Kadapa MP Jaganmohan Reddy in north coastal region.

    As the cadre base of Congress is getting eroded, the YSR Congress is benefiting from it. At a time, when the Congress has mobilised all its resources for Kadapa by-elections where Jagan and his mother YS Vijayalakshmi are contesting for Lok Sabha and Assembly seats respectively, the YSR Congress has shifted its focus to the north coastal region.

    Instead of going for big kill of Congress MLAs and MPs, the YSR Congress is seeking support from sarpanches, MPTCs, ZPTCs, municipal corporators and ward members. The YSR Congress leaders are moving at village and mandal levels to enrol cadres and supporters.

    The party leadership has drawn up an action plan for the local leaders on how to create a base at grassroot level and is monitoring their activities from time to time.

    As per the plan drafted on the basis of each Assembly segment, the leaders are organising a series of programmes like installing YSR statues, unveiling party flag and taking out padyatras.

    As the Congress is bogged down by infighting of its leaders and various scams alleged against the ministers and MLAs, it has totally ignored lower-level leaders and party workers among whom the dissidence is growing by each day. Taking advantage of it, the YSR Congress leaders are inching towards them by promising them bright future in their party.

    In Srikakulam district, Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao, who virtually runs a one-man show of the party, is facing threat from his own brother and Narasannapeta MLA Dharmana Krishna Das who has announced his support to YSR Congress.

    Krishna Das is supported by Tekkali MLA K Bharathi. Besides, due to several allegations against the minister, the party leaders are deserting him and flocking to YSR Congress which has taken up the causes of the farmers, students, women and the locals.

    Similarly in Vizianagaram, where minister Botsa Satyanarayan rules the roost, there is a growing dissidence among the Congress leaders and activists as Botsa has kept all the important political positions among his family members.

    Under the circumstances, the YSR Congress is offering disgruntled Congress activists a platform to express their feelings. The party’s position has further strengthened with senior Congress leader P Sambasiva Raju extending his support to it.

    In Visakhapatnam, with Union minister of Congress D Purandeswari and senior leader T Subbarami Reddy not taking care of the party affairs, other leaders like Konathala Ramakrishna and Sabbam Hari are mobilising cadres to get into YSR Congress.

    With no support from party leadership, Minister P Balaraju has been unable to keep the flock together in spite of his best efforts.

  17. Vinay

    We will hear another good news before kadapa results..

    congress may not cross single digit in tamilnadu…

  18. Indrasena

    గురవ రెడ్డి అన్న,
    నేను లైన్ లోనే ఉండాలి అనుకున్న,కాని TV9 గాడు లైన్ కట్ చేసాడు.మనము ఏమి చెయ్యలేము ఆ సిట్యుయేషన్ లో.
    కొడెలకి రామోజీ ఫిలిం సిటీ లో వాటా ఉంది అంటారు, అది ఎంతవరకు నిజమో తెలియదు.
    కోడెల నాకు సిరిపురం స్కూల్ లో సీనియర్ అంటే దాదాపుగా 30 యియర్స్ సీనియర్ లే. కోడెల వాళ్ళ అమ్మమ్మ వాళ్ళ ఇంటి దగ్గర బండారుపల్లి లో పెరిగాడు చిన్నప్పుడు.మొదట్లో మనిషి మంచి వాడు అంటారు. మా తాతయ్య వాళ్లకి కొంత తెలుసు.
    తరువాత పలనాడులో డివైడ్ అండ్ rule అప్లై చేసాడు. రాష్ట్ర రాజకీయాల్లో అత్యంత powerful పొలిటికాల్ ఫ్యామిలీ ని ఎండ్ చేసాడు. అంటే మన కాసు కిట్టయ్య దగ్గర కూడా బాగా తిక్క ఉందిలే. నిజాయీతీగా చెప్పాలంటే కాసు కృష్ణ రెడ్డి useless ఫెలో,కొడేలని ఎదుర్కోలేక పోయాడు.

    • Gurava Reddy

      I understand Indra. Your questions were very pointed and most popular, that everyone want to know the answers for. I was just disappointed with him twisting them in to their party’s favor. Thats all.

    • CVReddy

      Good Job.
      NRIs, call TV9 varadhi at 12.30 AM IST and ask questions.
      TV9 invites TDP leaders to Varadhi program and make them scold Jagan.
      We need to expose TV9 and its softness towards TDP.
      TV9 is more dangerous than ETV, ABN and Studio N.
      We need to brand TV9 as TDP channel.
      Please spread this message to your kith and kin.

  19. Vinay

    My idea

    By removing old ceiling fans in houses and by distributing New ceiling fans or atleast 3new wings of ceiling fan to all the houses will be a great idea to remember the symbol…

    and it would be more good if the pics of ysr , jagan and vijayamma are attached to those wings.

    it may sound silly for you.. but should take the party symbol more fastly to kadapa voters.

  20. alwaysysr

    not understanding this symbol thing. Assalu court lo past ruling vunte how can they argue otherwise…PRP pettinappudu they went to supreme court and got common symbol. How did they get it? That was the first election they were contesting and don’t have the 10% vote. Court vaallaki 10% vote vasthundi ani vuhinchi icchara? (I don’t think courts can rule on hypothetical situations). Independents ga poti chesi mpulivendalaki oka symbol, kadapaki oka symbol iche avakasam vunda?

    • Gurava Reddy

      The 2009 elections were General elections that were being coducted in 294 Assembly and 42 MP seats and not by-elections for just two. That’s why they got the common symbal.

  21. Vinay

    Why had our ysr told and wished rahul gandhi to become prime minister of india.

    i till day hadn’t understood about that campaign ysr started in our state.

    recently in kerala election campaign he is asking voters that why do they need 87year old cm.

    And again in tamilnadu this kid and her mother had tied up with 87year old cm for tamilnadu elections.

    anyone pls answer what qualities had ysr seen in rahul?

    • Gurava Reddy

      There was a time after the 2nd of the back to back wins, YSR was looked up to by most Congress leaders across the nation and that they thought he would be a very good candidate for the “prime” job in 2014. He already mentioned that he would go to Center in 2014. This is when Sonia Gandhi and HC thought YSR would be a threat to their family rule and the sentiments of the HC and their feelings were conveyed to him. He realised that this would be a threat to him physically and he came up with the statement of Rahul Gandhi for 2014 slogan. He was cajoled by KVP, forced by his fears of what can happen to him with all the mafia (read Amabanis, CBI) to come up with his statement in Gandhibhavan. Even after his statement, you know what happened on Sept 2nd, 2009. Our God, YSR was killed in a very systematic, cynical, and cruel way. It’s not just my belief, on the contrary I did not believe in the beginning but came to know from very reliable sources as to what exactly happened and it’s a fact.

  22. rohit

    andhrajyothy :కడప ఎన్నికల తర్వాత బంధాలు తెంచుకుంటా. ప్రభుత్వ పనితీరుపై అప్పుడు మాట్లాడతాను
    గత ఎన్నికల కంటే జగన్‌కు ఎక్కువ మెజారిటీ అనకాపల్లి ఎంపీ సబ్బంహరి
    నర్సీపట్నం టౌన్, ఏప్రిల్ 10 : “వేదిక ముందు పింఛన్ల కోసం ప్రాధేయపడుతున్న వృద్ధుల తీరు.. వైఎస్ పథకాలను పక్కాగా అమలు చేస్తున్నామని చెబుతున్న ప్రభుత్వ పనితనానికి అద్దం పడుతుంది. అయితే కాంగ్రెస్ ఎంపీగా ఉంటూ వాస్తవాలు మాట్లాడడానికి కొన్ని బంధాలు అడ్డుపడుతున్నాయి. కడప ఉప ఎన్నికల తర్వాత ఆ బంధాలను తెంచుకొని అప్పుడు మాట్లాడతాను” అని అనకాపల్లి ఎంపీ సబ్బం హరి వ్యాఖ్యానించారు.
    ఆదివారం ఉదయం ఆయన విశాఖ జిల్లా నర్సీపట్నం పాతసంతబయలులో వైఎస్ విగ్రహాన్ని ఆవిష్కరించారు. ఈ సందర్భంగా ఏర్పాటు చేసిన సభలో మాట్లాడుతూ, ఒకటో తేదీనాడే పింఛన్లు అందించిన ఘనత వైఎస్‌దేనని, ప్రజల హృదయాల్లో ఇంతగా ప్రేమాభిమానాలు పొందడానికి కారణం ఆయన ప్రవేశపెట్టిన పథకాలేనని అన్నారు. గత ఎన్నికల్లో వచ్చిన మెజారిటీ కంటే కడప ఉప ఎన్నికల్లో జగన్‌కు 10 వేల మెజార్టీ అధికంగా రావడం ఖాయమని హరి జోస్యం చెప్పారు. నర్సీపట్నంలో విలేకరులతో మాట్లాడుతూ, కడప జిల్లాలో జగన్ బలమెంతో ఈ ఎన్నికలతో రుజువవుతుందన్నారు.
    కడప ఉప ఎన్నికల తర్వాత రాష్ట్ర రాజకీయాల్లో పెను మార్పులు జరుగుతాయన్నారు. ఇప్పుడు జగన్‌కు మద్దతు తెలుపుతున్న ఎమ్మెల్యేలే కాక.. మరో 50 మంది ఎమ్మెల్యేలు జగన్‌కు మద్దతిచ్చే అవకాశాలు ఉన్నాయన్నారు. కాంగ్రెస్ చాలా కష్టాల్లో ఉందని, జగన్‌కు మద్దతు తెలుపుతున్న ఎమ్మెల్యేలపై క్రమశిక్షణ చర్యలకు పార్టీ అధిష్ఠానం నిర్ణయం తీసుకుంటుందని తాను అనుకోవడం లేదన్నారు.

  23. Pileru

    We will get the symbol on April 21st. We will have 2 weeks time to spread the symbol.

    • Sai Prabhakar

      It’s utmost important and responsibility of all to promote “symbol” to every nook and corner. We should not be overconfident as there are more people who are illiterate still may be under impression that Jagan’s symbol is hand. So, here is an idea from me. All of us sponsor one person each so that they can go to Kadapa and tour all the places to canvass about the “symbol”. So, we can find a person who can go and do the work until the election is over. Please feel free to discuss to make this more fruitful.

      • Indrasena

        I am still working on the Generic Java Program to send SMSs to all Mobile phones in AP.I finished writing HTTP client program and tried to test with some test Phones in India.I worked with CV reddy gaaru(our blog member) to test my program.The biggest challenge I am facing is Dev environment is in States but the test environmnet is in AP.
        I need one person with mobile phone (best is airtel) who can come to online (gtalk) and let me know whether he received any messages or not.Any one in AP please help me out.

  24. Indrasena

    పచ్చళ్ళ రామోజీ, డొక్కు సైకిల్ రాధ కృష్ణ, రెండెకరాల చంద్ర బాబు,నాదర్గుల్ కబ్జా వీరుడు నూకారపు సూర్య అనే ఒక డొక్కు పేపర్ వీరంతా ఒక మీడియా మాఫియా గా తయారయ్యి
    ప్రజల్ని దోచుక తింటున్నారు. వీళ్ళు ప్రజల కళ్ళకి గంతలు కట్టవచ్చులే అనుకుంటున్నారు.వీళ్ళ అసలు లక్ష్యాన్ని మనము వెల్లడించాల్సిన అవసరం ఎంతయినా ఉంది.
    ఈ బ్యాండ్ వాగన్ తో ఈ మధ్య TV9 కలిసింది. TV9 గాడి శాడిస్ట్ వైఖరి ఇలా ఉంది. జగన అన్న కాన్వాయ్ ఒక ఊరినుండి ఇంకో ఊరికి వెళ్ళేటప్పుడు జనాలు ఎవరు లేరు అని సమయం చూసి పదే
    పదే ప్రసారం చేస్తున్నాడు. అటు వైపు DL గాడి చుట్టూ పది మంది లేకపోయినా ,విపరీతంగా జనం ఉన్నట్టు పక్క పక్కన పెట్టి ప్రసారం చేస్తున్నాడు శాడిస్ట్ TV9 గాడు.
    వీడి పచ్చ మీడియా తో కలిసిన విషయాన్ని మనము ఎంతయినా ప్రచారం చేయవలిసిన అవసరం ఉంది. ఇప్పటికే ఈనాడు,AJ వార్తలు ఒక వర్గ ప్రజలకోసమే అనే ముద్ర పడిపోయింది.ఈ TV9 ను కూడా మనము ఆ వర్గములో కలిసాడు అనే ప్రచారం చెయ్యవలిసిన అవసరం ఎంతయినా ఉంది.

    • Hi indrasena just want to know why this undavalli raising that much on jagan can he win on his own in his own consistancy rajamundry?

      • Sai Prabhakar

        I had high respect towards Vundavalli so far. Now I can join him to the list of VH, KK and co. He is a traitor – period..

  25. Hi guys,

    Is tha correct what undavalli was saying about jagan and till know i did not understand why this KVP is not coming in to picture OUR YSR close friend right why this guy is not coming to media when these many allegations are coming on YSR

    • sharath

      Good Job buddy

    • Gurava Reddy

      Indra, Good job. Only thing I want to point out to you is that once you ask your questions and hang up, you are in essence letting the other side to twist, tweak their arguments. You must stay on and make your own arguments and dispute their views in a rational and steady voice. When he answered (I don’t want to utter his name in the name 65 local Palandu young and upcoming Reddy leaders he had them killed in TDP rule) your two questions with his twisted mind, you were not there to point his inconsistencies in his argument. May be next time……. I am with you on your questions though, very nince ones.

    • subba

      Good Job Indra. Keep it up. This will be life and death issue for us. If we can proove people are not believing Yellow-Congress Media by getting huge majority, then people will visit IDUPULAPAYA. WIN is the only way to shut their mouth. Your questions are good. Keep it up.

  26. Indrasena

    tv9varadhi ane skype id or call at 8777606316

    • NLR

      Well done Indrasena garu for ur sincere effort …..

      I think all of us should call tv9 consistently to expose the yellow media ….
      I am sure u will be feeling proud of YSR flag flying over ur house …
      It will fly high for ever …..

    • sharath

      at what time is this program.

  27. Indrasena

    call now and expose double toungue of TDP now..

  28. Indrasena

    see tv9 varadhi now..I just talked to Kodela

  29. Pileru

    I talk to few friends in Thermal Plant (Muddanuru, Jammalamadugu constituency). I worked here as AE. They are saying that it is cake walk for Jagan. They said no one is saying congress, TDP may get second position. They see clear wave for Jagan. Jagan may get good majority in all constituencies except Kamalapuram. Jagan may get huge majority in Pulivendula, big majorities in Badvel, Jammalamadugu, Mydukur and Kadapa.

    In pulivendula there may be some cross voting. Some people may vote for Viveka for assembly. But it is not enough for Viveka to win.

  30. CVReddy

    I just spoke to our YS fans (Chaitanya,Sunil and others) who came from Pulivendula trip. There is clear wave in favor of Jagan and Vijayamma garu.
    They told me Jagan would win with more than 3L majority.
    Vijayamma garu will win comfortably.

  31. Indrasena

    Right now Ambati Rambabu is inaugurating YSR congress party flags and YSR statues in our village Mandapadu,Guntur dist..Full of crowd..Good going guys..My nephew put a biggest YSR congress party flag on our house..
    It is attracting lot of crowd..Long live YSR congress..Jagan anna should come to Guntur..

  32. Indrasena

    YSV is talking in Radha krishna gaadi sollu program..It seems to be YSV is mentally retarded..

    • Srikanth Daggumati

      How can YS Viveka claim YSR legacy by doing these silly things.
      I stopped buying Eenadu & AJ only because of YSR and now these stupids going to there studios and chating with them. Tomorrow again in AJ they will write one article against YSR & YSJ.

      • rakesh

        just wait for the day these crooks go for elections
        then they will know who are the winners
        till then, these dogs bark ….
        no use of giving reply them,,
        congress will be history in Andhra pradesh

  33. Srikanth Daggumati

    Why YSR congress people not giving proper response to the Undavalli comments.If we give a good response last time then he will not come again against Jagan.
    We should not take easy with Undavalli,YSV,Anam etc.
    If we don’t take these serious more attacks will come from undavalli soon.

    • Indrasena

      Undavalli is not correct..I wish all these traitor’s political life will be ended by jagan anna..I want to witness that day..

    • Apsrtc

      Undavalli ki gurthu vuntundi emo YS Jagan YSR ki support ga paada yatra chesadu. Kovvur/Rajahmandri daggara YSR ni choodadaaniki raledu ani stayi ki taggani maatalu maatladatam cheptondi. Inka veetiki response kosam vundavalli chaala try chestunnadu alagaina YSR legacy gurinchi discussion techi issue ni dilute cheyyali ani prathi saari key moments lo TV9 or national media lo kanapadutunnadu.

      We just be careful with Vundavalli since he is smart and knows much about YSR than us.

  34. CVReddy

    Jagan will have tough fight only in Poddutur and Kamalapuram.
    Jagan will sweep Mydukur and Pulivenduala.
    Jagan will get lion share in rest of the 3 segments.

    I spoke to lot of people in Kadapa district.
    I see see clear wave in favor of Jagan.

    • Sekhar

      Yeah Exactly…
      I spoke to lot of people in kadapa and Pulivendula talkuka..

      Defiantly majority should touch 4 Lak..

      Pulivendula — 5 to 8 k vastundi anta DL ki antakanna okka vote kuda radu anta

  35. Mana Jaitrayatra

    Any one have any idea…how is our campaign going on in Kadapa.How people are thinking about DLR,YSV

    Leave about NTR family feud..it is a drama..When Kamma heads join them then everything will become silent.If you are believing these dramas that means you guys dont know about the unity of kammas.

    Chandrababu will throw some biscuts to Andhra Jyothy thats it.He will become silent.Actually Radha Krishna doesnt like Sujana Chowdary to get RS seat,thats why he is publishing these nonsense drama.Nothing will happen.Chandra Babu made fools all the 6 sons and 4 daughters of NTR in 1994 only,now they cant do anything as all the rich kammas are with Chandra Babu only.

  36. rohit

    YSR’s kin desert Viveka in poll campaign
    KADAPA: The falling out of Agriculture Minister Y.S. Vivekananda Reddy with the family of his brother Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, caused by his decision to continue as a Congress functionary, has virtually isolated him in the family circles. YSR’s family members are backing Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy and campaigning for him in the Kadapa Lok Sabha constituency.

  37. CVReddy

    Dharmana’s brother to join YSR Congress -Hindu

    SRIKAKULAM: Congress MLA from Narsannapeta Dharmana Krishnadas, elder brother of Roads and Building Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao, is all set to join the YSR Congress, giving a big jolt to the Congress in the district. Narsannapeta constituency is considered a Congress stronghold.

    Mr. Prasada Rao represented the constituency before he shifted to Srikakulam in the 2004 elections.

    Mr. Krishnadas was fielded from Narsannapeta in the 2009 elections from where he won comfortably.

    According to sources, Mr. Prasada Rao is unhappy with his brother’s decision as the family had always supported the Congress.

    He is reportedly of the view that shifting of loyalties would weaken the Congress in Narsannapeta and lead to confusion among the party cadre.

    Mr. Krishnadas’ intentions became clear when his wife Priya and son Ramalinga Naidu actively participated in the Odarpu Yatra undertaken taken by Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy.

    He is expected to announce his decision to join the YSR Congress soon.

    Another MLA too?

    Amudalavalasa MLA Boddepalli Satyavati is likely to join the YSR Congress so is Zilla Parishad chairperson Palavalasa Rajasekharam, who had been overlooked by the Congress for the Legislative Council election.

    Tekkali MLA Korla Bharati and former MP K. Viswanatham have already joined the YSR Congress.


    Dear bloggers,
    I wish we have a group in facebook..v can share our opinions in dis blog but v can get to knw each othr personally if v r in tht grp..FB is relatively easy to access..i m nt against ths blog or our group but a suggestion in d view of ease to use..we can make d grp private so tht no one comes to knw abt our discussions..
    v can get connectd socially much if v r in tht grp..
    hope tht u get me right n ur suggestns r welcome:)

  39. CVReddy

    Why Ramoji Silent On Slapping PA?
    Strange are the ways of the Eenadu group and their head Ramoji Rao. While their monopoly gives them the benefit of calling the shots when it comes to news, there are times when they make it obvious and draw flak from the readers. Something like that has happened once again.

    The senior congressman Shankar Rao was shameless enough to slap his PA right in front of the media and many others. While all the media houses covered this, Eenadu left it out, why? Those who are used to Eenadu philosophy said “Anyone having links and ties with Ramoji, their negative news doesn’t come in Eenadu.”

    Well, here the link between Shankar Rao and Ramoji is nothing other than ‘enemy’s enemy is friend’. Since Shankar Rao goes against YS Jagan all the while, Ramoji likes him. For a brand like Eenadu which has a special chord with the Telugu people, doing such cheap acts is shameful, say the rationalists.

  40. Yaari

    Whole harikrishna revolt is a ploy by Babu. He thinks that by coming out as a rebel, Jagan is able to create a large share of his vote bank and he thinks that zoo and his dad will be able to create that kind of vote bank for themselves.


    joke of the decade:
    chandra babu march in support of anna for d bill..first untarani inka thelidaa ayanki inka 😉

    • YSR Congress Fan

      nothing would happen … unfortunately that’s the confidence they got..

    • Ram

      Best comment on CBN was from KCR – “Chandrababu ooregutunnadu Anna Hazaree kosamanta… inka Anna Hazare aatma hatya chesukovalno naa kiteh ardham kavadam ledu”

  42. CVReddy

    కలకలం రేపిన హరికృష్ణ లేఖ

    హైదరాబాద్ : నారా కుటుంబానికి, నందమూరి వంశానికి మధ్య కోల్డ్‌వార్ కొనసాగుతోంది. తాజాగా నందమూరి హరికృష్ణ శనివారం విడుదల చేసిన లేఖ టీడీపీలో కలకలం రేపింది. అన్నాహజారేకు మద్దతుగా చంద్రబాబునాయుడు చేపట్టిన ర్యాలీలో హరికృష్ణ పాల్గొనకుండా అదే సమయంలో ఆయన ఓ పత్రికా ప్రకటన విడుదల చేయటం చర్చనీయాంశం అయ్యింది. ఆ లేఖలో హరికృష్ణ సంచలన వ్యాఖ్యలు చేశారు.

    అవినీతిపై రాజీలేని పోరాటం చేసిన ఎన్‌టీఆర్ ఆశయాల కోసం త్వరలో మీముందుకు వస్తున్నా ఆశీర్వదించండంటూ హరికృష్ణ ఆ లేఖలో పేర్కొన్నారు. ఎన్టీఆర్ ఆశయాల పరిరక్షణ కోసం తాను పోరాడతానని తెలిపారు. కుంట భూమి లేనివారు కూడా కోట్లాది రూపాయలు సంపాదించారని హరికృష్ణ తన లేఖలో వ్యాఖ్యలు చేశారు. స్విస్ బ్యాంకుల్లో ఉన్న ఖాతాలను వెలికి తీయాలని ఆయన డిమాండ్ చేశారు. చంద్రబాబు ర్యాలీలో హరికృష్ణ అనుచరులు ఈ లేఖ పత్రులను పంచారు.

  43. CVReddy

    Indian Express:

    VIZIANAGARAM: Handloom and Textiles Minister P Shankar Rao on Friday stirred a hornet’s nest with a “revelation” that he had written to the High Court against the late YSR’s son YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at the behest of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

    “AICC president Sonia Gandhi knows everything that is happening in Andhra Pradesh,” he said during an informal interaction with journalists at Bobbili. Shankar Rao, a controversial leader, was at his “candid” best, professing his loyalty to the Congress and opening up on the case against Jagan.

    “I am the best loyalist of the Congress party and also its best worker,” he claimed.

    “Every action and reaction in and around the party in the state is being directed by party president Sonia Gandhi,” he said and added for good measure: “In fact, I filed a case in the court (against Jagan) only on Madam’s directions.” In the mood to “spill the beans,” he further claimed to have helped the late YS Rajasekhara Reddy graduate in medicine.

    “I influenced the medical college people of Gulbarga to give good marks to YS Rajasekhara Reddy to complete his MBBS degree,” Shankar Rao boasted. In Srikakulam too, he took potshots at Jagan, alleging that the former MP’s newspaper was practising yellow journalism.

    The high court, treating Shankar Rao’s letter containing corruption charges against Jagan as a petition, has taken up hearing on the same.

    The Minister also exhibited his temper at a press conference when he received a call on his mobile.

    Finding his assistant standing at a distance, he called him and tossed the mobile at him, reprimanding him for not being nearby.

  44. Indrasena

    Well.. Raajulu laaga batikina ys kutumbaaniki enta kastam….
    Ayina SAre nela meeda nadiche mee kutumbhaanni aa parameshwarudu Sada rakshinchu gaaka

  45. Vinay

    shankar rao is the man who had helped YSR to get good marks and for the completion of MBBS.

    Vinadaaniki andhrajyothi , eenadu vaallu vunte edhaina cheppestaadu anukunta..

    pichhi kukka gaadu

    • Apsrtc

      Daarunam. Anthaku minchi em chestaaaru veellu. Inka election 48 hours before and on that day of election situation ela vuntundo?

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