sabeeha sultana

iam sabeeha sultana,MBA,all the muslims of the state especially in vijayawada in the leadership of our beloved leader mr.Jaleel khan we all praying for you in the auspecious month of ramzan.if the state and central cong.govt.will go extra to harass and want to create problems to our dynamic pulivendula pulibidda YS JAGAN,we will protect our leader by sacrifizing our lives .this is our promise and committment towards our leader.


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  1. Suneel

    There was an interesting comment in with following comparison between Arvind Kejrival and Rahul Gandhi

    Who is the leader of youth of INDIA …………………


    Mechanical Engineer -IIT Kharagpur

    Job :-Tata Steel
    Former IRS resigned from the Govt job(posted IT Commisioner’s office)

    Social Activist:-
    Man behind (Right to Information Act).
    LokPal bill

    Awards Various Ashoka Fellow, Civic Engagement.
    2005: ‘Satyendra Dubey Memorial Award’, IIT Kanpur for his campaign for bringing transparency in Government
    2006: Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership.
    2006: CNN-IBN, ‘Indian of the Year’ in Public Service
    2009: Distinguished Alumnus Award, IIT Kharagpur for Emergent Leadership.
    2010: Policy Change Agent of the Year, Economic Times Corporate Excellence Award along with Aruna Roy.
    Fighting against corruption

    ………….He left his job in IRS to fight against corruption.

    Education- failed to secure passing grades in National Economic Planning and Policy graduated by any how
    job: Got ancestral political power and running through it
    Award: he is making awards not getting it
    Fight against Indians sentiments

    For him Terror attacks are common thing…
    we should not be worried of that…..let it happen(since they have z class security)

    he will never talk about Govt. policies….and planning….since he
    is not intelligent enough to grasp that.(claimed to be most eligible to be PM)

    Won’t talk about black money and corruption.

    will never talk in Parliament.

    No political vision and goals for nation .

    Trained well to fool poor villagers with safed kurta ..nd khadhi(doing same in UP and other places.)
    Grandson OF Nehru,
    Grandson of Indira Gandhi….
    Son Of Rajiv gandhi….
    FRom Gandhi Family…..
    till now zero…
    …………..Claimed to be nxt PM of INDIA ..Future face of congress.



    …………..Claimed to be nxt PM of INDIA ..Future face of congress.


  2. cv reddy gaaru facts about jagan ani oka mail pamparu. adi nenu naa website lo upload chesa…please forward this link to everybody to know about jagan…

    Click to access Facts-about-YS-Jagan.pdf

  3. Eroju Chiranjeevi oka statement echadu “Y S R Avineethi parudu ani”
    Evarandi avineethi parudu okoka ticket ni 5crores ki ammina chiranjeevaa?? Leka anni parties okatayina congress ni onti chethitho gelipinchina YSR aa?? YSR avineethi parudu ane rights levu. Mee party aavirbhaavana nundi veelinam varaku meeru chesindi avineethi!! Endhukante okoka ticket 5crore nunchi 10crore varaku ammukunnadi meeru aaa ticket mee candidates antha cost petti endhuku konarao meeku telusu mee govt vasthe antha kante ekkuva sampaadindhukovachu anna aasha tho vaalu ticket konaru epudu elagu sampaadinchukolekapothunam ani 300 crores ki congress ki ammudu ayipoyaru meera avineethi gurinchi matladedhi….. meeku CM padhavi aasha pade kadha congress loki vellindi election campaign lo congress avineethi avinnethi ani prachaaram chesindi meere epudu adhe congress party loki meeru vellaru meeku avineethi gurinchi matlade rights levu.

  4. SivaSankara Reddy

    Kindly visit this website and post your comments .. these yellow fellows are posting stupid comments .. please give fitting reply to these fellows ..

    • Apsrtc

      It is a waste of effort to post against yellow fanatics who spend their 2nd life abusing and crying on all others. It is waste of time. People in AP DOnt read this filth. They are important to us. Not these crqppy websites.

    • arun

      dont worrry abt them they are barking dogs

      • Anil

        these people r similar to talibans. they r not treated as humans in many areas. there ll be a permanent end to their identity soon..


    ఆంధ్ర లో ఇంత అల్లకల్లోలానికి కారణము ITALY వనితే.


    TDP, BJP, etc పార్టీలు కొట్టిన దెబ్బలకు, చావు బతుకుల్లో వున్న పాము (CONGRESS PARTY) ను, YSR ప్రాణము పోసి బ్రతికిస్తే, ఇప్పుడు ఆ పాము YSR ని, YSR FAMILY ని కరుస్తుంది,
    ఎంత అన్యాయము.

  7. srinivasulu

    ఎన్నికలు vasethy YSRC will win all seats

    • pareddy

      what ever we are doing 100% correct.

      Speaker cannot agree our resignations.
      if speaker agree our resignations , again telangana movement will blow up and they will ask why our resignations are not accepted.

      in all the ways its advantages to us only.
      Good step by our party.
      jai jagan anna

    • sakshi tv is good news chenal far pepole

  8. i feel this is the only first round of resignations. if needed there are more resignations will come. just mlas are watching how things going on. the below are some of the list which i know
    raja ashok babu -tuni ( as he dont have enough money, he lost his entire money last 25 years. so he want to be as mla upto 2014)
    peddi reddy and his group(shajahan,kutuhalamma)–they are indirectly supporting ysrcp by fighting with kiran. peddi reddy is doing gvt contracts. so he is just watching.

    lot more leaders there. they can come at any point of time if needed.

  9. srinivas

    ఎన్నికలు vasethy YSRC will win all seats

  10. kkreddy

    i toured hyd-kurnool-nandyala-ongole-proddatur-banaganepalle, i enquired my co passengers, every one saying that they will give jagan one chance, after that they will decide upon the performance, this cbi is not showing effect on them, they say that it is a conspiracy

  11. Mohan Inkollu

    Thanks to all the MLA’s And MP’s resinged in support of YSR garu.

  12. Vijay

    @Gurava anna:- 100%agreed.

    The number 45 is needed. Once we reach 45, MLAs automatically start coming to ysrcp fold. As u said reaching 45 will increase the flock to 75.

    By the time MLAs submit their resignations to speaker, it will be shock to govt if few ministers like Komatireddy, Vatti, Viswaroop, Ramreddy Venkatreddy, Sabitha put their paper.
    Hope this cant be ruledout.

    • Saireddy

      If this happened then even Kammas also feel bad about eenadu, CBN & Co… We will win with thumping majority if mid term elections held as soon as possible

    • Apsrtc

      Cv reddy anna: this is very positive news. Yellow batch sitting in US, typing senseless propaganda and filth against YS JAGAN and YSR open up their eyes to know what they read and watch in Yellow media is not true. They failed in 2004 and in 2009. they must realize now.

  13. CVReddy

    Jagan draws massive crowds in TDP bastion -Times Of India
    The people particularly from Choudary community did not allow him to go out of their villages till he visits their colonies.

    • kkreddy

      i toured hyd-kurnool-nandyala-ongole-proddatur-banaganepalle, i enquired my co passengers, every one saying that they will give jagan one chance, after that they will decide upon the performance, this cbi is not showing effect on them, they say that it is a conspiracy ,

  14. Gurava Reddy

    The Congress HC, headed by the Italian Mafia don, Sonia Gandhi and the “stool has more IQ than me” Rahul Gandi dared to name the late Dr. YSR that gave them great support to the power twice in 2004 and 2009 in the CBI FIR. Shame on them. We gave them a great response by 30 MLAs and two MPs resigning from the Assembly and the Parliament. It’s only the beginning and not the ending. In my opinion, we need to reach the support level of 45 in the assembly and five in the parliament (including Jagan). This will run the trains in the hearts of our opponents and the fence sitters, who have been watch mode, but were handpicked by YSR. SPY Reddy and Anantha Venkatarami Reddy would be on my wish list of MPs and Saipratap would be a good addition. These three and already resigned Mekapati and Sabbam should win easily with thumping majorities. Once we can pull even with 45 in the Assembly, the number can go up easily to 75 toppling the state Congress government easily. YSRCP also should go hard after some of the TDP and ex-PRP MLAs too, and this would put so much pressure on TDP that they would propose no-confidence motion, resulting in the KKR government getting overthrown!

    For all this to happen, we need the likes of Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy and others to come out in the open and defend Dr. YSR and Jagan.

    With Regards, Gurava Reddy
    YSR Amar Rahen!

    • Ram

      Till telugu people are divided on regional and caste lines, this natak, and nautanki will go on.

    • apsrtc

      Anna: Yes. I bow my head to the resigned MLA and MPs. I want to pray for your win in coming reelection under YSRCP flag.

      People like Peddireddy runs 1000 crore AP government contracts with PCR constructions. His day to day business runs on AP Govt contracts. KKR would hit him under them belt from tomorrow onwards by sending a note to treasury to stop paying his bills. He must need to make a judgement on his personal goals before supporting Jagan directly. During MLC election also he played hide and seek with YSR CP and finally went and met Sonia gandhi and expressed support to her. He is a stubborn MLA who is not worried about his seat. So if we get his support, it is a major moral victory for YSR CP.

  15. karthi

    ee congress enni kutralu pannina . . . Mana jagan ni emi cheyaleru . . . Ayina manchi thanam & ayanakunna prajala adarana ayinanu kachitham ga gellipistayi . . . Mana jagan twaralonai puli la . . . puli visirai panja la . . . Panja visuruthu vastadu mundukostadu . . . Mana divangatha netha . . . Y.S.R asisulu,prajala anda mana jagan ki eppudu untai . . . jagan rocks soon!!

  16. I want this Kiran Govt should be toppled and Jagan should form alliance with KCR..We should win the coming elections,we don’t have any other option left.Our enemies left us only one way,win the battle..flush this yellow fest from our state..

    • Saireddy

      All the best to Resigned congress MLAs. we’re looking for more numbers to resign. Otherwise local supporters has to do dharns against the MLAs.

    • No alliences….asalu TRS tho allience pettukunte mana creadibility pothundi…

      vaalla tho allience valla manaku vache USe yemi ledu…

      we can win in 25-30 seats in T region in worst case….

      I did not forget MAHABUBABAD incident yet…..

      single gaane manam contets cheyyaali…yentha mandi kalisinaa…JANAM manatho vunanaaru……ade mana balam…

  17. krishna reddy

    Also I heard from some one that one HC judge who they knew well felt that the judgement is politically motivated–so these things do happen. I hope supreme court will prevail, but since supreme court is so proactive with corruption cases they may ask jagan to face inquiry anyway. But as long as CBI is doing it they can do process it according to their whims and wishes excluding those who are good to high command. Lagatapati fmaily member have invested in sakshi but his name does not figure in FIR

  18. krishna reddy

    My take on things……….

    1. The way things are going on with jagan……… is s a matter of time he will be arrested and kept in jail. He is prepeared for it and he is prepared to loose all his money. He told this to his cose followers before he started his party. High command has given this warning to him several times through back channels. This is undisputed fact. I hope some one will run party in his absence.
    2. There are 2 indias as we have. One india is corrupt and that include people who give and take bribes, officials and leaders. Another india is in villages touched by what YSR did. There is groundswell of support from him from this india and this is what is going to make him next CM. Does not matter what hatred papers spew on YS jagan; his vote bank is there for ever in those places. The jokers who merily discuss in their living rooms know very well how corrupt they are, how their freinds and family members make money and how corrupt their leaders are. But fortunately the so called educated class will have no impact on elections except in few urban areas. If all people are investigated like Jagan 99% of india will be in jails–is this not a fact? CBI wil find some thing or other–when things are examined that close something will be found. Whether one did not pay taxes Rs 1000 or Rs 1 crore legally it is a crime and how many people think they will come out clean?

    When Rajiv died his name was deleted from FIR because he is dead and for some reason congress do not remember when it came to YSR. Has sonia gandhi house searched any time?

    • Anil

      I don’t think he ll go to jail. he can very well appeal in sc and comeout clean.

      • Rao

        Like you all, I am also Jagan ‘s well wisher and hope to see him as next CM on his own.
        Regarding current situation, don’t be too optimistic, Jagan is cornered through CBI investigation, if congress HC thinks, Jagan is weaken then CBI will arrest him. I do not have much hope with SC, since his OY is going very well, and now 29 MLA and 2 MP came out to support him, Congress HC will watch the new developments, if Jagan can pull at least another 20 MLA then CBI investigation may go slow even SC may give him stay. Otherwise, Vijayamma has to step up and save the party. Only good about FIR is including YSR, that can be used polically and win common people.

  19. Rp

    Yes, my blood goes to my heart every second. It gets pure there because the peoples god YSR there in my heart. He never ever comes out of my heart. If comes out..that means IAM DEAD

    To who lected by name of our god YSR:
    If u believe ysr is your beloved leader like you used say in meetings…resign
    If u believe ysr is corrupt..resign because you were elected with ysr name.
    So, ither way you reign and re-elect you idiots

  20. Vinay

    within 2 days Perni Nani will announce his resignation in the presence of Jagan..

    jagan is coming to
    machilipatnam on 23rd on his way to odarpu yatra.

    • pavithra

      The Government has lost its credibility, once they are openely doing conspiracy to malign DR.YSR. They should forthwith submit the resignation from the Government. One thing is clear, in older days Congress tries to do some gimics to cover its sins. However, in today’s modern world it cannot hide facts and continue to create problems to the supporters of YSR Party. People are more knowledgeble, and waiting for response through ballot. The result will be same as Kuddaph.

      Dear Jagan, Don’t get carried away with this type open consipiracy from Congress High Command, more and more people are joining you in support to bring to power.

      I wish all the best to Jagan in taking AP politics to better position and represent peoples wish not Delhi’s Wish.

      May God bless You.

  21. Chenga Reddy Chillakuru

    Historic Victory will get the MLAs who resigns at this movement and we will get flowerfull golden dream GOVt. till now we believe that YSR is the GOD now we confirm all the MLAs who resigns are the GODs

  22. sekhar reddy

    Where is Yerram venkateswara reddy (Sattenapalii), Rapaka varaprasad (Raojolu), Raja Ashok Babu (Thuni), Perni Nani (Machilipatnam). Andharikanna veelu main nammakadrohulu. Veelu direct ga support chesi ippudu dongallaga bayataku ravatam ledu.

    • BSR

      Please do not blame any member openly at this time. At least with respect to sattenapalli, I guess the reason for him not to take positive decision is he may be unsure of getting reelceted for sure if the govt is not collapsing based on the equations within his palce. I am sure that he is going to support once our party is sure of over throwing the govt. It safe for us also not to resign for any constituency if the results are not surely gonna be not in our favor.

      • yem maatlaaduthunav brother???

        stenapalli is in Guntur..and I am sure…yeppudainaa akkada manade GELUPU…..

        Narasaraopet MP segment kindake vasthundi Sathenapalli kudaaa…..

        Venkateswara Reddy is with us I guess…..gelavaka povadam ane maaate ledu

  23. sekhar reddy

    One more MP may resigned to support ys jagun told by sabbam hari

  24. sekhar reddy

    One more mo may resigned to support ys jagun told by sabbam hari

  25. Vinay

    If corruption is an issue, how about rajiv’s involvement in Bofors?

    If jagan needs to be punished for taking his dad’s support ,
    y not Rahul Gandhi?

  26. Vijay

    As Jagan anna has pointed: Ramaoji is real ‘Shani’ to AP.
    As usual, today eenadu in its first page, comeup saying that, Companies invested in Jagan comapnies lost faith in share holders and the heading is కంపెనీలకు జ’గండం’ with the following stats as a picture.
    They have mentioned:
    Company name Present 52weeks 52weeks
    price high low
    Arabindo Pharma 137 275 135(-140)
    Navabharat Ventures 192 420 186(-234)
    Ramky Infra 270 460 242(-218)
    PVP Ventures 5 15 5(-10)
    India Cements 68 127 62(-65)

    But in real, the big companies that generally results high gains in sharemarket, are suffering huge share value. for eg:
    Reliance Industries 739 1124 721(-403)
    Orbit Corporation 35 144 33(-111)
    ARSS Infra Projects Ltd 311 1349 303(-1046)
    SBI 2039 3515 2026(-1489)
    Voltas 116 262 115(-147)

    I am ashamed that i have continuously read this paper for 7years.
    May god save AP from these yellow faces.

    • Vijay…

      vaadi thelivi yentante…mana vaalla ki SHARES gurinchi pedda gaa yemi theliyadu le…vaadu yem raasthe ade NIJAM ani anukuntaaru le ane oka GUDDI NAMMAKAM…

      asalu inkaaa yenduku aa GOLANADU chaduvuthunnav???

      2009 elections time nundi I have stopped that shittiest paper…till date I did not read a single article in that paper….

      just avoid…ignore that yellow shit….live with peace of mind….

    • Dear Vijay, Read Eenadu for Sunday stories….

    • sekar

      I have stopped reading eenadu as there is no point in reading. Majority of the people are anyway not beleiving in the him. He is not the olden days eenadu anymore. Then why to read. Other than Sakshi, you can read Andhrabhoomi or website(kommineni etc) for news.


    సోనియా కి సపోర్ట్ చేసే MLA లు, ఇంక ఎంత మాత్రము MLA లుగా కొనసాగడానికి వీల్లేదు. వెంటనే వారు రాజీనామా చేయాలి.
    లేకొపోతే ఆయా నియోజక వర్గము లో VOTE వేసి గెలిపించిన ప్రజలు ఆ MLA ఇంటిని ముట్టడి చేయాలి.



  29. Anil

    The resignations of MLA’s and MP’s have been announced.

  30. CVReddy

    NTV News:
    30-40 Jagan MLAs likely to resign

    • pareddy

      i think it should be more than 60 then only some thing will happen.
      If we resign 24-30 nothing happen to congress.

      we have to pull down congress govt asap

      • shaikerru



    Y.S.R ని బట్టి VOTE వేసి మనము గెలిపించిన MLA లు , SONIA వైపు ఉండడము ఏమిటి ? అలాంటి MLA లను రాజీనామా చేయమని వాళ్ళ ఇంటిని ముట్టడి చేయాలి, VOTE వేసి గెలిపించిన ప్రజలు.



    ఒకే దెబ్బకు రెండు పిట్టలు
    August 19th, 2011

    పార్టీలు వేరైనా లక్ష్యం ఒక్కటే. ఒకే దెబ్బకు రెండు పిట్టలు. ప్రస్తుతం రాష్ట్రంలోని మూడు ప్రధాన పార్టీల మధ్య జరుగుతున్న పోరు ఇదే. ఈ మూడింటిలో ఒకటి అధికారంలో ఉన్న పార్టీ, మరోటి అధికారాన్ని అనుభవించిన పార్టీ, ఇంకోటి అధికారంలోకి రావాలనుకుంటున్న పార్టీ. కాంగ్రెస్, తెలుగుదేశం, వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీలు మూడూ కూడా ఇదే ధ్యేయంతో పని చేస్తున్నాయి. ఎమ్మార్ అక్రమాలు,జగన్ ఆస్తులపై సిబిఐ ప్రస్తుతం జరుపుతున్న విచారణను మూడు పార్టీలు తమకు అనుకూలం మార్చుకునేందుకు ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నాయి.
    కేంద్రంలోను, రాష్ట్రంలోను అధికారంలో ఉన్న కాంగ్రెస్ ఒకే దెబ్బకు వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీని, తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీని అప్రతిష్ఠపాలు చేయడం ద్వారా రాజకీయ ప్రయోజనాలను పొందాలనుకుంటోంది. కాంగ్రెస్, వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ దొందూ దొందే అని చెప్పడం ద్వారా అధికారానికి దగ్గర కావాలన్నది తెలుగుదేశం వ్యూహం. ఇక అధికార కాంగ్రెస్, ప్రధాన ప్రతిపక్షమైన తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీలు కుమ్మక్కై తన మీద కుట్ర పన్నుతునాయని ప్రచారం చేయడం ద్వారా రెండు పార్టీలను దెబ్బతీయాలన్నది జగన్ ప్రతి వ్యూహం. మూడు పార్టీలు తమ లక్ష్య సాధనకు ఉపయోగించుకుంటున్న అంశం ప్రస్తుతం జరుగుతున్న సిబిఐ విచారణ.
    జగన్ మీద ఎమ్మెల్యే గా హైకోర్టులో ఫిర్యాదు చేసి పి శంకరరావుఆ తర్వాత మంత్రి అయినాడు. శంకరరావుఅభ్యర్థన మేరకు సిబిఐ దర్యాప్తునకు న్యాయస్థానం ఆదేశించింది. ఈ మేరకు జగన్ మీద సిబిఐ కొన్ని కేసులు పెట్టింది. ఈ కేసులు రెండు చట్టాల కింద పెట్టింది. భారత శిక్ష్మాస్మృతి (ఐపిసి)లోని సెక్షన్ల ప్రకారం, అవినీతి నిరోధక చట్టంలోని కొన్ని సెక్షన్ల కింద జగన్ మీద కేసులు పెట్టినట్లు సిబిఐ అధికారికంగా ప్రకటించింది. ఐపిసిలోని 420, 409 సెక్షన్ల కింద కేసులు పెట్టింది. అంటే మోసగించడం, నమ్మక ద్రోహానికి పాల్పడటం అన్నవి ఈ సెక్షన్ల కిందకు వచ్చే అభియోగాలు. మరి జగన్ సంస్ధల్లో పెట్టుబడులు పెట్టిన వారుగాని, వాటాలు కొనుగోలు చేసిన వారు గాని ఎవరూ తమను జగన్ మోసగించారని, నమ్మక ద్రోహం చేశారని ఎక్కడా ఫిర్యాదులు చేయలేదు. ఇక ఐపిసిలోని 477 ఎ ప్రకారం ఖాతాలను తారుమారు చేయడం అన్నది, ఇది నిజమా, కాదా అన్నది విచారణలో తేలుతుంది. అవినీతి నిరోధక చట్టంలోని సెక్షన్ల కింద పెట్టిన కేసుల ప్రకారం ప్రభుత్వ హోదాలో ఉన్న వ్యక్తి అధికార దుర్వినియోగానికి పాల్పడటం, అవినీతికి పాల్పడటం, ఆదాయానికి సంబంధించిన లెక్కల్ని సక్రమంగా చూపించక పోవడం అన్నవి. వైఎస్‌మొదటిసారి ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా ఉన్న కాలంలో జగన్ ఏ అధికార పదవిలోను లేరు. కనీసం పంచాయితీ వార్డు సభ్యునిగానైనా లేరు. అధికార పదవిలో లేనపుడు అధికార దుర్వినియోగానికి పాల్పడ్డారన్న కేసులు ఎలా పెడతారు. ఈ కేసులన్నీ అప్పటి ముఖ్యమంత్రి వైఎస్ మీద పెట్టినట్లయితే అభ్యంతరం ఉండక పోవచ్చు. సాధారణంగా ఒక వ్యక్తి మీద కేసులు ఏమైనా ఉన్నట్లయితే అతను మరణించిన తర్వాత అతని మీద కేసులన్నిటిని మూసివేస్తారు. ఆయన మరణించినందున అప్పటి ఆయన మంత్రివర్గ సహచరుల్ని బాధ్యుల్ని చేయాలి. కానీ సిబిఐ దృష్టిలో మాత్రం వైఎస్ హయాంలో జరిగిన నిర్ణయాలకు ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా ఆయన ఒక్కరిదే బాధ్యత, మంత్రులకు ఏమాత్రం సంబంధం లేదన్నట్లుగా వ్యవహరిస్తోంది. జగన్ మీద పెట్టిన కేసుల ఆధారంగా రాజకీయ లబ్ది పొందేందుకు కాంగ్రెస్, తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీలు ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నాయి. కానీ తీగలాగితే డొంక కదిలినట్లు జగన్ మీద పెట్టిన కేసులు అటు తిరిగి, ఇటు తిరిగి చివరకు కాంగ్రెస్, తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీల మెడకే చుట్టుకోవచ్చు. వైఎస్ ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా ఉన్న మొదటి ఐదేళ్ళ కాలంలో తీసుకున్న నిర్ణయాలపైనే ఇప్పుడు ఆరోపణలు వస్తున్నాయి. రెండోసారి ముఖ్యమంత్రి అయిన తర్వాత వైఎస్ ఆరు నెలలైనా లేకుండానే హెలికాప్టర్ ప్రమాదంలో మరణించారు. వైఎస్ తొలి ఐదేళ్ళ పాలనపై ‘ రాజా ఆఫ్ కరప్షన్’ పేరుతో తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ ఒక పుస్తకాన్ని ముద్రించి గల్లీ నుంచి ఢిల్లీ వరకు అందరికీ పంచిపెట్టింది. కాంగ్రెస్ అధిష్ఠానానికి కూడా పంపించింది. ఇది జరిగిన తర్వాతనే వైఎస్‌కు రెండో సారి ముఖ్యమంత్రి పదవిని అధిష్ఠానం కట్టబెట్టింది. తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ చేసిన ఆరోపణలపై అంతర్గతంగానైనా విచారణ జరిపించుకుని అవన్నీ అవాస్తవాలని నిర్ణయించి వైఎస్‌కు రెండోసారి ముఖ్యమంత్రి పదవిని అధిష్ఠానం కట్టబెట్టింది అనుకోవాలి. లేని పక్షంలో వైఎస్ మీద అవినీతి ఆరోపణలు వస్తే ఏంటి ‘మన పని’ నెరవేస్తున్నారు కదా అని అయినా అధిష్ఠానం అనుకుని ఉండాలి. అప్పుడు వైఎస్ అవినీతి నిజమైన పక్షంలో అందులో అధిష్ఠానవర్గానికి కూడా భాగస్వామ్యం ఉండి ఉండాలి.
    వైఎస్ ఒక అవినీతి ముఖ్యమంత్రి అని ఋజువైన పక్షంలో అది రాజకీయంగా కాంగ్రెస్ ప్రతిష్ఠకు కూడా మచ్చ కాదా. వైఎస్ అవినీతి మలినం జగన్‌కు తప్ప కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీకి అంటదా? తనకు మలినం అంటినపుడు ఈ రొచ్చులోకి తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీని కూడా లాగకుండా కాంగ్రెస్ ఉండదు కదా? అపుడు మూడు ప్రధాన పార్టీలు అవినీతి మయం అన్న అభిప్రాయం ప్రజలకు కలుగుతుంది. అధికారంలో ఉన్న పార్టీకి, అధికారాన్ని అనుభవించిన పార్టీకే ఇందులో ఎక్కువ బాధ్యత ఉంటుంది. జగన్ ఇప్పటి వరకు ఎటువంటి అధికార పదవిలోను లేనందున ఆయన అవినీతికి పాల్పడ్డారని చెబితే ప్రజలు నమ్ముతారా? నమ్మితే ఆయన నిర్వహించే ఓదార్పు యాత్రలకు అంత జనం వస్తారా?

  34. NLR

    The time has come .
    Once the resignations start the centre will feel the heat .
    One end from Anna and the other end from JAGAN Anna.
    It is a win and win situation for us because both cong and tdp are fighting with fire and digging their own graves.

  35. agr

    25 to 29 MLAs to be resinged

  36. agr

    NTV Breaking news ..

    Several MLAs and 2 MPs are now ready to resign … Fast pacing developmets

  37. krishna reddy

    I saw wikileaks list for swiss accounts. I saw rajiv gandhi name and some prominent politicians. there is a e-mail circulating around. dont know its authenticity.

  38. Ganesh

    Avnu endhuku ante ap lo cp party ki 32 mps undam valane central lo govt fam indhi epudu jagan anna party ki 42 mps vachetatu unavi ani valu ela chesthunaru

  39. agr

    congress/tdp wetted tehir pants … they are just trying to buy time to dry their pants

  40. pileru

    Janak Prasad (YSR CP) is very good orator and talks logically with proofs and examples.

  41. rohit

    రాజీనామాలకే మొగ్గు
    జగన్ వర్గం ఎమ్మెల్యేల నిర్ణయం 30మంది ఉండొచ్చని అంచనా.. అదే దారిలో ఇద్దరు ఎంపీలు..? ముహూర్తం నేడు లేదా రేపు.. రాజధానికి చేరుకోవాలని పిలుపు * వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ కీలక సమావేశం నేడు

  42. agr

    Every non-tdp person knows the motives behind this YSR/YSJ sabotage … Everybody who voted YSR to come to power feel cheated by Congress now. This feeling of cheating will be deeply penetrated if Cong/TDP/Courts continue suppressing YSJ …

    What I think from this whole episode is YSJ becoming CM in 2014 is cemented now more than before …. People can’t digest what is being happening to YSR/YSJ.

    People who lives in villages for whom YSR who fought so much till his last breath, cannot understand all these legal/illegal proceedings. They think simple, plain. YSJ is among the people from the very day his dad died and is the only one listening to the common people and fighting for them now.

    I think the biggest loser from this CBI/FIR is Congress … no doubt in my mind …

    Friends, my heart is in high spirits now … cause its not Jagan who will suffer from this .. TDP has noting to gain, Congress is GONE from this …

    ONLY Jagan and ALWAYS Jagan ….


  43. agr_123

    Every non-tdp person knows the motives behind this YSR/YSJ sabotage … Everybody who voted YSR to come to power feel cheated by Congress now. This feeling of cheating will be deeply penetrated if Cong/TDP/Courts continue suppressing YSJ …

    What I think from this whole episode is YSJ becoming CM in 2014 is cemented now more than before …. People can’t digest what is being happening to YSR/YSJ.

    People who lives in villages for whom YSR who fought so much till his last breath, cannot understand all these legal/illegal proceedings. They think simple, plain. YSJ is among the people from the very day his dad died and is the only one listening to the common people and fighting for them now.

    I think the biggest loser from this CBI/FIR is Congress … no doubt in my mind …

    Friends, my heart is in high spirits now … cause its not Jagan who will suffer from this .. TDP has noting to gain, Congress is GONE from this …

    ONLY Jagan and ALWAYS Jagan ….

  44. Ramala Prasad

    If God is with Jagan and his family, who can stand against him? Cheating and opportunism is human nature but God will never cheat His believers. He always blesses His people and He will deliver them from all types of evil. Difficulties are like waves of the sea. Jagan will prove his innocence and will come out of all the disturbances very successfully and will surely become the Chief Minister of A.P. It is hundred percent true.

  45. chari

    2 ekarala vadu vela kotlu singapoore lo hotallu ela earn chesavo cheedarbabbu cheppina,
    10,000 jeetam kuda leni vudyogi, pani chese samstane konadam elago gabbunna chanel ABN ANDHRAKOTI rahasyamento cheppina,
    voooooooooo vuragaya pacchdiiiiiiiii,gongura pacchadi………kottimeera pachadiiiiiiii ani ammukuntu studio lu ela kattavachho chebite e desamlo nirupeda vuntada.kabatti rahasyamedo cheppandayya mee kallu mokkutam.maku e chaduvlenduku,e vyaparaleduku

    • prasanna

      jagan pi inthaga kutralu jaragadam kotha kadu ayanaloni maha nayakudu ivvani chudadu jagan ku unna janam support chusi kullu kuntunnaru ayananu enthaga ibbandi peyttina ayana neylaku kottina banthila piki leystadu 2014 cm mana jagan

    • Ganesh

      Anaa kodkulaku em panipata le andhu ke mana jagan anna midha ala rasthunaru

  46. ste

    HC and TDP allow Jagan to be CM at least one day. If not AP will not have peace for the next 400 years. GOD will take care of the people who dont allow the son of god to become CM. GOD is looking everything. GOD will count everybodys sin and take appropriate action at appropriate time. Everything is happening with the will of the GOD only. GOD will guide my people and punish the rest. GOD is great. Law will take its action but GOD will decide what the action is.

  47. Anna jagananna neeku prajabalam undi neeku ma anda danda ella velala untai elanti gunta nakka rajakeeyalaku bayapadaddu cong tdpki pathanam ayye rojulu vasthai cbi congresski vattasu palukuthundi cbi ni congress adistunna veshadarana patra adi oka hydrama evarenni kuykthulu aadina anthima vjayam jaganannade ani gurthunchukovali palaka vargalu

  48. rakesh

    its the right time, to strike back
    the jolt should hammer congres n tdp to buttom of the pit
    let the congress dogs and yellow fools face the people verdict soon

    • chari

      1.Amma ku jai,nee kosam emina chesta ani okka namaskaram cheste e patike jagan cm kakapoyevada?.yes idi kevalam nakkagitula mosagallyna VH KK VANKARRAO DOPOSIT LOOSER(DL) KE SADYAM KANI PULIBIDDA KI ELA SADYAM

  49. Pranav

    అడివి లో హైనాల (Congress, TDP) మధ్య ఒక లేడి పిల్ల (YSRCP) అప్పుడే పుట్టింది. బాగా ఆకలిగొన్న దుష్ట హైనాలు లేడి పిల్లని ఏడిపిద్దాం, ఖతం చేద్దాం అని చూసాయి. దగ్గరికి వెళ్ళాయి, కవ్వించాయి. లేడి పిల్ల ఎదురు తిరిగింది, హైనాల కళ్ళలో సూటిగా, పొగరుగా చూసింది. అప్పుడే అర్థమయ్యింది హైనాలకు, అది లేడి పిల్ల కాదు పులివెందుల పులి బిడ్డ (Jagan) అని. హైనాలు పలాయనం చిత్తగించాయి.
    పులి బిడ్డ కొట్టిన దెబ్బకి (Pulivendula, Kadapa Elections) కోలుకోలేని హైనాలు, దొడ్డిదారిన పులి బిడ్డ ఇంటి మీద దాడి (CBI raids) చేసాయి. కానీ తను నమ్ముకున్న, తనను ఆదరించిన అడివి తల్లి (People) సహాయంతో పులి బిడ్డ హైనాల పై పంజా ప్రయోగించింది, ఈ సారి హైనాలు ఆనవాళ్ళు సైతం లెకుండా కొట్టుకు పోయాయి. (Next coming elections)

  50. naveen

    JAGAN your value is tan90 (mathematical value )…… tan90 value =infinity…………JAGAN annaya ne services state ku chaala avasaram like YSR services…….

  51. Pranav

    Brothers, why our Jagan is still supporting this government after all this defamation of YSR. As a YSR karyakartha I want Jagan to summon his MLAs, MPs to resign and go for elections. One side Congress, TDPs defaming, mud throwing on deceased leader YSR and jagan and another side our MLAs still in Congress, TDPs and not resigning is very uncomfortable. Even today jagan has 9-10 MPs and 50+ MLAs I believe, they must resign immediately (otherwise I suspect they are playing a double game and are coverts) and general elections must be held immediately. Then only we will know judgement of the ultimate court, PEOPLES COURT, which will be a slap on dushta congress and TDP’s faces.

    • BSR

      I also strongly believe that it is the right time for the MLAs and MPs to resign no matter what the numbers are…. The only thing that matters is the majority that they can get after contesting on behalf of YSR congress. Based on this criteria legislators need to decide who can resign based on the peoples pulse in their respective criteria. The MLAs and MPs who are ready to takes such risks in troubled water need to be rewarded in next general elections while forming the governments in the state and center if we happened to be the part of the central govt. It does not matter even if the numbers are 20 MLAs and 2 MPs. Our party can definitely satisfy these many members with cabinet berths.

      Fellow genuine bloggers please express your thoughts on this

    • CVReddy

      Strike the iron when it is hot.
      Jagan will strike at appropriate time.

      • Pranav

        Brother, I dont know about iron hot etc, but my heart is burning after CBI put YSR’s name in FIR. Intha jarigaaka kooda avsaramaa anipinchindi.

        • pareddy

          u r correct pranav, same feeling to me.
          i am unable to watch News also.

          • srinivasulu

            Dont worry, we should very strong at this time ..Nothing will happen to jagan, YSR congress will get more sympathy even if jagan go to jail .

            Dont see Tv9, Etv2, ABn .. pls see Sakshi , tv5, ntv then you will get more moral support.

            Anything Good, Can Happen, wait for our time.

          • krishna reddy

            I am unable to watch tv9 like channels who stoped reporting news and have become accusers, investigators and started judging people even before any investigation. CBI prelim inquiry and and the way HC behaved–I have my suspicions. Ghulam has a friend in HC

    • Apsrtc

      I agree. The current MLA AND MPs elected from AP because YSR hardwork and courage. Needanu iche chettu kommanu nariki natlu ippudu veellu behave chestunnaru. The demand must be go for fresh mandate by resigning and showing strength. YS JAGAN must come and question these so called congress MLAs what they are upto when ONLY YSR named in FIR. Time is important now when entire political, media and politically motivated judges and courts.

  52. karthik

    entha mandhi sonia gandhi lu vachina JAGAN ni em cheskoleru…JAGAN we are here for u

    • chari




  53. prasad

    desam meedha dhadulu jaripina ugravadhula meedha kooda intha mandhi cbi vallu dhadulu cheyyaledhemo idhantha sonia babu rahul ahmad patel la kutra

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