Facts about Y S Jagan

Facts about Y S Jagan


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32 responses to “Facts about Y S Jagan

  1. SR

    please take any action about rumors, otherwise please prove all congress leaders corruption,c babu and his media assets how they earn.
    its very important in this situation.
    Jagan anna name will damage, we are feeling, all politicians are enjoying their power with the help of YSR FAMILY.. jagan and ysr done lot of things to poor people and they gave lot of employment.
    Why YSR supporting ministers not asking or not helping JAGAN.
    Its very bad. Now all should react otherwise enemies will take big advantage. We are KINDLY requesting all jagan support ministers and MLAS to help JAGAN AND YSR PARTY.

  2. kamaraju

    i want to jagan date of birth and time i know date of birth i don’t know birth time.
    please tell jagan about wear white shirt do not waer stripe shirts .it is good for jagana

  3. rakesh

    one has to appreciate ambati rambabu
    has single handed handling all the yellow and cong batch in tv media
    great person of integrity and guts to take them all

    keep it up rambabu garu

    • saireddy

      Ambati is doing gr8 job and gr8 asset to YSR Congress party. Once YSR congress get power Ambati also in the Jagan Cabinet even if Ambati doesn’t win the elections also

  4. bhaskar

    ఎన్నికలకు సిద్ధం కావాలని జగన్ చెప్పారు


  5. sharath

    jagan does not entertain viveka, retruns to congress fold. I think its wrong move.

  6. apsrtc

    From the way things happening and investigation folding up, even before SC hear the SLP petition Jagan filed, CBI rushed to file the raid details to court without thoroughly looking into any evidence to project to upper courts trhough media and through CBI counsel, that it is court who is looking and conducting the investigation thus upper court can not intervene in this matter at this point of time.

    Fingers crossed on how SC may react to this case tomorrow.

    As soon as YS Jagan finishes his Odarpu they want to interrogate YS Jagan. Thats why NDTV got feelers from Congress HC coterie handling the case might given direction to CBI and leaked the information to Congress official Media partner NDTV.

  7. when our Assembly Speaker asked TDP to submit the evidences aginst the Corruption regarding YSR regime to announce a house committie….why did not TDP submit those evidences yet?????

    and why did not High Court consider this thing??

    We shuld try to reveal the Conspiracy involved in the case thru our arguments in Supreme Court rather than getting the STAY…..

    What made High Court to order the Probe??
    High Court told…Thr is no need of GOVT counter filing…

    and SAKAR RAO or TDP did not submit any evidences….

    and High Court did not consider CBI priliminary report…

    then from where on earth High court get the evidences??????

    we should argue all these things in Supreme…..

    • apsrtc

      Correct. But the HC is not even given time to appeal. SLP arguments will be exactly on the same lines as you described along with more emphasis on running their day to day businesses of Sakshi, Bharti and its investor companies.

  8. vijay.nalabolu@aspect.com

    Vatti Vasanth Kumar says that jagan has not paid the tax for some amount.
    Is this a serious crime? Does CBi has rights to arrest Jagan just for this cause? Can Jagan get away with penality.
    I am not worried about allegations about companies investing in Jagan’s company for the favours done by YSR. CBI can not do anything becuase it ultimately end up on ministers.

  9. anil

    I had seen yesterday’s discussion in various news channels. Revanth reddy very well defending CBN. He is saying all the 26 cases filed against CBN by YSR, Danam, etc … have been ruled out in different courts by stating not enough evidence. Is it true?

  10. CVReddy

    జగన్ ది రికార్డే అవుతుంది

  11. Naveen1

    Please forward a copy to cbl office and suprem court judge too

  12. regarding the exclusion of LAGADAPATI SRIDHAR in the FIR…Mr.LAKSHMI NARAYANA told that they found that SIDHAR did not get favours in return to his investments….

    but the thing and the whole issue is 1st Govt did some favours and in returns those companies invested….this is the MAIN ALLEGATION…..then how can LAKSHMI NARAYANA tell it in the reverse order?????????

    CBI shuld revel…..what has occured 1st….

    whethr favours done by GOVT is 1st???

    or investments r 1st??????

  13. Excellent and Gud work done…

    We should translate this in English as well and circulate it in National level…

    Persons gud at simple English…plz try to do it…


  14. Surendra

    hoping Jagan is thinking outside the box and planning ahead…as he is proven successful businessman.. YOU GO JAGAN… one should be amazed about his determination.. HATS OFF..


  15. saireddy

    I read the facts about Jagan and also I already assumed same thing. Any how CV Reddy brother has done gr8 job to consolidate all the details and send to Mahesh. We will send the individuals if some one will open mouth against Jagan

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