Facts about Gali and Y.S.Jagan

applicants 72 and 74 are OMC. These leases are granted by none other than central govt.


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32 responses to “Facts about Gali and Y.S.Jagan

  1. six month before i am interestused to target jagan so i am not interested to see tv9 i am not taking about ETY ABN Because they already declare their ajenda that is jagan namasmaranam so we did not bother about it .But tv9 is my favourate news chanel when i saw tv9 now a days i think tv9 also join in ETV ABN GROUP SO FOR I DECIDED TO SEE Ned to see tv9 but now a days it is T

  2. CVR Murthy

    Democracy and AP

    1. No Elections for Local bodies
    2. No cabinet meetings . (Except one meeting in the last two months)
    3. No Assembly Monsoon sessions
    4. Speaker refuses to accept any resignation. He meets couple of MLA’s resign per week. There by this goes on till 2014

    Is there a Democracy. Whether is corrupt or not . Whether he is trying to dethrone the Govt or not . The democracy has to survive and constitution has to be respected.

    This has never happened in any state in India .

  3. CVReddy

    Jagan will meet Lalu at 10 AM and PM at 12.30 PM.

    • YSR Congress Fan

      Congress is wasting intelligence dept to follow ramdev, hazare etc
      beating up women and old people at midnight … they are more concerned about power .. kid on the streets can say that..

  4. sharath

    Looks like jagan is having tough time partly because of the political in experience. He does not want to algin with BJP but wants to meet BJP leaders to garner support for witch hunt launched by congress.

  5. Vinay

    Ice hockey national teams of germany, russia and sweden died in plane crash in moscow..

    44 members dead

  6. NLR

    The countdown for TDP in Telangana ….


    TDP will be washed out in the next elections.

  7. Vinay

    Gooo back rahullllll…

    MIND BLOCK ayindi eroju
    AMUL BABY ki 😀

  8. rena

    Its not about who gave permissions and applicants . Its abt under whose nose Gali has robed Andhra natural resources and how YSR family has collaborated with him .

    Do you guys have guts for healthy debate on this forum ?? Will my comment will be released . i dont mind , as i will go into all other forums and write what i intended to . lollll

    • They are accusing him of quid pro quo. if you know what that means please talk. it is alleged that jagan mohan reddy has got favours in return for the mining leases. in such case these mining leases were not given by YSR, so where the question of quid pro quo.

      • ak

        asalu issue mining lease kadu.. issue ekkado tavvi ee peru meda ammukunnadani..

        • ak i don’t know which side you are. but the fact of the matter is linking jagan and gali is issue here. ekkado tavvi ekkada ammatamlo jagan involved ante kadu ane cheppali. because adhi jerigindi karnataka side of the border. but going on saying that leases were given by ysr is what we are objecting to. if that much illegal mining was happening what was center doing all these days. when the leases are given by the center and the center is the one who is supposed to look into borders where does jagan fit in this picture. if center hasn’t taken any action then somebody at the central level must have benefited from all this. they must probe that first rather than accusing someone blindly.


            and importantly they were given CLEAN CHIT in the frst report in 2009 and nw again they r arrestd for illegal mining based on anothr report in 2010

    • Sekar

      You go to your Babu bhajana forums and continue your bhajana there. You can find the your own yellow feathered birds there. Go get a life there

    • Sekar

      The mining lease was given to Gali in 2002. What Quid Pro Quo you morons talking about?

    • NLR

      @ The so called Rena …
      The whole country knows how much Chandrababu , Ramoji and his yellow gang has robbed and are robbing the state .
      How did Ramoji and Murali mohan gets hundreds of acres of land in Telangana ?? Without Chandrababu’s knowledge ??
      U dont have to write these in forums . everyone knows about it.
      Once Telangana comes Dramoji & co will be taught a lesson .
      Next elections ….people are eager to teach Chandrababu & co a lesson once again. Just a matter of time .

    • Rena,
      What do wanna debate? Do u have more info than CBI? If you have fetched your info from yellow gang to which Sakshi had given thumping replies many a times then what do u wanna debate?
      In anycase if u have anything to say u r welcome, provided accusations are backed with solid evidence..if not we r gonna kick you out like other yellow faggots!

      • Anil

        Good job guys..
        Yellow fools can even link Delhi blasts to Jagan..! Such is their nature..

        • Vinay

          Why doubt?
          tomorow they will surely say that jagan had done blasts in delhi for diverting cbi issue on him..

          vaallu em cheppina highlight chesi
          BREAKING NEWS ani vesey tv9,abn,studion,etv2 vunnayi

          • and i want them to go ahead do that also so that the whole world will see their true colors and గోడ మీద తెల్ల పిల్లి ని చూపించి కాదు అది నల్ల పిల్లి అని ఈ జనాన్ని నమ్మిచే టైపు. yellow syndicate name suits them and their color also the same.

    • krishna reddy

      Allegations are one thing and proof is another. He is under investigation so wait and see for final result before judging some one prematurely. How can one debate with some one who is not open and whose mind is already made up–you are already calling him a robber

  9. http://mines.nic.in/appl2007.htm

    applicant 72 and 74 are OMC. These leases are granted by none other than central govt.

  10. anil

    Hi Admin,
    The links are not in a readable format? Can you copy paste the content in the blog?

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