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  1. Gurava Reddy

    Dear Moderator, Please start a new thread with the following:

    As all of you know YS Jagan is continuing ODARPU yathra in Guntur Dist. He has visited our village and here are some highlights (Please read).

    Jagan stayed overnight at Munnangi and Started the day with Munnangi.
    He has mingled with all sections of people and touched every hand and heart of Munnangi villagers
    Every one is saying where is getting this much strength and how can any one do this type of yathra. Shaking hands/blessing kids/giving confidence to elders. It is all determination/courage/strength from YSR. YSR is leading him from where ever he is. People are seeing YSR image in Jagan.

    When YSR visited our village 25 years ago, few people put Raktha Thilakam with their own blood. After seeing 2-3 people, YSR requested to stop. We all saw that with our own eyes.

    It is not simply public meeting at one place in the village. He stayed in our village for 4 hours and went to each and every corner of the village
    He went to Temples/Mosque/Church in our village
    We have 5 YSR Statues in our village and people with united voice supported YS Jagan and we have 5,000 votes
    Our Munnangi NRIs are supporting all this from Day 1 and participating in all the YSR activities in our village where ever they need.

    Elders like 70 year old are saying, we never witnessed any thing like this in our village in their entire life
    People put about 300 flexies/banners through out the village

    Whole village celebrated this like a big festival (Krishna Pushkaralu). Called all the relatives to our village who live far away. They were decorating the village for whole week (day and night) and even ladies helped with floral arrangements.

    Information was passed to the village but None gave money for any villagers to participate in any way. In fact villagers are offering donations to the party. I am not talking about political leaders who are looking for positions. We are talking about common villagers/farmers.
    Small villager wants Jagan to get on his Bullock Cart (Edla Bandi). Then he bought a new one for Rs. 40,000 even though old one is good. When people asked why you bought new one for just 2-3 minutes. I do not want Jagan to get on the old cart as he is the king. That is a small example of the enthusiasm. Jagan got on his cart.

    It is a life time experience. Unfortunately we could not be there to witness this but our heart and soul is there with our village.
    It is really a slap in the face of TDP/Congress politicians who has been saying Jagan is giving money and organizing the Odarpu Yathra.

    On an average, he has been meeting about 1 lakh people a day. Jagan is the Leader not Politician.

    We should continue to support him what ever way we could and see him as a CM. That is our life time goal.

    Here are some photos/links to share.

    Sakshi TV – Full Feed:
    Thanks to Sakshi TV and we called them and asked them to put the full feed. They uploaded it.

    Sakshi ePaper:


    Thanks, Rami Reddy

  2. Vinay

    DS next cm candidate aa?
    ani reporters adigithene thattukolekapoyina botsa gaadu YSR pempakam meedha vaaguthunnadu.

    Jagan yemi cinema shooting laaga oka roju thirigi aagipoavatle… 2years nundi media cover chesina cheyakapoyina pattinchukokunda andharini kalusthunnadu ( more than 18hrs / day) ..

    mee amul baby laaga
    ” mummy mummy nenu
    election campaign ki velthunna.. media ni coverage ki pampinchu.. train lo travel chesina, road pakkana tea
    thaagina baaga highlight

    mana government edhaina manchi step theesukunte ‘RAHUL STEPS IN : crisis solved’ ani anni channels lo
    24hours scrolling vepinchu.. 😀

  3. Chiru

    Flash…..Flash………..Highlight………Highlight…………Jana tsunami….Tornedo………..crowd chustunte prajala talalu alalu alaluga teliyadutunnatlu………..stylish & heartfelt speech……….padunu ga sana bettina Bhasha……….Adbhutam …inta varaku jarigina OY lo……..TENALI OY
    …..MEEDI TENALE………MADI TENALEEEEEEEEEE antu kadam tokkina janam……….Ayya Jagan babu itta ayte ettagayya……ippatike nidra pattaka chachi potunnaru yellow gang………vallani kuda oka kunuku tiyyanivvu……RK gadyte ee ratriki full bottle raw veste gani nidra poledu.

  4. sekar

    Sakshi and YSR Congress should ignore the barking dog RK as no one cares about what he says. Whole AP knows what he is.

    The focus should be more on TV9 who is attacking Jagan and self-claiming is he genuine and unbiased. Sakshi should continue the TV9 exposures/double standards. He should expose “How he supported Chandrababu naidu and attackes YSR in 2009 elections, how he “. Sakshi should not leave a single opportunity missed. By next 1-2 years the moment TV9 name is spelled…people should see it as TDP sympathizer channel and Jagan hatred channel.

  5. CVReddy

    Watch Tenali live
    Unbelievable crowd

  6. NLR

    Day 8…..OY….Guntur

    Palle….Pallena ….Neerajanam


  7. CVReddy

    Kamma Taliban Media RRR(Ravi Prakash-TV9, RadaKrishna- Andhrajyothi and Ramoji-Enadu) is trying their best to malign Jagan.
    Please tell near and dear that TV9 Ravi Prakash is a kamma and is working against Jagan to bring Babu back to power.

  8. Ashir

    Almost all the Print Media houses are running in losses , Newspapers that run on cost to cost are very few in this country . TOI, Dainik Bhaskar , Dainik Jagran , Eenadu are few which run on no profit – no loss . The reason for losses is it take Rs 16+ to print a single colour Copy , and its so heavily subsidised and given at Rs 3 to Readers . All the deficit has to be covered thru Advertisements . Thats the reason on this Vijayadashami KCR sold Namaste Telangana to C lakshmi Rajjam of Karinagar , coz KCR was making a loss of 3-5 Crores every month . The same Lakshmi Rajjam got Polavaram Contract from KKR. Where as Sakshi is making a loss of almost Rs 10 -12 Crores every month . The reason for Eenadu making less losses is that its initial capital is very less and during NTR-CBN days it made gud amount on Govt ADV . The other advantage Eenadu has is it has Advertisemnt sharing agreement with “The Hindu ” Newspaper. Another bitter truth in Print Media is more the circulation brings more losses .

    • CVR Murthy

      It is true that news channels and News papers ,except a few, are Loosing Money. I think Ennadu, which restricted its circulation to 10 lakhs or so, has to increase its print to 18 lakhs to retain No1 position and resulting ADD rates.. I guess the additional 8 lakhs must be eating into the profits of Eenadu in a big way. It may even be incurring losses considering the increase ib News print Prices

  9. Chiru

    Yemi pichi kadanalu..yemi journalism..che..che..ABN gadu kallu tagina koti laga ,150/100 BP to chindulu vestu,audio poor(bonguru gontu)Murhy gadi to script lo vunna dani kante yekkuva scene chestunnadu.Asalu veeni to Jagan debate ki ravadam yenti.Nuvvu oka aropana chesavu danni prove cheyyamani vinamram ga adigithe,sambandam leni chetta anta kakkutadenti?Veeni mokaniki Jagan daka yenduku Gattu Ramachandr rao chalu……tana yavadasti ichestadu ,mari veedu siddama?YSRC PARTY vallu pempudu janthuvula????????.Jagan assets gurinchi time to time yeppudu prajalaku cheptune vunnadu kada,veedi to cheppadam yenti?
    charchaku jagan vaste chebutadata kani prajalaku cheppadata,Magadarsi
    ni addam pettukuni Eenadu to nee tandri adukunnadu kani 6 yrs lo nannu yemi cheyyaleka poyadu,30 yrs career lo ye tappu cheyyani nannu yevaru yemi cheyyaleru ani sawal visurutunnadu.

    • Hurt fan

      Asalu ilanti vaalla norlu muyinchataniki Jagan anna live debate ki okasari ravali. Tiger mundu vunte noru padipothundi RK gadiki. Instead of bearing this yellow nuisance for years together it is better to spare an hour on one day and shut them up forever. Jagan tho debate lo kurchunte malli moham choopinchalentha joker avuthadu RK gadu.

      • Hurt fan

        By the way vaadi channel eppudu loss lo untundanukunta. Paper sangathi enti? Yemaina nadustunda lekapothe andulo kooda loss valla mathisthimitham pothunda RK gadiki? Sakshi debba ki pachchadainattunnadu.
        I think Sakshi TV has improved a lot in the recent times. At first, I was disappointed with it, paper sthayi lo ledu ani. Ee madya quality baaga improve ayyindi. TRP kooda baaga improve ayinattundi…. I hope it gets to TV9 level. TV9 gadu credibility lekunda masala news lu, sensationalism chesi TRPs maintain chestunnadu. I want to see him lose his number 1 spot.

    • Vinay

      aa thedaa radha krishna tho jagan debate ki raadu ani vaadiki kuda thelusu..

      murthy gaadiki script ichi chadivistunnadu..
      female voice over maree baritheginchesi maatladinatlu ga vundhi..

      vaadi range ki jagan raavali anta debate ki…
      Maareppa chaalu vaadi face ki 😀

    • Indrasena

      babu,can u guys stop using that musti …..toka gaadi name in our website.please stop mentioning that guy name in our site even to scold that musti vedava

  10. vvr

    Lok Satta is nothing but TDP in disguise. See how they joined hands in recent elections.
    How all other media’s conviniently ingnores this.

  11. NLR

    Day 8….OY….Guntur

    Touching every village …Conquering every heart .

    JAGAN…..The Man on a Mission .

  12. Vinay

    Jagan intlo Bar gurinchi sawaal chesthe.. adhi prove cheyaleka chastunnaru tv9, abn.

    adhi evaro voice over tho champestundi abn looo:-o

    radhakrishna illu journalists ki ichestaadu anta.
    jagan illu public ki ivvali ani edho ardham leni sawaal chepistunnadu..

    youngistaan program lo students radhakrishna moham meedha adigina sare tarwatha chusukundham le ani thappinchukoni thiruguthaadu..

    yenugu anta vaadu.. dogs anta ysrcp leaders..

    vaadi mohanni mirror lo chusukoni anukomanandi ‘RADHA KRISHNA Elephant ani 😀

  13. Chiru

    The reason of TDP votes percentage reducing periodically is ‘R’trayam.
    Veella tapatryam kuda Chandrababu cm kakudadane…(na anumanam)porapatuna cm ayte veellani lekka cheyyadani bhayam,anduke kavuravulato ne vuntu valla nasananiki karakudyna Sakuni patranu veellu poshistunnaru,Manchi vadu,manchi vadini mosam cheyyalante boledu sentiments addam vastayi,kani vennupotu darudni vennupotu podavadam chala easy ade ippudu veeru chestunnaru yendukante Chandrababu tana needanu kuda nammadani veellaku telusu.Manam baga observe cheste telustundi,natistu business chesukuntunnaru …ade rajakeeeyam

    • hahahahahaha….

      indulo cheppina PANIKIMAALINA PANULU anni chesindi YELLOW MEDIA ne……

      JAGAN meeda AAROPANALU maati maati kee chesthunnaaru….

      Rigister of Companies lo vunna Information ne cheppi cheppi…malli cheppi..thippi thippi cheppi…….ABHANDAALU vesindi YELLOW MEDIA ne…

      malli ippudu MANALNI antunnaaaru……

      asalu eee DONKA THIRUGUDU deniki??????DIRECT and OPEN CHALLENGE…….JAGAN intlo okka WINE BOTTLE ni inaa chupinchamani adigaama kadaaa…..

      eee SODI anthaa chepthaaarenti???????????

      • Saireddy

        Sagar..Cheppindi and present chesindi false news in TV9..coverup chesukovataniki dona tirukudu..atu itu dirigi TV9 gadu addanga dorikindu vaniki Africa lo cable network undi channel ledu ani..

        • pai vedio lo kudaaa…vaallu use chesina terminology vintunte naaku navvu aagadam ledu….

          podduna lechina kaadi nundi…..JAGAN meeeda…..asathyaalu…abhutha kalpanalu jodinchi visha prachaaram chesedi vaallu….

          vaati ki aadhaaraalu yemi chupincha ledu ippati varaku…

          alaage JAGAN business lalo INVESTMENTS anni kudaa REGISTER of COMPANIES daggara OEPN gaa dorikeve…..

          vaalla ki invest chestheneooo anthaa WHITE inattu….cheppaaru….

          TV Channel ledu…CABLE NETWORK vundi annaaaru….asalu 3000/- salary tho brathike vaadi ki AFRICA lo CABLE N/W pettentha CINEMA yekkadi nundi vachindanta???????

  14. Vinay

    Koneru prasad ki jagan thaatha raja reddy ki link pettesaaru tdp mla payyavula kesav 😀

    • sekar

      మెరుగు కాదు.. మురుగు!

      శ్రీరంగ నీతుల టీవీ 9.. బుద్ధంతా బురదమయమే!

      *అక్రమాల పునాదులపైనే పుట్టుకొచ్చిన సంస్థ
      *సత్యం కంప్యూటర్స్ నుంచి టీవీ 9కు రూ.2,400 కోట్లు
      *ఆ దెబ్బతోనే మొదలైన సత్యం పతనం
      *వాస్తవాలను దాచేసి డొంకతిరుగుడు వివరణ
      *వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్, సాక్షి టీవీ సవాళ్లకు జవాబే లేని వైనం
      *శ్రీ సిటీ సెజ్‌లో శ్రీనిరాజు వాటాదారు కాదా?

      హైదరాబాద్, న్యూస్‌లైన్: మెరుగైన సమాజం కోసమే ఉన్నానంటూ గొప్పలు పోతున్న టీవీ 9 చానల్ వ్యవహార శైలి.. నీతులున్నది చెప్పడానికి మాత్రమేనన్న సామెతను అడుగడుగునా గుర్తుకు తెస్తోంది! వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ, సాక్షి టీవీ చేసిన ఆరోపణలూ సవాళ్లలో ఒక్కదానికి కూడా నేరుగా స్పందించకుండా శనివారం ఆ చానల్ ఇచ్చిన డొంకతిరుగుడు వివరణే ఇందుకు తిరుగులేని నిదర్శనం! ఇతరుల బురద తమకంటదంటూ బడాయి పోతున్న ఆ చానల్ పుట్టుకే నిజానికి బురదమయం!! టీవీ 9 పునాది సత్యం కంప్యూటర్స్ నుంచి రాబట్టిన అక్రమార్జనతోనే ముడిపడింది. దాని పుట్టుకకు మూలాలున్నదే అక్కడ…!

      టీవీ 9 అధినేత చింతలపాటి శ్రీనివాసరాజు ఉరఫ్ శ్రీనిరాజు సత్యం రామలింగరాజుతో కుమ్మక్కై రూ.2,400 కోట్లను సత్యం నుంచి అప్పనంగా కొట్టేశారు. రూ.1,500 విలువ చేసే సత్యం షేర్లను ఒక్కోటీ రూ.10 చొప్పున తొలుత 8 లక్షల షేర్లను తొలుత ఆయన కారుచౌకగా కొట్టేశారు. తర్వాత తాను ఎండీగా ఉన్న సత్యం ఎంటర్‌ప్రైజెస్ సొల్యూషన్స్ అనే సంస్థను సత్యం కంప్యూటర్స్‌లో విలీనం చేయడం ద్వారా మరో 8 లక్షల వాటాలను ఒక్కోటి రూ.10 చొప్పున రాబట్టుకున్నారు. ఇది అక్రమమన్న సత్యం వాటాదారుల గగ్గోలు అరణ్యరోదనే అయింది. ఈ రెండు లావాదేవీల ద్వారా శ్రీని రాజుకు రూ.2,400 కోట్లు వచ్చిపడ్డాయి.

      ఈ దెబ్బతోనే సత్యం ఆర్థిక పునాదులు కదలడం మొదలైంది. చివరికది ఆ సంస్థ పతనానికే దారి తీసింది. ఇలా సత్యం ఉసురు తీసి రాబట్టుకున్న రూ.2,400 కోట్లను చింతలపాటి హోల్డింగ్స్ ద్వారా శ్రీనిరాజు మార్కెట్లో పెట్టారు. టీవీ 9 చానల్‌ను నిర్వహించే అసోసియేటెడ్ బ్రాడ్‌కాస్టింగ్ (ఏబీసీఎల్) సంస్థలో 90 శాతం వాటా ఈ చింతలపాటి హోల్డింగ్స్‌దే! 2003లో ఏబీసీఎల్‌ను ఏర్పాటు చేసిన ఐల్యాబ్స్ సంస్థ కూడా శ్రీనిరాజుదే. పైగా ఐల్యాబ్స్‌ను ప్రమోట్ చేసిందీ చింతలపాటి హోల్డింగ్సే! టీవీ 9లోకి ప్రవహించిన నిధులు సత్యం కంప్యూటర్స్‌వే అనేందుకు ఇంతకంటే రుజువు ఇంకేం కావాలి?!

      ఈ వాస్తవాల జోలికి పొరపాటున కూడా వెళ్లకుండా, వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ, సాక్షి టీవీ సవాళ్లకు అసలే స్పందించకుండా టీవీ 9 ఇచ్చుకున్న వివరణ ఎవరి కళ్లకు గంతలు కట్టేందుకు? పైగా, తనకు ఏ సెజ్‌తోనూ సంబంధం లేదని దబాయిస్తున్న శ్రీనిరాజు.. నెల్లూరు-చిత్తూరు జిల్లాల సరిహద్దుల్లో ఏర్పాటైన శ్రీ సిటీ సెజ్‌పై ఏమంటారు? అందులో తనకసలు వాటాయే లేదని ఆయన చెప్పగలరా? వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ అధినేత వైఎస్ జగన్‌మోహన్‌రెడ్డిపై టీవీ 9, ఇతర ఎల్లో మీడియా సిండికేట్ చేస్తున్న ఆరోపణలనే ప్రమాణంగా తీసుకుంటే… ఆ సెజ్‌ను పొందేందుకు ఆయన ఏ మేరకు ముడుపులు చెల్లించుకుని ఉంటారనుకోవాలి?!

  15. NLR

    Day 7….OY…..Guntur

    Neerajanam in Kollipara


  16. Hi Friends,
    as the topic being discussed is about reliability of media i thought below article might throw some light to all of us how media is driving its own stories and agenda on all of us.. in this busy world nobody has time to get into full details and get carried away with what media is writing…
    see how media in india and western world are showing Gaddifi in so much negative shade…in my childhood many people say in early90’s many people from my region used to go to libya to work in cement factories there ..
    the totally desert country was transformed by Gaddafi in such a way tat today there are no people dying becoz of lack of food etc…
    see the below article and it will show the true colours of many countreis, media in the western world…after reading so much of content and greed of oil/gas by western world particularly US there might be possibility of reliances involvement in the death of our beloved leader Dr YSR.

    • Ram

      niranjan, 100% vaasthavam meeru cheppinadhi. madhya taragati, pedha vaaniki, manchi chese pranalike, uchitha sahaja vaayuvu paipu lainu. krishna-godaavari sahaja vaayuvu kosame jarigina kutra septembaru 2009.mellagaa mana bharatha bhoomi kooda eest indiyaa kampani naati kaalaniki vellipothundhi manmohanudi saraleekarana punyamaa ani.

    • Gurava Reddy

      You nailed it Niranjan!

  17. Vinay

    Jagan house lo BAR vundi ani prove cheyamani sawaal chesthe..

    adhi emi cheppakunda

    Tv9 edho Covering kosam oka story vesukunnadu..
    tv9 no 1 channel. india lo no 1 news network ani edhoo sollu chepthunnadu..

    Case vesthaadu anta vaallaki against ga maatladithe 😀

    • Saireddy

      Veyyamanu Tv9 vadiki chetanaithe. YS unnappudu YS ni pogidi panulu chepinchukunna e tv9 gadu Chetta No.1 channel ani self kottukuntadu..
      Prove cheyalekapothe ma Tv9 team vallu wrong chepparu by Mistake. Management nundi sorry cheptunnam anukunda..oh..malli covering..Chetta vedavalu

  18. Chiru

    Yellow gang not reponded the sawal even after 24 hrs,y do we bother,let them go to hell……………………………..
    Sawal visaralanna……….challenge cheyyalanna……….sweekarinchalanna
    aaaaaaaa MERUNAGA DHEERUDU Rajanna ke swantham……..just remind this vedeo……..

  19. sekar

    Siggu yeggu leni Ravi Prakash, Radha Krishna, Dramoji la ku sound leda? Respond kaledu

  20. rohit

    తాము విసిరిన సవాల్ ను ఈనాడు, టివి9 తదితర మీడియా సంస్థలు స్వీకరించడానికి వెనుకంజ వేశాయని భావిస్తున్నామని వై.ఎస్.ఆర్.కాంగ్రెస్ అదికార ప్రతినిది గట్టు రామచంద్రరావు అన్నారు. శనివారం నాడు మీడియాతో ఆయన మాట్లాడుతూ వై.ఎస్ .జగన్ లోటస్ పాండ్ భవంతిలో విదేశీ బార్ ఉందని, ఇంకా ఏవేవో ఉన్నాయని కొన్ని పత్రికలు రాశాయని, కొన్ని ఛానళ్లు ప్రసారం చేశాయని ఆయన గుర్తు చేశారు. దానిపై అవి ఉన్నాయని రుజువు చేస్తే వాటిని రాసిస్తామని సవాల్ విసిరామని, ఇరవై నాలుగు గంటల గడువులోగా రామోజీ, రవిప్రకాష్, రాధాకృష్ణలు వచ్చి చూడాలని కోరామని,వారు రాలేదు కనుక తమ సవాల్ ను స్వీకరించలేకపోయారని భావిస్తున్నామని గట్టు అన్నారు. వారు తప్పు చేసినట్లు అంగీకరించినట్లేనని ఆయన స్పష్టం చేశారు.ప్రజలు తిరస్కరించిన ఒక వ్యక్తిని తిగిరి అధికారంలోకి తేవడానికి వారు పాట్లు పడుతున్నారని ఆయన ఆరోపించారు.

  21. I think It would be better from our side to show the house to the public with the help of Sakshi TV channel, to prove the whole world that the yellow channels propagation is wrong and we can make a mark on the peoples mind so that public will not believe in these news.

    And one more thing. we have to show TV9 in the dark side as much as possible by tagging him as a yellow fellow.

    And the battle should not be stopped, I feel this is the one problem from our party side. we are taking up issues but could not continue the attack in a big way as our rivals are doing right now.



      I have a differnt view sir..if v show the house it may lead to security problem as evryone would b aware of house-plan.I don recommend as Jagan anna has lot of enemies..
      Lastly, we cant always be in defensive mode by showng proofs always..Even if they ask we can say its breach of privacy..But i support ur view to show TV9 as a yellow channel through this..

  22. NLR

    Day 6….OY….Guntur

    Neerajanam …Vallabhapuram

    Watch the eagreness for a change in the faces of kids,adults and the elderly in this video . An old man sitting on rooftop !!!

  23. ok

    chandra babu sarva nasanam avvali ani korkutunna

  24. Vinay

    Everyone in our state knows how jagan is travelling all the villages without taking much rest. And also people know that jagan doesnt have habits like drinking or smoking..

    most of the people are commenting that ” ee jagan ki eppudu odarpu yatra , dheeksha lu ye na pani.. intlo vundada asaluuuu”

    mari ee yellow batch
    ‘ jagan roju aa swimming pool , bar
    lo ne vuntunnatlu chepthunnaru 😮

    Yellow media is always helping jagan by their wrong news

    • NLR

      U r right Vinay .

      Yellow media cannot fool people anymore like in the past .
      Even people who read their news dont belive in what they write !!!

  25. saireddy

    Tv9 Raviprakash, Eenadu Ramoji and Bootu channel ABN RK ki dammu unte Sobha nagireddy vishirina sawal nu accept chesi chupinchagalagali. Lekapothe, All people will belive this is one more new type of propaganda against Jagan. E chetagani vedavalu US ki vachi TANA, NATS ani pettukoni backside caste ki support chesukunta and ma kante goppa vallu leru ani eppudu YSR midha and Jagan midha edistuntaru..Yellow gang gundello nidra poyina vyakthiga and praja manasu ni geluchukunna person ga even after 30 or 40 yrs etc.(enni yrs anedi cheppalem..morethan that like Abrahim linkan laga), gurthupettukuntaru AP people YSR ni..
    We’re waiting eagerly to see Jagan as CM and show us the power to these crooked and vennupotu persons ki..

    • NLR

      Not to worry Sai …Next elections lo valla gajji vadile thattu kodatharu prajalu. Offcourse aina siggu vundahanuko . Adhi vere vishayam.

  26. NLR

    Yellow media are barking dogs that cannot bite . They think that they can fool the people of A.P like in the 1980’s . Those days are gone.
    They will rot in hell and the people of A.P will teach them a lesson soon.
    Just a matter of two years !!!

  27. Chiru

    Balakrishna Dailague:-Rey Ravi prakash……….rey Radhakrishna yentra vagutunnaru ,Intilo bar pettukovalanna meme..mandu kottalanna meme…
    tupakito kalchalanna meme..thoda gokkovalanna meme……….
    meesam peekkovalanna meme…… sarlu cheppali…….alantidi ma nandamuri mandam gallani overlook chesi Jagan
    gurinchi vagutarra?asalu ma mandam gallaku vunna lakshnalu okkatyna Jagan ku vunnayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa?????????????????

  28. Gurava Reddy

    Jagan may be one of the very few politicians that do not have any vices like drinking, smoking and others. Eenadu, AJ, TV9 and other yellow outlets have tried and been trying to malign his personality. The characterless yellow people tried to assasinate his character several times unsuccessfully. It will NOT work. Period.

  29. Andhrajyothi, eenadu, tv9, 10, tokkagallu vellevaru Jagan ni empeekaleru. we are with you Jagan Anna.

  30. asalu JAGAN anna ki DRINKING alavaatu ledu……

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