Notice to Deccan Chronicle for baseless news article on Jagan


Mr.Satish Joint Managing Partner of the Partnership firm M/s Y.Mahabaleswarappa & sons, or YMS mines, is shocked and taken aback that publication by Deccan Chronicle dares to state as if it knows what he spoke before the CBI and more so, claiming to know of his having given a written statement of he being threatened by Mr.Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy at gun point in relation to his mining business.
Mr.Satish categorically states that he had no interaction with Mr.Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy in relation to his mining business. He once again categorically denies these false and untrue impugned publications that Mr.Jagan Mohan Reddy interfered in his business activities and exerted pressure and threats, and that too at gun point. He flatly denies all the reports published in Deccan Chronicle yesterday.
Mr.Satish also stated that these publications are highly mischievous in nature, created by vested interests that apparently seem to have some personal scores to settle with who, they are mainly targeting (i.e. Mr.Jagan Mohan Reddy) and in the process are trying to use him as sacrificial lamb.


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85 responses to “Notice to Deccan Chronicle for baseless news article on Jagan

  1. Suren reddy

    I have feeling, congress is playing BIG ..if you notice Babu has a chance to get stay from SC. becuz they have directed the court to order direct CBI probe not serving any Babu got legal advantage for a stay from SC. in the mean time congress dogs can bark saying we are not involved.. and they are planning to arrest JAGAN soon( my guess may be in next 4 weeks). by the way they can bargain nope demand Babu on noconfidence motion.
    cbi probe on CBN news is good for us but we have to smell, whats coming..

    • This is exactly my concern too.

    • What do you mean by stay from SC? Is it the previous stay SC given to him or a new one?

      • Suren reddy

        I’m refering to stay from SC, on the new investigation..I know he is not like Jagan to battle openly. he would go to SC for a stay. also on the other note we are all seeing, what power can do. no one should doubt congress how they use it and when…no doubt we the Jagan followers dont fear for anything at this juncture for that matter we never fear..meant to mention crooks are upto something that we can smell based on all the cbi leaks past few weeks..

    • bcreddy

      sounds right, and btw why three months for Preliminary report, its was only 15 days if i am not wronf in Jagan’s case

      • Gurava Reddy

        CBI is spread thin with so many officers deployed on 2G case, OMC and Jagan. They can as well advertise for 100000 temporary workers now 🙂 (need help – we sponsor). In fact, they could not submit the prelim report in Jagan’s case in stipulated time. The court system might have been informed by the CBI of the practical situation that they are in in terms of the personnel. Also, this prelim report that the court wants would cover half of K community. 🙂 Let them take three months, but get the fish out of the water. With Regards, Gurava Reddy
        YSR Amar Rahen!

    • CVReddy

      Congress will try to fix Babu too.
      What is the advantage Congress will have if Babu is left unscathed?
      Babu has walked into Congress’s trap.
      He gave enough rope to Congress to hang him

      Babu met big people in Delhi to crush Jagan by initiating an inquiry on Jagan and indirectly he gave an idea to them how to handle him too

      Babu has fallen in his own trap.

    • JAGAN ni arrest cheyyadaani ki…ye reason chepthaaru??? yemainaa PROFS vunnaayaa????

      yevarainaa AGAINST gaa complaint chesaaraa????

      ponee RECORDS thaaru maaru cheyyadaani ki JAGAN yemainaa POWER lo vunnadaa?????

      poneeee…videsaaalu paaari pothaaadani anumaaanam yemainaaa vundaaaaaaaa???????/

      yem kaaranam cheppi ARREST chesthaaaru?????

      asalu arrest anedi out of question….just yellow dreams lo maatrame adi oka news

    • This is totally underestimating Jagan and his Intelligence.

      If you have fears just sit back at home and relax. Lion is fighting the war..!!

      Just watch and enjoy the show…!!

      Frankly speaking….!! There is no strategy for any one…!! every one just flowing by the wind…!!

      Everyone has to wait till the end to see the end game.

      P.S: Arresting of Jagan will not come into picture. Let me quote what Jagan had told about the CBI inquiry.

      ‘Probably CBI will try to prove the nexus between me and Janardhrna Reddy Garu. They can prove nothing because there is nothing happened.

    • Gurava Reddy

      Yes Suren. We should be really wary of this angle.

  2. sekar

    Below is the old news where Hasan Ali revealed Chandra Babu’s name in the interrogation for Enforcement Directorate.
    If they can dig on this Chandra babu can be prisoned much sooner than anyother scamster in the country

    “It has now been found that he helped a former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and other top politicians as well as film stars from the south launder their ill-gotten wealth and pump it back to fund elections and movies. One of the Telugu actors is now a prominent politician.”

    “They found that Ali assisted at least two regional political parties of Andhra Pradesh in routing back their black money for election campaigns during the past decade.”

  3. sekar

    “Dongala Mutha” Ide!
    ఆ పిటిషన్ని విచారణకు స్వీకరించిన కోర్టు చంద్రబాబుతోపాటు 13 మందిపై విచారణ జరపాలని ఆదేశించింది. ప్రతివాదులందరికీ నోటీసులు పంపారు. నారా భువనేశ్వరి, ఆమె కంపెనీలు, లోకేష్, రామోజీరావు, ఆయన కంపెనీలు, అహోబలరావు, ఎంపి వైఎస్ చౌదరి, మాగంటి మురళీ మోహన్, కర్నాటి వెంకటేశ్వరరావు, సిఎం రమేష్ వ్యక్తిగత ఆస్తులపై విచారణ జరపాలని కోర్టు ఆదేశించింది.

  4. sekar

    Times Now news channel slapped a fine of Rs100 crore.

    Mumbai, Nov 14: Popular Television channel, Times Now has been slapped with a fine of Rs 100 crore in a defamation case. The hearing of the case at the Bombay High Court was not stayed by the Supreme Court forcing the channel to pay the huge amount.

    The channel had to face the music when it showed the wrong picture of Justice P B Sawant, a Supreme Court judge in a story on a provident fund scam for close to 15 seconds by mistake. Several judges were involved in the case. In spite of running an apology scroll for 5 days, Justice Sawant took the matter to court and sent Times Now a legal notice.

    Can Mr. Sathish or YSRCP try the same on DC first as the DC didnt seem to carry any apology for yesterday’s story!

  5. Vinay

    thoka(rk) gaadu miss ayyadu enti??

  6. sekar

    Vijayamma’s petition includes names like Nama, Sujana Chowdary, Ramoji Rao, Ramesh etc. Has the highcourt ordered to cover ‘ALL’ including these Benamies?

  7. sekar

    Among the 26 resigned MLAs are there any MLAs backed out from supporting Jagan recently. Although recently a rumour created by yellow media that 7 of these 26 MLAs are going back to congress, most of the MLAs pledged their support to Jagan. Anyone still in dilemma?

  8. Strategically a good move by Congress Mafia. I think this is also a master plan by Congress high command to counter bias on Jagan. We must realize this is not the time to celebrate but to be more challenged now. We need to realize how swiftly Congress Mafia is acting up on things. It gave HC to clean its house by throwing this in to same boat. But as some one pointed it all depends on how CBI conducts investigation and files charges.

    Two things that may come out this week are:
    1. MLA disqualification
    2. Putting more links to YS Jagan with mining scam

    Let us see how YSRCP handles these two crucial issues.

  9. అన్ని చానల్స్ బాబు గారి బాగోతం రిపోర్ట్ చేస్తుంటే ..Dramakrishna ఛానల్ లో ‘సందిసుద’ ……ashvagandi …..,నవరత్న ఆయిల్ …….హనుమాన్ కవచం …కాళ్ళ నొప్పులు ..కీళ్ళ నొప్పులు ….ads ??????????????

    ABN న్యూస్ ఓపెన్ చెయ్యగానే ……bishhhhhhhhhhhh KALMADI ..bishhhhhhhh KANIMOLI .
    …bishhhhhhhhhhhhh RAJA ….bishhhhhhhhhhhh GALI ….bishhhhhhh JAGAN అని చూపించే Dramakrishna …bushhhhhhhhhhhh CHANDRA BABU అని చూపిస్తె ఇంకా బాగుంటుంది .వేస్ట్ ఫెల్లోఓఓఓఓఓ ………..

  10. Vijay Nalabolu

    It looks like yellow gang is getting ready to file a petition against KCR. Not sure what their strategy is.

  11. NLR

    I have written an email to AP High Court about the stament made by Erraballi that the Judge is retiring soon and did not think before he ordered the enquiry .
    I also pasted the video link with my email as proof .

  12. రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి అంతటి వారె నా మీద ఎన్నో ఎంక్వయిరీ లు వేసి ఒక్కటి కూడా prove చెయ్యలేక పోయాడు అంటున్న బాబు …ఈ బాబు future లో ఇంత నీచానికి దిగాజారతాడు అనుకుంటే అప్పుడే ఇరికించి గంజి నీరు తాగించే వాడు ,రాజన్న ది కరుణ హృదయం ,కరిగి పోయే మనస్తత్వం కాబట్టే ఆనాడు బ్రతికి పోయాడు .కాదంటారా ?అంత అమాయకంగా నా మీద కేసులు ఎవ్వరు prove చెయ్యలేదు అంటాడు.ఇంత వరకు ఎప్పుడైనా సిబిఐ ఎంక్వయిరీ వేసారా ?ఇదే ఫస్ట్ టైం కదా ,వేసిన ఎంక్వయిరీ లు స్టే తెచ్చు కున్నాడు .ఇది ntr ట్రస్ట్ భవన్ లో డిఫెండ్ చేసు కోవడానికి తమ్ముళ్ళు మీట్ అయ్యారు ,present స్లోగన్ ఇదేనట ” రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి అంతటి వారె నా మీద ఎన్నో ఎంక్వయిరీ లు వేసి ఒక్కటి కూడా prove చెయ్యలేక పొయ్యాడు “ఈ నాటికీ ఇది ,రాత్రికి teleconference లో మంతనాలు చేసి ఎలా డిఫెండ్ చెయ్యాలో చెబుతాడట.
    ఏది ఏమైనా హరికృష్ణ కి ఆనందం ,బాలయ్య కి బ్రమ్మానందం ,JrNTR కి అమితానందం మరి పురందేశ్వరి కి …………? … .అవకాశం కోసం ఎదురు చూసే గోతి కాడి నక్కలు

  13. Sriz

    Ppl here are assuming its Chidambarams gameplan . I dont think so . Chidambaram is an dead horse . His involvement in 2g scam will take him to Tihar Jail within 2-3 months. Delhi HC has asked for a CBI File to be presented in HC by next hearing. The buzz in South Block is the file has all the details of Chiddus involvement in 2g scam. With Judiciary being in HYPER mode , CBI wont dare to Doctor the file . So Chidambaram very soon will give company to Raja & kanimozhi .

  14. Sriz

    Do you know what is Prime news on TV9 at 5 Pm ? A long LIVE telecast abt Cong Core committee on Telangana 🙂 . CBN CBI inquiry news nu patara pettaru.
    Dont you guyz think its a big trap for Jagan as well . Iam sensing some bad news abt Jagan in near future. Cong is slowly eliminating all its opponents one by one . Thats the reason KCR is playing safe with Sonia. Very Clever.

  15. all of you circulate the petition. it is defiantly worth reading

  16. CVReddy

    Babu had joined TRS to defeat YS in 2009 and failed to achieve desired effect.
    Babu has joined with Congress to crush Jagan and this time too he is going to fail as Congress will not allow Babu to grow in AP.
    What happened to Babu’s vision/Foresight?
    Babu is going to pay for his double standards.

    Ramoji’s land grabbing should be exposed now.

  17. Vijay Nalabolu

    It is very interesting to see yellow blogs. They are already talking about bringing Balaiah into main stream…

  18. Sekar

    But this is the time YSRCP should get all proofs correct to fix this guy. We all have no doubts that he is most corrupt leader in the country. But getting proofs for 7-16 years old overseas illegal transactions is not easy. For ex: Singapore banks only keeps data for 7 years for audit purposes. So our party should not leave this opportunity go wasted.

  19. CVReddy

    Journalist Talk:
    Botsa told Chidambaram to fix Chandra Babu to avoid competition from TDP.
    I told my TDP friends long back “Don’t enjoy. Babu will have his share soon.”

    God is great.

  20. అనుకున్నదోక్కటీ ……….అయినది ఒక్కటీ ……..బోల్తాకొట్టిందిలే………బుల్బుల్ పిట్టా ………
    వెన్నుపోటు దారుడినే ఇరికించి పెద్ద వెన్నుపోటు పొడిచింది కాంగ్రెస్ ……ఇలా చేసాడేంటి? సాంబారు చిదంబరం ?కాంగ్రేస్సోల్లు ?ఆ రాత్రి డిల్లీ లో రహస్య మంతనాల్లోజరిగిన ఒప్పందాలన్నితుంగలో తోక్కిన సంబారు చిదంబరం కి శాపనార్ధాలు పెడుతూ ,మైండ్ బ్లాక్ అయి ,యాత్ర మధ్యలోనే ఆపేసి అందరితో మంతనాలు మొదలెట్టాడు బాబు గారు .2 పార్టీలు కొట్టుకుంటాయి మద్యలో మన పని తేలిక అవుతుంది అనుకుంటుంది కాంగ్రెస్ .అది కల్ల.మీ అరాచకాలు అరికట్టే శక్తి ఎక్కడో ఒక చోట పుట్టే వుంటుంది ,పుట్టింది ,పెరిగింది జనాల్లో దూసుకు పోతుంది అదే జగన్మోహన శక్తి .
    ఇంకా బాబు తిహార్ జైల్లో వుంటే పయ్యావుల కేశవ్ టీ లు చేరవేస్తాడా ?చర్లపల్లి జైల్లో చిప్ప కూడు తింటుంటే dramakrishna గారు చిప్ప కడుగుతాడ?కనిమొళి కొవ్వత్తులు చేస్తే ,బాబు గారు అగ్గిపుల్లలు తయారు chestada ?వాటి తో ఎర్రబెల్లి ,యర్రంనాయుడు చుట్టలు వెలిగించు కుంటారా ?స్కూల్ మూసెయ్….స్కూల్ మూసెయ్ …అంటూ dramoji బాబాయ్ మొహం చాటేస్తాడ ?
    ఇంకా సొల్లు సత్తిబాబు ని కూడా volkswagon లో ఇరికిన్చేస్తే ఒక పనయపోద్ది పక్కన పడుంటాడు .

  21. scribed link to the petition

  22. CVReddy

    TDP Forced On The Back-Foot!
    The Telugu Desam Party, which misses no opportunity to attack its detractors for amassing wealth, is now caught on the back-foot.

  23. CVReddy

    Babu is planning to go to SC.
    He should not go to SC as he opposed Jagan approaching SC

    Preachers seldom practice

  24. NLR

    Babu garu …. mee tharuvathe evaraina …two acres tho vela kotlu sampadhinchi HC kallu therpinchavu .
    As late NTR said…. nee papam pande roju vasthundhi .

  25. CVReddy

    చంద్రబాబు పై విచారణ- టిడిపి డిఫెన్స్ లో పడిందా!

  26. ok

    Is this a trap for jagan to say that there is no bias ?

    • Vijay Nalabolu

      I think it is more of a worry to CBN not to jagan. We need to see if CBI does the same thing as it did with Jagan raiding houses etc. It would be challenging for CBI. With this judgement, people more closely compare two investigations. CBI definitely cant go overboard with Jagan and leave CBN. We need to see how CBI handles this and yellow media reacts to it.
      It would be fun watching….

    • we have to look for the CBI’s involvement in this case……

      CBI should send notices to all BINAMIES of BABU…….

      CBI should search in BABU’s house…

  27. Sekar

    Chachindi Gorre!


      the one an donly person who did PhD in maintaining BINAMI PROPERTIES……..-Mr.BABU

      now the one and only person who is doing MPhill in the course of HOW to MAINTAIn HOTELS in ABROAD —-Mr.BABU….

      okka maata lo cheppaalante…OKE OKKADU……OKKA GAANOKKADU….mana BABU…….

      BABU gaari BAAGOTHAAALU……CBI bayata peduthundane aasa tho…oka SAAMANYUDU

    • SUBBA

      short and sharp words Sekar..

  28. Sekar

    There is one case filed by Laxmi Parvathy in 2005 regarding Chandrababu’s illegal assets case. The case was being dragged and still in the same situation. But because they have ordered for an inquiry on Jagan the court now dont have a choice as the case is similar to that of Jagan.

  29. Sriz

    Just In:: High Court has ordered CBI inquiry against CBN assets , asked to submit report in 3 months 🙂

    • Sriz

      Congress in power is too dangerous , it proved again . Today was the last day for the HC Judge who ordered Inquiry against CBN , tomorrow new Judge was supposed to take Oath.
      iam least bothered if Judge was influenced or not , but was an gud decision . letz clean the Politics from corruption and criminalisation.

  30. vissu

    Sakshi neutral gaa undaali.. daily anti government stories is not good… alaage manaparty gurinchi only positive stories ye untunnayi.. ye range lo ante for example Jagan paina oka satirical cartoon koodaa veyaledu (raaledu i mean naa uddesyam positive ga ayina satire gaa unte baaguntundi ani..)intavaraku… mana paper ni manamu elaa unnaa choostaamu.. but neutral gaa unde vaallu choodaalante konchem change avvaali.. then only yello media negative propaganda ni manam arikattochu…remaining aspects lo sakshi doing good job..

  31. The elections to the Rajya Sabha were held in Feb.1996.Six candidates to be selected from the state quota.According to an estimate TDP and its friendly parties could get 5 elected,remaining seat could go either congress which had 24 MLA’s or NTR-TDP which had 32 MLA’s.DR.Daggubati contested onbehalf of NTR-TDP while DC Chairman VENKATRAMI REDDY on behalf of Congress and both r quite confident in their win,but DC chairman lost his seat and angrily called up Daggubati alleged that with the help of Lakshmi parvathi and her friends 16 out of 32 of NTR-TDP members were bribed Rs.5Lakhs-7Lakhs each by me but still they cheated me ,dont trust those mla’s………………………..THIS IS THE HISTORY OF DC CHAIRMAN………….VEELLANTA GURUVINDA GINJALU…MANA KHARMA

  32. Sekar

    DC chairman T. Venkatrami reddy, b/o SubbiRami reddy was trying for a Rajyasabha ticket during YSR time. But, YSR Didn’t entertain him as he didn’t do any service for party. Now, by writing these kind of stories he wants to be in the good books of Congress so he can claim ticket. Also all anti-Telugu dailies are owned by Kamma clan so people not believing their stories. So now they are trying with Deccan, GA. We have seen this b4 2009 elections, before Kadapa elections. But people rejected them outrightly. Will repeat the same fate again.

    • Apsrtc

      These kind of allegations used to be discussions of 80s and 90s Encounter magazine. Now it is become main stream news. News of Krishna River water Tribunal issue, T issue and law and order situation in AP never an important issue to Yellow Media and these buscuit dailies.

  33. CVReddy

    In Kovvuru, fight will be between Nallapu Reddy and Cong candidate.
    TDP is in 3rd position.

    • Oka YSR Abhimani From Nellore ...!

      Kovurulo prasanna ki gelupu pedda samasya kadu. Enta aaadikhayata vastundi anedi mukhyam. Kadapa palitam lagaa ravaali ani andaru korukuntunnaru.

      TDP candidate ki telusu odipotanu ani, but, TDP ki ohhh candidate kavali TDP tarupuna ani, just nilapadutunnadu.

    • Gurava Reddy

      Cv, There would not be a ‘fight’ between YSRCP and Congress. It will be a cake walk for Prasanna. My guesses are a minimum majority of 40000 and TDP third place.

      • asalu Congress ki inkaaa 2nd place vachentha scene vundaaa??????

        with out YSr and JAGAN…congress is not only ZERO…it is NEGATIVE VALUED one…

        and TDP cader lo 80% prasanna tho ne vundata……..

        so..KADAPA results will be on cards………ante TDP-CONGRESS rendu DEPOSITS LOSS avuthaaayi…….

  34. Apsrtc

    From reliable sources: CBI could not make any major progress in Sakshi investment cases. Now CBI and Congress leaders in central govt with the help of yellow media, want to categorically involve YS Jagan into mining scam and nail him down. The reason being it had supreme court backing and easy to find enemies since it is one of the most corrupted industry in the world and easy to pull strings and bogus witnesses like Konda reddy and etc.

    Also BJP ditched Gali and co to get votes on Anna factor. Even though Gali and counrelated to YSRCP, CBI, govt and Yellow media link them together.

    I think it is high time YS Jagan to Move his options to teach a lesson to these idiots.

  35. These people are concentrating too much on jagan minute on minute they are bound to fall in pit some day.

  36. CVReddy

    Shame on DC
    DC is also spewing venom at Jagan right from the beginning.
    Venkat Rami Reddy is licking boots of Congress heads

    • NLR

      I strongly suspect Yellow batch has sneaked into the editorial section .
      Whatever they write , would it change the decision that people of A.P have already taken for 2014 ??? Never .
      I have written to the editor of DC for his/her shameless journalism .
      As mentioned earlier …. no reply from them…which shows they agree that they are idiots like the yellow media.
      I will still keep writing .

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