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  1. NLR

    The sad sate of women farmers under the current govt …

    This will change in two years time when YSRCP comes to power.

  2. CV Reddy

    ఇక స్వరం పెంచుదాం
    చచ్చిన పార్టీ కాంగ్రెస్, జగన్, తెరాసతోనే మనకు పోటీ: పొలిట్‌బ్యూరోలో చంద్రబాబు

    I am sure TDP will be pushed to 4th position in Telangana in future (TRS,YSRCP,Cong and TDP) as T people won’t believe TDP anymore

    • NLR

      Babu cannot win the hearts by walking across Telangana with fabricated farmers, police battalion and a bunch of goonda’s .He would know this in six months time.

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