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  1. sekar

    Ee roju TDP chestunna Pranahitha-Chevella Dharna utter flop anta kada! TV5 vadu chepthunnadu. Mallee deposits pogottukodaniki ready avuthunnattunnaru yellow babulu.

  2. what the frok..long time users coments ki kuda moderator approval lekunda kanapadadha?

    • Sekar

      I remember reading that ED has used it on Hasan Ali last year where I believe he revealed Chandrababu’s name in hawala dealings through him for 2004 & 2009 elections. Not sure what happened next.

    • sekar

      I searched but could not find any news on conducting narco tests on Hasan Ali. I think CBI requested, but court didn’t accept.

  3. సాయిరెడ్డికి నార్కో పరీక్షలకు సీబీఐ వినతి

    హైదరాబాద్ : ఆడిటర్ విజయ సాయిరెడ్డికి నార్కో అనాలసిస్‌ పరీక్షలు నిర్వహించేందుకు అనుమతించాలని సీబీఐ బుధవారం న్యాయస్థానాన్ని అభ్యర్థించింది. బెంగళూరులోని బోరింగ్‌ హాస్పిటల్‌, గుజరాత్‌లోని గాంధీనగర్‌లలో ఇందుకు అన్ని సదుపాయాలు ఉన్నాయని తన పిటిషన్‌లో సీబీఐ పేర్కొంది.

    జగన్‌ ఆస్తులకు సంబంధించి అన్ని వివరాలు సాయిరెడ్డికే తెలుసునని కోర్టుకు తెలిపింది. దీనిపై కౌంటర్‌ దాఖలు చేసేందుకు ఈనెల 30 వరకు సాయిరెడ్డి తరఫు న్యాయవాదికి గడువు విధించింది. పిటిషన్‌ విచారణను సైతం ఈనెల 30కి వాయిదా వేసింది.

  4. Real-Reddy

    I think YSRCP or Jagan shud not speak on Sunil Reddy arrest . The latest outburst by Jagan , shows the frustration . One shud not sound frustrated. It was most stupidest thing by Raj Thakur to protest outside CBI office .

    • BSR

      Dear bloggers
      I am glad to tell you that I attended Jagan anna OY for 2 days in Pedakorapadu constituency. He reached our village (Thallaceruvu) along with his entire team on last Friday at 12:30AM. More than 500 people waited to receive him for the overnight stay. He is the only leader who stayed in our village. Next morning he woke up at 6:00AM and I heared that he spent some time for morning excercise snd yoga. Then he finished his business interests and breakfast by 9:30AM. He stayed in our village until noon. He touched/blessed/listened to each and every elderly, women and disabled. He didn’t even talked to the prominent village leaders as it is going to send wrong message to the voters that he belongs to particular section of people. After OY I talked to several women and they are very happy with the Jagans effectionate touch and everybody is very enthusiastic to extend their help not just by voting but by leading Jagan anna to CM post.
      I am pretty confident that this kind of response will surely lead us to victory when ever and where ever elections were held. Currently I am student in US and I am extremely lucky to get this oppurtuny to see the field level support that our leader is enjoying.
      Being a die hard fan of Jagan anna I just don’t want to cheer with the crowd. I used all faculties to garner much more support to our party by talking and convincing the opposition party leaders. Most of them agreed to switch their loyalities but some responded positively by agreeing to indirectly help our party prospects in the general elections. To sum up I can confidently tell you that we don’t need to get dishearted by any negative news about our party in the media. We are going to rockkkkkkkkkkk.

    • CV Reddy

      Jagan is not frustated if u see his body language.
      He was trying to convey how both Cong and TDP were after him with the help of CBI and the famous witch-hunt in AP
      It was nothing but to garner public support in his favor

  5. Real-Reddy

    A friend has FWD this URL and said gud writeup on CBN . I cudnt read it as its blocked at Work . iam reposting the same .


    There is widespread talk about a ‘tacit understanding’ between TRS and YSRC in Telangana and this may work to the latter’s advantage in Parakal.

    The current trends from Andhra-Rayalaseema regions indicate that the wind is blowing strongly in favour of YSRC president and Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan Reddy, though, in three or four constituencies, there is said to be some antagonism towards the incumbent MLAs.

    In those constituencies, Jagan is reportedly opting to field alternative candidates to avert possible defeat.

    Having probably got a wind of what’s in store for them, the Congress leaders, including Chief Minister Kiran and PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana are seeking to project the by-elections as “any other by-elections” and not a “referendum” on the government.

    This, clearly, is only seen as a face-saving attempt in the face of the grave adversity.

    which 3 ? any guess ,earlier we felt macherla will be a problem .but now we will win ?

    any info from payakaraopeta , ramachandrapurama , narsapuram ?

  7. CV Reddy

    Latest TAM Ratings CS 25 +

  8. Karthik

    Does anybody know why Sunil Reddy was arrested? Is there any reason specific to him? I mean, there are so many people close to Jagan, many people in his family and party. Why was Sunil Reddy isolated?
    Vijaysai was his auditor and he is Sakshi Vice-Chairman so clearly they wanted to hurt Sakshi’s business by arresting him but why Sunil?

  9. Jaiho YSR

    Italian Mafia is running our democracy.

    we had seen Indira Gandhi’s monarchism which was stain on democracy .. now we should consider that as minor stain when compared what current monarch is doing. This is much danger to our so called proud biggest democracy of the world. One agenda for this Monarch is everyone in this country should listen. Fortunately some stood/and standing with their head high like PVN, YSR, Mamta, Jagan, Jayalalitha but some like CBN stooped down telugu pride and democratic values.

    But in the history it won’t remain long. We had seen many dictators who ran for their lives in the last couple of years. The more struggle Jagan goes thru stronger he evolves. We had earlier seen Jagan as just son of YSR but now he is the future of AP not in the eyes of fans like us but in the eyes of common man. Our opponents may say its just our imagination but one answer to them “the more CBN and Italian mafia cries the stronger Jagan is just check how much they cry you don’t have to cross check with Jagan fans or public”.

    don’t be dismayed with the happenings especially arrests we may have to face bigger version of these current happenings. One should always remember Jagan will emerge as stronger, strongest leader of the Andrha Pradesh, I believe AP might not witness such a strongest leader in future at least in our life time. Jagan is my inspiration in such a young age and fighting such a strong mafia .. When I see Jagan I feel like how weak we are… how strong he is and why can’t I call him Jagan”anna”

    • Gurava Reddy

      Thank you, Jaiho YSR. I am very close to truth when I say you just said here what most of us have been thinking. Keep writing!

  10. NLR

    Guntur …OY

    Gurajala ….Neerajanam


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