Illusion Vs Reality

Illusion Vs Reality:

1.Vijay Sai Reddy Revealed some incriminating evidence against Jagan:

Absolutely false. The CBI tried their level best to get VIjay Sai Reddy say what they wanted to hear. But they were not successful. He has categorically said before the judge that there is nothing more to say and also filed a similar petition. He also complained to the court that the CBI is leaking that he revealed something about Jagan and his companies regarding illegal transactions to select media. He absolutely denies all of it in his petition.

2. Narco analysis:  

There is a supreme court ruling on may 5th 2010 that narco analysis is not permissible. Its a pity that our cbi JD is so unaware of that fact and still requested for it. And also Narco analysis is only allowed if the person they want to do it on gives his/her consent.

Times of India Article

3. Sunil Reddy’s arrest:

The charges are completely baseless. Today’s sakshi banner item would provide much needed fodder.

4. Jagan is next in line: 

This is the famous line our enemies and yellow media love to use. Please don’t let this bother you as they have said the same thing from the time CBI investigation started. They thought the moment they get hold of documents of Jagan and his companies they would unravel everything and Jagan will be behind bars. But sadly that didn’t happen for them.  They tried interrogating Vijay Sai Reddy for more than 300 hrs and tried to turn him into an approver. Having failed to do so they arrested thinking that if he is under their custody they will be able to extract something. Even there CBI failed as well. Vijay Sai Reddy has been able to successfully complete the CBI custody without turning into an approver. Now having lost the custody of Vijay Sai Reddy the CBI have almost lost hope on curtailing Jagan in assets case. In a hurry CBI has goofed up the case. Even in OMC case CBI tried a lot to name Jagan but failed miserably. That is what I can say.  Having failed to extract anything from Vijay Sai Reddy anything as there was nothing the CBI has trained its guns towards Sunil Reddy. So lets hope to for the best. 


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57 responses to “Illusion Vs Reality

  1. sekar

    This is about one month old article written by MBS. See how the entire Judicial system can be manipulated in our country. How Chandrababu managed the judges. I suggest all the blog visitors must read this.


  2. Karthik

    How long can CBI keep extending the custody of Vijay Sai?
    I think it is better if he proactively agrees to undergo Narco with the condition of the test being administered in the physical presence or video camera supervision of a Judge and not just CBI people. This will serve to show our confidence that we have nothing to hide and are 100% falsely being implicated. It will weaken the arguments of our opponents (yellow media, Congress Desam).
    After proactively asking for this, we must demand the administration of Narco test on Ranga Rao or Koneru Prasad (whoever named Sunil Reddy). If they agree for the test, it will be revealed who was behind their lies and also they would reveal Babu’s name as the main scamster. If they don’t agree for the test, our position will become much stronger because Vijay Sai took Narco but the so called “approvers”/”witnesses” didn’t dare to do that.
    If required Jagan must also offer to take Narco and tell everything that CBI wants under Narco or Lie detector or under oath of god. Then we must challenge the liars to take an oath of god and Narco. If they lie on the name of god, their own followers will start hating them.

    • pavithra

      Having seen the flip side of these test, how it can be manipulated,we should never agree for the Narco test. Further, if it is to be done, it should be first done on CBN,SONIA GANDHI, & CBI officers that too publicly to get to know the truth behind the entire vendata…then public will come to know, whether they are ready for this?

  3. vissu

    TDP , congress cadre ni nirveeryam cheyaali.. Induku NRIs, YSR valla labdi pondina industrialists help cheyaali… TDP,Congress parties lo ni second grade cadre leaders pilalaku jobs ippinchadam, financial gaa aadukovadam, NRIs la niyojakavargaalaku chendina villages ni dattata teesukovadam cheste automatic gaa aa naayakulu manavaipu vastaaru. Politician ku help cheste gurtu pettukodu.. kaani kaaryakartala pilla laku help cheste definite gaa cadre manaside kadulutundi.

  4. Vinay

    What is a Republic day FOR ?

    Is it a day to remember about the constitution or Just to make a Show of what we got.

    • You are right I too feel the same. I feel living in andhra pradesh isworse than that of saddam ruled Iraq or gaddafi ruled libya. Where are we going with this. You can question anyone but not at the cost of subverting the law.

      • Vinay

        its not only our feelings but Everyone living in andhra pradesh is feeling the same about LIVING in andhra pradesh.

        let an earth quake come to the entire state and start a new and fresh life without these DIRTY politics and dirty media Which is effecting all our lives today.

    • Sekar

      Vinay, Calm down boss. Nothing to worry. All these are temporary hurdles. The person who ahould be worried most is Chandrababu as all his tours are turning out to be flop shows.

      For YSRCP, Remember one thing:
      “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory” . AP has seen the best election results in 2009. The coming 2014 election will be sweeter.

  5. CV Reddy

    Naidu is real culprit. Jagan

    Friends, we need to counter Yellow friends comments.

  6. CV Reddy

    I spoke to one TDP leader and he said there was no response for Babu tour.Balayya remarks against Chiru caused big damage to TDP.
    Babu is clueless now and is in complete disarray.
    Whatever Babu does, it is boomeranging on him finally.

  7. Nag

    It is proved again that, Being honest is dangerous in this country.

  8. Apsrtc

    Regarding the fight between MHA and UADAI on collecting biometrics, they want to derail by taking ownership of the program. Now they want divide and rule. First sign of major hurdle. May this chiddu mafia want to screw this up too. Some one put an end to this diversion.

  9. Vinay

    cbn tour in krishna dist yesterday is an UTTTER FLOPP.

    No one believing cbn and no one is intrested to walk behind cbn or to listen to his words..

    kulli poyina Apple ki color paper tho design chesi public ki amminatlu Yellow media cbn gurinchi publicity isthundhi.

  10. Anil

    Yesterday I happen to read Eendau. It made derogatory comments about Sunil’s family, just to create an impression that YSR helped a lot to all his relatives. Jagan gave a fitting reply to all these idiotic allegations in public. People who happen to see Jagan’s speech/read in media will be morally strong just by his words. This clearly demonstrates Jagan’s leadership capabilities. The instances like these are really helping our party and leader day by day.

  11. Sekar

    Looks like Sonia Gandhi was very firm in seeing Jagan behind the bars ever since he left the Congress Party. CBI seems to be in a hurry in fixing Jagan in the case as it is clearly evident from the way they handling the case. They are protecting all other TDP and Congress leaders.

    • Apsrtc

      Vinay: Sonia and her chamchas can put one person behind bars not peoples affection and mandate. If they fail in assembly elections in north, UPA can no longer sustain full term. So they may be hurrying up things.

      Also now I am thinking of real purpose of Azad hyd visit. May be Azad visit is to prepare his chamchas for any unusual situation and his comments last week that we dont want to become TN shows how fearful they are. I am suspecting whether this new drama is part of game plan drafted during his visit. Also YS Jagan made categorical stmt about this episode. Anyways we are prepared for this.

  12. Apsrtc

    A major change from Sakshi. It left no time to point out Nexus between CBI and Yellow media. Esp. CBI JD’s intentions.

    I think we must have spent additional resources very early in the game about this so called clean officer.

  13. CV Reddy

    రామోజీ తానా.. సీబీఐ తందానా!

    ఉదాహరణకు.. విజయసాయిరెడ్డికి నార్కో అనాలిసిస్ పరీక్షలు చేయాలని సీబీఐ భావిస్తోందని, దానికోసం పిటిషన్ కూడా వేయొచ్చని కొద్దిరోజుల కిందట ఓ తోకపత్రిక రాసింది. ఇవాళ (బుధవారం) సీబీఐ చేసిన పని సరిగ్గా అదే! సునీల్‌రెడ్డి అరెస్టు సందర్భంగా అక్కడికి సీబీఐ అధికారుల కన్నా ముందుగా చేరుకున్నది.. తోకపత్రికకు చెందిన చానల్ ప్రతినిధే. ఆ తరవాత రెండో పత్రిక ప్రతినిధి కూడా వచ్చేశారు. దర్యాప్తును ఎల్లో బాబులు ఏ స్థాయిలో నడిపిస్తున్నారనేది దీన్ని బట్టే స్పష్టం కావడం లేదా?!

  14. CV Reddy

    దాచిన నిజాలు దాగని ఎజెండా
    సునీల్‌రెడ్డి రిమాండ్ రిపోర్ట్ సాక్షిగా కుట్ర బట్టబయలు

    దుబాయ్ వెళ్లినప్పుడల్లా ఆయనకు ఆతిథ్యమిస్తూ.. బాబు ఖాతాల్ని, వ్యాపార వ్యవహారాల్ని కూడా కోనేరే చక్కబెట్టేవారని గతంలో ఎన్నో ఆరోపణలొచ్చాయి. ‘ఈనాడు’ వార్తా విభాగానికి ఎండీగా పని చేసి, తర్వాత తెలుగుదేశం పార్టీ మీడియా వ్యవహారాలు చూసిన రమేశ్‌బాబు.. అందుకు వేతనాన్ని మాత్రం కోనేరు ట్రస్టు నుంచి తీసుకున్నారు. చంద్రబాబుకు కోనేరు ప్రసాద్ పచ్చి బినామీ అని వీటిని చూస్తేనే స్పష్టంగా తెలిసిపోతోంది.

  15. CV Reddy

    CBI probes zoom in on Jagan, YSR

    A former senior police official who worked with the CBI said, “In the Emaar case, the CBI seems to be firing the weapon from Sunil Reddy’s shoulder. The focus has now shifted away from Emaar MGF and the agreements during N. Chandrababu Naidu’s regime. Even T. Ranga Rao of Stylish Homes has been spared. Koneru Prasad also got a breather as he was shifted to Nims. The entire focus is now on Jagan Mohan Reddy and his associates in the two cases. Also, no action has been taken so far against investors like Nimmagadda Prasad in Jagan Mohan Reddy’s assets case.”

    My question:
    See how CBI is hell bent on attacking Jagan, leaving all others

  16. Vinay

    Comment of vissu is good..

    The whole world will look onto jagan if such thing happens.

    Aa time lo kuda neethi vaakyalu cheppakudadhu..

  17. CVR Murthy

    The events that unfolded post Jagan’s resignation from congress hardly surprise those who have been following politics in the last few decades. I do not recollect any politician besieged by so many challenges . personal ,financial, political . Tough times indeed for Jagan. We find it difficult to locate any person who has not given up in Indian politics. YSJ is locked in fight to finish with TDP and INC. He looks prepared . I salute his ‘VALOUR’

    • kpr

      in the worst case if CBI arrests Jagan(this may not happen even in dream) that will be end of Congress and TDP. All the people of AP will be on roads.Jagan is a great fighter and mentally prepared for everything.

      • apsrtc

        True to one extent. But what we can achieve from this? We are living in un-democratic government in the hands of mafia sitting in Delhi.

        We maintained peace so far and we may need to. If it all we want to fight against injustice we need to go for State wide mass indefinite fasting with our leader and fight it out. We have seen in last 10+ fasting that even on farmer issues, Congress govt not even giving a statement in response to a major fasting and sit-in program with fear of giving credit or just fear of Delhi mafia.

        Personally I am debating whether we take this battle to people and onto roads or settle it on the court system so that we can ask for mandate from people. The reason being I don’t want people get affected by this and indirectly properties damages or obstruction to daily life is something we need to weigh in.

    • CV Reddy

      Well said Murthy Garu

  18. vissu

    paristhithi minchipoye situatation vaste govt ni kooladooyaali .. dabbulu enta kharchu pettinaa parledu… kudirite central lo koodaa padeyaali… ibbandullo unde MP lu chalamandi unnaru congress lo…okka 20 mandi ni konte chaalu … debba ku state n central lo govt koolite apudu idi kaadu matter .. oka vyakti ni arrest cheste state n central lo govt koolindante aa person enta strong anedi nation ku kaadu… world mottaaniki telustundi…

    • Visu

      ledu visu…..Money tho MLAs ni kone type ithe aa pani yeppudoo chesevaallam….JAGAN…janaanni …devudi ni nammukunnaadu……

      GOD is gr8…..We r Clean……no need to worry……CBI inaaa….inkevarainaa yemi cheyya leru

      • sekar

        Maha ayite konni rojulu lopala yestharemo. Worldwide lo athipedda scam lo pattubadina Satyam Rama Linga Raju ke few months ki bail vachindi. Alantidi yeh evidence leni thala thokaleni case lo yenni rojulu vestharu brother.

    • sekar

      Monna Karnataka lo Byelection lo choosam gaa,,, Ikkada kooda ade repeat ayiddhi

    • Apsrtc

      Money and offers ichi politics chesi Vunte congress crooks nadi roadlo nanga nilipevaaru manalni. I feel there is no point in bringing down govt now buying MLAs or any of it to think of.

      Our leaders want returns for their investment and dont want take risk. We are seeing this now. In last six months we lost 10+ MLAs who yeilded to money and power. If People like Adi, Jayaprada can walk away from YSRCP like movie show, what faith and trust you can have on MLAs who give up values for money.

      If we take law into hands by damaging property or attack or bring down govts, we lose credibility. We need to maintain dignity and wait for elections so people will give mandate and prove who are correct. Every small kid in AP know YSR family and YSJagan being harassed. Poeple are not crooks like yellow media and its yellow party and cong mafia. We need not waste people’s sympothy or respect/affection towards our party and leader for arrests or investigations. I feel they failed miserbly in getting any proofs and all these pressure tactics are last ditch efforts. We should be calm and not scape goats of the fear mongering exercise of CBI under Yellow media and cong mafia screen play.

  19. I do agree with you ! What if the guilt cannot be proved and the persons are declared free of charges finally ? Who will compensate all that trauma , physical and mental that they have gone through ?! How long can one be detained in this system where the inquiry goes on and on for days , months and years ?! Really pathetic ! In YSR’s famous words , ‘ కొర్రు కాల్చి ముఖాన వేయడం ‘ – too bad !!!

  20. This is 100% true.this kind of news also need to boost all ys fans in this time.

  21. KADAPA elections appudu kudaaa ilaaage anthaa kalisi yekamai VEDHICNHAARU….

    RESULT yemito andariki thelisinde…

    alaage ippudu kudaaa anthaa kalisi Vedhisthunnaaru….

    ippudu kudaa RABOYE RESULT andariki thelisinde……

    Pacha Pathrikala Pichi rathalu……Pacha Channels Gobels Pracharalu…..chudatam maneyyandi…..cheyyagaliginantha varaku…Common Ppl ki mana Party name meeda sahayam cheyyandi……

    God Blessing r with us….Ppl wishes r with us….


  22. anand


    • anand

      విజయసాయిరెడ్డి నార్కో టెస్ట్‌కు అనుమతించాలని సీబీఐ కోర్టులో పిటీషన్‌ వేసింది. నార్కో టెస్ట్‌కు అనుమతించకపోతే, ఈ కేసు మరుగుపడే అవకాశం ఉందని సీబీఐ కోర్టుకు విన్నవించింది. ఈ పిటీషన్‌పై విచారణను కోర్టు జనవరి 31కి వాయిదా వేసింది.

  23. sekar

    Asalu EMMAAR Case lo Jagan accused kane kadu. Jagan assets case lo yeti dorakaka poye sariki… thondara thondaragaa…. ee EMMAR case lo irikidhamani trying. Picha naa dash gallu. EE CBI team ki next JD post nundi promotion khayam.

  24. Very good analysis.This is what we the YSR fans need at this point of time.

  25. CV Reddy

    Please give info like this depending on situation.

  26. Samanth

    Is not Vijaysai still in CBI custody ?

    • CV Reddy

      Vijay Sai Reddy garu is in Judicial custody (Jail), not in CBI Custody

      • Samanth

        This is a clear case of how bizzare our legal system is… long as powers that be are managed, the investigating agencies can arrest and detain anyone without the minimum burden of proof….

        Imagine what the common man goes through

  27. pavithra

    thanks for providing such good inputs…. It will be useful and provide required solace to all YS Jagan fans. You should come out like this type Bulletin in a more timely manner so that it provide adequate respite to fans/followers/supporters.

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