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  1. Siva Reddy

    Dear Friends
    I could not able to understand why we are mostly discussing on Junior Doctor Issue. I feel here in manajagan.com community many people are Job holders and business people. Below comments are not to hurt anyone, this are to bring facts.
    You all know how the rates have increased. Common man requires minimum Rs. 10,000 to lead normal life. Daily wager is getting daily Rs. 400 (Few of my relatives are construction daily wagers) and govt is providing all kind of benefits (Rs.1 Rise, Land, Home, Arogya sree, etc) to him. People vote to a particular party only when Govt. or Party promises to fulfill their needs. Our country has strong back bone of farmers. Many farmers don’t want to do farming and where shifting to city’s for other sources. If they grow crop they get loses. Govt. is not fixing good price on the grains they grow, instead they are getting into losses.
    20 % of junior doctors only rich who can survive without salary. Many of them are middle class and below that. If they want to study they need to borrow money from others or need to depend on loans. If they are not getting enough money to survive life, how can they do service.
    Let me put a question to you all. If you are not getting salary has per market rate in your company will you continue job in same company. It is also indirect service to nation and country, why can’t you help your company profits grow by taking less salary. If we can’t do it then why we are expecting junior doctors to do it or cloth merchants to do it. If you are handling a business, why you sell goods or services with 30 to 100 % margin? Why can’t 1%. Office boy in the gov’t hospital are getting 10,000 + 15,000 bribe in hospital. I have not seen any junior doctor asking for bribe in hospital. If any Junior placed in village, he has to do 24 hours service.
    If we are supporting, at least let us not do negative comments on them.

  2. Gurava Reddy

    Judas are not doing anything different, like asking for more money, striking, and obstructing patients and authorities, than any other section of the society. Who is fair in this world? Everyone wants more than they deserve and more rewards for less work. Most NRIs that support Loksatta and most other NRIs always try to avoid custom’s taxes on imports. Who pays taxes for the real value of their properties? Who does not bribe to get their things done, anywhere in this world, if given an opportunity? We are not in the situation to realize what Judas asking for is fair or not. In case of Jagan or other opposition leaders supporting agitating Judas, it’s all part of politics. If Jagan believes that Judas should be paid more, it’s his right to fight for them. Also, Jagan supporting workers of Regency is as per his conscience. You like it or not is a matter of your right.

    • Manu Reddy

      @ Gurava Reddy garu,as you said “it’s all part of politics”,i to agree with that.I think the Regency ceramics shouldn’t be reopened.
      It’s just my opinion.

  3. YSR/ Jagan ki anti anyina prathi kukkaki mundu yanaka chusukokunda support chesi color photolu vesi…buffons ayyaru yellow flowers….we should not do that and support people just because they are protesting the govt. Thats all I wanted to say. I will leave it here.

    • Apsrtc

      Very true. Even when YS Jagan agreed to remove VAT many of intellectuals of YSRCP I talked to had an opinion what is the economic burden on govt was their concern. While providing that benifit, our party should come with numbers to provide justification.

  4. Vinay

    Newly joined staff nurse is getting a monthly salary of 19thousand in a government hospital..

    chaala kashtapadi MBBS complete chesaka kuda oka staff nurse salary ki equal ga isthey ela vuntudhi?

    • apsrtc

      yeah. alwaysysr point is also valid that we should not be supporting every issue coming up without looking in to merits and making objective support and statements rather blanket support. Some of the demands silly and stupid, his point is to provide support correctly on specific issues.

    • chala kasatapadi anedhi comedy yevarikosam kastapadathunnaru, vaalla kosame….vinay..you sound very demeaning of a nurse…a nurse is as important as a nurse if not more. The recovery of a patient depends more on the nurse than a doctor….in US nurses are paid good money, sometimes as much as a doctor, that is their importance. Go check how much the govt spends on each medical graduate in india, how much are they paying in fees? How many times were the fees increased? How many times were the stipends increased? Fee penchithe malli road yekkutharu same judas……mari salary tho patu fee kuda peruguthundi to meet the infrastructure needs of the institution ani anukuntunnara? In US intern doctors are paid more, but also check the fee they pay.,….each medical graduate spends more than 200K. You can’t have it both ways. Any rational argument should be supported but not a retard argument like that of judas and obstructing medical services to the need for that is blasphemy to the very profession.

  5. vaarni why was my comment deleted? Don’t post ante seyyadam manestham ga…apsrtc, what you said is true…, but comparing tenured full time doctors to students is like comparing apples to oranges. The govt already spends lakhs on each medical student…the fee they pay is almost negligible. They are there to learn. I know how a medico lives during his internship. If the problem is with the doctor, it is not the prudent way to go through a trainee. Look at their demands, totally absurd. Anyways I will stop here.

    • apsrtc

      alwaysysr: mana blog owner koncham sensitive. choosi chudanatlu vundu brother. it is not you first, sometimes harsh criticism required.

      I agree your point. But govt should have done a little and resolved this issue. If we prolong, things get worse.

  6. apsrtc

    Please look into this objectively holistic manner. The stipend govt pays is pennies when it compared to the pay the senior doctors as per seniority, they get 5 to 10% hike every year irrespective of what they do, but not for stipend. It is junior doctors that treat patients 24X7 in the general hospitals. When govt can pay 1000s crores to private hospitals under Arogya Sri, it is reasonable to pay premium wage to these doctors who treat patients with no selfish goal and increase productivity of general hospitals. If a senior doctor looks at a patient, he refers to his hospital for the evening. I just want to quote an example, my mother went to Osmania to a liver ailment after a small time doctor referred to them. The doctor is most famous in that dept. Even though we go to Osmania for treatment, we need to go to his private clinic for all biopsy and other tests which are 2K minimum. All he does in the OP clinic is to give referrals. Junior Doctors do at least use their minimum skill to write a prescription and do something about it.

    I agree, we should not support every issue and say we are going to sign file without looking at the source of funds and impact to govt treasury. But helping young doctors is a way to get public acceptance.

    • rakesh

      this politicaparty .com way of analyzing is great
      it clearly mentioned the yelow media overkill of news on jagan boomerang on them
      yet they don’t control their bashing out to kula gazzi

      • Gurava Reddy

        K gang practices pervert-ism like addicts. They are like Mahesh Babus of Pokiri. Won’t listen after they are fixed. Every word this K gang, Sankaranna, DLR, Anam bros, Mad dog (aka Revanth), Parla, Muddu, Payyavula, Devineni, Lagadipati, Botsa, KKR utter and every action that is taken by Congress HC, CBI, ED, and others help us immensely. They (Congress, TDP) might all be wiped out in AP, and Congress party in all of India come 2014. Goebbels propaganda helped Hitler initially, but was the main reason why Hitler collapsed, thinking himself too big. Same thing here with TDP/K gang.

        With Regards, Gurava Reddy YSR Amar Rahen!

  7. the case against jagan was quid pro quo and not even a single minister or official was enquired or arrested but they arrested vijay sai reddy who is private individual……but in 2g scam they did not arrest any private person but they arrested ministers raja and kanimozhi……..see the difference…..cbi could have arrested atleast ias officers in jagan case if they have really favoured jagan…… this clearly shows that we are clean and cbi is creating drama only to scare investors………….

  8. NLR

    After Babu lost faith in himself…it is Raghavulu’s turn to lose faith in babu !!


    What a combination !!!

  9. CV Reddy

    జగన్ కు ‘శుభసూచకాలు’

  10. kkreddy
  11. CV Reddy

    ల్యాంకో ప్రాజెక్టుపై సీబీఐ దర్యాప్తు జరపాలి
    రాజగోపాల్‌తో బాబు కుమ్మక్కయ్యారు

    • Karthik

      I wish Sakshi exposed this nexus before 2009 elections and asked YSR to refuse a ticket to Lagadapati. 2004 situation was different, YS was not in a position to decide all tickets and Sakshi did not exist. But, it is a big failure to not have exposed this before 2009 elections.
      Not exposing Emaar scam was also a failure. Sakshi should have exposed Babu, Koneru Prasad, Ranga Rao etc. and started attacking them as soon as it was established. If they would have brought this scam to the notice of YSR, he would have ordered an enquiry and put all these scamsters behind the bars a long time back. They would not have had a chance to name unrelated innocent people like Sunil Reddy.

      • apsrtc

        YSR was never intended to going after the political opponents in the way these people are doing. YSR requested investigation into Ramoji companies only after he was calling entire government is eating away the government property and he was writing series of allegations on every cabinet minister and govt department. YSR pissed off when they published a false report on ORR deviation benefiting his family. That day was end of all. On top of that Dramoji occupied more than 1500 acres of farming land to RFC. He wanted to convert this into commercial through binamis in small quantities. He did that, but it got exposed when the land ceiling act came up on how come that much of farming land converted into Commerical. A case was going on in the land tribunal for years. When YSR asked govt to look into this seriously when he was preaching about land kabja. When he pursued seriously, even Sanghi also affected. Sanghi’s lost the battle already, but this Munda with the help of courts and judges of his cotarie, stayed all the proceedings. The case still pending. At the same time Vundavalli filing complaint on illegal deposits. But YSR himself could not do much as Ambani’s and Chiddu then FM involved in to this matter and they stopped investigations. So AP govt in its powers opened Rangachari commission and he went to SC to get this cancelled and the report found binami deposits of hundreds of crores. This binami unclaimed deposit is in escrow account and people in Margadarsi said it is Bolli babus. Around that same period Satyam Raju broke out another scandal and elections neared. So govt never concluded anything on it and all these cases still pending.

        I dont have the number, but more than 1000 petty (rent) to commerical taxes cases pending in various courts, land and tax tribunals regarding this cheeda purugu. Veedi batuku enti ante, at any point of time in his life he never missed a day without court date. This bugger is in multiple 420 cases. To take revenge he took help of Chiddu to frame YSR and YS Jagan in that section. The crooked congress let this happen and everyone involved with this going to pay price.. God is not blind. we need to have patience.

  12. CV Reddy

    కొందరి గుప్పిట్లో సీబీఐ: కొణతాల
    ఒక పార్టీ చెప్పినట్లు వ్యవహరిస్తోంది
    2002లో 359 జీవో ద్వారా ఎమ్మార్‌కు 535 ఎకరాల భూమిని కేటాయించడంలో లోపాలు జరిగాయని ఐఏఎస్ అధికారులు ఎల్.వి.సుబ్రమణ్యం, కె.వి.రావులను ముద్దాయిలుగా చేసిన సీబీఐ, అపుడు ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా పనిచేసిన చంద్రబాబునాయుడుకు మాత్రం అందులో ఎలాంటి సంబంధం లేదని ఎలా భావించిందని సూటిగా ప్రశ్నించారు.

    .బాబు హయాంలో జరిగిన తప్పులతో ఆయనకేమీ సంబంధం లేదన్నట్లుగా వదలి వేసి, దివంగత ముఖ్యమంత్రి వైఎస్ రాజశేఖరరెడ్డి హయాంలో జారీ అయ్యాయని చెబుతున్న జీవోలకు వైఎస్సార్‌ను, ఆయన తనయుడు, వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ అధినేత వై.ఎస్.జగన్‌మోహన్ రెడ్డినీ నిందితులుగా ఎలా చేరుస్తారని నిలదీశారు


  13. Vinay

    The whole credit of exposing 2g scam and targetting UPA goes only to subramanian swamy..

    opposition parties ki congress bhaya padatle..

  14. CV Reddy

    SC cancelled 2G Spectrum licenses because they were sold in 2008 at 2001 prices causing exchequer heavy loss.
    What about Babu who had allocated 535 acre at throw away price of
    29 L/acre where he sold his own land at 1crore/acre 3 years before allocation?
    Thus AP exchequer had incurred huge loss to the tune of nearly 5000 crore.
    Still Babu is left Scot-free and posing like a saint.

  15. CV Reddy

    What is Vision 2020?
    Promoting own people as Judges and taking their help to harass opponents.

    Srinivasa, Detroit

  16. Apsrtc

    TO Protect Chiddu, PM and Sonia involvement, court decided to cancel licenses and declined to give permission to prosecute them and deferred the matter to CBI court to decide. CBI courts name sake justice dept, but operate on Home Ministry orders and our pity the defendant is leading this ministry. Justice will be served in golden plate for the Congress mafia and for others hard way.

  17. CV Reddy

    Flash: Court said No to Narco on Viajya sai Reddy

  18. CV Reddy

    Why didn’t Sunil Reddy figure in CBI charge sheet?
    What is more interesting is that the CBI mentioned in the charge sheet that the scam money had gone into the accounts of Koneru Madhu, son of Koneru Rajendra Prasad, the kingpin in the scam. Obviously, the CBI did not get any documentary evidence to prove the role of Sunil Reddy in the scam, except the deposition of T Ranga Rao, director of Stylish Homes which had marketed villa plots in the Emaar township. Hence, Sunil Reddy is left out of the charge sheet.

    If Sunil Reddy’s name is included in the charge sheet, the CBI will have to prove the charges. The agency now has no other option but to look for some concrete evidence against him; otherwise, Sunil will have to be out on the bail

    • CV Reddy

      CBI is hell-bent on linking every scam in AP to YS Family and that is what they have been instructed.
      Afterall, CBI listens to Congress and Chandra Babu.

    • Sekar

      Emmar lo direct involvement unna Chandrababu ni kaneesam question cheyadaniki kooda istam ledu ee daridrapu gottu CBI ki. Anni cases lo chandrababu matrame dorukuthade?

      • apsrtc

        yes bro. today’s SC judgement also proves that they will protect those with them at any cost. To divert attention, court declared hurried judgement to cancel licenses to put an end to investigation.

  19. pavithra

    This type of harrassment should be stopped at any cost… We should have counter strategies to tackle such intimidation. It also shows the need to strengthen the party cadre in Sri Kakulam dist urgently…. may be some of the top leaders should station for sometime in the district to organise various party activities / protest programs, etc to remain in the public mind… this way we can establish strong cadre in the district and add moral boost for the party workers that they are not alone but huge public are behind them…. may be its a good idea that even Jagan also make a surprise visit to Srikakulam dist to meet Mr.Krishna das and show that the entire party is behind him and send a message to opposition that they have to be doubly sure before touch even the cadre….

    • @Pavithra
      Meeru Correct gaaa cheppaaru…

      YSR CONGRESS supporters andarini ide vidham gaa TARGET chesthunnaaru…..

      Moreality ni debba theeselaaa chesthunnaaru…..

      kaani gamaninchaalsina vishayam yemitante….ilaa yentha torture chesthe antha gaaa janaalu committed gaa avuthunnaaru manaku favour gaa avuthunnaaru……

      inkaaa 2 yrs eee kashtaalu bhariddam andaram…….


  20. CV Reddy

    ఘనంగా వైవీ సుబ్బారెడ్డి కుమారుడి రిసెప్షన్

  21. CV Reddy

    రహస్య ఆదేశాల ప్రకారమే విచారణ
    సీబీఐ స్థాయిని లక్ష్మీనారాయణ దిగజార్చారు
    వైఎస్ జగన్‌ను అపఖ్యాతి చేయాలన్న రాజకీయ క్రీడలో ఆయనో పాత్రధారి
    నన్ను ప్రశ్నించిన వివరాలను సీబీఐ అధికారులే ఈనాడుకు చెప్పారు

  22. CV Reddy

    ఎమ్మార్ కుంభకోణంలో కోనేరే కుట్రదారు
    ఎమ్మార్ కేసులో సీబీఐ చార్జిషీట్

  23. CV Reddy

    కక్షే తప్ప సాక్ష్యమేదీ!
    ఎమ్మార్ కేసులో ఉద్దేశపూర్వకంగానే సునీల్ అరెస్టు
    విల్లా కొనుగోలుదారుల నోట ఆయన పేరు చెప్పించేందుకు విఫలయత్నం
    తమకు కావాల్సినట్టుగా తుమ్మలతో వాంగ్మూలం.. దాని ఆధారంగా అరెస్టు
    సహ నిందితుని సాక్ష్యం చెల్లదని గతంలోనే స్పష్టం చేసిన సుప్రీంకోర్టు

    • NLR

      @ seven

      Cong and TDP will weep for the rest of their lives after two years.
      What we do to others is what we get back.

      • Karthik

        Why wait for years? Just wait till the bye elections and municipal elections are over. Both Congress and TDP will start losing cadre and they will start crying!

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