Chandrababu Naidu – A politician a youngster may not want to be

By Benami Buster

Politics is the art of the impossible said Ottovon Bismarck – the German Chancellor. . The term “politics” is not such a bad word at all. In English as a noun it means “art and science of administration of government”. People in “politics” in a parliamentary form of democracy derive their legitimacy to be in public life, and be in the art of “governance” through people’s ballot. Many politicians in the present day world master the art of manipulation, conniving treachery and brazen self-promotion and ensconce themselves to the seat of power. They by their very presence in the field of activity, make “politics” a bad word, politicians detestable and the very polity a no go zone.

One person who in the recent past who eptiomises everything that is ugly about politics, politicians and polity is “benami chandrababu naidu”. His conduct and progress (at what cost) in life defines treachery, deceit, manipulation, malevolence. From the humble beginnings in life, he has risen to a stage, according to his own statement, where he telephonically decided who the Prime Minister of the Country should be. A country of one billion, got the Prime Minister this illegitimate, corrupt and a deceitful politician decided? One of the many tall claims of this person, who has absolutely no legitimacy of existence.

Route to ascendancy

A politician who started his political life as a Student leader in Sri Venkateswara University, thriving on violence, casteist fanaticism and other essential anti-democratic facets which have the tendency to capture people’s imagination in the short run. So building up his career, he became a MLA in State Legislature of A.P and became a Minister.

Thereabouts, his father-in-law, the cinema thespian, the icon of telugu film industry, Sri N.T. Rama Rao joined politics and started a Political Party by name Telugu Desam. Sri Naidu ridiculed his father in law by being in Congress, and then after Sri NTR rode the national politics in his own inimitable style, he built bridges with NTR and joined Telugu Desam party. He was aware that his connection to fame can only be by latching on to a person who is popular, charismatic, a good orator and above all, a genuine politician who can connect to the people. As a thinking (conniving) politician, he was aware, that he can never become
popular – owing to his distrusting and suspicious personality
charismatic – congential disability
a good orator – lacking in honesty and integrity to carry conviction
genuine politician – he cant be genuine towards anything or
anybody in life

His violent ways with his political opponents and also his congenital hatred towards kapu community had come to the fore, when it was widely believed that it was he who had planned the killing of vangaveeti mohan ranga rao, the popular politician from Krishna District. Of course, as with in any other case, he was not prosecuted.

When NTR went out of power, he stayed with him and when NTR came back to power in 1994, he became no. 2. The great human being that NTR was, had begun to be loyal to Lakshmi Parvathi, a biographer, who sought to write about NTR and took care of him, when NTR was out of power, when his own progeny and others disowned him. Since Naidu was being sidelined in the day to day politics, he engineered a split in the Telugu Desam Party in the year 1995, with the active support of another henchman Ramoji Rao a benami for the illgotten assets of Chandrababu Naidu. All the MLAs owing allegiance to Chandra babu Naidu were holed in a hotel by name Viceroy for 3-4 days and were allowed to indulge in all their fantasies. The scenes of NTR going in a vehicle to their hotel only to be thrown chappals at, is something etched in the minds of all the democracy loving people of the State. Naidu became the Chief Minister, on the basis of the mandate earned by Sri NTR and continued until 1999. He lacked the legitimacy of the popular leader, but with his conniving ways, managed to remain as such for the full term.

Come 1999, he latched on to Atal Bihari Vajpayee bandwagon, ditched the third front, for whom, he supposedly picked the Prime Minister, on telephone and got re-elected to power. All through his tenure as Chief Minister, he took pride in the fact that he has the unbridled power as C.E.O of the State, called himself a visionary, designed a document named “vision 2020” and he epitomizes pachydermy.

He killed domestic industry, agrarian sector, rural sector and pandered to foreign investment thereby alienating major sections of the society. He would think that with “eenadu” promoting and projecting him, he would ride on the wave of artificial hype created by Eenadu.

While all the pollsters and psephologists predicted Naidu’s loss by a distance, Eenadu published a front page story about an electoral meeting, in which hardly 10,000 people appeared under the title “jana chandrama”. So much was the blinded allegiance, on the basis of social affinity, (belong to the same caste) that Ramoji Rao created stories after stories eulogizing Sri Naidu, and late YSR, literally and metaphorically, “walked into one bastion after the other” of Sri Naidu, and came to power in 2004 in A.P. to hearld an era of concern of agrarian economy, basic needs, to bring a new definition to the concept of Welfare State.

courtesy The Hindu


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82 responses to “Chandrababu Naidu – A politician a youngster may not want to be

  1. Common man doesn’t understand the intricacies of these scams.
    It is better to impose
    on politicians.

  2. Please change post 😦 .. early morning .. we don’t want to see the face who tries to defame departed leader .. who is killing democracy in Andhra Pradesh .. who killed democracy once .. and strong alliance partner of congress

    • sekar

      YSRCP declared long time back that they will not be contesting in the elections in Telangana. So, the vote % shown for YSRCP can’t be considered genuine. Since they are out of the race, obviously people will express their support to other parties in the fray.

      • Karthik

        But according to the survey TDP and Congress each have 20% votes in Parkal while YSRCP has only 5%. YSRCP never said it won’t contest in Parkal. Do you still believe that this survey is anything but TRS’s attempt to boost the morale of its own cadre?

  3. Sri.M.Reddy

    Survey on 6 bypoll seats done by CDS in TG shows Congress and TDP washed off .TDP will get 15.2 %.. Congress 17 %

  4. chandra

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  5. rakesh

    hi admin
    pls remove that cbn images except that cartoon from this post
    cannot see that face in this site

  6. Vinay

    Why the same people who are cursing cbi laxminarayana now for targetting jagan in the worst manner,
    had Believed in his investigation report on ysr mystery death?

    • Karthik

      Because he is being unfair. It is clearly evident that he is biased and is working to favor the ruling party and it’s secret ally (TDP).
      We never opposed the investigation. We only demanded that it be fair. Anyway, Babu escaped temporarily from having to face an investigation. Jagan is facing it and so far CBI has not been able to get even a small evidence of any wrongdoing by Jagan. We are confident that the CBI won’t be able to prove anything against Jagan because Jagan did no wrong.

      By the time Jagan comes out clean, Babu’s turn to face an investigation will come. If not under current government, under a future government, Babu will face the music.

    • Sekar

      Please answer the below 2 points:
      1) In EMMAR case why CBI is reluctant to inquire Babu when it is very well known to the world that the project & land has been awarded by Babu to Emmar Ranga Rao & Co.

      2) Regarding court cases: Congress +TDP case on Jagan is considered as PIL. But YS Vijayamma case on Babu & binamis is rejected to be considered as PIL. I guess you know What is PIL means. Can you tell why such descrimination by the same court?

    • Vinay…

      who told U that we believed the CBI REPORT on YSR’s DEATH????

      I am dead against that report.

  7. CV Reddy

    పొత్తులు అనివార్యం: నారాయణ
    ‘సాక్షి’ ఇంటర్వ్యూ

    ఇప్పుడు బయటపడుతున్న స్కాముల మూలాలన్నీ బాబు హయాంలోనే ఉన్నాయి
    వైఎస్ నాకు అత్యంత ఆప్తుడు… రాజకీయాల్లో అంతటి స్నేహశీలిని చూడలేదు

    చంద్రబాబు ఓ చచ్చిన పాము…

    రాష్ట్రంలో ప్రస్తుతం బయటపడుతున్న అవినీతి కుంభకోణాలన్నింటికీ మూలాలు చంద్రబాబు హయాంలోనే ఉన్నాయి. ఆపద్ధర్మ ముఖ్యమంత్రిగా ఉండి చంద్రబాబు ఐఎంజీకు 870 ఎకరాల భూమివ్వటం తప్పని ఆనాడే చెప్పాం. చంద్రబాబు సచ్ఛీలుడు కాడు గనుకే ఇప్పుడు అనుభవిస్తున్నారు. బూర్జువా పార్టీలపై విమర్శలో మాకు తరతమ భేదాలుండవు. బహుశా మీ అందరి ఉద్దేశం కాంగ్రెస్ మాదిరిగా టీడీపీని ఎందుకు పరుషంగా విమర్శించటం లేదన్నదయి ఉంటుంది. చంద్రబాబుపై రాజకీయ పోరాటం చేసిందే మేము. ఆయన పతనానికి వీలునామా రాసిందీ, కాంగ్రెస్‌కు అధికారాన్ని తెచ్చిపెట్టిందీ వామపక్షాల విద్యుత్ వ్యతిరేక ఉద్యమం. చాలా తప్పులు చేస్తున్నారని బాబును మేము ఆనాడే హెచ్చరించాం. వినలేదు. ఫలితం అనుభవిస్తున్నారు. నమ్మండని ఇప్పుడు వేడుకుంటున్నారు. చంద్రబాబు ఒక చచ్చిన పాము. దాన్ని మళ్లీ మళ్లీ చంపలేం. ఇప్పుడు సీన్‌లో ఉన్నది కాంగ్రెస్ కనుక వారినే ఎక్కువగా విమర్శిస్తుంటాం.

    మెహర్బానీ కోసం ఫీజు కట్టి ఉండవచ్చు…

    చంద్రబాబు ఆనాడు కొడుకు ఫీజు కట్టుకోలేనంత దుస్థితిలో లేడు. కోటీశ్వరుని అల్లుడు.. పైగా ఓ బూర్జువా పార్టీకి అధినేత. అవినీతి అంటదనుకోలేను. ముఖ్యమంత్రి కుమారుడు కనుక మెహర్బానీ కోసం లోకేష్‌కు సత్యం రామలింగరాజు ఫీజు కట్టి ఉండవచ్చు. అదే నా కుమారునికైతే ఫీజు కట్టేవారా? అయితే దానివల్ల రామలింగరాజుకు అసాధారణ రీతిలో మేలు చేసి ఉంటే తప్పు. సత్యం రామలింగరాజు కోటో, రెండు కోట్లో, పది కోట్లో కట్టి ఉండవచ్చు కానీ చంద్రబాబు అప్పటికే అమెరికా భ్రమల్లో ఉన్నారు. సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్, హైటెక్ తప్ప మరో మంత్రం జపించటం లేదు. తప్పుడు రాజకీయ ఆలోచనా ధోరణిలో ఉండబట్టే ఆవేళ బిల్ క్లింటన్ సరసన రామలింగరాజును కూర్చోబెట్టారు.

  8. CV Reddy

    సమాజ్‌వాదీ పార్టీదే హవా!

    • This is too early to predict UP results. Definitely, Congress will go for 4th Place. From my UP friends, they are not very much impressed with Rahul. One of my friend was explaining to me about Rahul Credentials. ” I am from a poor family, my father was an elementary school teacher and I passed state board exam and did my B.Tech in Govt College, then by GATE, I joined IIT through Merit”.. Where Rahul stands in the competetion? I dont have any answer. May be UP people will find an answer for it..

  9. sekar

    రామోజీరావుని విచారించిన ప్రభుత్వ న్యాయవాది
    హైదరాబాద్: విశాఖపట్నం సీతమ్మధారలోని ఈనాడు కార్యాలయం స్థల వివాదంపై ప్రభుత్వ న్యాయవాది రాజేంద్ర ప్రసాద్ రామోజీరావుని విచారించడం పూర్తి అయింది. తప్పుడు కాగితాలతో భూమిని తీసుకున్నట్లు అతనిపై ఆరోపణలు ఉన్నాయి. మూడు రోజుల్లో 18 గంటల పాటు రామోజీరావుని న్యాయవాదులు క్రాస్ ఎగ్జామ్ చేశారు. కమిషనర్ తమ నివేదికని ఈ నెల 29న కోర్టుకు సమర్పిస్తారు.

    Where is this cheat being interrogated. In his RFC Caves?

  10. CV Reddy

    Is CPI A Mouthpiece Of TDP?

    Did Narayana forget about the book written by Communists”Babu Jamaana Avineeti Khajaana”?

    It is like pot calling kettle black.
    Narayana has special love for Ramoji,RadaKrishna and Babu.
    They are all saints as per Chicken Gunya Narayana.

    • sekar

      Babu cm ayinappati nundi ee CPI/CPM lani mellagaa mingeyadam modalettaru. Ee time lo Raghavulu/Narayana lu vellaki baga thodayyaru.
      Hyderbad Cricket Associan ki Sivalal Yadav laa veellidharu ee partys ki state secretary lu gaa chelamani avuthoo sontha prayojanala kosam party ni nasanam cheyadam modalettaru.
      1999 lo BJP tho TDP pothupettukonte…ee sigguleni CPI/CPM lu congress tho pothukommani adiginaa…Ramoji gadi mata vini…support cheyaledu.
      2004 kalla national level lo CPI/CPM ki BJP ki fight yekkuvavvadam valla ika thappani sari sthithilo 2004 lo congress tho kalisaru. Congress help tho they won good number of seats. Gelichina konni rojulake Nakka budhi choopinchi state lo congress tho dosti cut chesaru (although central lo alliance gaa untunna kooda). Because by then Babu BJP ni state lo sarvam Naakinchesaadu. Veelliddaru 2 years lo mallee babu pakkana cheraru. 2009 lo moham vachipoyela seats vachyi. Ayinaa inkaa aa arigipoyina babu ni pattukoni…valla parties ni poorthigaa naakichedham ani decide ayinattunnaru. CPM vallu by-election lo announce cheyagane….mana babu garu velli CPI national leader ni kalisadu. Repo mapo CPM national leader ni kalustadani doubt. Yedo drama aadi ….aa CPM addukooda lekunda chesukontadanipistundi.

    • Kareem

      That is Kula gajji wherever they work they support each other

      • NLR

        @ Kareem garu

        Vari Gajji variki sapam…. because most people in A.P are aware of it and it
        is not like in the 1980’s that they could fool people with their yellow media.

        People have slapped them in the last two elections and are now eagre to bury them forever. It is just a matter of time.

  11. CV Reddy

    I heard TV9 Ravi Prakash is planning to buy I News.
    Talks are going on.

  12. CV Reddy

    India Today Latest Telugu Edition:
    నాగం నాగర్ కర్నూల్ లో సునాయసంగా విజయం సాదించవచ్చు.
    ప్రసన్న కొవ్వూరు లో విజయ ఢంకా మ్రోగించ వచ్చు.
    TRS will win remaining 5 seats.

  13. CV Reddy

    India Today Telugu Edition

    నాగం నాగర్ కర్నూల్ లో సునాయసంగా విజయం సాదించ వశ్చు.
    ప్రసన్న కొవ్వూరు లో విజయ ఢంకా మ్రోగించ వశ్చు

    TRS will win remaining 5 seats.

  14. sekar

    Today Gattu has given a good statement on CPI Narayana & yellow media. Narayana indeed talking as a TDP mouth piece. Also, when Narayana did any fights on public issues….the same yellow media gave coverage in the last pages. When he criticizes Jagan…they are covered in the 1st Page. For yellow media, as long as some Dog barks on Jagan….it will be covered in 1st page…no matter if it is VH, Palvai, Sankar Rao, DL, Veera Siva Reddy or any other leader who can’t win as a ward member also.

    • sekar

      Next one month, the Yellow Media will follow the same strategies as what they followed in Kadapa elections. Write the same old stories again and again.

  15. subbu

    cv reddy garu india today link available please post here

  16. CV Reddy

    Latest India Today Telugu Edition:
    One of my friend told me India Today had written an article on elections.
    Prasanna and Nagam are going to win with huge majority and in remaining 5 seats, TRS will win.
    Both Cong and TDP are trying to reduce majority.

  17. Vinay

    Swamy39: The Evm rigging and YSR Reddy premature unsolved mystery death- any connection?

    Jagan should speak up

    subramanya swamy just posted on his twitter.

  18. Kareem

    Dear Brothers any one from Nellore

  19. Karthik

    I think Jagan should try to speak on video instead of writing letters on issues like the state budget. By speaking, he can connect better with our party cadre as well as the state public.

    World over, most key leaders speak directly on video rather than write letters. Jagan should also adopt this method. For details, he can always release a letter or a press note later.

    • Kareem

      If you observe Jagan always speak in public those thing related to public, and he is explaining in deep to public during his OY. he is doing such a great thing whichever is not doing other leaders, they always depend on media and AC rooms. no need to worry brother Jagan always for public, people also thinking same

  20. NLR

    JAGAN election campaign in Kovuru …

    This victory for YSRCP would be the countdown for Cong and TDP .


    A section of media which has ganged up against YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy appears to be playing a sort of mind game to run down his image among the public.

    As part of this game, this media is spreading the rumours, of course quoting the CBI sources, that Jagan is likely to get arrested in the first week of March, around which time assembly speaker Nadendla Manohar will disqualify his group MLAs. The rumour is that the party would face serious troubles in the impending by-elections at a time when Jagan would be languishing in jail.

    Secondly, the media is also spreading the theory that all is not well in the Jagan camp and some of the rebel MLAs of his group are deliberately avoiding attending the meetings of YSR Congress party and are even not coming to the assembly. Obviously, this is meant to create confusion among his party cadres.

    It is really tough time for Jagan, who has been completely isolated in his fight against the Congress, to counter the mind game. Yet, he is fighting a heroic battle.

  22. CV Reddy

    TDP Is A Branch Office Of Cong
    The Congress and TDP have ganged and are functioning in the Tamil Nadu style. In fact, the TDP is functioning like a branch office of the Congress. The information is being furnished by the Congress party and the script is prepared in the NTR Trust Bhavan. And the anti-Jagan media is promptly carrying the stories to defame YSR, his family and friends

  23. ok

    నెల్లూరు: ఉప ఎన్నికలకు వైఎస్ఆర్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ సన్నద్ధమవుతోంది. కోవూరు నియోజకవర్గంలో ఆ పార్టీ అభ్యర్థిగా నల్లపురెడ్డి ప్రసన్న కుమార్ రెడ్డి ఈ నెల 25వ తేదీ మధ్యాహ్నం 12.55 గంటలకు నామినేషన్ దాఖలు చేస్తారు. ఆ పార్టీ అధ్యక్షుడు, ఎంపి వైఎస్ జగన్మోహన రెడ్డి ఈ నియోజకవర్గంలో ప్రచారంలో పాల్గొంటారు. మార్చి 2, 3, 4, 14, 15 తేదీలలో జగన్ ఇక్కడ ప్రచారం నిర్వహిస్తారు.

    • vissu

      anyone from nellore or Kovvur…. TDP ki chances unnaayani kottagaa prachaaram modalu pettaaru congress n tdp… is it a fixing game plan?? or the reality… any one from nellore can post the ground reality if u know…. I am expecting prasanna will win with atleast 20K majority ….

      • CV Reddy

        I spoke to Journalists from various papers and Channels.
        Prasanna will win with min 25K majority.
        Cong is supporting TDP indirectly here.
        Cong is going to support TDP in Kovvuru,Nagar Kurnool,Station Ghanpur

        • pavithra

          looks like Cong is accepting the truth and following the principle of ‘alliance partner’ just like what they are doing in Tamil Nadu….

          • cs

            Surprised to see more Junior NTR and Senior NTR photos along with Somireddy, than Babu’s photos on recent visit to kovur constituency.

      • cs

        I am from Nellore, Somireddy lost in Sarvepalli twice which is his home constituency. Presently TDP doesn’t have any other choice but to field Somireddy though he is reluctant. I can confidently say Nallapareddy will win easily. Somireddy can neither win Sarvepalli in future (because of kakani Govardhan reddy) nor kovvur.

  24. LoveAndhraPradesh

    …..And you all support a person who was more busy making plans to get into power during the moments of his fathers death, who makes false theories (Reliance Ambani killing YSR) about father’s death just in the hope of grabbing power…etc etc1….

    • Sekar

      And you support a moron who killed his father-in-law and now garlanding the photos of same person to come back to the power. What a shame!

    • Thanks for raising this point Mr.LOVE. No body planned to become CM that time. As fisrt hand info I can tell that itwas done by Mr.botcha. For the record I can say that the secratariet came to know about YSRs death by 2nd afternoon itself. But do you know the reason for decalring the next day. The reason is the big leaders were sending feelers to the high command about their own candidacy. When high command didn’t oblige anyone they thought it would be jagan. And botcha of all invited mlas to this house for breakfast on 3 rd morning and decided they would support jagan. All this happend while the whole media glaring at Mr.jagan. Now tell me whether this is possIble to coordinate all this with mlas with out media coming to know about it. If the media came to know about this why didn’t they publize this fact. When chiru tells that jagan sent some mlas to his house for support why doesn’t he spell out the names of the mlas. This is all a big conspiracy. If jagan really wanted to become cm that day. He could have just highjacked that day and become. No high command or any one in this earth would have been able to stop it. The only difference that day is jagan was not chandrababu naidu.

    • vissu

      Site peru .. so ikkada ysr/Jagan ante ishtamunnolle ikkada untaaru… neeku ishtam lekapote chala sites unnaayi dabbulu ichi raayistunnaru mee vaallu… akkadiki poyi ishtamochinatlu raasukovachu…. first mee naidu gaarini ladies ni elaa gouravinchaalo telusukomanu… chanipoyina ys ni ishtamochinatlu maatadutunnaadu….

    • Kareem

      He is not making plans to get power like hotel vysray politics, siggu leda meeku Vysray hotel episode marchipoyara, NTR chani povatani ke karanam emito meku teliyada, chivaraku oka lady meda nindamopina asalu vishayam evari ke teliyadu, Ramoji kanu saigallo nadavatani ke nerakarinchina NTR ne chandra babu dwara vysray hotel kadanam marichara, aina meeku kavalasindi manishi kadu (NTR) power, chesina hatya nu tamaku antu ko kunda oka lady meeda ku apavadu vesina varu meeku devullu endukante eka mana jatini kapadalante adi veeri to ne sadyam, bayata prajalu emanukuntunna ro oka sari janam lo chudandi, gauravam anedi premani panchi te vastundi bahirangam ga nissugguga evaru emanu kunte manakendu kani neeti malina kadhanalu alli, maryada leni comments cheyyatam valana yavat jatike agauravam vastundi, prajalu amayakulanu chesi adinchinanta kalam adincharu, tana kannu saigallo prabutwala ni tadipinchinanta kalam nadipincharu, mana anukunte akasyam kaadu anukunte patalam, me vaikari prajalu gamanincharu, praja kortu lo andaru sirasu vanchale, manavika viluvalu vadili charitraka machha techuuko vaddu.

    • Mr.Luv its good to have healthy debates. If you have any doubts about jagan you can very well post we will reply to the best of our knowledge. Anthekani pls don’t be another yellow blogger who has a set agenda of only accusing jagan and ysr.

    • Kareem

      Really Lovers of Andhra Pradesh supporting to Jagan

  25. CV Reddy

    Chandrababu: Image and reality
    On most indicators, Chandrababu Naidu ran the worst performing state in the south of India for nearly 10 years. Yet the more damage he did, the more his media standing grew, says P Sainath.

    Still, a look at the myth of Mr. Naidu is key to grasping a lot of things. Including the gigantic crisis crippling Andhra Pradesh today. On most indicators, he ran the worst performing state in the south of India for nearly 10 years. Yet the more damage he did, the more his media standing grew. The gap between his image and his record is stunning.

    No other figure in Indian politics got the kind of press that Mr. Naidu did. The `miracle man.’ The `GeneratioNext CM,’ and, of course, `The CEO of Andhra Pradesh.’ A larger than life image held up by huge spending on self-publicity helped this along. Ad-gurus from Mumbai flew in to foster it. Our media lapped it up. And starry-eyed journalists from The New York Times, The Financial Times and heaps of other places, weighed in with their bit.

    That his regime had just chalked up growth of – 17. 06 per cent in agriculture seemed hardly to matter. The image was the thing. When the media dealt with Mr. Naidu, facts were irrelevant. As the founder of Private Eye once said: “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.” That was the editor of a satirical journal speaking half in jest. Our own editors applied that dictum with real zest and no trace of humour.

    Had another Chief Minister taken on an Alyque Padamsee to give him an image makeover, we would never have heard the end of it. The media saw nothing wrong in Mr. Naidu doing this. Wasn’t he, after all, the ultimate brand?

    Yelling “IT’ and “software” often enough became a substitute for actual performance in those vital fields. Andhra Pradesh did not lead the nation. But media audiences thought it did. The state was not even in the top three. And was slipping in the ranks.

    This is also a state whose literacy levels are the worst in the south and lag behind the national average. A glance at the (Tata) Statistical Outline of India would show this: Even Cyberabad’s literacy is behind that of Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Jaipur. And that’s the rating of Mr. Naidu’s showpiece.

    Employment growth saw a drastic decline in the Naidu era. In rural Andhra Pradesh, it was 2.40 per cent per annum in the decade before him. It fell to 0.29 per cent during 1994-2000. This was a worse decline than that seen in the rest of India. The rate of growth of real wages in rural areas fell sharply in the 1990s.

    What the media fondly called “one of the fastest-growing states” was really stumbling. The growth of GDP was just around 5 per cent for 1994-2001. Lowest among the southern states. Lower than the national average. Lower than what the same state had posted during 1981-91. Economists C. Mahendra Dev and C. Ravi show that “in the 1980s, A.P. was one of the top performing states in terms of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth. Only three states, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra, showed higher growth than A.P. in the 1980s.” However, this rank sank from number four to eight in the next decade. “Seven states showed higher growth than A.P. in the 1990s.” The state was overtaken by Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and West Bengal.

    Through it all, Naidu-worship in the media only grew. With not an iota of scepticism. The media bios of Naidu called him the son of a “poor agriculturist.” Or of a “small farmer.” Or of a “modest farmer.” How the modest farmer and his spouse came to be worth Rs. 21 crores after nine years in power is a mystery no one wants to solve. That’s the figure you’ll find in his poll-time declaration of assets. But no questions. The king could do no wrong. (Courtesy: The Hindu) ⊕

  26. CV Reddy

    విచారణ నిలిపేయాలని కోరితే.. కేసునే కొట్టేసిన హైకోర్టు
    ఆస్తుల కేసులో బాబుకు అడగనంత ఉపశమనం
    జస్టిస్ రోహిణి ధర్మాసనం ఆదేశాలపై నిపుణుల ఆశ్చర్యం
    బాబుపై నవంబర్ 14న సీబీఐ విచారణకు ఆదేశించిన హైకోర్టు
    దాన్ని నిలిపేయాలంటూ ‘సుప్రీం’కు వెళ్లిన బాబు సన్నిహితులు
    హైకోర్టునే ఆశ్రయించాలని వారికి చెప్పిన సుప్రీంకోర్టు
    హైకోర్టులో తన సన్నిహితులతో జత కలిసిన చంద్రబాబు
    విచారణ నిలిపేయాలని, ఉత్తర్వులు రద్దు చేయాలని వినతి
    కానీ ఏకంగా విజయమ్మ పిటిషన్‌నే కొట్టివేసిన జస్టిస్ రోహిణి బెంచ్
    ముందటి బెంచ్ ఇచ్చిన తీర్పుపైనా ఈ బెంచ్ వ్యాఖ్యలు


  28. Prashant

    That Naidu is a crook comes as no surprise. How do we get this to a wider audience? Mana Jagan readers are all Jagan supporters who are aware of Naidu’s diabolical nature, this needs to be broadcast more widely than this site. Papers like TOI and The Hindu need to pick this up and make it a special investigative report. That’s what will catapult the story. Look at the whole farce with the CBI? This is worse than Iran and Ahmedinajad? Of course the Americans haven’t seen what a two-faced person Sonia can be and how degraded INC has become under her rule. Politics in India is a dirty word, Naidu set the new standard for lows in depraved behavior.

    • @prashant garu, i can understand your anguish. But you have understand that english media is very biased. The bosses sitting in delhi mumbai and chennai are still in the illusion that naidu is some sort of invincible persona. The reason for posting this article is that hope that some neutral persons eyes fall on this. And other reason for posting this article is that our will post it in some discussion forums that they participate.

  29. Ram

    Please post more of Palagummi Sainath’s youtube videos exposing CBN here (the ones he gave interviewes to sakshi). He has a credibility of being VV Giri’s grandson, and an expert on farmer’s problems.

  30. cheekatiman

    Please post this information in all the blogs and websites…so that people will know about CBN very well.

  31. let all the TDP Tammulu read this article know what kind of leader Babu is.

    Thanks Benami Buster…. We hope to see more of your contribution from now.

  32. CV Reddy

    Dr.YSR Memorial Foundation Karnataka (R)

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