Lets Get Ready ..


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  1. Vinay

    Up lo cong 30 seats(4th position)

    Raul gandi ni ika election campaign evaru invite cheyaroo 😀

    • NLR

      This is even after Priyanka begged for votes taking her young children with her !! No wonder they have not set their foot in A.P.
      Gone are those days where the Pseudo Gandhi’s sitting in 10 Janpath can think that they are born to rule.
      It is the people who rule .

  2. All of you watch gemini news.A

  3. YSR_MSR

    Gemini News Survey in Kovuru::

    YSR Congress- 55%
    TDP- 32%
    Congress- 15%

  4. I should say very true article from Gurava on how Cong, TDP is crushing democracy in Andhra Pradesh and in our country…

  5. Vinay

    ” FAN ” symbol given to ysrcp in KOVURU:-)

  6. Jai Gottimukkala

    What will happen if 2-3 Jagan MLA’s are defeated in the by-elections?

    Konda Surekha is highly doubtful in Parakala unless TRS extends support (like they did to Nagam). They won’t support her because of her past statements against TRS.

    • NLR

      @ Jai
      Nothing will happen because they are not going to be defeated.
      What will happen to TDP or Cong if they dont win even a single seat . Will they quit politics ??
      Regarding Nagam . He dared Babu or Balayya to contest against him .
      I wonder why they did not take up his challenge and win against him ?? Cowards . And it is cowards who lose and not people with guts.

      • Jai Gottimukkala

        NLR, I don’t know enough about the prospects of the other 17 (Prasanna + 15 disqualified MLA’s + Shobha) MLA’s to come to a conclusion. Maybe they will all win.

        Konda Surekha’s case is different. No one seriously believes her claim that she resigned for Telangana. Unless Jagan openly supports Telangana, she has no chance of winning in Parakala.

        Forget Babu or Balayya, entire TDP is finished in Telangana. Congress will also come down to near zero levels.

  7. Vinay

    Is there any rule to arrest jagan as A1 in assets case before april 2nd ?

    Prove chesi arrest chesthaara… Arrest chesi prove chesthaam antaara ee c b i

    • Karthik

      I don’t think CBI is even thinking about anything to do with “prove”. Emaar case tho asalu sambhandame leni Sunil Reddy ni arrest chesinappudey telisindi CBI isn’t trying to prove anything ani.

  8. Saireddy

    Let us to say all the best to our team and we’re waiting EC to anounce the By-elections. So our Assembly seats will increase to 19(includes Vijayamma and Prasanna Kumar reddy) and we will fight in assembly by next assembly sessions. our MP seats also increase to 2 (going to one more huge majority for Mekapati from Nellore)

  9. Its a strategic move from Cong to escape probable RS election embarrassment.. Its in a way surprising since the recent survey indicates sweeping majority for YSR Cong MLAs (though unofficial till now) if bye-elections are conducted. May be Jagan will be arrested soon on some minor pretext. But people of AP will show that they pooh-pooh cheap politics and stand by value politics. Am just eager to see what would be the majority for our MLAs, not who will win as it is foretold truth!

    • Yellow bloggers..its high time you guys realize that instead of provoking by silly comments, you guys concentrate on how to gain people’s confidence. Its in a way saddening to see that all you guys have left is to make some stupid and silly comments as you too realize there is no way you will come back to power ever. Depressed souls, RIP!

    • NLR

      @ ok

      Bcs there was no place fit babu & co ( too many yellow dongalu ).

    • You Funny 🙂 .. You guys are really frustrated right.. only your day dream is if Jagan goes to Jail CBN can come to power…. Keep on dreaming… that’s the only thing you are doing since you lost the power in 2004… Keep on dreaming…

      • To any yellow blogger here is my honest take on TDP: since tdp win 1999 election tdp under chandrababu naidu hasnt won one single election. Not just general election tdp hasnt won one single local or panchyant or cooperative poll. Tdp win 1994 was beacuse great leader ntr and in 1999 tdp won because of bjp support riding on kargil war sympathy.

  10. SivaSankara Reddy

    Let us win All the 17 seats and create sensation in India … Kudos to our heroes .. and I wish all the best for them ..

  11. NLR

    It would be the beginning of a New Chapter in A.P politics .

    Cant wait for the bypoll .
    Delhi dhimma thiragali . Yellow media yedavali.

  12. Simhapuri...!

    వైఎస్ఆర్ అభిమాన ఎమ్మెల్యేలపై అనర్హతవేటు

    వైఎస్ఆర్ అభిమాన ఎమ్మెల్యేలు 16 మందిని శాసనసభ స్పీకర్ నాదెండ్ల మనోహర్ అనర్హులుగా ప్రకటించారు.
    సిబిఐ ఛార్జిషీట్లో మహానేత డాక్టర్ వైఎస్ రాజశేఖర రెడ్డి పేరుని చేర్చడంతో మన:స్తాపం చెందిన వీరు ఆగస్టు 24న రాజీనామా చేసిన విషయం తెలిసిందే. ప్రజారాజ్యం పార్టీకి చెందిన ఆళ్లగడ్డ ఎమ్మెల్యే శోభానాగిరెడ్డి రాజీనామాని స్పీకర్ ఆమోదించారు. ఈ 17 మంది అవిశ్వాస తీర్మానికి అనుకూలంగా ఓటు వేశారు. ఈ అంశానికి సంబంధించి సుదీర్ఘంగా జరిగిన డ్రామాకు తెరపడింది.

    స్పీకర్ అనర్హులుగా ప్రకటించిన ఎమ్మెల్యేలు:

    ఒంగోలు – బాలినేని శ్రీనివాస రెడ్డి
    పత్తిపాడు – మేకతోటి సుచరిత
    మాచర్ల – పిన్నెల్లి రామకృష్ణా రెడ్డి
    నరసన్నపేట – ధర్మాన కృష్ణదాస్
    పాయకరావుపేట – గొల్ల బాబురావు
    అనంతపురం – గురునాధరెడ్డి
    రాజంపేట – ఆకేపాటి అమరనాథ రెడ్డి
    రాయదుర్గం – కాపు రామచంద్రారెడ్డి
    పరకాల – కొండా సురేఖ
    రైల్వేకోడూరు – కొరముట్ల శ్రీనివాసులు
    రామచంద్రాపురం – పిల్లి సుభాష్చంద్రబోస్
    ఉదయగిరి – మేకపాటి చంద్రశేఖర రెడ్డి
    రాయచోటి – గండికోట శ్రీకాంత రెడ్డి
    తెల్లం పోలవరం – బాలరాజు
    ఎమ్మిగనూరు – కె. చెన్నకేశవ రెడ్డి
    నర్సాపురం – ముదునూరి ప్రసాద రాజు

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