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    Hiii frnds…..
    Hope all are fine!!!!!
    I have some thing to share here.. And i believe will reach to the concerned people.
    When i am watching news in some channels.. i had noticed that, each of our leader talking about JAGAN anna ..and only JAGAN anna & the worst things of SONIA madam…
    Here, what i meant to say is… It is better to raise the public issues like..1. Worst power cuttings , 2. Hikes in food & daily consumable rates, 3. Cotton – Minimum price issue for rice & Cotton, 4. mainly failure of local minister – Annam ramnarayana reddy failure to develop the district & his own mandalam, 5. Lack of welfare issues by CM-Kiran. 6. Road & safety issues in nellore 7. Opportunistic characters of Aanam brothers 8. Opportunistic character of Nara CBN & 9. The way CBN kepts the case against him which failed by our Smt. VIjayalakshmi garu ….etc..

    Kadapa by elections time lo vunnatlu emotions ippudu vuntayani …nenu anuko vatam ledhu…

    CVR Reddy garu & some of our co-team members are dng gud job ..i request you to all share these type of issues to our campaign leaders..

  2. sekar

    TDP valla intlo one crore cash pattukonnaru… YSRP vallu compliant basis meeda basis chesukoni raid chesaaru.
    EE chandrababu naidu last 7 years gaa opposition lo unnaa gani chinna chinna Byelections ki kooda inninni kotlu kharchu peduthunnadu. Ante…9 years lo yentha Dochukoni….Daachado ardham avuthundi.

  3. purandhara


    naaku kudaa ide sandeham vundi…kaaka pothe…by elections ki…general elections ki yemainaa rules lo thedaalu vun nayemo…..

    ninna night discussion lo telakapalli ravi gaadu thega aaraata paddaadu…TDP ki supporting gaa manaku against gaa maatlaadataaniki…avineethi ani vaaguthunanadu…vedhava

  4. Pavithra

    How come TV9 publicly discussing and mentioning the poll surveys, when it is declared illegal by election commission earlier??? Till the elections are held the poll surveys should not be publicised, as it will infulence the voters…. This needs to be brought to the notice of Election Commission.

  5. Tv9 survey always wrong,

    Kadapa – YSRCp -54% (TV9 post poll), But we got 71%

    In Kovvur also we will get more then 60% votes.

    • Sekar

      Kadapa pre-poll survey lo Jagan / Vijayamma gelavadame kastam ani cheppadu. Polling ayipoyina tharvatha 3L+ ani cheppadu. Ippudu veedu 15% ante manam 30% expect cheyonchu.

  6. Ravi

    I am just seeing this video. Its my village rebala. Good to see jagan in rebala.

  7. CV Reddy

    My friend spoke to 354 persons in Kovur yesterday and Today.
    He spoke to people in Mandal Head Quarters only, not in Villages.
    His feedback is given below.

    Total persons (Males):354
    YSRCP: 226- (63.84%)

  8. NLR

    Mamatha asks UPA to sack the Railway minister ( her own party MP !!).

    Pseudo gandhi’s facing the ire of true Indians .

    • sharath

      Mamatha banarjee is know for her short sightedness on issues. This is a very foolish attempt to stop fare hike. Its been 9 years since any fare was increased. Its very important to raise money for mordenisation of railways and also safety.

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