All the best YSRCP ..

All the best YSRCP


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  1. CV Reddy

    బాబు, నీలా చీకట్లో చిదంబరాన్ని కలవలేదు.

  2. politics

    Friends –

    Yellow Media is trying to put some fire as to whom should be given credit for majority… Don’t beleive in those things.. Try to counter them.. It’s a team effort. Leader ,Cadre and everyone have their own contribution to this success. Our ultimate goal is to see YSRCP in flying colors. This is possible with an commitment for the betterment of living..( Project it clearly and work for that).. Thanks everyone who were part of the field and made it a victory…

    • sekar

      infact…if it is not Prasanna…we would have won with much more majority. Prasanna had negative image and also…he didn’t spent any money.

  3. CV Reddy

    Watch Sakshi Live.
    Chilakaluri Pet Jana sandram

  4. Surenreddy

    Congrats to fans..Celebrate the win..its a BIG win.

  5. Srini - Nellore

    it is all expected .. people compared with kadapa. That is not possible in nellore. More than 20,000 majority is huge majority in nellore DT.
    that to Kovur all congress people didn’t vote for prasanna.
    this indicates that still jagan has to wait until 2014 to sweep.
    instead of prasanna kumar reddy some one is there , we definetly cross 40,000 majority. people didn’t change parties as political leaders changes.
    All majority bcz of Jagan.
    another big thing is jagan doesn’t have low level cader , still 20,000 majority means it is huge victory in Nellore(almost sweep).

  6. Guys, no doubt we all are happy for Nallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy’s win in Kovur. His victory has definitely enthused lot of confidence in our party leaders and cadre. At the same time, we have to learn a very good lesson from this result.

    We, as a one year old party, won with a whopping 24,000 margin challenging the two established parties. But, it’s not making us feel the joy wholeheartedly. All these days, there has been lot of hoopla created (by some ignorant people) about the winning margin. Who’s responsible for such fiascoes ? None other than our own hypocrites, who make tall claims and raise the expectations without understanding the reality. There are some time-pass bloggers/posters who just copy, paste news from all random sites to get accolades from innocent followers. These clowns sitting in their rooms make false predictions and post/speak that as pulse report from journalists, locals, and top-rank party cadres.

    We are all aware that it’s neither Pulivendula nor Kadapa and the candidate is not Vijayamma or Jagan, but we claimed that the same miracles would happen. In fact, many of us clearly know that the election conducted in Pulivendula/Kadapa is one of its kind and there should be no generalizations made from it. Yes, Nallapureddy’s family is strong in Nellore, but not as strong as YSR’s in Kadapa. If you can recollect, Prasanna lost to Polamreddy (almost anamakudu) in 2004 general elections, but there’s not even a single defeat for YSR’s family. So, never ever anticipate the scene of Pulivendula/Kadapa to repeat elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh.

    During Kadapa/Pulivendula by-elections all of were actually expecting YSR Congress Party to win the MLA seat with 40,000 + and the MP seat with 3 lac + majority. To the surprise of all poll analysts and leaders of other parties, we emerged victorious with thumping majority. That made all the difference for opposite party leaders/workers to acknowledge Jagan’s leadership qualities. So, the key point here is that we won, but with double the majority expected by everybody.

    In Kovur, the opposite candidate is Somi Reddy Chandramohan Reddy, and it is a TDP stronghold constituency for the last 40 years (from the times of Nallapureddy Srinivasa Reddy). Money was pumped in enormously by Congress, and TDP. There’s little anti incumbency factor on Prasanna, until recent he was a TDP MLA, and he couldn’t get more TDP cadre along with him. To be very much sincere, in such a tough scenario, winning with 1000 votes itself is a great achievement for any new party like ours.

    Despite understanding the difficulty of this election, some of our over enthusiastic bloggers, and spokespersons constantly assured of a majority in the range of 40,000 – 50,000. According to their trusted sources (do they really have any?), it won’t be less than 30,000. Such false claims made quite a few of us very irritating as it would tarnish our image if we don’t reach that 30k mark and that’s what is happening at the moment. Though we got 24,000 majority, we are not fully enjoying the victory and that is reflected in, facebook, twitter, and in some of our discussions with close associates.

    In the event of all such cheap techniques to become famous, they are actually bringing shame to party and genuine cadre. No doubt, people will start asking us what happened to your 30k-40k majority. Our sincere request to not encourage such jokers. They are no good for the party and would only belittle our efforts.

    Remember, Jagan understood the situation much earlier and campaigned for EIGHT days (public appearance). He never said a word about the majority. Because he fully analyzed the equations and concentrated more on his work rather than spitting out some logic-less numbers. Let us not indulge in such nuisance again, and we should prepare ourselves to win with even 5,000 votes margin in some of the constituencies in next by-elections for 18 seats.

    manaYCP (
    to continue the legacy of YSR (Deeds Not Words)

    • Madhu

      I full agree with the views. Don’t raise such high expectations which makes a thumping win look ordinary and (instead of enjyoing victory) you end up explaining to everyone on why we could not meet expectations.

    • CV Reddy

      వై.ఎస్.ఆర్.కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ నెల్లూరుజిల్లా కోవూరు లో మంచి మెజార్టీ ఇచ్చినా, వారు భావించినట్లు నలభై ఏభై వేల ఓట్ల ఆధిక్యత కాకుండా పాతిక వేల లోపునకే పరిమితం చేయడం కూడా గమనించదగిన అంశం.

    • ANAND



    • sharath

      Your analysis was good but please stop pointing fingers at others..every one has their own views..

      • CV Reddy

        I spoke to journalists and they assured me that we would get 30k-50k majority.
        Few agencies did even exit poll and I spoke to them personally and they also told me the same.
        My journalist friend went to Kovur and did survey for 2 days on 15th and 16th.
        Sometimes, we may not get majority as we expected.
        I only wrote here what I heard from reliable sources.

        If you want I will give contact numbers of people who had done exit polls.

        Lagadapati survey didn’t expect BJP win in MNagr.
        Exit polls predicted Congress win in Punjab but reality is different.

        May be we didn’t do poll management well like other parties.

    • ROHIT

      Dont discourage active bloggers by writing Theoretical principles which cannot be practiced.
      Actually jupadi and ambati rambabu were expecting 40k majority till today morning (ofcourse with a fear of what happened in last 2 hours) and Yesterday sobha nagireddy was expecting that congress will loose deposit that does mean that they are wrong and telling lies ( everybody knows that they are voices of our party)

      To my knowledge entire sakshi team which toured the constituency on the polling day upto 4 o clock were expecting minimum 40k.
      The only thing happened in the last 2 hours was congress/tdp got extra 10k votes each which reduced the margin because some people were not willing to vote even after taking money from both parties were terrorised and were forced to vote ,and one family was beaten near maipadu.

      and finally nobody expects kadapa/pulivendula majority everytime. Even if elections are held in kadapa now there jagan will not get half the majority.

      • Theoretical principles ??? What’s the theory part in it that has no practical application ? By the way, you seem to be trying to counter our views by bringing in Jupudi, Ambati, and Sobha Nagi Reddy. There’s a difference between quoting it once in a while, or in a flow of words, but we stressed about this a lot that people are actually seeing it as a defeat for YSJ, which in reality is not. So, this is like ignoring all 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s made by Sachin in the face of his 100th 100.

        అప్పట్లో అల్లు అరవింద గారు అనేవారు “పులివెందుల, కుప్పం” తప్ప మిగిలినవన్నీ మా చిరు గెలుస్తాడు అని … తరువాత ఏమయింది ? పాపం, First attempt లోనే 18 సీట్లు గెలిచినా (Congress got 26 seats in 1994) కూడా జనం నవ్వారు … Jokers ని నెత్తికెక్కించుకుంటే ఇలాగే ఉంటది …

        If your target is 10, aim for the 11th mile, but don’t spend time in boasting that you will be achieving 100th mile. So, don’t raise expectations unnecessarily !!!

        manaYCP (
        to continue the legacy of YSR (Deeds Not Words)

        • rohit

          if you think them as jokers, then who are the leaders, the people who stand are difficulties are the real leaders, not those who come and enjoy the power.
          YSR made lot of leaders like anam,botsa,raghuveera etc.,how many of them stood by jagan when he is facing probe, instead they are accusing him.
          yellow media is working 24 hours for us for all negative news and introspection

          • Rohit, do you really believe that your comments/points have anything to do with our message ??? Diverting topic of the discussion never helps us !!!


    • CVR Murthy

      It is Just matter of managing expectations. Kadapa poll, TDP and Congress failed miserably in this task. They went to the extent of projecting YSJ loosing the election. This time the realized the mistake and floated 40000+ in one section of media. This made some persons to feel disappointed.

      If one has to judge the majority , 25000 is a huge margin. It is unassailable for at least few more elections . That is loosing in 2014 from here is difficult.

      • sekar

        yes…24000 for a MLA ticket in a triangular fight is huge margin. If we notice CV Reddy’s post on the polling day survey…the final ground report he gave was 47.3% for YSRP….which is quite close to what we got today.

        Some Sakshi reporters got carried away without getting the last couple of hours picture. Due to high percentage we all thought it would go up to 30-40K which didn’t happen.

        • Agreed with CVR Murthy’s points !!!

          @Sekar, 24,000 is a huge margin in a triangular అని ముందు తెలియదా ? అక్కడ పరిస్థితులేంటో తెలియకుండానే 40k, 50k అని misguide చేయడం దెనికి సోదరా.


    • ROHIT

      Dont discourage active bloggers by writing theoretical principles which cannot be practiced.
      Actually jupadi and ambati rambabu were expecting 40k majority till today morning (ofcourse with a fear of what happened in last 2 hours) and Yesterday sobha nagireddy was expecting that congress will loose deposit that does mean that they are wrong and telling lies ( everybody knows that they are voices of our party)
      To my knowledge entire sakshi team which toured the constituency on the polling day upto 4 o clock were expecting minimum 40k.
      The only thing happened in the last 2 hours was congress/tdp got extra 10k votes each which reduced the margin because some people were not willing to vote even after taking money from both parties were terrorised and were forced to vote ,and one family was beaten near maipadu.
      and finally nobody expects kadapa/pulivendula majority everytime. Even if elections are held in kadapa now , jagan will not get half the majority.

    • jai jagan

      FRIEND dont come once in a blue moon and discourage active bloggers, no need for introspection be happy 24000 is a good majority by any standards.
      Let bloggers express their views and every active blogger is well wisher of ysj and they are not tarnishing the image.
      Jagan always tells that congress/tdp will loose deposit this means he is a joker or making false claims?
      and coming to 18 by elections we are expecting 1 or 2 loss also.

      • Dude, the word FRIEND in your opening line saves you from backlash. Where did you find discouragement in our thoughts ? And by the way, పొద్దున లేచిన కాడినించి పార్టీ ఆఫీసమ్మటి తిరిగితే తెగ కష్టపడినట్టు కాదు (regarding your blue moon comment). డిపాజిట్లు గల్లంతవుతాయి, భారీ మెజారిటీ సాధిస్తాం, మన ప్రభుత్వమే వస్తుంది, etc … These are all vague statements and nobody points out such things in the bigger picture. Jagan understands the difference between making categorical statements and false claims. He never says we will win with 50k majority.

        The interesting part of your argument is that we don’t need any introspection. Ha ha, you might suggest Jagan to stop Odarpu if we win one more seat. Thank god, you are not in CGC, or CEC. Bro, ours is a new party and we need to introspect and rectify things at every step.

        And don’t you think you are tarnishing Jagan’s image by saying that you are EXPECTING 1 or 2 defeats in by elections for 18 seats ???

        manaYCP (
        to continue the legacy of YSR (Deeds Not Words)

        • jai jagan

          Dont think by writing in facebook/twitter we are working hard.
          TDP fellows write a lot against jagan, is it working for them?
          Yellow media is working 24 hours to write negative news and for our introspection.
          and finally nobody is sitting here to take your backlash.

          • That’s what … Don’t just copy & paste stuff from various websites and think that the job is done. By the way, we are not writing anything against anybody (TDP, Congress, TRS, etc …). All we want from YSR Congress Party folks is to work hard and to come up with innovative ideas to strengthen the party.

            Even we don’t want you to sit or stand hands folded, contribute something to party.


    • rakesh

      you are right,
      after seeing the amount of money spent by tdp and congress
      i expected this majority only
      its puts ysr image that stands tall

    • Surenreddy

      @ManaYCP, please take it easy…enjoy the win.. pointing fingers will not help.

    • purandhara

      Dear manaYCP,

      We all r happy about the results but what some of our frends expected was KILLING of TDP and INC…. that also will be true in coming general elections….

      nenu 50,000 majority expect chesaanu…initial gaa anduke konchem disappoint ayyaanu….anthegaani….50,000 majority expect cheyyadam yemi thappu kaaadu….

      manalo chaalaa mandi abroad vunnaaru…vaallaki ground reports ivvadam lo ee BLOG chaalaa useful gaa vundi….indulo post chesthunna vaarini DIRECT gaa POINT chesthu meeru criticise cheyyadam naaku NACHALEDU…..hope U understand what am I trying to SAY….

      30 years nundi TDP ki strongest hold gaa vunna KOVURU lo …..triangular fight lo 24000 majority anedi maatalu kaaadu…..alaa ani 50,000 majority expect cheyyadam kudaaa thappu kaaadu……

      some ppl and websites are telling that..had it not been prasanna, we would have got more majority……….

      mana kosam resign chesina vyakthi ni gelipinchukovadam mana responsibility….candidate ni marchithe majority vachettaithe…inka aaa person chesina THYAGAM ki ardham yemiti????

      VALUES vunnaayi manaki…..majority yekkuva vasthundi ani PRASANNA ni kaakundaa vere vaallani nilabedithe inka JAGAN goppadanam yemiti??????

      • Bro, your questions/response has no relation with what we are vouching for. గ్రౌండ్ రిపోర్ట్స్ ఇవ్వండి, but false reports వద్దు. అసలు మెజారిటీ సరిపోలేదని ఎవరంటున్నారు ఇక్కడ, ఊదర కొట్టి, ఉబ్బించి, తుస్సుమనిపించొద్దని మాత్రమే మా విన్నపం.


  7. vissu

    “Jaganamohanam mundu velavelaboyina ‘chandra’ ‘kiranam’ ”
    “Janabalam mundu pani cheyani Dhanbalam”
    “kovur ‘Prasanna’ mayam…’aanam’ vaari maanam maayam..”

    Inatku minchi praasaa raadu naaku… :):) hearty congrats to our party cadre n ysr fans all over the world..

  8. CV Reddy

    Had it been any other candidate than Prasanna, the majority would have been much higher as his reputation is not so good in Kovvur

  9. Jagan should try to speak to media on special occasions like this ! It gives moral boost to the cadre and inculcate a positive opinion among general public !

  10. NLR

    Prasannas speech ..

  11. NLR

    Congrats to Prasanna who won with three times the majority from the last elections.
    Thanks to all friends who have updated about the results every minute .



  12. GMR

    Congratulations YSR CP, YSR Fans and YSJ!!!
    This is a great victory against many odds, great achievement… so in assembly and parliament we started with 1 each and from now on count continues….

    YSR Amar Rahe


    Congrats to Kovur people… ..Hrudhaya poorvaka kruthajnathalu to all the people who made this victory against the Big band so called CM, Ministers, CBN, Chiru & other MPs & MLAs and maily the yellow Tv channels…

    But inkaa konchem majority vachi vunte baagundedhi ani naa opinion..But in a tight battle we won the TDP base & we shown our power to dehli congress & to CBN.
    All the best for YSR CONGRESS for forthcoming bypolls. For this 16 seats we have to excersise more for get tremendous majority.. So Manam inka baaga work cheyyali…
    Once again thanks to YSRCP leaders who worked for kovur….

  14. Sekar

    The money distribution worked to some extent. Otherwise we could have easily got another 15-20 k votes.

  15. purandhara

    50,000 majority vasthundani anukunnanu nenu….kaneesam 40,000 inaaa vasthundi ani anukunnaanu… 😦 naaaku baadha gaa vundi…..TDP vaaallu….Congress vaallu ichina Money ki kondaru BEND ayyaaaru…. asalu Congress ki inkaaa VOTE vesevallu vunnaaraaa????

    • NLR

      @ vidyasagar
      U are right it makes u think …who the hell are still voting for cong??
      But there could be few reasons for this.
      1. Cong leaders (like Magunta family and Vishnuvardhan reddy has some influence on cong voters in this contituency ) so voters must have thought about local leaders than the pseudogandhi’s.
      2. The hand symbol has been prominent for ages so it would take some more time for people to forget the symbol.
      3. Money, silver ornaments, sarees, watches – must have influenced some neutral voters.
      4. Under the influence of alcohol some people must have got confused and voted for hand !!

  16. Congrats to YSR Congress.

  17. ************Congrats YSR Congress Party *********************
    Jagan anna made this victory possible although
    1. Kovur seat is TDP’s strong hold
    2. Italy Congress(anam pichi kukkalu) played ot of tricks & ploys
    3. some minor Negative image was on Prasanna Kumar Reddy in local people
    4. Money etc distributed by Congress & TDP
    5. Chemcha leaders campaigned (kirikiri,chimpu,batcha,,ministers etc)
    6. There was pressure from Congress leaders/Govt on Local heads & YSR followers/fans

    Johar YSR Amar Rahe YSR

  18. Pavithra

    Kudos to the team which personally made a point in visiting kovvur and canvased for the success of the party….as we all can see and appreciate the effort made by you….

  19. Sri

    congratulations to Jagan and NR PKR

  20. politics

    Fighting all odds ( Money , High Command , CBI , Illegal affair of Congress & TDP , Govt Machinary ), it’s not a joke to run a party successfully and get 27K majority in the Bye Election.. Hatsoff Jagan…..

  21. CV Reddy

    Flash News: BJP Srinivas Reddy has won in Mahaboob Nagar

  22. politics

    At max add 2000 more to Current Majority.. 27K


    24768 at end of round 16

  24. politics

    lead 24,768 16 rounds completed

  25. politics

    MBNR – There is an update.. News is popping up as BJP declared winner with 200 votes..


    mahboobnagar bagged by BJP..result declared

    • Karthik

      I think TRS won by 200 not BJP.
      Our majority in Kovur is quite impressive. We should aim for a clean sweep in the coming 17 bye elections. I am most doubtful about Parkal because we did not contest in MBNR. We supported TRS even in MBNR but they are not dropping any hints of supporting Surekha in Parkal.
      However, Prasanna’s big margin should help boost the confidence of our cadre overall.

  27. politics

    4 more to go

  28. politics

    Looks like we may add up slight majority in next few rounds..

  29. mgdhar

    This is victory for YSR CP and Jagan definitely not prassanna’s, tdp in second place with such votes shows prassanna was not able to bring the party cadre with him, only becuase of ysr image and jagan’s compaign we got this victory. In fact this is a good sign for party. Also this is a victory agains Ruling party, opposition, Yellow Media and anti incumbancy on MLA. And high tornout shows new voters are more interested in YSR CP.

  30. test

    Please use this video to attack and kill TDP in AP . The speaker in the video is the Grandson of former Indian President Shri Late V.V. Giri. He did a perfect comparision with

  31. politics

    Waiting for YSRC to be declared as winner… Total DepositLoss Party somehow managed to do better than last time.. 😦 in telangana


    Indukurpeta mandal counting started nw..35000+ votes..unless miracle happens,win is almost cake walk for Nallapureddy.
    I think majority will be between 20-25 thousand


      congress & TDP money is worked some how here in this bypoll… the worst minister tried his best in dumping money.. Money distribute chesi…vallatho devuni peru meedha & valla inti loni chinna pilla la meedha promise chepincharu..
      & Congress leaders are directly instructed to their peoples in some segments to vote for TDP..(Local fellow had told me in bus on that day) ..

      But still is there any chances to expect 27 to 30 k majority for us???

  33. politics

    MBNR – TRS won.

    Con Go Race ( Out of Race)

  34. politics

    Nagam win is declared officially

  35. politics

    5 more rounds to go

  36. Pavithra

    20705 majority

  37. politics

    13 Rounds Completed.. 6 more left… Hope we pass 25K


    20705 latest majority

  39. Pavithra

    Indukur mandal considered to be TDP area still not counted??

  40. Pavithra

    18311 majority after 12th round


    18311 at the end of round 12

  42. politics

    TRS leading in MBNR….

  43. politics

    Lead 15592

  44. politics

    14073..Looks like other mandal Counting started…

  45. politics

    8th Round

    YSR lead by 14778

    YSR 37630
    TDP 22582

  46. NLR

    Winning Kovur against all odds(despite 1000 rupees/vote from tdp and cong money) will itself be a great thing. Majority is only a bonus.

  47. Pavithra

    majortiy in Kovvur nearing 15k

  48. politics

    Dayakar Reddy garu… Counting started of with BuchireddyPalem.. and Kovur is also pro to us. We have to face Other 3 Mandals which I think may not be as good as Buchi… so your Proration logic may not work.. My guess is around 30k+

    • 14468 latest majority from NTV


      yes may b your opinion is correct…

      But so far i had seen for each round our majority is getting top up by around 2k..
      i am also prediting like 35K to 40k.. this is also a huge victory for us…while considering the issues like pumping of cores of money on last day night by Minister & TDP leaders…
      Will hope for 40K…

  49. politics

    YSRC lead by 13004

    YSR 33032
    TDP 20028


    So far the total votes counted(till 6 rounds) is – 52,167, YSRCP-26,384 (50.6%), TDP-15,236 (29.2%), ConGO-10,547(20.2%)..
    Infact this same % of votes are out from each round. I am just calculating & analyzing the % of votes so far.
    If it continues same as like this…
    Total votes polled – 1,94,000, YSR CP- 53% – 103089, TDP- 31%- 60,154, ConGo- 15.8%- 30,755& the Majority is 42,935..
    Courtesy-, had collected the data from these websites…)

  51. politics

    YSRCP Lead 13004

  52. politics

    Lead 12694

  53. politics

    MBNR – TRS lead now by 497 votes

  54. politics

    Lead 12666

  55. Anil23

    Can somebody tell me how many rounds in Kovvur. As of now after 6th round nearly 11500 votes majority. I am expecting 20000-25000 majority. Any inputs on this please.


    plzz switch on to NTV now for a rocking discussion by KOtamreddy sridhar reddy anna..

  57. Karthik

    Overall, I am satisfied with the majority so far.

  58. politics

    YSRC lead by 11148

    YSR 26,384
    TDP 15,236
    INC 10,547

  59. politics

    2009 Votes by Mandal
    Mandal name Votes
    KOVUR MANDAL 54,284
    Total 2,27,019

    Total 74.45% Votes polled. Here is the vote by party…

    TDP Got – 73,212 Votes
    Congress – 65,768 Votes
    PRP – 22,624 Votes

    I beleive our strength lies in Buchireddy palem and Kovur Mandals. So Victory is guaranteed… How much of traditional TDP Votes did we attract determines the majority

  60. YSRCP-21969


    Plz follow
    they are updating for each round. Thanks to admin.

  62. Latest 8898 Majority for YSRCP as per sakshi..

  63. politics

    lead 8898 now

  64. politics

    Yet to digest Congress getting majority in MBNR…. 😦

  65. MSR_YSR

    Need to improve. TDP seems to be doing well BCz of money.

  66. Simhapuri...!

    సింహపురి లో,


  67. politics

    Votes Polled as of now
    YSRCP – 17267
    TDP – 10811
    INC – 6387

  68. Latest 6454 YSRCP Majority..from Sakshi

  69. Dileep Reddy

    After 4th round-6057 majority

  70. politics

    Votes Polled as of now
    YSRCP – 8520
    TDP – 4974
    INC – 3175

  71. politics

    YSRCP now leading with 4077 – Round 3

  72. politics

    YSRCP leading with 6346 in Kovur…Watch Sakshi Newspaper Portal

  73. Dileep Reddy

    Kovvur– Second Round completed,
    Majority–YSRCP— 6411 majority

  74. Latest Majority 3546 from Sakshi..2nd round completed

  75. Simhapuri...!

    సింహపురి లో,

    con – కాంగ్రెస్
    go – పోతుంది
    race – భరిలో

    మొత్తంగా , కాంగ్రెస్ వారు భరిలోనే లేకుండా పోతున్నారు (పో బో తున్నారు)


      Please post the poll results round by round….with exact numbers.
      We are here in websites block chesaru.. eagerly waiting to celebrate the YSRCP..
      Nandyala lo, Kadapa lo mottam AP lo kovur YSRCP majority pina betting jaruguthunnayi.. Maa frnd ippude nandyala nunchi call chesadu..Akkada current poindhi anta.. nellore lo contacts adigadu..
      Nenu kooda egerly waitingg!!!

  76. Simhapuri...!


    YSRCP – 5463
    TDP – 2598
    CON- GO – 2085

  77. After 1st round YSR Congress leading with 2500

  78. Indrasena

    2500 majority in kovur
    let me get a beer and chicken pieces.

  79. YS Fan

    TDP leading in Kovur as per NTV… feeling a bit nervous

  80. Indrasena

    All The Best YSRCP

  81. Donny

    Winning Kaadu last time kanna ekuva majority tho prasaana gelivali ivala , babu vasthe opposition ki bandeee anatuga 😉

  82. All the best to our YSRCP team.

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