Smt Vasireddy Padma

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  1. sharath

    dont pick names.. control C control V reddy garu.. copy chesindhe chesi paste chesindhe chesi.. u dont expect me to answer.. I cleary told that intension of cag report is to malgin only ysr i dont support.. yes if all those cases has to be included then they should be.. if at all there is something wrong with the policies then they should be corrected. please repect fellow members..

    • CV Reddy

      I want to discuss with u and don’t want to hurt someone here.
      If you think you are right Call me and I will tell you facts.

      I don’t know whether you have seen elections closely or not.
      My US Vonage Number is 310 230 5298.

      I am not a talented person like you sir and am doing just copy and paste.
      I know only copy, paste.

      • sharath

        I am really sorry i lost my cool.. you are one of the senior members here. I respect that but it does not mean you call me what ever name you like. My only point here is that we should discuss everything whther its election result or cbi case or report. Worried about the report on the site and tv.I wanted to see how blog members are reacting to it. I wanted to see what CV reddy garu has to say or what guarva reddy garu has to say. I did not find a mention of it on the blog so i posted it. Every one answered it cooly expect your last post and i picked up some valuble points too.

        • CV Reddy

          Its ok Tammudu. We are all like brothers.
          I am a die hard fan of YS.
          I like YS as I am from dry area and we even struggled for drinking water.
          Thanks to YS and he gave us water immediately after coming to power.

        • CV Reddy

          CAG report was tabled just one day before CBI Charge-sheet.
          Big heads are behind this.
          Congress, Babu and yellow friends are doing lot of unethical things to malign YS family.

    • CV Reddy

      CAG intention was to malign YS.
      CAG gives report every year and this time they forgot Kiran and Rosayya.
      They consider 5 years of YS tenure and again forgot Babu tenure.
      I don’t know why educated like you don’t understand motives here.
      There was not even an iota of Ameer pet case. Strange!

      • NLR

        @ Sharath garu…

        CVR garu rarely loses his cool . He is the senior member of this blog and contributes to it day in and day out. There are bound to be some misunderstandings on certain topics but it would be better to clarify with CVR garu personally through email or phone. He himself contacts most members here and is kind enough to do so. He is like Somayajulu garu for this blog !!
        So let us all stand together and fight the TDP and Cong crooks trying to defame YSR.
        The crooks will try to give CAG reports or Chargesheets or something else before the bypoll. The common man is aware of these tactics and will burry TDP and Cong forever.
        The harder they try to crush JAGAN the Stronger he grows.

  2. CV Reddy

    Jagan Racing Ahead In Seemandhra-greatandhra
    Newly-elected Rajya Sabha member Palvai Goverdhan Reddy is known for his blunt and open talk. He does not mince his words even for the sake of appeasing the Congress high command.

    And just because Congress president Sonia Gandhi has nominated him to Rajya Sabha, Pavai could not avoid speaking the factual position and openly called a spade a spade.

    “It is a fact that YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is racing ahead in Seemandhra region and the Congress party is going to face a tough time in the region in the next elections. However, Jagan will not be able to conquer Telangana only because of the strong Telangana sentiment prevailing here,” he said.

    The veteran Congress leader said the Congress party would have no option but to grant separate state for Telangana, if it wants to survive in this part.

    “If the Congress takes a positive stand on Telangana, Jagan will not be able to step in here. I wish I die in the Telangana state,” he said.

  3. NLR

    This is an example of how the caste fanatic yellow gang live in a dreamworld by clicking online to hide the rift between themselves .

    They are always worried about internet hits/cinema hits and dont realise that the Real Hero is selected by the people and not them or their media.
    They will spend all their life clicking or teaching computers to Bill Gates like Babu !!!

  4. bharwave

    charge sheet. I suspect two things here
    1. CBI might be thinking they will get direct order from court to arrest Jagan.
    2. They filed charge sheet for future benefit of congress party.

    two wrong doings
    1. Court can give ruling in both ways and never makes any decision. As decision is in court our opponents will lose edge in discussing about it again and again, also they can’t address them openly when issue is in courts. even Though if court orders to arrest, but people would still consider it as political move. unfortunately majority of the people lost complete trust on Judicial system.

    2. Instead of winning heart of the Jagan they again trying for old school methods. After seeing Jagan for so long if they think they can bend him by blackmailing that’s again a grave mistake.
    . filing charge sheet may possibly help future govt. which will form govt at center ( cong is far from forming govt. in next tenure ) .

    Cong should dump all these old-school fellows and try to think politics directly..

  5. CBI charges Jagan
    Hope he doesn’t gets arrested.

    • NLR

      @ If they arrest him then Cong and TDP will have to face the consequences from the people. Both these party’s will be burried forever.

  6. ROHIT

    chargesheet filed against vijayasai details awaited

  7. ROHIT

    Dont give too much importance to CAG report,.
    It is also used like cbi to expose mistakes of powerful political opponents.

    For instance they have released 3 such reports on narendra modi (CAG raps Narendra Modi govt for Rs 17,000 cr losses) where elections are due in 6 months.
    In gujarat even highly educated are not taking seriously neither CAG nor CBI and also courts, they think as long as he fights against congress such reports/judgements will come.
    No local newspapers are giving importance to the cag report except timesofindia.

  8. Anil

    CAG reports are at-least a concern to the educated middle class and working class who pay taxes. U just cant overrule them or question their authenticity. But a proper explanation can be given why there is need to give the land at throw away prices, One thing can be competition from other states for doling out benefits to a particular industry, For example in attracting Tata Nano plant, every state CM right from YSR to TN, Karnataka CM’s have offered many freebies. The reason is if one company in a high growth industry sector is there,similar companies and companies belong to it allied industries also we can attract in the near future. Thats the sole purpose of SEZ’s or software parks, so that we can migrate the workforce from lower demand occupations to higher demand occupations. The SEZ at Nellore served its purpose fully.
    If any govt/previous govt intentions are correct, then they can explain the need. They should not counter attack the independent audit organisations.
    I feel YSR CP should have explained the purpose, on behalf of YSR, rather than attacking CAG. This is what a common tax payer expects from the political parties.

    • CV Reddy

      ACB Court found fault with Ameerpet land allocation by Rosayya.
      Still CAG didn’t find any wrong in it.
      Also CAG submits reports every year and usually blames the current govt.
      Why did it submit report for 5 years in YS case?
      CAG hasn’t touched audit about lands allocated by Babu.
      CAG should answer these questions.

  9. CV Reddy

    Suravaram Sudakar Reddy is selected as CPI General Secretary.

  10. CV Reddy

    Babu told recently “CBI in working fine.”
    Yesterday, Babu told Cong is influencing CBI.
    What Babu, Grow up.
    30+ years Industry Babu is talking contrary to whay he said before.

    Now CBI protecting Jagan at the behest of Congress is what Babu told to his yellow media.
    So Babu is telling CBI is working as per Congress direction.
    Thanks Babu for supporting us in this regard

  11. CV Reddy

    CAG raps Narendra Modi govt for Rs 17,000 cr losses

    CAG gave reports against even Babu also.

    • sharath

      mana intlo dongalu padithe entha poino chuskuntava leka pakavadivi kuda poinai le ani sonthapadthava

      • Pavithra

        when you carryout some sort of activity to help the poor and underprevilaged definietely there will be some process mistakes do happen… for every coin there will be other side also… if you want to find mistakes you can find mistakes every walk of life…. CAG as beuractratic agency has to be vigil in providing the warning signals about the possible fraud happening… however, you can not jump to conclusions based ont he CAG report saying that the fraud happened… you need to corrabarate the same with some evidence… intention of the individual is malafide or not,etc. Here in the present case, first of we need to understand why they have done the excersize of study only during YSR period, keeping away from the practice of different periods of government and why only 5 year specific term they chosen, why not normal practice of 1 year, why they have not seen the practice of earlier governments and the government thereafter, if they look at the business rules of administration, whether, there is any deviation from the existing practice to benefit any individuals, or any new policies are been framed, which are intentionally targeted to benefit particular individual, etc.

        Definitely, i accept that by doing the CAG audit it will give some hints at our performance during the governing period. However,before reading any such report you also have to understand the intention of the person doing such report…. as it is happening in the present CBI investigation… first look a the target person and try to find out negativeness in that person and crucify him without proper study/enquiry/investigation.

        i hope this clarifies….

        • sharath

          I welcome your sensible reply. I am not completely suspecting CAG audit because they came up with reports against all political parties BJP, TDP, congress etc. I appreciate them that through their reports people are coming to know how much of loss to exchequer through either wrong policies or by wrong intentions. Good to see responses on this issue rather than closing eyes

  12. sharath

    Providing fodder to the CBI probing the various land allotments in the state during the YSR government, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has concluded that the Andhra Pradesh government doled out thousands of acres of government land to private individuals on an ad hoc and arbitrary manner without safeguarding the interests of the state. The CAG report for the year ending March 31, 2011, was tabled in the assembly on Thursday.

    A total of 88,500 acres of land was allotted in this manner to private parties, depriving the state revenue of nearly Rs 1 lakh crore. Among the irregularities established by the CAG were those pertaining to Vanpic, Obulapuram Mining Company and Aurobindo Pharma, all of which are already under the CBI scanner in the Jagan assets case.

    The CAG report details the land allotments between 2006 and 2011, the major portion of which saw Y S Rajasekhara Reddy as CM. “Alienation and allotment of land by the state government during 2006-11 was characterized by grave irregularities, involving allotment on an ad hoc, arbitrary and discretionary manner to private persons/ entities at very low rates, without safeguarding the financial and socio-economic interests of the state. The rates proposed at different established levels of the government hierarchy were disregarded and substantial benefits were unduly granted to private parties. Audit scrutiny revealed that in the test-checked cases, undue benefit of Rs 1,784 crore was given to various entities and persons due to the difference in the rates at which land was allotted and the market value as recommended by the district collector and empowered committee. In many cases of land allotment, the state government ignored the prescribed procedures and disregarded canons of financial propriety,” observed the CAG.

    During 2006-11, the state government allotted 88,492 acres of land to 1,027 beneficiaries. The CAG made a sample audit in 11 districts where 459 allotments were made, involving 50,285.90 acres of land.

    “The audit found that land allotments for commercial purposes were not made in a fair, consistent and transparent manner so as to serve the public interest,” the report said. In 60 cases, alienation cost amounting to Rs 2,559 crore was not collected by the district collectors from the institutions to which land was alienated between 2003-04 and 2010-11.

    • CV Reddy

      గురివింద బాబూ ! బదులేదీ ?
      పచ్చచొక్కాలకే పందేరం
      ‘నీరు- మీరు’ ముసుగులో బాబు నిర్వాకం
      రూ. 2,533 కోట్లను పూర్తిగా తగలేశారు
      చంద్రబాబు నిర్వాకంపై దుమ్మెత్తిపోసిన కాగ్

      బాబు సీఎం గిరీ వెలగబెట్టిన కాలంలో వేలాది కోట్ల రూపాయల ప్రజాధనాన్ని టీడీపీ కార్యకర్తలకు అక్షరాలా పంచిపెట్టారు. ఏమాత్రం ఫలితమివ్వని ‘నీరు-మీరు’ పథకానికి 2000-04 మధ్య ఏకంగా రూ.2,533 కోట్లు తగలేశారు! భూగర్భ జలాలను పెంచుతామంటూ పైపై హడావుడి చేసి, లోలోపల ఆ ముసుగులో ఖజానాను కార్యకర్తలకు దోచిపెట్టారు. ఇంత భారీగా నిధులు ఖర్చుచేసినా ఈ పథకం పేరిట మచ్చుకు ఒక్కటంటే ఒక్క కట్టడం కూడా కన్పించకపోవడం దారుణమంటూ 2005 నివేదికలో కాగ్ నలుగుపెట్టింది! ‘నీరు-మీరు’ ఉద్దేశం ఏమాత్రమూ నెరవేరకపోగా పూర్తిగా దుర్వినియోగం అయ్యాయనడానికి రాష్ట్రవ్యాప్తంగా ఏకంగా 19 జిల్లాల్లో భూగర్భ జలాలు మరింత లోతుకు క్షీణించడమే తిరుగులేని తార్కాణం.

      ‘నీరు-మీరు’పై ఇంటాబయటా భారీ ప్రచారంతో ఊదరగొట్టిన బాబు, ఆ పథకంలో నిధులు పూర్తిగా పక్కదారి పట్టాయంటూ ‘కాగ్’ తలంటడాన్ని మాత్రం ‘విస్మరించారు’. ఈ కార్యక్రమానికి నిధులను ఖజానా నుంచి కేటాయించ కుండా నాబార్దు, ఎంపీ లాడ్స్, ఉపాధి హామీ (ఎంప్లాయ్‌మెంట్ అష్యూరెన్స్) పథకం, వ్యవసాయ మార్కెట్ నిధులను మళ్లించారాయన. ఇలా ఏకంగా రూ.2,533 కోట్ల నిధులను బూడిదలో పోసిన పన్నీరు చందం చేశారు. పైగా దీనివల్ల ఆయా శాఖల్లో పనులన్నీ ఆగిపోయి రెండిందాలా నష్టం జరిగింది.

      కాంట్రాక్టర్లకు ఇవ్వకూడని ఈ పనులను లక్షలాది సంఖ్యలో వారితోనే చేయించడం కూడా అడ్డగోలు దోపిడీ కోసమేనన్నది సుస్పష్టం. 2000-04 మధ్య మచ్చుకు ఏడు జిల్లాల్లో తనిఖీ చేసిన కాగ్, ఖర్చయిన నిధులతో ఎలాంటి ప్రయోజనమూ చేకూరలేదని తేల్చి చెప్పింది. ఆదిలాబాద్, కడప, మహబూబ్‌నగర్, మెదక్, ప్రకాశం, విజయనగరం జిల్లాల్లో రూ.759 కోట్లు ఖర్చు పెట్టారు. వీటితో 1,32,549 పనులు చేపట్టడం లక్ష్యం కాగా, 57,933 పనులే పూర్తి చేశారు. ‘నీరు-మీరు’తో సంబంధమే లేని పనులను కూడా దాని ఖాతాలో లాగించేశారంటూ కాగ్ దుయ్యబట్టింది. చివరికి ట్యాంకర్లతో మంచినీటి సరఫరా, నర్సరీల్లో మొక్కల పెంపకాలను కూడా ‘నీరు-మీరు’గానే చూపడం బాబు సర్కారు బరితెగింపునకు పరాకాష్ట. చెరువుల పూడికతీత పనుల్లోనూ నిర్లక్ష్యం, అధికారుల పర్యవేక్షణ లోపం మేటవేశాయని కాగ్ విమర్శించింది.

      పూడికతీతతో భూగర్భ జల మట్టం పెరగదని నిపుణులు చెప్పినా దానికి రూ.157 కోట్లు తగలేశారంటూ తప్పుబట్టింది. పైగా నాణ్యత నియంత్రణకు పూర్తిగా తిలోదకాలిచ్చారని దుయ్యబట్టింది. నీరు అసలు భూమిలోకే ఇంకని ప్రాంతాల్లో నిర్మాణాలు చేపట్టారు. పైగా అవన్నీ చిన్నపాటి వర్షాలకే కనుమరుగయ్యాయి. ఇలాగే నీరింకని నల్లరేగడి నేలల్లో ఊట చెరువుల నిర్మాణంతో నిధులన్నీ వృథా చేశారు. ఇంతా చేసి, చివర్లో ‘నీరు-మీరు’ అమలైన జిల్లాల్లో నీటి మట్టాలు చిత్రంగా 0.13-3.04 మీటర్ల లోతుకు పడిపోయాయని కాగ్ విస్మయం వ్యక్తం చేసింది. ఈ నిధులన్నీ నేతలు, కార్యకర్తల జేబులు నింపాయని అభిప్రాయపడింది.

      • sharath

        CV Reddy garu, by posting a reply saying that babu also caused loss to state exchequer does not do a wrong right. First let me make it clear that i am ysr congress supporter does not mean that i am closed to critisim. when such a big news is out is not our responsibility to discuss on our site. I visited this site to see if some one discussed about it. You always bring the news to this website how come you missed it. did you choose to ignore it. Is state not important than party. Across country scams avthunai are we not loosing our tax money our resources. Babu ki elago credibility ledhu alanti nayakula tho compare chesi dont put ysr in the same league

        • CV Reddy


          Have you ever participated in elections?
          Lot of money has to be spend.
          All political parties do the same to some extent.

          Class ex.
          In Kovur, Cong gave 1000, TDP 500, YSRCP 200.
          Where did money come for Cong and TDP?
          Are they spending from their pockets.
          Let us be realistic.
          Let us not talk like JP.

          JP used to say “One should always vote” and when there was no-confidence motion JP didn’t vote.

        • Indrasena

          CAG Reports are value for them..They blame every government..They usually give yearly reports..I wonder why the gave 5 years report TODAY only..

          • rakesh

            cag also find fault with reliance kg gas basin
            where is the report now, its in dust bin

            • sharath

              These reports are in dust bin.. but not out of peoples mind. that is why babu ni opposition lo pettaru prajalu and we got a point to attack babu and tie him to reliance

              • CV Reddy

                Don’t u see bad intention behind CAG?
                Why did they do only for YS tenure?
                Why didn’t they consider Ameerpet land allotments by Rosayya?
                Remember, Court found fault with Allotments despite ACB clean chit in Ameerpet case.
                What about Kiran 1000 Acre lands to Prism?
                Why didn’t CAG do on Babu tenure?

                CAG in general submit report of last years audit and why this time for 5 years of YS Era?

                Can you please answer?

              • CAG give reports on yearly basis, this time they intentionally gave it for 5 years(2006 -2011).Land allotment to corporates is happening in all the developing countries, there will be some favors to some corporates to encourage development of the state, its not something new.nothing to worry on this.

              • sharath

                CV reddy garu, i dont see a reply button under your comment so answering your questions here. If reports intension is only to malign YSR then we need to counter these either through discussions or media release(ysr party gave explanation good to see that). There are some really good points brought up here that land allotments could be for employment generation etc. I agree with it that could be a reason. if the same cag report comes on babu then by now we would have been attacking babu. then will say at that time that babu ne endhuku ma ysr dhi kuda cheyandi atama. Babu gurinchi e report avasaram ledu there is already kg basin and people know him. but if report comes against YSR we need to analayze and defend if it is wrong. people are split on regional, party,caste etc no one is bothering to look at state or country are we loosing taxpayers money.. we are blindly attacking or supporting.. I am supporter of ysr congress party and no one need to suspect my credibility. I am happy i saw some disussion on the subject. This is my last reply on this topic thanks guys

  13. CV Reddy

    హైకోర్టు న్యాయవాదుల సంఘం అధ్యక్షుడిగా నాగేశ్వరరావు
    హైదరాబాద్, న్యూస్‌లైన్: రాష్ట్ర హైకోర్టు న్యాయవాదుల సంఘం అధ్యక్షుడిగా వైఎస్సార్ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ లీగల్ సెల్ కోఆర్డినేటర్ చిత్తరవు నాగేశ్వరరావు ఆల్‌టైం రికార్డు మెజార్టీతో గెలుపొందారు. ఇప్పటి వరకు ఎవరూ సాధించని విధంగా 962 ఓట్ల మెజార్టీ సాధించారు. సంఘం అధ్యక్ష, ఉపాధ్యక్ష, కార్యదర్శులు తదితర పోస్టులకు శుక్రవారం జరిగిన ఎన్నికల్లో మొత్తం 3,562 ఓట్లు పోలయ్యాయి. మొదటి రౌండ్ నుంచి చివరి రౌండ్ వరకు నాగేశ్వరరావు తన ప్రత్యర్థులపై స్పష్టమైన ఆధిక్యత కనబరిచారు. ఉపాధ్యక్షునిగా పోలిశెట్టి రాధాకృష్ణ, కార్యదర్శులుగా ఎస్. చలపతి, డీఎల్ నాగేశ్వరరావు, సంయుక్త కార్యదర్శిగా శిరికొండ ప్రసాద్‌బాబు, కోశాధికారిగా కోమటిరెడ్డి వెంకట నరసింహారెడ్డి గెలుపొందారు.

    • ur right CV reddy garu, its all part of political drama, if CAG reports are taken seriously why all the scams are come CAG gave reports for 5 yersa only in ysr tenure instead of 1 year.during land allotment to corporate companies there will be some favors to companies for the shake of state development, this happens even in developed countries.

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